Official Trailer: Arjun Patiala | Diljit, Kriti, Varun | Dinesh V | Rohit J | Bhushan K | 26 July

The makers of Hindi Medium and Stree… …bring to you Indian Cinema’s
first film based on Police. Okay, fine. The 245th film on Police. Take 1, clap. And action. Cut… The hero here isn’t muscular,
but cute. Patiala is here now. No more useless cases. Direct judgement. The heroine’s not just super hot… …but dramatic as well. At least say one dialogue! Cut! “Because I am crazy for you…” Also starring very popular
by name of “ChuChu”. Onidda Singh. Onidda? Mom was very fond of television. We couldn’t get a TV …but they got me. so mom decided to name me as Onidda. Very sad story. But there was no need
for an explanation. “Because I am crazy for you…” “I am your lover…” “Because I am crazy for you…” And an entire plethora of villains. The guys got guts. Didn’t seem looking at his size.
Okay… Lights, camera, action. The film has a tight budget. What on earth are you doing?
You’re missing every shot. Cut-Cut-Cut… Why didn’t you get the wires cleaned? Over the top emotion. One mandatory item song. Maximum entertainment. And also, a drunk soul. Why are you slurring? When the guy slurs,
What option does the soul have? “I’ll drink sip by sip…” “…But will finish the entire bottle.” “I’ll drink sip by sip…” “…But will finish the entire bottle.” Easy bro, easy… What do you think
is this film going to work? No, son. Never. We’ll have fool those a***** Meaning, sir. I see… Okay, fine. “I’ll drink sip by sip…” “…But will finish the entire bottle.” Cut. I said cut. BEEP


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