Olivia’s Mother-In-Law Drama | Welcome to Plathville

I’m on my way to pick up
Moriah because tomorrow morning Moriah and I are flying
to San Francisco, and Moriah is so excited. I’m really excited to go back
because I love San Francisco, but when I approached
Kim about it she was very hesitant
because they don’t trust me and they don’t trust
Moriah, and they know I have different values and
different priorities than them. I have felt very
negative about Kim because even when
Ethan and I were dating and I was criticized for what
kind of toothpaste I used or what I ate or what
I wore or what I did. I feel like I was
consciously critiqued. Literally every time I’d
get in my car to go over there my stomach is in knots. This isn’t going to probably
be that big of a rain event, but– And then the skies open up. Hi, Isaac. – Hi.
– Hi. How are you doing? OLIVIA: Is Moriah upstairs? Yeah, she’s upstairs. Hi, Marcy. There’s been tension with
Olivia and I for a long time because she thinks
I’m too controlling. And there were
things, you know, when they were engaged that
I know she thinks that I disapproved of, but I really– I really didn’t. All right, I’m going
to go help Moriah pack. And the thing is
she never asked me. She never talked to me about it. I’ve just kind of accepted
that as par for the course. I think so. I’m hoping that letting
Moriah go on this trip that Olivia will
see that I’m not this mean person
that, you know, wants to make her life miserable. OLIVIA: Hi. Oh my gosh. Hotel’s toiletries,
you don’t need, like, shampoo or anything like that. Do you need any help
deciding what outfits? I don’t think so. I think I decided most of it. I’ll just see how much
I can stuff in here. Yeah, it’s OK. There we go. I’m talented. Did you bring
options of shoes? I’ll put those in my purse. OK, Moriah. Watching Moriah pack
is very amusing. Are those good walking shoes? These are really
good walking shoes. You’ll want something
that’s really comfortable. MORIAH: These are comfortable. This California track will be,
like, a ton of firsts for me. Olivia, where’s my curling iron? I’ll just see yours. First time flying, first time
going across the country. Did you look in here? MORIAH: Yeah. OK, forget about
the curling iron. First time going this
far without my parents. This is all, like,
new and different, and I’m really excited.


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