Official Trailer: Satellite Shankar | Sooraj Pancholi, Megha Akash | Irfan Kamal | 8 Nov 2019

Usually a satellite orbits in space… …and catch signals. But there’s a unique one on
the Indian border… …that connects people, in his style. Is everyone ready? Yeah… Relax, you morons! We just had dinner. Don’t you guys
have something better to do? What kind of a satellite do you have… …which lets you catch
every language in this world? I don’t catch languages Sir,
I catch feelings. Sir, I want to go home. Where is your home? Pollachi! I want your soldier’s promise, son. I’ll be present on the base
on Monday morning, sir. That’s a soldier’s promise. “Crank up the sound.” “Shake the ground.” “Let the drums roll.” Shankar, you’re coming home, aren’t you? I barely get time to call you… …and you are talking about coming home? “Ari-Ari-Ari…” “Ari-Ari-Ari…” “We’ll keep dancing till
the sun comes up…” My father’s stuck.
How will he come back? I will bring him back. Promise. Soldier’s promise. “Ari-Ari-Ari…” “Ari-Ari-Ari…” “We’ll keep dancing till
the sun comes up…” Who on earth are you? A soldier. Your protector. Then go protect the borders! I am not sure what
Should I charge you for? Should I charge you
for murder or attempt of murder? None of them will die. I am trained to kill my enemy. They weren’t my enemies… …so I didn’t beat them
the way I should have. Right now you’re the biggest hero
in this country. I am not any hero! Have you seen that Rifle with
a helmet on it at the Amar Jawan Jyoti? That’s my identity,
I don’t want anything more than that. All this that you see… …it’s the country doing
it for her soldier. Do you know how rarely
they get a leave? Their wive’s pine to catch a glimpse,
and mothers yearn to feed them. And you stopped a soldier
from going home. He sacrificed his leave for us. Isn’t it our duty to help him
reach his base? At least to help him honour
his soldier’s promise? Jaya He! Jaya He! Jaya He! Jaya He! Jaya He! Jaya He! A country which has
a million things to divide it …alone soldier has united it. Jaya He!


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