Off-Screen Cinema Subtitling System

[Music intro continues] Please do not adjust your set. The first part of this video has no sound. For a very good reason. There are over three hundred million people around the world who need subtitles to understand what is going on during a movie. Currently only 1% of all new movie releases in the cinema are shown with subtitles. And usually they are shown at odd times like Sunday mornings, or late at night. Most people don’t even want subtitles on the movie screen as they find them distracting. But what if there was a way to show subtitles to only those people in the audience who wanted to see them. Well, now there is. My newly applied for patented display just looks grey, until you put the light weight glasses on. The glasses look similar to those used for watching 3D movies. Our new display is positioned below the main movie screen. So captions don’t actually appear on the screen at all. Text data is sent wirelessly from the server in the projection booth to the controller where it is converted and sent to the display. So with your help we aim to produce a full size subtitling system prototype where a member of the audience can choose if they want to watch the movie with subtitles, or not. I have developed many innovative products including a range of camera rigs, electronics, lenses, and monitors. And installed several 3D cinemas. So please read my biography for full details on this website. I’ve added a wide range of rewards, and the higher ones give great value for 3D services that you won’t find anywhere else. So with your support we can put our subtitling system into cinemas worldwide now giving all of us an equal opportunity to enjoy new movies as they are released. Oh, and if you feel this is a worthwhile project to support please, tell your friends. This is Jack Ezra. And thanks for watching.

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