Off Book with KU Theatre: A Man of No Importance

It’s kind of a love letter to theatre in
a way. So it’s about this bus conductor in 1964 Dublin
Who runs this little amateur theatre troupe that’s absolutely terrible. And of course all of these people are living
in a really complicated moment in history and a really complicated moment being people
because every moment as a person is really complicated. And there’s this great song in the show
that’s you just have to “Love Who You Love.” And certainly there are questions of sexuality
in the show and who people are allowed to love romantically and who they aren’t. But there are also all of these broader questions
of how we love each and can we love each other and can we love each again when we failed. I think in really surprising ways this musical
resonates a lot with undergraduate actors. In educational theatre it’s hard because
you have an eternal pool of people largely between the ages of 18 and 22 to perform all
of these shows about people who aren’t those ages. But there’s something really familiar about
this group of middle age people in Ireland 50 years ago and the way that this theatre
community functions as a community and the way that our theatre community functions as
a community. Audiences will laugh, they’ll cry they’ll
walk away trying to do an Irish accent and feel a little bit awkward at the gas station
afterwards when they catch themselves doing it. It’s a show that’s very warm but also very
thoughtful so we like to say that is has heart and it has teeth. It’s complicated it asks lots of questions
but at the end there’s a lot of hope and I hope that audiences will walk away with
a lot of hope for the ways that they interact with their communities and the ways they interact
with each other and that there’s always a another chance to love people better.

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