Okay FireLord, you can leave me alone now! …

hello guys sorry about that there was a
bit of a well serious emergency that I’d take care of yeah so sorry I just kind
of like cold turkey stop playing and then switched off the stream and stuff
but yeah it was a bit of a necessity but don’t worry everything’s fine we’re
continuing should all be alright so let’s continue playing and let’s ask
these guys if they want to rematch rematch let’s see let’s see let’s see
fire Lord’s back che is still here and we are actually six people right yeah so
I guess we can start all right let’s play let’s do it
wait Miklos says wait well it’s bit too late there hopefully he’ll join soon our
money has to go no fuck he’s a good player I like him he doesn’t play free
for all that often though like he always tells me like man Legionnaire you should
play three verse three okay I have a question tell me if I install the yeah
installation if you install new graphics cards then you should first start using
the display driver uninstaller the ddu program start there oh yeah no no not
really it’s quite fast and easy to use and then after you’ve uninstalled the
display driver then you can install your new graphics card and then you can
download your new driver and it will all be fine pretty much oh all right I call
you back when I’m home alright which one you’re getting if they
have the twin atti than that oh wow alright that’s right why are you going
so far just to buy a graphic card it’s moistening and man I’m oh ok yeah
well it’s not far true yeah it’s like 15 minutes not sure the 2800 is is good
enough for generals though you might need something stronger maybe
maybe something like that right maybe if we use like yeah maybe if they
use like the the the space NASA computers and shit
maybe generals will run on those but yeah at the time at the time a lot of
graphics cars couldn’t handle the game it’s true see you man catch it flakes look who
needs luck I will crush this man actually I’m super weapon so I’m
probably gonna take a little easier just a little bit you know and then when I
get search and destroy whoever is here will die unless he gets attacked by this
guy then then I’m like usually quite chilling oh yeah I’ll go attack the guy
above me you know but let’s see let’s see what happens and our thanks man
thanks glad you’re back in ok yeah everything’s
fine yeah sorry about that just a weird little very rare occurrence
but yeah it’s not too quickly act there but now we’re good
I know that I can continue streaming everything’s fine don’t need to go
anywhere I don’t need to do anything so yeah live stream ok here we go here we
go yeah let’s see what we got here and what do we have here ooh ooh hmm
I’m quite sure he’s gonna rush me instruction cuz he loves me this game he
loves me there we go he’s even gonna come with
the dozer just go straight for me right no but he will rush me now I have my
dozers at a bit of an awkward angle yeah actually no fucking it should be all
right right so I might get rushed by both players here I think I’m gonna get
yeah I think I’m gonna get another Patriot here see the thing is usually
people put a spy drone like right here so if you build the Patriot here and
here people don’t actually see it so I’m going very risky in that sense and okay
so this guy is not gonna rush me now I need to see if this guy’s gonna rush me yeah yeah go kill my spy drone man yeah
okay so this looks like a Humvee might be coming in a Humvee would probably get
stopped here and I just gotta be a little careful yeah but I got this okay I got to get a couple Humvees on my
own gonna get my oil soon oh wait I thought
I’d click this oh man fucking cancelling the war factory I
need the money man I need it okay I want to see what’s
going on here as well there we go the reason I’m not selling my CC is cuz
I just really don’t want to get those are hundred not in the mood for that not
today so just playing it safe man now I have a bit of a delay the
capture okay so this guy doesn’t seem to be attacking me either so I got a bit I
got a bit lucky there was 80 Luther’s lion guy this guy was laser I think and
this guy’s super weapon is bad for you yeah anyway let’s go explore the middle
because I don’t think I’m being attacked here so let’s see what’s up a little big
boy what’s that one’s just a bit of a problem if you can fix your echo that’d
be great alright easy you start this teaming up in the streams already oh is
that right just doing a bit of harassment to Joker I didn’t see that damn it
okay that was bad okay where the hell did that guy come from
was that Shaye’s blue right so blue was blues here let’s have a look right
because I have I said my CC I can see what’s going on orange has all mids oh
that was Godfather so he’s fun these two are fighting che
is probably fighting Joker here Wow three spots stuff okay I think I know what I’m gonna
do ready I’m gonna have to try and take out laser here I think something that
would be a good idea although it’s a bit dangerous a bit scary
do you think that would be in my best interest yeah I need a strat Center I need more
fees more everything and then I also need to focus a bit on making money also
one thing that as good as my strat Center is nice and close to my oils so
any Puritans probably will get scanned up front like quite fast I shouldn’t
worry too much about that just put search in destroy this have a
look around the map what do we go up okay so sign is being very defensive
here and he’s not really being attacked and we have these guys pretty much in a
peace situation Shay is arresting pink orange everyone’s kind of being peaceful
here but this guy is without a CC so that does give me an opportunity an
opportunity I would like to make you so so let’s kill that spider on there we’ll
just send these guys these two should be enough so now let’s do some crazy-ass
tricks right so I saw two dozers they were nicely together over here yeah look
at that beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful so I’m just gonna use the spy
drone do a drop and I’m gonna probably fuck off his dozers you made that a
little easy buddy oh you made that a little easy
now let’s kill the strat center if we can that would really help then I also
want to kill some power oh shit evac evac evac okay let’s let’s
laser guy let’s yeah there okay that’s actually pretty good for me3 and he’s
obviously gonna go and kill me now obviously I’m sure he hates me sure he’s
very very disappointed maybe I can laser lock that Humvee right so the thing is this right he’s
definitely not dead yet why is he doing this is he gonna try and do a drop as
well or is he being attacked on this side no I guess yeah I think he missed
clicked okay so the thing is this if I get this guy low power it’s really gonna
fuck him up like really fucking hard but I also can get my own particle cam
because I’m stupid weapon so let’s do that and then it gets even easier to
kill him I just zap this and he’s dead so that’s really easy I don’t even have
to lose any units so in a way in a way this is really helping me out because
he’s gonna start attacking me right that’s like a given at this point he
hates me he’s like Legionnaire why you do this asshole I have faith in you I
trusted you here you see he’s going to the middle so
why don’t we these guys oh here we go well man what are you doing man oh oh oh
oh my god he lost so much oh my god that was not a good move there buddy
talking about going all out Wow and I’m still not level through you I’m not even
level 2 I call this lame lame not fair whatever I could just kind of go in and
kill him now right I mean what does he have now it’s gonna fill up this V and
then I think I’m gonna go and by that time spy drone will be ready I think
because the spy drone is great you can use the spy drone for distracting the
laser turrets and it’s very nice to go in and just you know story later because
it’s distracted so that’s like a little trick love that trick my favorite truth
okay it’s not my favorite bus great trick almost ready oh yeah but he knows
what’s up he has a laser on that side – let’s just go that side fuck it and then
by the time I arrive that’s better because all his army is here now so he’s
gonna keep that very well secured man it sucks that everyone’s super weapon cuz
green super weapon blue is super weapon there we go now it’s ready and get some
spy drones up here yeah just run straight in boys
your left look look you see the laser it’s going for the drone and now my
Humvees can just shoot at the laser no problem
Oh kids and I’m level – yeah member – that was close okay
so I just kill a few buildings and that’s the end of him oh he actually
wants to go for like what a base tree okay he’s going to lose that base trade
though yeah for sure he’s trying to kill his royals yeah but watch this I kill
his power plants and then it’s like what are you gonna do with the lasers oh he’s
still not low-power yet okay well I don’t mind this I don’t mind even losing
the oil you know could be worse I get a nice veteran see like this in general
powers okay these clear these let’s go in kill that power he’s even Kelly I killed the Patriot
thing and that’s always good yeah level three
baby Gigi okay so now I want actually let’s do this
and the other dozer let’s take how much money’s up here quite a bit
I don’t have to be careful of Joker on the right here this guy who doesn’t
fucked up the middle so green is busy with pink ok pink died that just
happened okay didn’t I move to dozer
ok so I want to keep an eye on Shay I am level three leggy piece sure and I think
I know what I’m gonna do I’m gonna do something I never I’ve never done before
a level to spectre-1 Salida and level to Specter why would you do that cuz I’m
gonna fuck Shay is it actually possible to kill both or it’s was lever to
spectre well we’re about to find out I have no idea I have never tried it
actually neither have I but I’m up for you know trying new things let’s eat come on buddy come on buddy
come on buddy do it do it so close now I feel like I wasted a general point oh
well okay I’m kind of worried about orange now what so yeah kind of have
some money to spend you lucky sod you look at this I could have no I couldn’t
have gone level three but I still have a 10 or snipers what is more useful
snipers maybe you will need snipers than this with so many USA oh wow who was
Orange joker ol elites now yeah I think I need Avengers here that finishes okay
I don’t like how Green has its particle cannon ready it just doesn’t want to use
it um I have a hard time saying yes to that but at the same time you scary
so it’s sure at this point sure okay I need a bit of yeah
wait they’re gonna go a me now I killed che okay sure go kill che che evil man
she ain’t you here okay I just need to also keep an eye on my dozers and make
sure they don’t get stolen otherwise I’ll be very sad so let’s spy
drones like here and yeah I kind of want to kind of want
to close this area up make it a little safer now being said though I don’t
think Joker usually steals dozers and let’s be honest we’re all USA’s so it
all said he wants to go from my dozers very low joker back says blue wait
there’s a particle cannon here okay the oils down fuck off to you okay oh shit
yeah he’s got buses good thing I said share it to the piece okay now I know he
has a lot of buggies so I don’t want to get too many emps maybe I’ll just get
one then again with the buses I’ll put one behind it right that’s always a nice
trick so then if he starts to attack he has to attack this bunker first and then
I know he’s gonna attack from this side so it’ll buy me a bit of time
Avengers why are you so expensive man I get all the upgrades yeah didn’t get
toxin suits but that’s useless actually this level to Spector might work out for
this right for all these markets okay so you’re out of supplies over
there oh I only had one sheet of here well that works out I guess go cuz
obviously you can’t collect here now I really need to space out my drop zones
cuz all the fucking super weapons on a particle cannons like this is a no-no
you don’t do this you put your two oils or your two supply drop zone so close
together you’re like asking for it buddy and the strat Center you can literally
start here zap zap zap zap zap let’s actually see it because I’m sure Shay’s
gonna do that yeah there we go oh my god but he’s asking for it he
really was asking for that and he gets the stress Center as well yeah I’m the
supply I’m the Chinook oh my god man that was just it was actually an amazing
particle yeah but really bad placement from of course blood fired order there
is not of one particle could be could be worse man yep definitely no that was
very well done okay so I also want to make more money please build there no
that’s ammo update you see the thing is like I have all these things going
through my head like no I can’t I can’t build another supply drop zone here
because you’re just waiting for ammo up to strike here and then he’ll particle
cannon my particle cannon Oh what’s this it’s not gonna be on oh that’s shaded oh
shit wait am I in a 2v1 now no okay they’re fighting good orange peace okay wait green I think we have to work
together orange gonna beat us okay
good particle cannon this take him out of the game early but what a hell man
this is so much fun okay let’s see holy smokes what the fuck yeah I think I
don’t know where I want to start I think I’ll start here and yeah I think I’ll
start here oh wait what’s happening Shay disconnected what
the fuck why she disconnected he’s pissed off probably pissed off Shay
disconnect our keyboard disconnects and golfer what they all had a fucking
disconnection fest no way Godfather and keyboard still in game Ranger I see so I
don’t know what this is hmm how should i particle cannon this I think I’ll start
here and or I can go like like this get the
palace market me five I would take a good look at middle before I use the
particle because if you kill all these markets and he still has the income from
the middle then it’s pretty much useless you can’t rebuild those you know yeah
you can but it’s the amount of damage that will be done is insane
it doesn’t make more sense to kill the production now you can repeat that as
well yeah it’s kind of true alright I think I will yeah they all
left okay what I got Wow good thing I waited right otherwise
I lose the particle can why I know Bill Cowher wrong yeah sure thing okay right I think because the oil is
roughly one-and-a-half black market right so and they’re quite far apart I
think I’m gonna do it like this thing this should be okay and then maybe I can
try and get both those yeah that seems to be a good one that works out look at
shit base what che base well I missed it what’s going on here what’s the story I’m gonna get
countermeasures Spector has countermeasures right yes yes so he’ll
get the nice aircraft armor so I’m pretty sure this I can do wait no it’s
which target too soon damn it why do I do this well it’s too
late now counsel which target now hopefully I’ll at least kill the oil
right because it is it it is a level 2 Spector okay at least at least at least
if I waited one second longer it would have killed those two holy shit okay um
yeah okay this is scary stuff here and I have a lot of money now the thing is I
know the Joker’s probably know gonna attack me away is he dying here
I mean Joker wait I mean Fire Lord Fire Lord you die I mean just saying right
are you dying we’re a just low power cuz he like oh
shit I’m low power nope I’m broke no everybody’s saying nope he probably
isn’t dying okay so here’s the trick how many Avengers do I have I should have a
good amount yeah I’m gonna get a few more I got three ambos right so when
this is ready after this unit comes out and I load them up and whatever then I
should have a very scary yeah designs many good times see the
thing is we kind of have an advantage a super weapon because gla can’t build his
his black markets too close together which means he needs a lot of space okay
you know what I’m just gonna engage let’s do it
music cues in at the right time oh yeah and fuck it let’s get a few tomahawks as
well Oh Specter coming in from fired away
does he have quads I don’t think he has quads right that was a bike there
okay unit loss yeah that means your squads so the thing is I won’t get the
Hellfire drones cuz they so fucking expensive and yeah let’s go destroy some
shit shall we you see demo or is the use normal GL and here these corpse won’t do
anything against De Laurentiis yeah that’s true buggies might but I
have the advantage of this wait I needed more ambos and never get
enough ambos I get ambos just never enough actually hide behind the supply
crates that might be better yeah go behind his flight grates guys this is my
so awful buy him what is this guy doing well he’s just trying why is he
following you know should I get full Specter no bad idea
oh wait did I see that right wait fool Specter actually gives you the double
time 30 seconds Becker well inspector will die by then but yeah I kinda need
more money I’m doing a lot of damage here though hello me die I don’t know
what you mean in there but my units destroyed has gone significantly higher yeah great let’s say let’s kill right I
wouldn’t mind having some promoted Avengers here okay let’s get out of there let’s get
out of there right just have to make sure that his scuds won’t hit they seem
to be aiming that way yeah okay let’s kill their Steve did I use all my
general powers no I didn’t I thought I didn’t snipers are no snipers snipers
were no snipers conside our particle cannon ready fire lord I am dead
I haven’t even I haven’t even entered his base okay let’s just kind of move back let’s
see oh please just complaining stop complaining oh well let’s have a bit of
fun though oh yes zap zap zap oh oh did I destroy
your markets Oh everybody sorry sir look at it again that’s 100 no 12000 damage I
did that was five markets are killed right so yeah okay and oh I need to get
Moab and I need to get more money well make some improvements might as well
take this cash because okay regroup guys regroup you get in there you get in
there and you get in there and yeah I don’t know what to do with these
tomahawks now let’s kill the radar van right fuck your radar about the funny
thing is it actually makes a difference like people people are like no not my
radar you know I know alright let’s see let’s
start attacking an arms dealer just to kind of freak him out a bit did I actually get that moab upgrade I
don’t think I did let’s get a no I don’t need Comanche
actually maybe I should just in case we get a sneak attack because I actually
don’t have my base sneak attack moved like that yeah now I’m probably gonna
incur a bit a losses because I don’t have the terrain advantage okay please
don’t tell me that’s gonna go on me oh I’m the arms dealer nice
yeah Joker’s dead man who’s dead and here you go for those of you were like
oh my god orange gonna win for sure this is free for all like when someone gets
really big they become very scary and when they’re scary everybody gangs up on
them pretty much fun so let’s kill the CC I don’t think Joker will be in this
very long so that means I can stop with the microwave tanks start with a little
something fun and yeah that means I probably should get snipers just in case
he gets missile defenders shit yes fuck man look at this now what
are you doing see what you always have that one suicidal Humvee or – no don’t
do it okay tomahawks who actually got veteran see
and shit I can’t win either way he says in fact look at this this is like moab
foods and like particle cannon food like oh please please strike me here great
stuff and he didn’t actually get building the the barricades
what is it fortified structures joker should have gotten that land we made a
big difference go take it out and I don’t know what to
do with these two mugs like honestly they’re really useless at this point
okay I get more are me I’m still pissed bro oh you’re back dude they just had
the 20/80 man not the tea I know why don’t you just water it like from Amazon but it’ll be there tomorrow because you
have Amazon Prime yeah yeah so just order it now and it’ll be in there in
the morning oh shit shit there well I lost one baby
but so far losing just one unit is pretty pretty well compared to before
and lost pretty much nothing I think I think this is still mainly my original
army I don’t think I lost that much GG just slowly position was shit yeah you
need a shit on a buggies you shouldn’t have engaged me in that little trench
thing there we go oh oh oh oh GG he’s just gonna quit yeah he’s just gonna
quit well I gotta Moab something let’s more of my here fuck it we Oh fireworks Arman is asking did game six get played
yes game six did get played and I was a dumbass I didn’t have the right screen
showing so I thought it was showing fine but I didn’t but fine girl Gimli
actually casted that one so you can watch it on his channel and there’s
links everywhere in like description and comments oh I’m sure you can find it
link e says leggy is not supposed to win this well sorry to disappoint brother yeah my starting was really bad I
started horribly look at this look at the unit’s lost destroyed always great
it’s the Avengers man they make the difference Joker says it’s lame sorry
Joe green light comparable to the 1080 TI is
that true and the 2080 is like the 1080 t I am alright that’s fine right yeah it’s fine
it’s fine why did you buy that one yeah I got the
2020 80 you’ll be fine man you’ll be fine you
know I’m a program I need to play command & Conquer bro I need to have the
best of course man that’s how it goes you you can’t do anything less than our
2084 for general at least they give me a nice discount on it really yeah you’re
like you don’t even have the TI there I want to discount you look but this is
why retail is dying they don’t have certain items no they don’t but that’s
too risky man as well for a retail to have everything in stock come on two or
three 28 et eyes wouldn’t harm them yeah but probably I mean those cards are
expensive man like the 2080 TI is like how much like $800 300 no 1,300 1,300
yeah well there you go if you have like two or three in stock that’s already
something that you know shows in the books if you know what I mean let me
tell not for the place where flex bought it that’s like they’re huge let me try
and get her deed to join again Wow there are many are these I’m just gonna keep
kicking oh man and now ladies doing good who to kick wait let me close all the
windows yeah yeah yeah please yes please I’m big meaner yes I know
I’m very rude I don’t know who to kick now I think I should kick for you or
Merce low what’s his nickname I was kind of hoping you would know that ah okay he
messaged me don’t kick anyone he said oh he’s so
cool this guy please sir cool he’s saying he doesn’t
okay but he’s typing let’s see what he says type type type type of we type we can we
a player on a new map there is only one good a player free-for-all map and
that’s destruction station the others aren’t as good yeah I installed game
Ranger anyway alright okay let’s do eight player free-for-all
that’s your name let’s do this so we go ladies go fire Lord we go joker with
your boy should be fun oh man why you change your name to make you know these
things bothers me like just stick to like your your original name but just
only the first three letters so I know who you are cuz now like the whole game
and be like what who the fuck is nig he’s good fuck I don’t know this guy
like there are some players who regularly change their names like every
every two week so like I was gonna have a new name now what the fuck who are you
you’re in my friends list but who the hell are you problems but yeah so
destruction station is in my opinion one of the best eight player free-for-alls
because you actually have a middle that you can fight over there’s supplies in
between the players that you can fight over you know there’s like a reason to
leave but if you have this map for example there’s very little you know
it’s very difficult to defend if you have like a middle position here you’re
fucked so it’s a bit imbalanced this I’m not even gonna touch it’s so white out
yeah white out is a bit like a destruction station theoretically but
even this look look at the supply pile here right that’s it’s so far away from
where this guy spawns it’s just I don’t know man I just prefer this map it’s
it’s good okay so are we gonna do pro rules or no rules right why haven’t you
downloaded more a player Maps there are good ones no there are not no their
honor wait aren’t any good ones I looked online I looked everywhere most are real new maps who is MIG
exactly exactly it’s ladies why does he call itself big okay so everyone voted no rules right
everyone’s saying no rules no rules okay let’s do no rules okay let’s do no rules
no rules no rules you’re gonna make it clear to these guys let’s play race map
I have no idea what that is it’s atrocious yeah let’s skip it
Boyka no rules no rules then that guy’s gonna be like what the fuck who built an
Aurora not too bad that’s bad okay actually I need to be careful I need to
be careful like you know people wanted Kiyomi screaming as well you want me to
do you want me to tell you his army no no actually if you can mmm all right
well we are slow loading maybe I can do it I hope my game doesn’t glitch so I’ll
put the the link to him way button yes I can do that right I can actually click
his thumbnail and then I don’t actually see his game so like that the army
doesn’t reveal I think I’ll do it like that
does it show yes it does ah fuck it are you serious the thumbnail of his of
his livestream is his arm yes that is that is that I’ve tried okay I tried
every now I I don’t know the pause I didn’t see the pause so guys if you want
to watch from Boyka and like swap in-between like ooh who’s doing what
check that out so these areas fuck I know I shouldn’t
have seen that now I really hope he’s next to me so if I Scout him and I’ll be
like oh well no big deal please be next to me otherwise I feel like a bit of an
ass Oh always going there was the stream no is about next to me okay well I’m
just I’m just gonna I’m gonna I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see it how’s that
that’s fair right I’m only here to those around someone
shit and I have to sell my CC need my fix okay okay are you gonna do the movie
Oliver I’m gonna I’m gonna pull a technically why you do this I’m gonna do
it angry man we should make it a thing pulling at angry just going straight out
combat unit to will combat she look income what he’s listening isn’t it
I can’t do it now shit okay glad I’m here I am kidding
am I kidding I don’t know now I’m really not sure is he actually gonna maybe all
this talk of combat Chinooks is freaking him out you know I’m just gonna do one
one decent normal combat scenic I’m not gonna do like they’re the fancy pants to
combat she looks that you know really fuck someone just a whiny more he said
something about those are hunting so I can those are onto him right you know
that’s that’s always nice in the room okay let’s see three four five six seven
eight okay that’s okay my dozers are kind of close together
though so I’m just gonna put one here below the supply pile because there’s
actually good reason for doing that I think it was Joker who told me I’m only
going for leggy yeah he knows my army for sure if that’s how he’s talking and
you know which is fine I know a second ago I was just kidding like oh yeah
there was a stream with the perk but it’s okay I accept that people watch the
street just as long it’s not a tournament stream then then I get mad
then people get you know fuckin disqualified but you have put like a
five minute a day every time haven’t you yeah yeah yeah yeah oh can I actually
take out that licks that would be hilarious come to Papa okay well this is
fun I’m sure he’s fuckin pissed off now okay so he actually doesn’t why though
you said you would hunt me I got scared so I hunt you instead I’m so sorry that
I’m also not sorry oh shit okay we can we can do this who’s tank general that’s
Fire Lord what the hell are you doing where’s my combat Chinook okay that works out a lot better than I
thought every way wait I’m hearing some shit man could find out
seriously go all-in did he make two War factories somewhere
in the middle I just do not with you I don’t know I have no lesson Chris I
don’t want to ah fuck you man yeah he’s definitely going for me I
don’t know why I like what the hell did I do I’m so kind I’m so nice I never
mean to anyone ever you need to get too full of yourself man like quickly yeah
I’m gonna get a fire base and I’m gonna actually know that I’m investing too
much money here just too full v zilla Ambu ambulance that should be enough for
now yeah but I need to get this money right now gonna sell my barracks fuck it
I need the money now okay right it takes forever to sell building why did I
forget that by the time this lands I got like that one fucking second extra time
here right yeah I don’t know what Fire Lord was was planning to do there I’m
just too worried about this guy seemed pretty fucked that was
cyan that is four I don’t remember who for instance second firebase and oh shit
yes yes yes let’s get second firebase and Ambo – damage they do is so painful but here
goes the fire base whoo do some damage yeah but can kill that last one it’s
gotta be careful he’ll try and bait me for sure and the second fire base
finishes pretty sure I’m gonna have to sell my power here oh no he’s just going
down this way oh shit please start queuing start
building building I got my scaffold you fucker I have to say with with this lag I’m
pretty impressed I didn’t lose any V’s yet yeah I could take this out now
alright let’s let’s build that other firebase well there thank you
okay now I just kind of need missile defenders and I saved my Chinook they’re
all fucking destroyed and shit but that’s a B I don’t know if I don’t have
money man yeah tow missile would be nice as well I just need some missile
defenders when this goes up I’m safe there’s no way he can really do anything
if he does the same thing that is if he comes with Emperor’s now then I’m gonna
be a bit scared yeah let’s get a search oh look at that oh fuck you had to get
fucking ECM since you why do you go for me man what the hell did I do yeah I
need you yes sir this guy I’m gonna use for my
for this cannon yeah actually I stopped this quite nicely as well I’m gonna be
level three soon aren’t I wait did I just lose a ve a what yes one cat ah I
got everything though why is he attacking me the whole time like
seriously like what’s this personal vendetta bullshit he’s wasting a lot
here not really a yeah he’s not getting very far and when I get oh no seriously
who is this Sian don’t do it buddy don’t do it don’t do it he’s doing it I have
no choice I need to engage here and I need to Search and Destroy yeah I need
that Search and Destroy I’m he’s gonna come in to intercept
Oh finally fire doors thank you she is so kind and now you’re in trouble now I’m in
trouble let’s sign once come help me I’ll be okay with that definitely lose
those shinning star ah fucker you’ve disabled what I told the shinik to the movie I’m
actually out of money as in literally I have no way to get money survive Oh oh my god oh my god if I if
he survived what the fuck is Fire Lord doing he’s hunted isn’t he that’s why
he’s doing this he’s hunted so it’s not harder the other the other daughter
between the prop and the war factory yeah he does fuck it how did he know where you were though
because he’s probably watching the stream being a dick
so wait science logic Hey look Legionnaires being attacked let me go
man fuck you man you fucking killed my carpet bomber it would have hit ya now
he’s building CC Fire Lord you’re such a dude I’m gonna give way
sighing I’m gonna give him my dozer I won Sian to win unless sign is stupid
enough to actually kill me wait let’s let’s first start with this
Sian you speak English Oh nah but it’s too late now I’m sure I’ll still take
out his proper fucking ass huh let’s sell this and let’s sell this I
have a scaffold for power in the foundation maybe I can actually come
back 400 someone’s listening on the stream for sure I still get your
scaffold oh so oh well if those corpse come close and kill that those are not
it getting stuck oh wait this guy’s leaving me alone this is interesting I’m
still gonna give the guy dozer though just to fuck with the situation so yeah
this is slightly awkward I’m not dead how awkward desert do I still have
another general point no I don’t oh those who went down oh my god
you deserve that fire Lord you asshole oh man you deserve that
okay um alright we’re gonna have to do this goodbye Oh fire lord I don’t think
they’ll do get up I don’t wait yeah okay so that gets destroyed
all I have to do theoretically Oh what’s this what is this orange it’s just unto
you that’s boy yeah boy cat seriously bad seriously where’s the love where’s
the love anyway Sian you guys want to play nasty fine
let’s play nasty bug let’s do it side okay I hope he gets it yeah this is
ridiculous and file oh my God look at Boyka yes the whole mid as you say as
you say superweapon yeah I knew he was super weapon I knew like what the hell
was fire thinking seriously Oh check out the new fancy gentle thing right you see
this on the left in it fancy you can see everyone wait what is that
that’s the money that’s cool actually no it’s just map hack but whatever no I’m
kidding it is actually gentle seven point eight guys seven point eight just
released mmm still has that fresh oven smell
I haven’t downloaded it yet Green had tunnels yes he did all over what in my
defending me so I could not just back he was
defending me oh that’s great man that’s great yeah we can see everyone’s money
now here on the side so that’s interesting like Boyka if you’re
listening to the stream spend your money you fucking noob 7k 8k 9k how’s it
getting all this money so fast are probably a drop see folks came through a
middle yeah look at that oh he’s gonna go 10k no Boykin no no Boykin no no
okay let’s actually let’s actually see what everyone is doing so signs not
doing too bad it seems to be a tox Firelord is out so I don’t have to worry
one bit about saying what’s happening in the game because he’s dead
fuck you fired or let’s see what else we caught we got Murr
that’s mercy was it and he seems to be normal China oh my god no he’s nuke yeah
nuke nuke against superweapon hmm though he got a nice shot there right so here’s
nuke MiG’s very nice I wasn’t even watching mr. ah not at all yeah you can
listen to it yeah maybe next time I’ll be like okay I’m just not gonna kill his
last belter why watch it when you were in the game
that’s okay it’s okay it’s allowed I just ridicule people when they die he
was listening in the stream still died ha ha okay Joker again why does he hate
getting fortified buildings why do you hate that upgrade man you’re next to a
superweapon who uses aurora’s it might be a good idea how many kills does he
have 15 I don’t play window mode why not have it’s great playing window mode oh
shit I put oh sorry I put limit superweapons sorry I’m stupid reflex
I do it every time the limit superweapons just in case like you’re
playing and this one guys look will fuck you are gonna build super weapons and
pro rules you know so then I just kind of like earth just to event.prevent
those idiots and she’s always put limits super weapons but it’s true and no rules
it’s not fun to limit super weapons cos in a sec fucking weird it’s like what’s
the point man there’s no point nothing is more exciting than ten party cannons
yes whatever Boyka still has the advantage right with all his fuel air
bombs my god he doesn’t have countermeasures what is it with people
and not getting upgrades Legionnaire triggered blow that is hilarious
nuke MiG’s firing at Aurora’s yeah new pigs aren’t actually that good against
buildings I don’t think yellow has any money
though not a lot at least he’s got a hacker here got a couple yeah he’s
pretty low on money but let’s be honest my Boyka Boyka is probably gonna we’re
gonna win this look at the fucking massacre man didn’t lose a single Aurora
that’s that’s the thing that’s just so annoying right about Aurora’s I mean I
get it they’re powerful as fuck but you just simply can’t kill them and then
even after they drop the bomb they do that cute little curve thing that they
do and even while doing that curve they’re still unkillable it’s like what
the fuck why Awful’s are just a bitch to deal
with yeah but they’re actually quite expensive as well like it’s if you can
choose between getting 20 super weapons and 20 alphas I’d rather have two super
weapons but then again the biggest problem your particle cannon is that
there’s the constant micro you know you can’t just a nuke is easy you just click
click boom everything blows up Scott is the same but particle can and you
actually have to control it so unless you got like lead skills and you team
your individual particle cannons and then like that you do it like a real
fucking pro like I would imagine sighs doing something like that unless you do
something like that this just it’s not as efficient and I don’t know why Boyka
isn’t using parts we can Middle East’s cut storm food yeah cannon oh here we go boy cats never going to
allow a nice cut or mute to fire he can just like use for Aurora’s them by
bicycle well yeah pretty much I think he only needs to be Aurora’s right maybe
for Scott for cuz the whole bus got poor I’m not sure about the mute you need
normal Aurora’s you need four yeah I don’t know about alphas I’m not even
sure if for four particle cannon is enough because sometimes the the healing
kicks in the repair thing so unless you do them all together at the same time
like if you keep them a bit like slightly separated even if they’re like
one or two seconds apart aurorus it’ll just not kill it I think
it’s two or three now definitely not to man definitely not to no way
game taking long big bunker news yeah it’s no rules man just like well I guess
it’s my fault I put limits superweapons me we’ve got nuke Meg look at the
veteran see I was like seeing mix with veteran see I don’t know why this puts a
smile on my face like yes green needs to spam an army green needs to build a
fucking Scott storm man there we go you got the barricade the building’s green
how much money you got wait I can see here now ooh
6k very fancy the only problem I think here with the gentle things can I
actually increase the size yes I can okay so if I leave it like this and
everyone watching can actually see it because otherwise it’s kind of small
also one thing that’s a bit weird about the new gen tool that i I don’t
understand is you can’t actually hide it like for out of curious like curiosity I
was looking like oh can I hide it somewhere just to see if there’s an off
switch but I don’t I don’t think there is now that I bothers me I mean I want
to see what everyone has money-wise but I can imagine if someone wants to take
like some fancy screenshots actually you could just do this right
yeah okay there you go yeah that’s the trick so I’ll leave this nice and big
for now so you’re all watching at home can see birdie says he fixed gameranger
yeah nice dark Jack says how do you play online well with a lot of focus and
vigor and then once you finally install the game then you install either game
Ranger in play on game Ranger or you install gen 2 and play on CNC online but
yeah it’s true we need like an easy like Steam esque way of both installing the
game and have it ready to play online right like it’s really not easy to just
casually install the game and play online especially like if it’s like the
first time you’re doing it like for me I will probably get everything set up and
ready from you know installing and you know getting ready to go to play online
probably it takes me about maybe 20 minutes or half an hour but someone who
said completely new will probably take like an hour let’s be honest with all
the following of the steps I guess that’s what’s great about things like
Steam ray you just say install game and it says are you sure yes okay and it
installs updates everything and they just play online if you want those guts
where’s it gonna go well it’s probably gonna go on boy go
you know if you could zoom out far enough you can actually follow the scuds
missiles and see where they go always fun Oh what the hell happened here this
is he gonna hit the Aurora’s was that a strat centered there no stress since it
was in the middle right oh yeah in the middle ray he went for the new particle
cannon still survives yeah yeah okay so this is another thing sneak attack
normally doesn’t get stopped by EMP but if it gets impedes in this little
animation thing then you can’t actually pop from it so you don’t want to spawn
your sneak attack next to a patriot actually Boyka what are you doing man I
thought you were to close this game by now I think he just doesn’t have enough
money Green is gonna look scary yes he is it’s
got a lot of money this is asking to get scudded look at
this although I’m not sure if once cuts to
kill all this here we go green skirt is going online Green doesn’t have any
upgrades so he doesn’t have this upgrade he doesn’t have this upgrade green get
some fucking upgrades gods you know what I should do I should like I should have
like random messages show up right like on the stream like on the side like
somewhere like here where it’s like tip number 37 always get upgrades tip number
32 make sure you get subliminal messaging tip number 14 get an Ambo in
fact is there an amble here Boyka please tell me there’s an ample there’s no Ambo
you see what I mean people Oh My gods people never build ambos people never
get subliminal messaging and they’re so useful man they’re so useful okay yellow
just kind of quits I don’t think he had much money but boy doesn’t have that
much money either right like he was floating okay actually whoa that’s just
right because the drop zones he probably built a bunch of them at the same time
so you get that big cash boost sign looks pretty scary but I’m quite sure
Joker’s gonna win this at this rate even this guy right no no for fortified
structures Joker you’re better off killing cyan
just to speed things up font size a bit big people are supposed to be constantly
pumping out loads of Units at one another with dozers workers mixed in to
build the fences along their path since lay keys yeah you could do that but you
also need money man it’s all about the money yeah sign isn’t really being the
most tactical here I guess losing a bunch of units no real need and Joker is
pretty much like waving to boyars troops as they drive by like boy killing his
own shit Legg if you find decent a player FFA map
can we play them yes yes you can man I’d love a good a player free-for-all but
here’s the thing right I have some conditions like there needs to be an
incentive to get out of your base and the bases need to be somewhat fair so
for example here the middle position someone said to me like oh it’s really
unfair if you’re in the middle position it’s it’s really gives you a big
disadvantage but if you look you have these walls right they’re blocking you
off oh hello right you’ve got these walls blocking you off so if you’re here
there is an entrance well the big giant one here
whoa disconnecting let’s vote this guy so you got one main big entrance here
they got a side entrance to one players side entrance to another player this guy
he’s in the corner he’s got you know the same side entrances right and then he’s
got his main entrance here okay fine this is a quite small main entrance so
yes okay it is a bit easier and better if you’re in a corner but this guy has
already a bit bigger you know main entrance leave properly he says yeah
people don’t leave properly the worst thing is when people count down and then
when there’s like five seconds left on this someone else goes like yeah I’m
just gonna click with game now Joker trying to pull some weird paloma see
shit not gonna work man but overall this map I think it’s okay because if you
have like Forgotten forest you know it’s like there’s no walls you don’t have
these walls kind of protecting you and you’re just really fucking exposed and
whiteout kind of has the the cache bit further away so people in the corner
have a hard time getting to the cache and I don’t know you can do Twilight
flame as well a player free-for-all but then it’s like the moment one player has
the whole bottom half then things also get a bit weird you know like now this
this is more like it but Boyko is over yeah you’re gonna blow up his own F it
though no no I failed if you’re fast enough yes good you guys want to know
the best tricks in the world if you have a bunch of super weapon Aurora’s like
this guarding there is one thing about them
they counts air guards they have to ground guard so all you got to do is
grab your sexy radar van reveal wherever they’re guarding and put a scaffold of a
tunnel and he’ll just blow up his own base it’s great I’ve done this many
times yes the thing is if you’re a super weapon you want to avoid that what
you’ve got to do is you actually have to way point your Aurora’s back forth back
forth back forth like five thousand times
oh you lucky fuck that it didn’t drop because again he doesn’t have an Ambo
he’s so lovely man this only validates like we’ll see you don’t need an Ambo
no now you need one man an Ambo would just use these Avengers yeah
one of her Joker’s up to connecting the Scud stone with the Aurora’s no don’t
give shit apparently he get that in the face again maybe probably find you Boyka
doesn’t have that much money he’s got one two three four five six seven eight
eight drop zones right and a very weirdly place nine ten this guy already
has one two three four five six seven eight nine okay so they’re pretty much
yeah boy because I had economy wise and there’s another one here and then
there’s Joker who has 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 20
let’s say around 30 right so probably Boyka doesn’t have that much money to
just send out Aurora’s and waste them it’s probably in his interest actually
every now and again get a drop zone or two oh where are you flying off to oh
yeah he went for the Scud though now that was an 8/10 so I think he used an
a-10 aurora yeah I think it was this guy and now I just have to cut stone from
green Boyka who’s bigger dude why don’t you use your Jarman on the bike wherever
the fuck you went steel boy kazar me Boyka usually doesn’t take that much
care of his dozers most most of times look even this like it’s perfect
opportunities you can just steal it here or steal this one this one you know I
mean yeah it’s difficult to get in but once you’re in like you could just drive
up the cliff here I know there’s a spider on so it’ll get revealed but
Boyka might be too busy to notice just keep driving in and maybe navigates you
actually know I probably can’t go in from there yeah boy Kirk has actually
done a good job there’s only this dose but you can really easily get to I don’t
know what science doing though like even he’s doesn’t have fortified structures
Joker could you like fucking kill someone like come on let’s do something
man Boyd is not strong enough to do a 2v1
site is just kind of waiting don’t know for what he’s got fucking 20k for some
reason he’s hardly go out an insane huge income but he’s got 20k alright cuz I
know I have a feeling that Joker’s listening in on the stream so let me
help him out speed this up a bit Joker has 18 units destroyed so he’s not
even level 3 he’s got busses he is stalks he finally got the tox
gamma upgrade he called AP rockets upgrade he got junk repair upgrade so
the buses are good Joker just send in your buses on the left and then go up
and then there’s two EMPs there take them out and then you can pretty much go
straight into his base and remember to use scaffolds when you see an Aurora
guarding you’ll probably kill boy correctively quickly oh never mind he’s
engaging sign alright he’s engaging sign it’s okay engage sign that’s fine he’s
dead I don’t know his name was for let me see
if I could see what it was before it was for know just for wait why can’t you see the funny
because I have my pac-man and map pack it’s my pac-man it’s like Red Alert –
yeah like I’ve I was like you know what I’m fed up of being mr. nice guy I’m
gonna get some map pack here so ya installed it seems to be working fine
haven’t gotten a mismatch yet so that’s good I’m sure you’re really confused by now
right yeah okay it’s actually a new feature on gentle so gentle
seven-point-eight it actually shows you an observer mode that shows you all the
money everyone has so that’s cool I don’t know why there’s T zero here I
don’t know what the hell that’s supposed to represent I think maybe team like you
know if you’re team one team three a team for you know like that but I don’t
know if that’s really something that’s really necessary I don’t know if in a
team game we will show the the overall money owned by a team that would be that
would be pretty sick but yeah since it’s free-for-alls will always say team zero
I guess at least I think it might be team I’ve no clue it’s maybe not the best angle of an
attack let’s see how many kills for Joker I just wait I just want to have
this guy reach level five and then him do a sneak attack maybe bottom right or
top right and kill sign I mean look at this guy he’s floating so much
wait where’s that skirt up here right yeah there we go fly fly fly where do
you fly to Joker only killed 31 units yes he hasn’t really killed anything
let’s see where’s the Scud gonna hit ah yes that will speed things up
nice very nice look at that very nicely cleans things up
yeah man just go in kill cyan and Boyd is actually trying to win this one here
yeah is he’s trying to get a lot of drop zones and and cyan I think he might be
afk like how does he have 40k I’m really confused here it’s getting to be ones
poor guy your order doesn’t even die did you
actually get countermeasures yet yeah you did okay okay I think science gonna
die now yeah okay yeah I don’t see sign doing anything I
think he’s afk like seriously like he’s not it’s not even really building
anything I just hope Boyd isn’t gonna start an
attack now because that’s one thing that Boyd is very good at right before
someone dies Boyd is like me let me start an attack and in sight then green
and orange are gonna fight and then sign is gonna be like afk for like 10 minutes
he’ll come back and be like oh I’m rich then he’s gonna build up and then it’s
gonna be like a forever going free-for-all and it doesn’t want to fuck
an end Joker I have faith in you kill this man kill sian
oh honey go on Ambo that’s why again Ambo boys and girls but no real reaction
there we go 1 2 3 4 5 6 somebody’s dead please don’t start attacking Joker just
wait just wait yeah a 10 there we go oh here we go
I think I think Sian is back no no actually maybe not because the arms
either got attacked these units got triggered yeah I’m serious man this
guy’s to say okay wait no no here comes here comes the bomb so now he’s back okay that’s not even on target okay good reaction there from Joker
denying sit I’m flexible get another arms dealer yeah Boyka is just trying to
get bigger though he’s go scope very little money he keeps spending it so
because he’s ready for it Joker has 58 units destroyed now and
it’s destroyed a bunch of building so it wouldn’t surprise me he’s got cash
bounty so probably soon he’ll be level 5 so if he does a clever sneak attack like
back here like in this section and you can evac in time where the Aurora’s of
Boyka they’re all sort of gathering here ok sneak attack where the okay right
here okay good yeah yeah I don’t well Joker is killing sine but I think I
don’t know what sine is up to I don’t know I think he’s trolling I mean he’s
got 50k like it’s not doing anything he’s just he’s probably like eating a
sandwich watching himself die or something going like oh well I’d rather
eat this delicious sandwich instead it’s just not doing anything yeah yeah yeah Joker’s level-5 yeah cuz
he got sneak attack and Boyka started to attack Oh Boyka why you do this didn’t I
say it Boyka always does this he waits not for
a player to get defeated but right before so Joker might just put his army
back just the defenders base and then freakin Sian might say hey I’m just
gonna build 50 workers and then just pump an area full of black markets and
shit and then before you know it the game is I can never-ending ooh a bomb
track I’ve actually got it got a Humvee there that’s that’s very funny well there is a chance I mean Joker has a lot he needs more
tomahawks I don’t know if tomahawks are really gonna be the thing
and those are things oh yeah he’s got Aurora’s but he’s I’m the past five
minutes he’s just spending like he’s just been building cash you know and
more airfields and shit to be honest the aurorus could really be a problem here
look this what I mean look Joker’s got his army here but now he’s busy with
Boyka focusing on Boyka so okay we do see a bit more attack look you see what
I mean and the guy starts building arms either and now you’re gonna be all about
it and then is gonna be able shit down the markets and this guy got 50k so I
mean it’s not dead you know like boy did you have to you know like ah yeah why do you do this I look at this boy
cos and I was saving the guy why you do this man look at look at this guy oh
yeah bounce I love the bounce when you see
the bounce the second some some programmer was like okay we’re gonna
have units that are gonna like fly 500 meters into the air when they land they
got a bounce you know that was to avoid the gore
Gore was not allowed what that’s why they did the bounce right so to avoid
what blood were allowed to have like bouncing units yeah and I was hoping it
would be a short game right but you know science gonna okay now I know he’s
strolling now I know he’s trolling I mean this is he’s eating a sandwich or
maybe having some soup you know talking to his girlfriend’s you know talking
about what they’re gonna do tomorrow oh look at all the Aurora’s wait what’s
this what’s this what’s happening is he gonna split the targets on the skirt but
it’s too late oh my god he’s using them all on the Scud he can actually lose a
couple here are there any there’s no anti-air oh my
god what a pity where’s the Scud launch got an airfield a couple drop zones an
EMP if he does a sneak attack now here that might not be ya nice okay the only
problem is it’s right next to the command center oh I still had another
aurora left but wait it bugged the aurora bugged oh shit I heard units Bob
oh look at all the fucking the units yeah I really think that Joker’s should
just like scan Boyka space and put random scaffolds of like tunnel networks
or like I don’t know small things Boyka would probably destroy his own
base over time anyway someone disconnected who disconnected murd
disconnected let’s both murder the hopeful bolt and here we go I’m pretty
sure that the guy nomming the sandwich oh no he’s here he volt it okay vote
leggy yeah well probably because I’m host it would
crash so you know cuz slow load that happened earlier so if you vote me you
know just saying just saying maybe not a good idea yeah oh there was particle cannon being
used thing Oh kill some production nice yeah look
at this he’s building another supply stash now this guy’s definitely having a
sandwich like no doubt about it look oh my god if you put a fucking
scaffold of a tunnel here I’ll blow up his old freaking the airfield do you
still have Def Con cash bounty map I think I do have the DEF CON cash bounty
I think I do I mean I just copied the script from cash bounty and just
inserted it into Def Con it’s not really here look you need actually to aurora’s
take down arms leaver maybe even more than to aurora’s and i think – will do
but look these aurora’s should fucking die there should be stingers in place
there should be quads or something you can’t just let them live now comes a
moab just to get everything down to the hole yeah I think Joker’s gonna die here it’s funny because you can actually see
how many Aurora’s you need now Lowell friendly-fire
because normally I have no clue how many Aurora’s you need and apparently you
need to aurora’s for market you know probably cuz it affords five buildings
you see you need to Joker has a worker joke as a worker in yeah what the fuck
where did he come from nothing but Joker’s base is just so fucking massive
is gonna take a while to finish Quaker giving it all he’s got though it’s
already done yeah it’s done it’s done it’s ya boy cos got this Joker’s just
being pushed back more and more Joker’s not gaining territories losing
territory going into guards exactly – the toxin tractors that’s what’s gonna
kill Joker for sure that’s the thing fuckin tux attract this man all right yeah I think this is pretty
much Gigi for Joker the great thing with these Aurora’s is you could just queue
up Aurora’s and then just kind of like guards wherever you want to like destroy
the guy look at the number of Aurora’s here it’s insane look at this look what a fucking mess
look at this mess alright here’s some stuttering what the fuck is that bless you dude what the fuck are you
transmitting 200 to a planet far far away it does sound what is that guy doing reminds me of the cantina scene in Star
Wars yeah yeah exactly okay I think it’s pretty over now Joker
I think your hat I think we can try and go to the next game now yeah
Knicks game yeah wait I want this definite Boyka one this any hostile yeah maybe he’s hoping for the games crush yeah I know that’s over and it’s over come on guys we’d want to play another
game Joker please surrender argh I mean you lost your base here
pretty much lost this yes please yes please and sighin i mean this will take what
approximately 20 seconds for boycott to kill at least the guy was cool enough
not to build a shits on a black markets right where’s birth Buchannon unsign like
Joker says Gigi Wow sniper your mic I don’t know where
you got it from but it’s not good it’s like we’re missing a bunch of different
tones like what we call is like a bass tone and that’s muffled like we can’t
really hear you maybe he’s stranded on an island trying
to like deep in SOS you mean exactly yeah
mic for himself and you tried to reach yeah well I don’t know about you guys
really no you can’t even hear what he’s saying it’s not even tones it’s just
mute I can hardly hear you I’m doing fine doing very well except for the
beginning of this game well I had to get you man you were threatening me you were
like I’m gonna come for you and then I’m like well okay I’ll just I’ll just kill
you first then you know Danilo Chinaman come on what am i optional the tank even
skip I did exactly what Tengri would do I won’t blame you know honestly it’s the
best thing in the world you just defeat the guy next to you I was thinking about
it in an eight-player free-for-all it’s probably better whenever you’re not a
gla just don’t sell your command center the odds that someone’s gonna come for
you and try to doze or hunt you it’s just very big you know is there are so
many players you always get one guy who you know wants to fuck around like fire
Lord thank you very much like a Fire Lord was aired like halfway across the
map it still come for me with like one single Raptor kill my last dozer
alright Boyka wins that one because of his shitty shitty general no skill this
guy no I’m kidding he did a good job alright
soo another one okay doo doo doo doo
okay flex you wants it to join yes okay so I’m gonna be gonna let two people in
which is oh my god so many good players online though okay actually I know what
I’m gonna I know what I’m gonna do I’m gonna reroute all right and because I
don’t really want that sighing guy again he was he wasn’t yeah let me put it this
way I’d rather have ignite or sniper look how fast that went oh this shit
oh my god okay everyone’s here part foot Boyka is good anyway I promised this guy to I’d let
him play yeah I think I think Joker I’ll kick you
we already played a few games together alright like don’t don’t get mad
focus trying to join I’m echoing okay yeah I’m going from sniper yeah but just
mute snipe but you can’t understand anything what he says anyway yeah how do
I do that do I do right click in the mute
yeah but I have a bunch of other options I have to get the right mute think I’ll
just lower his volume by like a lot there that works that works
okay so we have Boyka and this guy wants to join okay I think I’m gonna kick and
it kicks someone no joke okay I think I’m gonna kick fire Lord yeah I’m gonna
kick Fire Lord I’m gonna kick you trail okay because I already I already played
a few games to fire Lord today that’s the reason you know I like it was it was
you made it very easy for me to decide lets me and now shade joints oh my god
there are too many fucking good players online do I kick che do I know kick shit
I don’t really want to kick che don’t know should I kick flex guys I think
that might be a good idea no no I want I want Eddie to play man he’s he’s cool
I’ve never played with the guy I think he’s a guy who actually helped me find
the five player map so that actually helped out a lot right kick che or not
kick che that is the question no I think I think
I’m gonna kick ignite I like him a lot but so ignite I promised this guy I’d
let him play feel kind of bad now oh yeah
anyway this the guy he was like please please please can i play as we talk it
to me for days this guy asked me for nitro every day every day this is the
guy that asks me for nitro on this court ever every single day what the fuck is
nitro Dischord night trainer okay flex 3 letter name flex get rid of the axe fine
get rid of everything else just be active all right let’s do it
we do another no rules yeah no rules yes yes but do not lend me super weapons
come on yeah I want to build that was a mistake
Lake he’s a boy I’m coming to Texas by the way this is not your Transylvania
Pennsylvania sylvania means woodland Penn’s woodlands you will find vampires now there’s no vampires I mean there’s
not Amish people those are the ones without electricity right yeah they’re
pretty cool though but I don’t know in the farm somewhere
oh yes that is a farm yeah I used to live there yeah at nighttime I would
never walk through there I always get good army where is my baby
I bet you there what’s up hey man how you doing
okay I can confidence say that I’m not super weapon okay someone else joined
another their voice so much higher than everyone else yeah yeah I’m I was I was
doing some volume mixing there yeah have fun man
thanks thanks Chris one – what are you fire lord
yeah I do I wish you could turn your ROI we have fire in the voice yet I’m sorry
we believe fire word is an American yeah be American who is flexed what the fuck
are you doing what are you talking you optimistic little shit you’re so no I
needed i’m china infantry you’re hilarious
you are fucking hilarious i’ll give you that you are okay stop this is really
not fair what you’re doing man I just invested so much fuckin yeah so did I
what the hell man by the way check your main supply – because homicidal supply trucks right
there beautiful Oh fuckin out oh my god that’s so lame so lame
fuck whatever check your main base man yeah that’s fine you’re gonna kill me
anyways first right no why would I you’re a nice guy I never kill you first
when do I kill you first always kill me first I never kill you first I’m so nice
to you like always that’s never true always
first dead when I play whatever man worth it worth it oh I got him okay
worth it okay worth it fuck you yeah that’s both stop I mean I need like a
minute if you don’t mind oh fuck off man
makes usually like seriously like what the hell man I have no money I know
you’re doing because I crushed your workers so the also you have a second
hijacker is low but I didn’t see an arms either so you probably still have a bit
of money Oh subtle you fucking asshole you
fucking seriously all right oh yeah I didn’t go for your dozer
okay okay okay no flame tank no flame no what you’re gonna give me the money of
this give me all the money oh yeah buddy you’re out in some place supply okay how about this how about
this I will leave you alone for now how’s that for now there’s still that
hijacker running around in your base dude not for long as such no not at all
no that’s not sure I promise you it’s not there so where is it it’s not in
your base okay Shabbos I’ll attack you when we’re
at six minutes house’ okay okay when do you want to go and have me attack you
give me give me a time okay green green is Boyka hmm
a dingy and he’s Thaksin what what do you mean you’re not fighting shake
everybody has to be fighting shape well he’s not playing oh okay fine
flex tonight can I ask you what you’re under attack
yeah okay can I go into your base do affirmation do I know I don’t
yeah but that’s right if you lost I can just kill whoever’s taken over your
space right yeah so I can do that the guy it’s the guy who asks me for nitro
24/7 okay all right this looks like it’s okay that looks like it’s you okay what if I what if I do some damage
to him okay that is unexpected who the fuck is
this guy yeah okay I see what you’re talking
about oh you are dude right yeah but I’m also
in trouble I don’t know many cm0 he’s always do so much damage come on baby
shoot him baby come on baby come on baby come on baby fuck I see em stop okay we
have an ECM into dragon tank so it should be alright yeah okay so that got
stopped come on boys flame all the shit clean up
the mess what did you do with our hijacker in all honesty like you you’ll
be honest with me right okay I have to kill orange but what are you gonna do
with the hijacker like he’s asila my base no it’s not you being honest okay
well I need to get my money back and my prop Center oh you know and I believe
you when you say that you don’t have a hijacker in my base so you’re not gonna
see my fucking nose okay well good better guys the toxin RPG better than a
tank hunter for infantry very subtle you stole his army didn’t you no I didn’t
say that pretty much the same Bob talks is slightly better individually the
talks ones are probably better with the upgrades but the rate of fire on the end
country is just insane with the more dullness and nationalism yeah but even I
would out come on whines the stalks wants to slightly more damage like 5%
more isn’t really yeah have you tested yeah it’s actually a while back crazy I
would not have expected that well Boyka don’t get offended I’m gonna clear your
bunkers yeah I’m only doing that to piss off orange I need to get through there
don’t get mad and say shit Legionnaire you attack me I’m gonna kill you no
don’t get mad yeah you can run away that’s okay I’ll run away okay there we
go okay so good good boy yes oh yeah all
right you have some space buddy no cramp your style oh my scare what’s
he doing ah carpet how does he have carpet already kill it kill it kill it
kill it shit you didn’t kill it where’s that
gonna go okay okay let’s flex you’re not gonna kill me are
you I just really don’t feel like I can
trust you oh yeah there you are look there’s my hijacker
yeah well orange fuck now don’t worry should be easy whose ah oranges yeah but MiG’s man well even black paper
oh fuck fuck no oh he was out of place you know you could get that bill look at
that range so that’s annoying you really wanna infantry now this guy wants to kill him
okay so wait how many did orange kill birdy kill orange please cycles come on
if he LS there was that he heard Michael Nate’s there’s
no long story major army you could possibly get here China no I was tank
against the USA laser who is Che we haven’t seen that’s who I have no III
destroyed him that’s why it took me all game but he’s he’s gonna come back just
because she tank can’t really do squat did Liana on an open space with being
that far away it’s so funny like to swap between the two streams from Boyka and
Legionnaires yes it’s really funny yeah some someone told me that once and I was
like yeah I can imagine that’s fun you know that was the Atlanta I had four
three four match six but no how can I make money if I have only 700 okay so orange isn’t exactly dead but
he’s not exactly doing great either I need an internet censor really that’s
orange is fucking huge man he’s battling Boyka at the bottom as well say what
wait alright it’s yellow oh yeah that’s
yellow oh yeah oh sorry ha ha has been defeated wait flex how
did you get defeated he’s in your base just now yeah well I might as well have
a look see what’s over there well I can’t do anything like I’m not level 3 looks like I need some dog fans got some
eggs don’t everybody ladies it’s just useless a it was just
lagging and look at that little bits and like that when tanks attack anything okay gorgeous big weight so let me get
this straight chase to my left right go scan it yeah I see mr. Nam sheäôs shares
how many suppliers Shay free supplies fuck is gonna come from Riley man Shay
why you got to do this shit man seriously fucking asshole man you always
fucking does this yeah here we go he’s coming for me
Tee tee oh my god he’s got fucking snipers yeah
I’m dead fucking ridiculous oh it’s absurd unlike you guys we were
battling the whole time no this guy this guy’s like I told you man why did you
always attack me always lose also you always try to kill me
thank you and
thank you they add that was your Akari I want to
at least cripple him a bit but I don’t know how I’m gonna do that he’s crippled
already yeah but I want to cripple him more fuck this asshole he true story
alright now I got fucking orange from the side fuck off orange those are the
same tank hunters that destroyed your overlords they’ve been walking that way
the whole game yeah that was a long shot that was pretty perfect right there let’s just get a shit on a tank hunters
right what else can I get ya it’s all you can do by the looks of it
yeah you’re hackers back wait nobody is snipers right so there’s no point oh
that’s got killin the hackers in the back are not hacking yeah what the fuck can I do
well you can’t still defend yourself against that tool puppies and babies
it’s all the gun actually you can’t come back up this instead the supply truck something yeah
that’s right off he’s pressing s hahahaha but out yeah orange is launching all Tillery of you
of course he is probably on the Gatling here it’s on the prof yes carpeting my
Gatling turret nevermind that was a very bad artillery
strike Oh also makes me wonder how he saw that is they ever Lotus in my face I have to try yeah you’re fucked now yeah very fun I
don’t even have any income maybe I’m lucky maybe he’s not paying
attention go for the long crush yeah this all I can really do oh those are go maybe he’s not paying
attention here but stupid those are too slow that’s it Gigi no fucking asshole
it’s always Shay man it’s always orange how big is orange anyway he’s actually
doing all right let’s see boy cos pretty pretty good I’m sucking I feel like I
don’t have a lot of money for my plans like there’s sniper as well yeah but
shayzon actually all that big really and there’s not much money for him to
collect either like oh is that flex oh my god it’s flex it’s you man yes it
was I can’t even get in there come on wait a minute is heat map hacking Orange
I think he’s map hacking because we caught him map hacking before well yeah
are you serious yeah I posted it in in the institutional general chat like
there was I actually have a screenshot of him the tree map hacking and
gentlecolts him because he doesn’t he usually doesn’t when he plays with us
but this one time he did and I fucking posted it and then I was like and I was
like what the fuck but you were in the tournament as well
did you fucking my fucking did usually yeah usually usually you know only on
Sundays he does it you know and we don’t work on Sundays no but seriously I
checked I checked and he he showed me all the files from Jen to literally for
the tournament so for the tournament he actually used Jen to like 100% no doubt
he had it but remember when that arty came I was our comm that’s funny he
doesn’t maybe have a load to see my base but no this fucking asshole as map hack
that’s why you could do so much damage with the fucking what was a helix that’s
why yeah there’s good chance for that
how did you know though if he had mappack he wouldn’t have fared with the
artillery yeah but that’s the thing that it was it was weird my war factory was
here and his artillery was here maybe tried to get some units that’s why well
he does have a lotus maybe you just saw with the Lotus no way that snipers Lotus
all right I could just check the replay afterwards right yeah just do it right
load and then I’m sure a targeting will happen or something you killed his own dozer that’s not a
proof man I don’t think that’s true either if anything you could argue that
he has an Internet Center without the upgrades right because he’s yeah that
was what I was thinking cuz he’s gone you know he’s got how did he fire the
the the the the carpet bump into into Shay’s base like he can’t know what’s
there right no you know how does he know well when it cook when it came to
bombing you and using the artillery the artillery looked like a random strike in
the bomber he knew that gat was there when he attacked
yeah he knew that for sure for that that’s a hundred percent no math tak
that’s true that’s true but for attacking che it could be the exact same
thing just randomly just throwing it there I do that all the time sometimes
it hits sometimes it doesn’t yeah that’s true that’s true we could
just check it’s not a big deal with the co drama boys drama drama yeah I’m so blind on this hand I don’t
know what’s going on yeah I know that is another problem because it’s so big and
dark and scary you have these big mountains that hide everybody we just
feel lonely you feel scared you’re stuck in a corner man especially you you’re in
a cool but what are you getting Internet Center yeah you’re right he big new map
Hawk confirms guys map had confirmed such hacks does even have a radar friend
this guy I know he doesn’t oh my god map I confirmed he doesn’t even have radar
on CC I’ve confirmed I have a radar you crazy already where is it don’t see it
it’s right in there babe oh there it is yeah that’s true Billy easy dammit oh
yes I what army is shay USA don’t engage him
laser you don’t want me like that guys guys don’t give Boyk a secret
information man let him play the game naturally coming with dude dude I
stopped man like come on let’s don’t don’t spoil it like let’s have Boyka die
in a natural cause okay being burned by napalm is not a natural cause lady I
would think it is a very natural it is wait wait wait wait no no oh that’s the
perfect chance to geek out fire no definitely death by fire is the purest
form what was that saying Game of Thrones guys like if you have like tons
of turrets or something wait Boyka your mix and matching troops oh my god Shane
that wasn’t my pressive that was impressive still lost the veto I like
how you just put many letters in – these are strong yep keep going keep going
okay do you have a Jarman in there no I wish I did I would get so destroy
exactly I’m half tempted to tell boycotts of Steel of dozer
not to get search and destroy but – now also add missile defenders in this bus
yeah just to have one big happy family you ever talks about earlier you have a
toxin rebel in there just just for completeness sake no I don’t have it
it’s doing great damage though there’s one fun and a pearl in the Jarmon you
can’t even catch it it’s really good trash-talking boycott trash-talking yeah he’s a hit me now yeah he’s coming for
you you spit up let’s see you got the Internet Center no I didn’t I wasn’t the
best part of your attack Boyk is that your one bus still survived is back in
the base hey no snipers what’s no snipers oh yeah no it doesn’t have
snipers in two V’s let’s put it that way I like to send it back then this this
combination of troops it’s so nice like boycott you really
want to piss them off just make it TNT on the on the internet on the Strad
Center that would really piss him off actually yeah just tech Tara oh yeah
yeah yeah that would that would really piss them off no dial look at this wicks
is Oh who’s that alright hey I don’t want to verse three he still
doesn’t have the spy satellites upgrade though orange which is still like doji
as fuck this far in ah it’s doji in fact let’s see he’s actually flying perfectly
is he actually gonna talk che here I wonder I hope he does cuz I’m there now
they get to kill like but you think you can fuck with me that easily motherlover
yeah look at this guy’s don’t you think this is a bit weird boycott you just
lost look at that I have two observers guys ignore ignore yellow attack it
looks dodgy as far yeah with no with no spy satellite right it well it’s the
most logical thing to go over the cliff with the helixes that whatever their
timing the time in driving the timing man no no girl go kill che where is Flay the vine
I like how he’s saying that he’s gonna kill Boyka like man you have to do so
much work to kill boy he has nothing to kill Boyka
alright hey he has 15 Rangers right there at a phase and two a-10s flying in
that you know I want to make wanna make something please got all sorts of stuff
please go with Tex or something like piss them off sniper is so peaceful in
this game he’s a white guy you’re so mean yeah I want to get some see if I
can make it yep you draw that oh you’re gonna get
that new cannon – oh look at the fast reaction he’s using the nuke
ah that’s actually very well done yeah that he stopped the antiwar yeah it’s
worse that is maro you don’t see people do that insane your
legs are still dangers this fray anything that leaves radiation can clear
anthrax so that was very very good thinking there I don’t even have dates I’m sorry
don’t you have mini Gunners why are you building quotes my lad just get one trip
note there is no need for many Gunners with that means look at that oh yeah
no.11 troop ruler from a distance are you kidding me you know a faster sucker
shoot okay in fact you know what you can do you can get a battle bus and put mini
Gunners in there and then you won’t really be able to catch up with the bus
you can kill them all in one go you not do that that’s like the best idea right
there meanwhile you managed to piss off sniper yeah
boy can piss off everyone Boyka why you do this man okay good I don’t know I feel a go back I prefer
free-for-alls and everybody just kills everybody let’s see if this works come on the Knicks is shit Oh idiotic
oh it’s idiotic because that lag mates they’re like buses pop yeah over look at
your is doing great I can’t you move what is this guy like hey you got some cash bouncy there too
or what he turned around what a dumbass oh my god lost another two mixes just
for training back to something here so I freaking still know spy satellite like
seriously man I use this file right no not you I mean orange oranges well let’s
say you score 8k almost no 6 K now still doesn’t have the upgrade
I find there’s that Hill is like a big graveyard now I hate this hill yeah
rested pieces bacon burger Hill or something what’s the ideas of these terrorists to
kill oh that’s a good idea that’s a good idea oh my god oh my god you cut the ball oh that’s amazing what’s happening the
stalks actually does something for once yeah right like when I when I first
realized that you get that it leaves the toxin cloud behind I always was like wow
that’s so useless and it always was useless this is the first time it
actually did something yeah yeah because the infantry is hurt when it gets out of
the outpost exactly that’s why they died man okay make peace with yellow yeah
make peace with yellow because it’s getting attacked by orange yes make
peace if you say PC makes peace peace say peace what should he do flex there’s no way shaken when this because
shake just weirdly try I need a few buses go around and kill the supply you nosy
neither though yeah that’s the thing it’s true it’s the right decision you
take the risk because if you if you spend money building army and then it
turns out you don’t get attacked for ten minutes then you’re still gonna lose
anyway so yeah it’s the risk I still think I’m so poor you don’t have yeah
actually I think snipers having a bit of a hard time
oh man you should move his new counting sound like why does he just keep the new
cannon say I’ll I just kill sniper with all right I hate it
go kill Shaye first please yeah yeah and just be like a little bitch one one bus
with a Jarman in it well if if shaving kill all my bosses or that one
no have I’d be the better off right now you really screwed me over I should have
put them in this fucking face I kind of build out no that’s not what you do you
get the Horde bonus man give the Horde bonus it does
I think plus 37 percent damage or attack speed right tip of the week number four
always exact an award bonus always get that still didn’t get them on you must
have patience okay there we go and now you’re gonna add some a German what and
some talks creepers you’re gonna add a mini gunner in just for the lulz as well
or oh shit man guys check out sniper what the fuck’s he doing ah he moved the
new Canon down now though I’m gonna put a Tokarev away just like a Fiat coach to
a Humvee you know okay never mind snipers gonna clean it up in three two
one oh my goodness who’s lagging old you’re
on this infantry is so bad like yeah Chris both are in this such a mess dude
don’t don’t help Biden man come on come on come on don’t tell him where to do
sneak attack and stuff right in his face in the middle of school I have I have let’s see I said piece with the yellow
guy so I don’t really when I hit him but I do it got a hit yes two Emmys that’s
it yeah send a decoy bus just an empty one you have to do now I know just getting
my radar scan we’re gonna do a gonna do a nice take and put them I could cut a
tunnel in the middle you have one guy there right now I got it he’s my friend no
beef he is always channels point sorry he probably will pop and drive send out
a rebel just to fuck with him try leaflet I love the toxin rebel it’s perfect go
go go go go go bye bye Wow oh I got what kinds of money I got
from that holy now if I get Emily you guys see that you
guys see the Burton oh oh oh that’s all of them right all he
has left now is Spectre I think yeah because he used he used leaflet work we
should take a dozer yeah yes true that’s a good one yeah for
Armand those are right there yeah the lag quick before he surrenders
a man he’s gonna surrender sniper zoser sniper dolls are trying okay I know I
know it’s perfect look at O’Shea’s gonna knife you he’s gonna bite you he’s gonna
die Oh Jarvan vs. Burton that was great it was
great stuff expert oh shit man whoa you see that you better place down a cc okay
okay he did he did it okay it’s good it’s good man okay now right
oh shit done by any chance do you have a minigun are in the bus this guy won’t
any other night I guarantee you yes three armies right though yeah with
the age maybe two ages cursing in their happy all right what can you do that what does
he have come on yes once retsina that’s it get a bus full of mini gunners my god I got these helixes are doing a
hell of a job though yep Oh legs what start adding what’s up boys all
right man how you doing kill the boss the Builder this is a fire
stream though I gotta say this is really fun I really need to destroy that’ll
help me out dude Search and Destroy mini Gunners imagine what his Nexus can do
absolutely nothing only gaming gaming get alive and we
world are you son okay yeah yeah don’t tell I think she only has one building
left yeah he’s gonna shit on the ranges from all the dead buildings don’t kill
me what the fuck and that boys and girls wait guy if you want it if you want to
trash talk now’s your chance Shay’s been defeated he can’t speak back
to you oh yeah these guys I don’t wanna do that you gotta do your best Fargo
imitation something like so sad and pathetic or something nice you see
yellow something is of happening there I needs a wee ‘n liga can’t say that on
the stream yeah stream this team’s all white dogs you know you can’t see those
things on the stream I’ll have to kick you off video otherwise get out of this
thing man if you’re gonna be causal Legionnaire battle out out out
look at this guys watch this look at the cash bouncy though che is you yeah alright alright where’s my leg make some
room here I really like how there’s like a a line
on the map that Boyka and sniper are sticking to you
they’re like not crossing it they’re like boxing in their bases
perfectly you know if you look at the mini-map this is a wonderful grid
example exactly perfect just now what else can I make all your mothers
are prosecution hey can you ban the seven a bitch when Luiza is it TB yes
for fuck’s sake okay is this trolling us come on okay so
I muted him and ban there we go there you go there you go
right so cleans it up okay orange is expanding flex stop
helping out man like seriously if you if you criticize orange for having lamp I
hope they get out away is I think he’s disconnecting well you know yeah
exercise the guy for using map pack if then you go tell Boyka everything that
he shouldn’t shoot him do you know that was I’m not telling boycott don’t you
get it I’m just giving advice the advice you
could give him is hey Boyka why don’t you get an Internet sensor so you can
see what’s going on well yeah this this cleans up a lot yeah yeah yeah I know
no shit man somebody else where’s Meg ease rent about the inferno promotion
I’m missing that today yeah okay okay you guys ready for it your your nice and
comfy seated you know you’ve got the armrest and proper position okay here it
comes you sniper what the fuck are you doing why did you waste a general point
on the inferno promotion it’s useless it doesn’t do anything apart from gift
promotions to Boyka and blake his units it doesn’t actually get you firestorms
any faster than just normal three infernos on their own there how’s that
that’s that’s not too bad right cool yeah yeah they look cool but you know
maybe that’s it they literally are useless they are actually like literally
useless the only reason you would get it is for the new cannons right because the
new cannons do benefit from it they shoot faster and the inferno shoot
faster too but it doesn’t really make much difference because it’s like and
that’s like this with those freak situations or they’re like five
buildings and then first-year inferno shoots one building and unless you some
ex builder and unless you’re some ex building then it makes sense but I mean
it’s like such a rare case it’s much better to get frenzied and just use that
as a scam so you see what you know the player is up to in my opinion or do the
cache infantry get cash the yeah yeah I need to send some stuff
every year so I have a mix that’s I mean yeah I need some terrorists boycott does
not have money for mix though I like no money
yeah he has me excited bunkering so much he’s going to you he has MiG’s go little
terrorists should have force fired man should have force fired by the tribe oh
oh wow you actually got through krohler that’s cash bounty there man
wait how come you only have level two cache bounty what else did you spend
your points on is it rebel on the rebel don’t tell me you can thank promotion no
I got I was gonna build the plug because that Mirada maybe that’s the plan
there’s no sniper over there they can build in peace it’s true though yep you have three RVs
and like if you have mix from infantry and strat Center from laser it’s it’s
Jeff let’s blame the next yeah snipers like yeah get off my back
yellow piece yes in a 1v1 you say hey guys it’s our peace you know make love
not war time build up your just just say give me 15 minutes and you don’t build
hackers you know just just sit tight I want to hit him one more time with uh
if you surrender we can make peace oh that’s like I’m sure some general in the
past has made a statement like that are you flirting this sniper and I guess it’s it’s okay come back
it’s over snipers actually starting to float he’s got 14 K we got
Boyka it’s over bro you’re just wait wait I just I just want to make my
command center just wanna make a command center yeah
even if you do that one one they’re gonna fix anything cuz he’s just he’s
just set building a secondary army now like he’s got four War factories he has
five Islands he’s got mixes too so you know when his
internet Center kicks so he’s pulling a Fargo look at that boy come on I can’t I
that’s a bog man you know I don’t like who put these man annoying I don’t like
him so I got why’d you flatten out the mountains and then rehearsed them there
at least I got ya I got Jade yes I ain’t didn’t kill a single unit Wow impressive
someone someone in the chat says this game was no rules and no one built super
weapons well a lot of people don’t seem to understand that no rules doesn’t mean
super weapons for all no rules just means you have that option yeah you have
the option that’s true I’ve actually never seen this magical 50 Scud storms
for everybody outside of a total campus game it just doesn’t happen I’m checking the replay to see if he’s
gonna do an off-screen target ah just a quick check oh yeah man I’m seeing Oh bro I told you
yeah he got you good man he got you dude yeah man so he killed earthy a big video
graphics now I got like no drops it frames of that and be 2700 X good yes
works great yeah you’re at you’re a cpu streaming or graphics card sorry yeah
yeah CPU nice it’s working great so far it
doesn’t have any detection so maybe he doesn’t have nah I’m not using a high
bitrate for 4000 yeah how much how much upload you have I have alright you could
probably put it on 7000 because I think I had mine 7000 when I had 10 upload I’m
checking for yeah okay so you had no clue the the war factory was there but
yeah the arty was completely off mark I mean I think you use an EMP to Scout
here I’m pretty sure so I don’t think he I don’t think he using a back they don’t need that thank you yeah let
me just go until minute 20 I didn’t use my pack man nah he’s just he’s just good
man which is we’re just noobs we’re just bitching like not fair I don’t know
about definitely we can ask him cuz last time when I last time when I posted the
picture he’s like well yeah I use Mac what the hell like what he’s like it was
twilight flame but he didn’t use it in the tournament even said so it like he
plays with gentle and there are times he placed where that flame and he plays
with my pack because everybody plays with my pack which is true a lot of
people do so why don’t we just ask him let’s see what he says okay is he still
there no he disconnected all right let’s go let’s go already three Mets your name
all right starak oh is it yeah is it now all right guys I’m just
gonna do one more hopefully it’s good game fine fine I’ll make a deal I’ll
make a deal I am NOT going to rush even if I’m Tang general I’m not gonna
rush I’ll be nice and now we have to ban you from The Fast and I’m sorry you said
wait please okay yeah okay fine I’ll be I’m gonna be a good boy I’m not gonna
rush anyone because I’ll probably get doubled anyway what a bunch of nonsense
rush everybody gotta make this a good fast action thing everybody’s you know
it would be great fun if everybody rushes clockwise how about this
everybody rushes to the middle rush to the person vertically across the map the
first is across from you and you have to fight everybody else’s troops in the
middle to get to that then do it then just tell everybody tell
everybody that’s what we’re gonna do you have to attack the person directly
across the map I’m gonna ask him up straight if you did cuz last time he was
straight up he was honest he says no okay
I don’t think he did okay Shay where is she
cuz she said one second right yeah he said wait please I’m now using Gentle
yep the fact we could probably check because gentle big Letty big leji big
leji somebody here wants you to open a spot in this room dude I got like
literally one two three four five six seven eight nine ten people messaging me
to open yeah but leji he’s a special guy Shay no no he’s you remember him he’s
using that nickname abbreviated lol you know okay but then someone has to leave
though like you know huh goodbye actually I could kick both guitar and ex
yeah Shay’s well no I don’t mean expa did a good job I mean you know we were
just being babies let me close let me kick this guy that Shay in hey Jory
asked he was asking already if he’s asleep
poor guy man who do I kick hard yeah who else yeah sorry yeah no but
fire Lords right so I kicked him last time somebody else should go we should
we kick your aide what’s the point because Shay needs to come in I thought
you said he’s offline what was that now he’s back online
you just said wait why don’t you talk bro you’re thank you so much
Patrick big donation guys I got it right now oh yeah okay I I decided I’m gonna
kick lay keys sorry man betrayed you know what you’re never
gonna get a guy who’s gonna follow the rules now no it’s all gonna fall it’s
all gonna fall apart now I know like we played a few games now right I wish yeah
yeah I got my game anyway yeah sorry if we could have 20 people in the game with
half 20 you know how it goes you wanna do that you can the game
submitted but actually the guys who are making the the open sage we could tell
them like hey man find a way to like let 20 people play right because they’re
really creating the game essentially so they can they might do it where are they
do it this can fly wherever they they have a discord I’ll have to meet them in
person it’s cool the only way open sage if you google this you’ll find there
what’s it called they have a website and over there they have a link to their
discord so you can ask them in harass them so shall I put limits superweapons
guys no all right here we go flex flex your you’re getting
dangerously close to getting kicked for the next game with these guys another
map actually let’s see let’s see what I have for a player Maps
I have Twilight flame revealed and this looks interesting
and this one actually but that’s now that’s a 2 V 2 V 2 V 2 this is not very
good oh my god this this would be pretty shit really you want to do this I mean yeah but then how much money so it’s not
really that bad that’s true I can oh crap oh yes oh wait this has the market
nice oh is this the one with the markets that can’t be destroyed oh is that this
one I think it’s this one because I don’t know how I got this map this was
ages ago but and there’s a bunker is the bunker indestructible as well because
yeah it’s made by by Meggie that guy and I got the orange guy below me oh there’s
a middle – oh my good I think you need to capture up great yeah but that’s
that’s a good question flex the big top here I’m not gonna tell you what he is
no you need to capture up there oh there’s a supply gray you can get a
supply crate oh wait how can we play no rules if the map forces Pro Rose derp
does well where’s your where is your particle cannon you see the icon
oh you’re right freak so so we can’t actually build black
markets either okay if I remember this correctly the the upgrades don’t work
fuck it I’m getting some stingers you guys probably building shit-tons elixirs
and shit you fucking assholes someone is I know that yeah there you go
smartass motherfuckers it’s always the same shit with you guys I’m gonna sound
like command center oh wait oh wait wait wait
right because you guys this will be one of those artillery base things anyway
let’s see if the bunker is invincible no the bunker is not invincible to the
bunker takes damage I think there was a bug in this in this map that if you died
then because you had the invincible Marcus someone actually has to kill like
they have to capture the markets to kill you I think it was something like
perfectly big waves for me right oh wait there’s the oils in the
midnight infantry is taking every oil in the middle there building bunkers I
really yeah I’m just I’m just being a little bitch building stickers all
camper noobs everyone oh you’re right who’s pink
sniper going G sniper did you have to do that wait this isn’t sniper who is this
hello fire Lords I kill your worker though okay right so laggy well good
it’s eight players man wait I can still build demo bikes oh-ho-ho that’s
wonderful are we still gonna stick to no rules yeah why would we can you Pike any
builder or it exactly but I can’t build them over ice no they’re not demo bikes
they’re just normal bikes which makes it useless you know why because it means I
cry with my worker on it because the guy who made this map probably didn’t
realize that that’s a demo bikes work that you know only the bikes from the
faction you have that’s Burton could be okay whatever oh man I got thanks man so
I got another $25 donation yeah nice man Congrats big shout-out to
Patrick this guy is epic oh hello blue I will kill you with my
rebels blue oh it’s Shay of course it’s Shay I come behind a middle and I have the
middle ha ha I’ll peace man I got nothing ok I actually just realized I
really need a radar van more than anything I need to know what’s going on
can I build yeah I don’t fuck okay guys all GL A’s are fucked because we can’t
upgrade anything from the black markets because this is the early edition oh
wait no all right we have black markets right never mind never know I was
thinking about another map sorry all right you’re right dumb uyghurs how
comes they can upgrade the things in the markets no no because we can we have
captured the markets the two we captured we can upgrade that’s there but I can’t
do anything probably there’s probably a lotus in my face damn it or a spy drone
one or the other no there’s a loads in my base you can make money no I have a
spider if your GLA you can use a few juillet you can get cash man just
whatever happens guys don’t upgrade workers shoes Hey okay of all and I got
nothing kill you right Oh a search-and-destroy let’s be
convinced how about oh boy well what army are you are you gonna tell us are
you gonna grace us with that knowledge now you’ll find out shit I bet your Air
Force getting shits on a stealth Comanche I wish I was know like that no
cash and I reveal to everyone what army you are you were because I know what
army you are hacks well really I do have my USA no no don’t
let my worker ah fuck my rebels are blown up ah yeah let’s have a look and
see what is to my left let’s see what’s to my right the only
way I’m gonna win this shit is well actually I don’t think it’s winnable man
Oh motherfucker he’s got MiG’s Oh someone made a mistake love it love it
love it love it love it love it I’m Jay I don’t know where she is
I found fire Lord say his tank oh yes he is
I saw my tank is so unfair usually he only gets like stealth and air force and
talks and stuff now he shouldn’t complain okay and this guy in the middle
duck this pink guy is too oil crazy hello sniper how you doing nice radar
van red I know it’s gorgeous so we got is that a bird oh shit she is fucking
human oh shit he’s gonna kill my oh my god the pain
it hurts man whoa shit burns everywhere fuck this guy okay I need a better plan
here capping hard yeah yeah but what do you want to do you know what I’m saying
me and there was in the middle of guys you guys damn Bank has water is no way
out in mid he’s got two oils man I know hey why’d you pick this night you should
have picked the one cache banning that yeah but that’s only six players we’re 8,000 good I’m gonna die probably
because I went to build this motherfucker didn’t even sell his
command center how am I supposed to those are hunting gosh sure he did
are you sure that our roars just wasting money on the airfield mines getting
Aurora you know what I could do with it tell me boy go what can you do with that
thing I can take out oil easily well that’s the thing they’re
invincible so you’ll need a lot of Aurora’s wait wait
which one so what the little one as far as I know all oils are invincible no
yeah I know right that’s that I like that oh shit
hey that guy’s gonna win that that freakin thing guy get back in the tunnel
you shits oh I do damage though hmm time to get ap fucking rockets rocket are you
right yeah least the orange guys clear out the middle like to see that Oh what
is he landing his MiG’s is this a bait or just stupid ways to strike are you
stupid I think it’s just stupid my German got
stuck German stop getting stuck oh my god never permanently stuck German oh
okay I got it I did a bad pop hey there drama get out into German don’t lose
German oh man I lost the German fucking crazy brah no way brah so unfair wow
it’s really laggy guys like yeah whoever is downloading all that poor and please
stop please what the fuck who’s on post with
downloading porn nowadays you know that’s a fair point who downloads porn
it’s all about streaming dude welcome to 2019 dude I bet it’s che avid
Shea’s downloading porn guys this map has nothing going on man how is it this
mag Angwin who this Viking frickin guy okay I’m actually dying here I really
don’t have long to live I’m gonna do something yeah I’m pretty fucked here I
have to have to cause it an expensive distraction oh no it’s gonna be a
massive waste but I have no choice hey Zack he’s doing good with that I can’t
believe it it’s shame out he’s a magician okay so so sniper is so enthusiastic
he’s actually getting the speaker towers for his MiG’s somebody already know no one’s dead yet
because because let’s be honest it’s easy to bunker in this map no one can
really get strong in this map and you know yeah build more money yeah so it’s
a and that’s what I that’s what I said to Meggie as well yeah my distraction it
worked yeah and there was much rejoicing what
the shit that’s where I told that okay can’t believe this I’m getting my for
distinguish I like this is such a bunker situation if I don’t build my stingers I
will die so there’s nothing else I can do but bunker like it new and if is
actually really overpowered on my pick this week yeah right if they made mix
everywhere not a lot you can do they can make the helix do that would be good I
wish scaffolds could deny mines seriously if that might hit me
Oh what did Shay Armand Shay fuck off Shay
fucking suck Shay I would like to kill that terribly sorry shade what the fuck my
German got stuck ah are you kidding me my German got stuck
why do these things keep happening guys oh my god I got infernos this guy ah why
did I have to battle the smart guy stupid that’s nothing you do about that
no oh my god he’s killing them all no worker don’t suicide voluntarily there’s
gonna be like one of those games that are gonna take really long this might
not be an ending game if I could just oh my god he killed my palace
Boyka that’s a very nice you want to know the funniest things
Christ does Jay has like 500,000 units everyone what oh no no no no no no
snipers level 3 no I’m so fucked I’m so fucked guys yeah bitch I’m
absolutely dead man this guy’s yeah okay so I literally have two buildings
well yeah I’m the I’m the nevermind I have no ma’am I don’t have any workers I
guess you should give up building a supply – I’m gonna work around it man
yeah so you still want to read oh okay yeah you’re dead you have no Scott
Rogers I have no scars I’ve no anti-air wait where’s my worker oh he got stuck
of course he got stuck yeah you’re blue che what does she not have man yes
nationalism and everything he’s a would call our liquor a green yes but they cannot do anything yes stickers
I do doing down he’s a wrench he’s mixed stock to collect Germany yes yep you can’t kill the oil let’s lay him
yeah so you have to wait for someone to capture them like they didn’t think
about that one and I can’t engage anybody because the
bunker Oh got a freaking comic so that’s fish ball you guys rolling tonight 96
huh it’s worth shit chit chit chit chit chit chit no no my German I want to kill
just for you won’t kill that oh oh are you fucking kidding me who’s this
asshole purple Fire Lord fuck you man I was gonna put a demo charge on that
fucking ECM why you got to do that okay okay maybe I was wrong for picking this
way at work you know one amazing fact but
for allergic part in our tournament the environment with VPN is sublimity and he
lost he lost six and one versus one the video player yeah thank you
I thought his top player right like you know well he’s a good bunker guy oh I
can’t stand it anyway you’re dead too I’m not the first guy to
go down somehow I feel like I’ve been dying for the past five ten minutes now
are you kidding even in observer mode you can’t see
anyone what night you can’t see anyone who does that who makes the match that
does that can’t see anyone the mat just follow Chris pink sniper yeah I’m dead all right I gotta head off
you’re nice I guess snipers go into reading I’m gonna head off then since I
can’t observe that all right see you man good game but let’s see how goes
everybody else hey boy cargo seats and a white horse
I gotta go man okay steam it for now okay I figured out to the big Patrick
donation the lecture that I’m subscribed on four channels there stream right now
please it’s Boyka it’s the junior blaring display row screaming hey what
if you watch them I don’t know peace out see who’s playing there the head of the
same street like you and Legionnaire yeah hey guys you know what would be a
great idea if everybody like attack pink well I’m just watching stream why I
think it’s a good idea attack pink I think you’re going down yeah I don’t think anyone’s stuff you
think I know what I can do no no no okay I’m going blind but I’m
doing it going blind but I’m doing it and is this nobody can what’s this wish
I wish this wish is maybe he’s gonna work he’s no stupid damn it I was gonna
use this worker as bait oh wait so Boykin left and now it says Boyd has
been defeated right because people had to capture his oil right so I can’t even
quit properly because the oils will still stay mine so snipers can slow a
favor wait what well the thing is these are indestructible so the only way I can
die properly is if people capture it right just service no there’s no sale
because these are special markets oh fuck like in Contra I have to say
and maybe I should give sniper a little if I think is going to get Julie forces
she’s going to capture spies – yeah should I sell it or should I not
I let this mix make some shit for hims and sell it he did a good job right
it’ll make them same thing right oh you want to get all the guys like building a scaffold just casually you
know we can wrote you for not selling supplies – you’re just giving other guys
yeah we’re gonna give it – wait is he stealing cash no no no that’s not what
we’re doing here that’s not good that’s not what we’re doing
they’re going to get into all again where’s there that’s what I’m doing
forget it you’re not taking my money man you’re not taking my money fuck it there
we go GG I want him to have this this will be interesting
look at all the mixed oh man oh my god stealing great he’s getting an Internet
censor just to see what’s going on he can’t do anything to orange actually
orange ever lost fair endures you know I think I think Daniel was right series D
the infantry is actually a really good army to have here even even shares a
load of MiG’s man everyone’s China there’s only one GLA oh well yeah and
there was me but this guy’s to talk so he’s not as useful you know so let’s see
I saw such mop around just in generals not see to our cash bounty
yeah it’s true yeah we have the cash bounty map but that’s the only six
people and we were like you know we’re eight so you know Oh fire Lord very nice I’m always dropping give his luggage
when hey people yeah it does lag for a sec before it was going really slow as
well and why virgin head lacs I’m going to happen see the thing is there’s no
point in kind of like sitting there in your base cuz you know you can’t really
just spam hackers and shit but everybody’s kind of just sitting in
their base I’ll bet things going to win I think
pink is a good chance even orange for me Orange has a good army though that’s the
difference he’s not defending this thing’s problem pink just go spy
satellite one when he gets spy satellite – he’s probably gonna go here and clear
this out that’s my problem he doesn’t be winning horses and ground
forces just mixed yeah that’s true but he doesn’t need ground forces are
keeping against this mix it’s just another like a vine like a piece of
orange is going to push him probably win what’s up Daniel
Carroll is in the chat he’s called reto he might want to play the next round
could be a great addition he’s a very good player he’s a zero expert all right
sure just letting you know all right thanks I don’t know if we’ll do this map
though because I mean I don’t know it’s alright I guess but no it’s not really
my thing Junior why are not taking part in the whole series because I didn’t I
didn’t play the one versus ones I didn’t get into the ladder thing the
requirement so I didn’t get there and you need to be there you need to be top
100 I think and I only played like four games or something that I played against
Firelord and I was actually surprised that I won a couple because I really
don’t play one first one right you know mind you he won most I was
still like haha there’s hope for me after all you know not that fire was one
of the most top tier players but still anyway but yes color pink pink is
looking different for the words so incredibly hard this year I would never
would have never expected that we have seven experts playing as good just so
many good players that sign up is incredible I would’ve never have seen
these four computers what’s the difference between a x-parameter player
they have a badge like if you got great results in the past you get an expert
badge so expert is better than top player well top player at the moment
does not actually mean that like the old experts that got the badge in the past
half the same level right now but they still have obviously some skill and
experience left so that’s so this they’re the same saying like what do you
mean it’s not necessarily there’s some expert the sensed the same status the
same well don’t play around for expert you’re our X probably the experts are
still in general I would say a bit better than the top players but it’s
nice what I asked to so orange is actually doing a pretty good job here at
killing or these are me pink is talking so far which is gone Harris careful yeah
I think I think we’re gonna see a big battle between orange and we still don’t
see the second upgrade yet though but I expect any second this thing to come
through and then it’s gonna be really easy because this is easy to secure for
pink very easy look he’s getting the oil here now blue has still these three oils
here in the middle and those are old blues but it’s so easy to get this you
get extra market as well and one is don’t ski there yeah and the oil is
roughly one I mean yeah an oil is roughly one-and-a-half market so if you
get to markets and an oil that’s slightly better than two
so that might be more worth it cuz it’s easy to defend as well so yeah I wonder
what things gonna do like dude get the fucking upgrade like he’s got money
right I think they’re stupid just fucking stupid I think he’s just excited
he has GLA so he’s back doing shit like building arms dealers and like ya got ya
you know I just don’t understand why he can’t just turn around well and destroy
some of oranges buildings look at that you just use the work when you build a
bunker I love that shit oh look at this wow that leaks try it
man Oh fucking eyes it’s pretty nice and
okay we got some Avengers being mixed in by X here but that’s I think that’s not
even enough how many airfields is yeah if it’s called 3/3 airfields yeah I
think you need more than three Avengers to that okay it’s going down you think
who do the same two orange buildings like you don’t I don’t know your ventures are a bit back here alright let’s see maybe you can build
buggies now actually buggies would be very nice to clean up these Humvees
because inferno sorry closes better for Humvees nah I don’t think so I think
buggies will go much better because you can just tunnel pop and boots and I’ll
go back in there just show for hungriest so buses can read – it’s only for
Humvees there’s not many he manages to save this one again no ambulance people
they don’t listen they just don’t still no upgrade on the internet sensor either
well yeah I was he gonna actually try and carpet-bomb them
oh oh oh he’s driving towards the carpet bummer oh my god he’s going Oh jackpot
what killed them all holy shit oh my god he got them all yeah no I didn’t he said
he didn’t use my pack I believed him yeah yeah yeah but still just for a few
people in there in the live chat right you want to just make extra short but
man like you should just get this fucking money it’s so easy to take and
he doesn’t get it just get it nice and press Fire Lord
rusty Fire Lord actually birdies getting a bit to be ones here right because
before che was attacking him as well hmm yeah but oh jeez fuck now look at that
there’s no way you can come back from this phew battle masters against all
these busses yeah I don’t know why he’s evoking I
guess the low HP but yeah he’s he’s in a rough spot how many kills us you have 47
might see a mind drop with something but Oh Siena’s done yeah I think so too
he’s done this mounting of the the bunker is a good idea yeah that’s it man
that’s it so now the only way for for fire Lords to kill him properly is by
capturing the buildings again for V 1 versus 1 I don’t know about I didn’t
attack him so maybe she shaded don’t know if yellow did alright don’t know if
it was just joking but yeah but look see so it says defeated but the the the
black markets is still his you have to wait does it say what is laying lips you
see that it’s just playing it’s the wait for fire Lord to capture these buildings
Oh serious yes because the black markets are in the indestructible so he has to
now wait for fire Lord to capture it and then he gets defeated you get it what a
fucking crazy map yeah it’s it’s a bit different it was trying something new
anyway so we finally have the second spy satellite and look we already have a
forward tunnel so snipers already trying to secure this area so he can easily
capture this good idea I could call I see an RT barrage from blue going where
is that going I’m here on this tunnel maybe I just
hope that you know they managed to capture the black market no that were
these like you know fuck all them shooters have pink now
yeah okay so it’s gonna oh man please just capture the building for for earthy
because otherwise gonna be stuck he’ll be in limbo man he’ll be in limbo it’s
not white there they has mix red yep there they are so we good
exactly you can eliminate my ice ice perfect yeah an hour these stuck yes the
way Oh lose a lot of mix here though oh and those are expensive suckers
cuz he’s tango oh the bomb coming through here
very nice toxin rockets are flying further yeah he needs to I can’t tell
them like they know they have to capture the market third the barracks actually
survives though oh shit oh shit what does he go all the mix all the mix
oh oh he messed it up blue no fire now though oh shit fucked it up you
shouldn’t have used this to mix the fire should have waited
you cheat you shit yeah and orange leaves as well
so now so pink pink is fucking a war on yeah it’ll be pink for our Lord’s flex
is still alive right well flex just sitting there chillin
well actually what is WP means I don’t know double of why he means well played
alright oh I don’t you G good good okay what are we be an hour yeah so now this
but this is so silly man of this map that you just have to wait for one to
capture the the markets it’s so strange I guess you’re all Americans were right
no no I’m not what I thought you American no I live in Malta man it’s
British it used to belong to Britain it also used to belong to the French okay
it’s Greg Witter his Great Britain yeah well it used to be it sits on the
country now though so where Wales Scotland it’s it’s next to Sicily you
know Sicily some Island yes okay they make good shoes they make
good pizza and motors pretty close to that so it’s like south of Italy and
here we go finally we see a lotus yeah I was just about to say the shoe thing he
was about Sicily you know about Malta right
yeah that’s about Sicily okay I was just Malta and shoes I’ve never heard that
one before no I’m gay and he’s going for the oil
free man just just just release early I’m just kidding he’s just kidding
it was just not by accident and now he’s gonna catch everything from this now
right niggas come here I can’t believe that che actually hung
on the ER I thought he was gonna be fun but probably had enough mix to deal with
it and I wasn’t really focusing or what’s happening there
there are loads of infernos here and again he gets the promotion man like
seriously I need to tell him like stop doing this doesn’t help it’s a wasted
point finally the capture coming through is there a maid coming no are these
gonna be released wait yes there is a big but wait no he’s okay back to her D
oh you have been released from the clutches of the markets why did you take
promotion for internals I don’t know it’s literally a really bad thing to get
it actually helps your enemy not really you so like I mean it gives you a little
psychology psychological illness well I mean if you see it you’re like oh no a
lot of promoted units are coming towards me but I mean it doesn’t actually do
anything because it’s to waste waste of promotions yeah it’s it’s a waste you
could just I mean he’s infantry you could rather get a mini gonna drop you
know that would be a lot more useful he could have captured this a lot sooner
you know and things like that quite sure oh wait
less you yeah he said you know he said he’s in this deeper quiz so he could
probably take promotions for meaning Gunners or new Canon okay yeah look at
look at this guy so he scoped this island this main island and my Island
and our score for fire Lord’s Island ohmic yards quads infernals it was clear
that in this current wien we should throw in some easy ends though to say I
predict cover snipers actually playing really decent in these games yeah he’s
really got to admit he’s really good I did you know no sniper in general and
free-for-all games he’s very good like yeah oh wow that was fast fire I just
quit but now he’s stuck as well now you know the pains that he was going through there even as shaky as you you’re
British here me no I’m not pretty low a breeze here s yeah that is me it’s Cyrus
hurts Cyrus Cyrus that’s how I’m not British
no all right we’ve got loads coming in so fire Lord won’t have to wait very
long but that’s more because sniper lakhs is money anyone sir you keep
spending it though so yeah CheY actually has a bit of a float going on almost 5k finally getting this market as well so
it’s like you’re infinite money map yeah anyway because the ones who have the
most markets and oils look and actually I missed this but snipers got one two
three of these as well now so Shay’s pretty fucked Oh Mick strike on the mix
interesting and he didn’t even lose that much how the fuck
only one cat tanking he does have the upgrade but oh shit
Shay’s come back here I’m a good that’s all going down wait what what what are
you doing why did it by not just attack you could just rebuild an airfield
master say what the fuck was that like a Miss click why didn’t he engage it’s
just gonna carpet instead okay alright and we are flex trying to harass pink
just a bit Fire Lord still has that one market the
sniper needs to capture yeah carpet does good damage the floor I’m talking to you
now I don’t talk anymore okay if you don’t want to I’m just kidding
man oh you’ll be okay you know what’s the hell I have no idea yeah so yes I’m
not an expert I’m just media player came to talk I just came to talk to that guys
yes what’s the problem well for he’s annoying me too what happened guys I
have to go anyway I’ve got to go work have a good weekend guys
no poor man hi good for I’m reading your comments ah okay you’re talking to Thor
in the comments okay what’s going on which I’m not quite sure okay wait so that’s okay fire it’s now
finally been dead because the market got captured now we just have sniper
essentially in a 2v1 which you probably will win let’s be
honest I mean he’s got this money one two three four
he’s probably gonna get this one from Shay which means Shay will be back on
just one of you know this cash income thing Shay still has this oil but
probably not for very long either let’s see flex you’re just like chillin
man your buildings are very close together though like if he if he’s gonna
come with a carpet bomber you know guys in the chat keep it clean all right
because chats do get monitored if I see some things that aren’t cool I’ll remove
it if you know someone keeps causing trouble then I block people all right so
keep it clean keep it smooth we’re all here to have fun and that’s you know
we’re all here because we just love this wonderful game that has like that no
bugs at all no hue man that I’m just talking up top some ways actually
snipers losing a lot of shit here like I don’t know why he’s making these strange
engagements yet Coria for yes I’m asking question
because I’m not an expert but I want to become two so just get used to it
like you said okay yeah I think there’s gonna be che out there’s gonna be a good
carpet though oh shit but still I mean sniper just has too
much money here you know his income is good Scott Meg’s she is definitely in
survival mode at this point no there goes the more factory the problem yeah Shay doesn’t how much he’s got
three airfields one is almost destroyed this command center is half health RT
coming in is probably can hit the airfield or this airfield probably this
one and what is flex doing yeah he’s destroying some I guess
visibility right that tunnels probably gonna live yeah the whole survives whoo
that was a nasty strike yeah she’s pretty fucked here in fact snipers not
even waiting around this is going straight for flex now at this point Shay
exits it’s just you flex you can do it buddy
you nice carpet got a good amount levels go into fire wheelie Lowell che yeah now Shea’s stuck now he
knows what it feels like it for no problem with your mind I’ll just discuss
game with them no any questions yes my purse just too rich you’re nuts think your new canons bugging out flex it’s looking in the general direction
but it doesn’t want to fire new canons man yep so Shay is still kind of stuck
technically right you quit as well yeah GG I think I think snipers just gonna
quit now let’s see because everyone’s technically stuck until the fucking bark
it’s a captured oh he’s sending bikes oh he thought
about it nobody know bad they send a mini gunner here yeah he thought about
it okay look at this guy he came prepared needs another one another
captured thing here though nice and there we go this game goes to sniper
I think me giving him the mark it was nice right I mean the supply stash yeah
he had a little bit of an extra army you could build some quads and some tunnels
I mean he did a great job killing me I was like yeah fuck it let me do it let
me let me like be that dick that like a rewards the enemy now it’s just riches
fuck look at this anyway so these are all captured these are all captured it’s
just right everybody’s dead now look at this look at this
still playing everybody else is either a wall or defeated just bugging out hard
the game whatever the game will be over the moment this is capture but yeah look
you see it’s invincible alright why doesn’t he just surrender man
why doesn’t he just do that because he wants the victorious screen can’t
believe we actually played eight players on this map anyway I think I’m gonna do
a quick what are they called no money FFA the ice one let’s not play this map again let’s do
the ice map because it’s quite short and I gotta go soon so I can’t really do a
long difficult game or something like that Oh count strike uh who the hell plays
Counter Strike anyway oh my god anyway it wasn’t there it wasn’t there someone
who was it who’s gonna join wasn’t it Carol yeah
what was his name alright yeah RiRi to see advice All
Right see you man so yes yes the message me first cuz I
got like you so many fucking messages open man like everyone’s saying man open
man can i play sadati – no I need to know he’s the right guy so how do I know
I got the right guy you know I’m gonna ask what’s your what’s your game ranger
ID that’s that’s probably the best way to find out
I have so many fucking people here man don’t give him much time that’s okay
we’re gonna do the no money map the the it’s a little silly but I like it it’s
fun right think he is I think he is joining right yeah he’s saying coming in
the chat let me just close all the chats from all
the people oh my god clothes clothes clothes clothes clothes
clothes clothes clothes okay where is he though she’s gonna message him again sadface okay I’m gonna change the room
name if it lets me so people know what they’re in for
ah doesn’t allow me to do that kara where are you man need password
there’s no password password it’s no password hi what’d you say me room is
full ah there we go okay yeah you you will have okay that’s
that’s him that’s you’re fired okay he’s ready okay let’s do it let’s play I
don’t have no idea if Kara will enjoy you glorius no money maps but you know I
know seriously loves them so so much he always praises me when I play them
he’s like oh man I really like it when you play those maps and I say yes but
other maps need to be played to you know it’s like yeah but I wish you could play
it more often you know such fun laughs I think because I have so many fucking
maps most of them are actually just like test maps like this you know I just have
like 60 versions the instant shock arena map alright fair play five that was it
and two people don’t have the map that’s fine wait cry is in or no no he’s not
surprising in and he is his game is open there is okay oh good
sometimes the map gets bug and can’t move true then we just three if happens
okay I really hope that Carol knows what he’s signing up for like regarding the
map because it’s just a ridiculous map Pro rules as you produce I think that
makes most sense I’m just going to say one thing to Thor
yeah you can you can just tell them in the channel and I’ll moderate that stuff
late listen to me or yeah oh I wish you to meet we’re going here large posters
door quickly that still burning it is just okay okay that was new because okay
there we go let’s get rid of that guy
sorry I don’t accept that okay guys seriously like if you have a problem
with someone you do it you deal with it privately you don’t just do it publicly
on the street seriously like what the fuck were you just doing there man come
on in the hope that I don’t know any Russian come on man
that’s not right that’s not right anyway for those of you wondering why
I’m restarting I got that weird bug with the the map bug dummy map booked on me so we’ll just redo it let’s see it’s
probably better as well because now we did the transfer and let’s see yeah he
couldn’t move either yeah me too map bugged on me anyway Pro rules all
right let’s see Pro rules Pro rules just gonna make sure you know ooh jelly
uh it’s it’s bug on me again hmm that is interesting
so I can’t really do anything and look how many other players are bugged that
is weird hmm bugged on me again hmm
I’m trying to think is there another map that’s similar to this yeah let’s just
do a new map fuck it with six players we can find the new map let’s see what’s a
nice map that we can do let’s just do another cache bounty right like the fuck
it the reason is like the cache bounty maps
generally don’t take too long alright so I’m just going to tell the
guys I don’t have that much time maybe like 20 to 30 minutes max so let’s do
cash bounty map there I hope you’ll be ok with that let’s see what other six player maps do
I have are a bit funky we could just do another one of these oh no but these are
all weird fuck it so after we transfer we have to
read and then everything will be fine ok let’s do it Terron except let’s do it
what where do you go okay you just quit that’s okay he already has a map though
I think right heard he already hasn’t Matt okay we just have to wait for this
transferring all right now everyone has the map and
weary and let’s do it okay here we go here we go here we go no the douche it was just that we had to
transfer so after the transfer if everyone has the map then we’ll be fine
because this map has a script going on in the map dot ini’ so if there’s a
transfer it will instantly mismatch because you know 0 our logic 0 our logic
ok but now it’s all good now we can play pro rules but Oh early didn’t have the
map oh fuck I thought you have the map sorry shit at a serial in use problem
snipers like kick mama will just transfer and then we read that’s a bit
of annoyingness you know a remaster would really do this game good you know okay I see people saying ban this guy in
the chat seriously don’t worry guys I will do all that after the livestream
I’ll just sort through it all I always do that and if anyone’s been
particularly bad and misbehaving then people will get banned and I have I have
a I’m quite proud of the ban list that I have you know it’s quite sizable you
know but I don’t I don’t van based on freedom of speech or anything like that
it’s just people who harass others or people who are racist or people who
cause problems like those guys they get banned so you know we keep it clean we
keep it fun it’s about zero or here and let’s go kick Karos ass so this is
hundred percent cash bounty guys hundred percent 100 percent plus one actually
because there’s a weird thing that you actually get one dollar extra for
everything you kill which I don’t know if they did that on purpose
so obviously based on my army I know what I’m gonna do they’re just saying it
again one more time I’m gonna be on the safe side here don’t want people to get
mad and yeah I’m not gonna sell CC because the odds that someone will try
and fuck me is pretty big that will make me sad if you kill a I don’t know Ambo
you get six hundred even if you are a USA yourself you know just just saying like that’s
how it works in that Google that’s funky shit
yeah it’s funky shit so I have a supply truck and I have to be careful with the
scouting year because if I lose this supply truck and the enemy will get 600
and I don’t want the enemy to get 600 do I get cap yes everyone gets cash bounty
okay so no see this what I’m talking about now I lose this and now he’s gonna
get six hundred I hate that like red going licks no I’m not why would I go
licks that is such an awful idea okay I’m actually out of cash here I could
wait because there’s an off-screen black market I need cash to look at that I’m
still short I got the I got the you know I’m just gonna sell this speed things up
a bit because I also need bunkers oh yeah money thank you
that was purple it was purple can I see Cairo Oh sucks to be you man
so he’s a gla of swords what she lay wait a sniper disconnecting no sniper no no sniper noon okay he’s back okay
that’s why I don’t vote guys that’s why I don’t vote because sniper probably had
like a Wi-Fi reconnecting issue thing cuz gameranger has this thing once you
go past a 30-second mark then the person’s out but sniper something’s
going on man yeah vote please yeah because sniper is
a good player right you want to get rid of him okay now he left he closed yeah
yeah we can Fulton Oh sniper what a pity
Oh Kara’s right next to me I can just fuckin licks this guy if he doesn’t have
anything okay so I’m pretty sure fire is gonna try and fuck me here because it’s
Fire Lord and you guys if you’ve been around since the beginning of the stream
you know that he likes so does he have a second EMP yes he does yes he does that
kind of forces me to go this way and do some killing on karo does Carol have
shit on the quads yes he does now I have these licks is no clue what to do with
them I can kill the Asian farmer in the middle might as well kill a worker I’m
sure he knows how flex is because Fire Lord was so so nice to tell everyone we
got a stinger up there from pink which is cry come on no targets anywhere
that’s where he oh yes please free kill Oh sucks to be you man
thanks for that yeah helps me a lot because now I can get a war factory and
then I can get maybe new cannons up Oh earthy oh man I’m so sorry oh shit no no
never mind I’m not sorry no it’s okay well it’s only two quads oh yeah but
he’ll take out the mix it’s too much oh I know exactly what I need to do this
guy probably only built EMP is on the left side thanks for that that you have
to do that wait why is everyone on me what did I do
seriously man like what the hell did I do Oh oh my god that was terrible
that was terrible it was terrible it was fucking terrible
fuck off Caro I want to attack Legionnaire now I want to attack him oh
my god fuck it awful oh shit you built an EMP here – wow this guy’s nuts ah
yeah man I’m fuckin I’m fuckin China what’s with everyone try to kill me okay
umm right the only way I’m gonna do this is if I quickly get here but yeah I’m
pretty fucked here sorry already not trying to do anything here just just
trying to get myself to safety okay I might be able to intercept this
in time maybe maybe maybe maybe no way he’s paying attention he’s paying
attention okay now we kill this bitch okay okay
can we can we eat oh he’s got a fucking okay yeah I’m I’m not quite sure what to build she
losing that German wait that’s not that’s Early’s German ah that’s
interesting everyone wants a slice of me I’m normal
check that back okay so I’ll need a make for the German and
I’m still level one lost all my Lexus yeah you did for now right so I can’t
really let my MIG take off and I don’t have enough income I should sell the
Supply Center so I can get another listening outpost of what the mines
aren’t oh yeah okay well I needed that man I needed to yeah I’m pretty fucked
here maybe a dragon tank would do that mega though if he if he takes off from
the right side he has a chance but they always go to the left don’t they know
he’s going to the right oh actually got one on the mines
yeah man you go no he didn’t make it oh I didn’t make it Oh more quotes come in
sure fuck you oh wow check it out check it out post just going on the airfields
not giving a shit okay I could probably do a bit of damage here with the dragon
tank you know just no dragon tank bugging out
okay so right Jarman okay no no no fix the CC
fix the CC fix it fix it fix it fire away boys fire away fire away boys dumb it no horse fire horse fire force
fire kill him all right is he reaching no he’s not well sort of that’s not good
enough no purple is huge GG I’ll give him the kill though I’ll
give him the care I’m gonna be a big I’m gonna rob him off that mm you tried very
hard so I’ll give him Bob one actually know what fuck it I’m continuing I know
there’s a Jarman here but you know it ain’t over till it’s over
okay it’s pretty over but whatever man I’m sure you’ve got to stay optimistic
you might drive over some mines just saying no he’s not wait what is that a
terror attack that just came and helped me out that was a very interesting
territory and there goes my dragon tank we knew that would happen
we knew that would happen don’t worry ladies and gentlemen we knew that would
happen okay yeah I think that’s me out GG okay so let’s see we have birdee having
quite some presence here we have cry whoo okay I wonder what he’s got in his
tunnel kara will go five-game oh my god he destroyed so much shit unbelievable
man yeah Fire Lord did you have to put all
those fucking EMPs you asshole you know you know the strats man you know the
strats birdie trying to go for fire Lord here I don’t know if that’s a good move
though final it doesn’t have that much though by the looks of it yeah it’s it’s
Carol you guys need to be worried about yep
yeah look at all those sports just with just an insane quad army we’ll just do
it and he’s normal GLA so his quads are cheap you know they’re like 700 in fact
we have a squad yeah that might just help earthy a lot because of the map
because it’s a bit bunker II you know I’m the guys demo so those cuts are
gonna be very strong I think it’s gonna be one of those situations where it’s
gonna be like everyone against Cairo cuz he’s just kind of scary at the moment
but low-key still go 6k but he can’t just put down two markets because black
markets are disabled there’s just no way he can spend it unless he spends it on
more units he is as far as I know he can get the upgrades for buggies and shit in
the palace so he could switch the buggies now which would be really easy
to kill Firelord them I probably would be a good idea he’s brought a radar van
along which is a good idea so he sees demo trap does he reactors he react yes
very good there’s a is a Scott though and the German probably will be able to
take out the Scud Sharman isn’t moving oh shit German gonna get killed here No
yeah the thing is this if you don’t actually have any money you just have to
wait for that freakin twenty dollars every time from the off-screen black
market oh shit and this palace is empty and German snipe discard Oh are these in
some trouble here it’s got absolutely nothing if this is undefended oh my god
it’s got three quads that popped trying to take out the radar van at least it’ll
give them some money gets 500 for it and he’s trying to man the palace but it’s
too late there’s called army right here and that’s gonna be worthy out that’s
gonna be early out in fact this Scud is available now that’s a demo Scud just
free for the taking which is very nice early trying to do some nice pops and
yeah that doesn’t really work not against the court army like this
yeah Kara’s got this definitely now cuz of all the kills look at Carol’s money
man he’s got almost 8k you might as well just get another arms dealer here he’s
only got one so far heard he says gg and he still has the whole
and that’s it Fire Lord tries to do a bit of harassment here with the peas but
that’s not really gonna work out too well I could think there’s just so many
calls this a vet three quad does so much damage and look at that just like that
all the file or zombies go down except for one and the Ambo and now you have
this big scary quad army run yeah I could have gone for a blue but honestly
is it Carol is just scary man he’s a very good player that’s why we let him
in three-month is useless yeah it’s true so the Humvees in this map have been
limited to only three infantry slots so you can only put three missile defenders
per Humvee and look at this man careless caught almost 12 K here he’s getting a
second harness it’s like you know I’m getting a lot of money I need to spend
this shit yep Fire Lord is absolutely fucked like truly and pink pink is just
waiting for the money he gets from the black market that’s off-screen there
it’s it’s not a good idea you might want to attack some shit because look look at
the size of Carol’s army now like it he’ll just come in and kill pink and one
go Charmian that just got hit by the tunnel
and managed to get away so that’s always nice kills lul AP bullets is in markets
I realized I think he means supply stash because there was something like that
like some some upgrades got moved around the law this german doing good damage I’m definitely useful here in fact look
at this he’s got 3k now and this German is Fett one if he can get to Fett –
he’ll be able to self-heal the the Scott has been captured
which actually Firelord can see this and look he finds the scott alta position
and goes for it he knows that his car is very powerful and just guess 1200 just
we’re doing that very nice yep and Fyodor could really use that money
because look at the size of his army he’s got nothing rebel ambush look at
that a level three vanilla rebel ambush how often do you see that
and it’s completely destroying the EMP here EMP goes down we got the laser look
on the bus the bus goes back down to the whole mode the Humvee in some trouble
Eva coming through but it doesn’t matter because look at the army here of Cairo
it’s absolutely huge and he’s just eating through the little bit of fire
Lord that was left fire Lord calls GG just like that Carol takes the game
because there’s absolutely no way absolutely no way that cry can do
anything here he’s trying with a Scud launcher let’s see is he demo I think
he’s demo right or maybe he’s normal GLA let’s see now
his normal GLA he can reach the arms dealer so that actually when he destroys
he’ll get 2500 which is a nice cash boost but dude you’re gonna need a hell
of a lot more to deal with this and Carol killed a lot of Units 70 units
destroyed he might even be close to reaching level 5 the moment he hits
level 5 we’ll just do an anthrax bomb sneak attack in the back and it’s over
absolutely over and the Scud destroying the building here now the thing is he
doesn’t actually need to destroy it with the whole included if the GLA hole stays
but he just gets this construction he also gets the 2500 but karo last second
has a cell coming through so no money here for cry caught army moving out a
bit dangerous because he could force fire discards and take out some of these
quads and remember guys whatever you lose you lose it’s gonna go straight to
the enemy so the German gets stopped here
I don’t know why carros waiting I don’t know what his plan is mind you he still
has nine case building another arms dealer here he’s producing buggies now
as well but it’s it seems that he’s actually afraid here of cry Caro is
scheming something question is just what what is it that he’s after does he want
more buses does he want more units already he has so much and coming and
cry has so little he can just close this game in one go just QQ a.m. and that’s
it what is he waiting for he’s got more buggy production now I
know that cry has in fact got the buggy IMO upgrade and there we go buggy IMO
upgrade as well for Carol we might see an attack happening now
yeah QQ a carro come on these buggies would be perfect taking out an exposed
Scout like this if they just come in from the side here stand here and start
firing away that Scott is gone and cry is low on cash and here we go buggy
coming through he’s gonna fire on the Scott yes it is is Scott gonna go down
Scott lost that is actually a big blow here for for pink for cry at this point
it’s just easy killing why is he waiting you could just go in and take him out
German moving in it’s gonna be careful of the anthrax there yeah it’s gotta be
careful dude let’s try and take out another buggy he wants to take out that
second Scott but man with all this shit one Scott doesn’t really make a
difference we see more buggy production here from Cairo but the game is over man
the game is over cry doesn’t have much income in fact he probably cute one
other Scott now finally we see some movement no not really
we see scuds from Cairo now yeah we’ve got the second Scott out here for cry
and Kara wants to take him out Scott on skirt see a buggy coming in
he’s trying to yeah don’t know why he’s trying to do that probably starting to
distract him so this Scott can actually go and do some damage
maybe that’s it and I don’t know why cries using the toxin missile because
toxin missile is very very weak okay he’s trying to take out the arms
dealer here which kind of forces cries hand cries moving his skirt closer and
he’s trying to he’s probably gonna do a force fire like here right yeah and
actually takes out the Scott doing that I was well played there by by cry in
fact there’s a lot of preemptive moving and thinking here he’s gotta be careful this is almost in
range but yeah seeing how karo still has four K why doesn’t he just spam out
buggies and destroy the tunnel get these buggies come here destroy the arms
dealer it’s it’s very easy in fact there are four buggies out here there’s
another one here if he just gets these five buggies puts them here then goes in
close attacks the arms dealer hit and run and then go back you’ll probably be
safe we’ll probably get away with it I don’t know why karo is being so careful
here he’s got the game maybe he’s worried that pink actually has a lot
more than what he sees but pink has nothing maybe he’s using the the anthrax
here also to deny any charm and trying to come close but anthrax has nothing to
units here look at these buggies buggies have low health but doesn’t really do
anything and here we go the buggy attack happening takes out tunnel the whole
still survives but that’s fine you can just come back and finish that later we
have a third Scud out from cry now the longer Kara waits the more money cry is
gonna get from that off screen black market you can just come come and close
the game now this card is now completely exposed he should try and kill it he’s
gone in from society what’s it to deny this buggy here I think just a quick hit
and run don’t stay around don’t stay around there we go very nice
lost nothing and the buggy is repairing so he’s got junk appear so I’m pretty
sure Kara has all the upgrades he should just go and close this game man
there we go this got fired now’s your chance shoot and get out of there
ooh Pink’s reaction was good but just a bit too slow there he almost got her
into the tunnel and this God look how expose it is so forward look at this
look at this he can take him out go for it man go for it there we go now we see
it but he’s going into deep move to bug his back move the bugs back quick quick
quick you’re gonna lose him the discover missiles incoming who loses two buggies
that it’s 2 times 900 so that means that cry right now it’s enough money we have
the rebel ambush coming in here maybe that’s what he was waiting for the quad
army ready going in we have buggy support we’ve got buses in
there the palace older RPGs inside are firing the the rebels actually already
taken out is this gonna be it how many Scouts are left as far as I
know cry has zero Scouts he’s starting to get all this cash from killing carpet
Karos army but there’s no way you can spend it it’s nothing he can do palaces
destroyed last Network over here these are the last few units sneak attack
coming in adding insult to injury GPS scrambler just for the lulz and
that’s it Cara takes the game absolutely nothing cry can do you should have worked together with
choir Lord and earthy when he had the chance but instead Christ stayed in his
base hoping that he could fend off Carol towards the end and that is it very well
played by Carroll there and he actually finishes with 23 K in the bank from all
the kills look at the cash collected isn’t that fucking awesome man
that’s great 97 units destroyed 21 buildings destroyed yeah that was good
that was good stuff all right guys I think I’m gonna stop it here with the
stream it was great fun wasn’t it it was great fun anyway so I’m kind of tired
now I’m gonna have like a little rest yes little rests they are the best and
yeah then I’m gonna go do some more stuff and then we’re gonna go sleep I
hope you will enjoy this a Friday night livestream I definitely enjoyed it as
well and yeah we’ll be back on with the fast cash finals hopefully soon
hopefully sooner than later I don’t know exactly when that’s gonna happen I can’t
give you guys an exact date just yet because I’m still waiting on peace lover
actually let me see if you message me cuz I got a couple messages no I’m still
waiting on peace lover to give me the friend request accept so then we can
schedule everything so if anybody knows peace lover send them the guy a message
like Legionnaires after you like go talk to him and shit like I’d appreciate that
and yeah then once we have the date settle the first thing I’ll do is
probably update the website I’ll probably let everyone know when the
discord and I’ll probably also do like a short announcement video telling you
guys when the livestream is gonna be for the finals so finals it’s gonna be two
live streams guys and we have excellent finalists
we’ve got peace lover we’ve got dents we’ve got Boyka
we’ve got logica we’ve got Dominator and we’ve got Jun D so we got great players
a lot of them are very good and free-for-all and yeah it should be fun
so I’m gonna stop it here guys hope you all had fun so good night see ya

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