Ojamajo Doremi Comedy Theatre [Episode 1] [English Sub CC]

Doremi, what wrong? You keep sighing Don’t you hate it? What are you talking about? I’m talking about the new art style! Now that you mention it… In the light novels we were slim and pretty high school girls! What happened?? Doremi! Big news! We’re gonna be doing comedy bits! Comedy? Why? Because it’s been 20 years Ojamajo Doremi first aired It’s an Annibasary! Ai-chan, it’s “Anniversary” Is that so? So that’s why we look like this! So thats it! But comedy is bad for Onpu’s idol image, isn’t it? No no, These days if you can’t sing, dance AND do Comedy You won’t get anywhere as an idol Oh! Onpu is getting fired up! I’m not going to lose to you! Doremi, let’s do magical stage so we can all get fired up! Okay! Alright, here we go! Let’s all get fired up! Now we’re all actually on fire! Doremi!!


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