October Sky Official Trailer #1 – (1999) HD

While most of President
Eisenhower’s advisors…Today are ominous.
Washington…If you have just tuned in
to this special bulletin,Washington has confirmed
that, yesterday,on the fourth
of October, 1957,the Soviet Uni贸n
successfully launched…history’s first
man-made satellite…into space orbit
around the Earth.The satellite which the Russians
have dubbedSputnik… is being hailed
as a milestone in history. No one in our nation’s capital
could deny that the satellite…has ushered in a grim
new chapter in the Cold War.And indeed,
a wave of national anxiety…already seems
to be sweeping the country.Still maintaining its speed
of 18,000 miles an hour,completing an orbit of the Earth
every 96 minutes.Doctor Wernher von Braun,Chief Engineer of the Army
Ballistic Missile Agency,expressed the hope
that the United States…would soon be following
the Russians into space…with our own
artificial satellite.Doctor von Braun confirmed… that there has still been
no actual sighting
of the Soviet satellite,but the U.S. Expects
to be tracking it very soon.We are told thatSputnikwill be
visible to the naked eye… about an hour after sunset
and an hour before dawn, as it traverses the October sky
over the United States. What the beeping signal means
we still don’t know. It may be nothing more…

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