Official “Chasing Einstein” Movie Trailer – In Theaters Sept. 13

The breakthrough of the century… This is what makes me not sleep mostly. The questions that we’re asking are so fundamental the answers will lead to a completely new way of thinking about what space and time is. When Einstein put forward his theory of general relativity, it was a seminal moment in the history of science. If Einstein made a mistake, every subsequent theory that rationalized the core theory has a potential of being off. Dark matter has fascinated physicists since they first realized that there was more stuff in the universe that they could explain with their current theories. The search for dark matter has always been a race. We are descending into the largest science experiment ever mounted. Underground experiments now have reached sizes that are quite unimaginable. But if they don’t produce anything, then probably the idea of particle dark matter has been wrong. The breakthrough of the century… I now ask you to step forward to receive your Nobel prizes. Just the fact that we’re looking at the universe in a completely different way is bound to teach us something. You have to be careful what you do in science because you have to think about your future career. The next theory will not take Einstein’s equations and modify it a little bit. It will be totally different way of explaining it again. Maybe Eric is right. This is what makes me not sleep mostly. We are part of a decades, centuries, generations long project to understand the fundamental underpinnings of the universe. I think I found the solution, but if no one else believes me, then what does it do.

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