Official Trailer: Khandaani Shafakhana | Sonakshi Sinha | Badshah | Varun Sharma

How many stale marriages Mamaji helped flourish… That’s something only known to him… or his patients. Mamaji has named Baby Bedi the sole heir to his Khandaani Shafakhana (Sex Clinic) But on one condition that you must run this clinic for 6 months. Me? Her? I provide the ideas and she gets the clinic! The clinic needs ideas based on experience! See! Everyone thinks I lack (s)experience. That’s why I keep saying, get me married. You just don’t want to get married! Got the youngest sister married off first. Now you are all after the eldest one. No one ever spares a thought for the handsome, eligible lad sitting unhitched at home. Just you wait! Selling the clinic will get us big bucks. About 10 million! 10 million! I’ll run Mamaji’s clinic. Have you gone crazy? That clinic’s no place for a girl! Go. Please go! Please go Three ‘why’s. Why should patient honour our clinic with their presence? Why patient hiding from us? Why they not talk about sickness? Why you looking so lost? That’s four ‘why’s, ma’am! Because sexual disorders have become a dirty secret… And sex has turned into taboo The thing is, Mamaji made me keep a daily record… Of my timing! How long I took to the finishing line What’s this? Wiggle-wiggle. Wiggle-wiggle? My sperm sample. And Shyama crashed his weapon – before he could wham bam! It crashed? How can a wrestler have such a thin leg? We form 17 percent of the world’s total population. And we act naive, as if 1.3 billion people sprang out by consuming some kind of holy fruit! We need to get Mamaji’s remedies to every household. The problem is that people cringe at the very mention of the word sex. We need to do something so people start talking about sex on their own. There are only two things famous in Punjab…
The ‘Patiala peg’ and Gabru Ghatak. Let’s talk! If you endorse it, everyone will listen. If my links with Khandaani Shafakhana go public… Whether you benefit or not, I’ll surely be ruined! We call a spade a spade. So do I – Sex means Sex! What’s coming out of here, they aren’t mere words They are a man’s words? No… They will become a man’s words after I get Mamaji’s medicine!


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