OMG!! Juhi Chawla Made FUN Of Shahrukh Khan | Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman Movie

After winning the
Miss India contest.. ..Bollywood’s heart
Juhi Chawla started.. ..her filmy career
with film ‘Sultanat’. But ‘Qayamat Se Qayamat
Tak’ with Aamir Khan.. ..turned Juhi into a star. After that Juhi started
to work in several big films.. ..with several big stars. In the beginning of
the 90s when Shahrukh Khan.. ..came to Mumbai to work
in films then director of.. ..serial ‘Fauzi’,
Aziz Mirza planned to.. ..make film ‘Raju Ban Gaya
Gentleman’ with Shahrukh Khan. After this the films
executive producer and.. ..Shahrukh Khan’s good
friend Vivek Vaswani.. ..approached Juhi Chawla
to play the lead in the movie. And narrated the story to her. Juhi Chawla liked the story. After that Juhi asked
who is the hero in the film. And Vivek said that he is new but.. ..looks just like Aamir Khan. Juhi signed the film
but when Juhi saw.. ..Shahrukh Khan for
the first time at the sets.. ..she was amazed. After seeing slim
and thin Shahrukh Khan.. ..Juhi Chawla said
that is he the hero? From which angle does
he resemble Aamir Khan? So Juhi Chawla became
a little upset. But since Juhi had signed the film.. ..that’s why she started
working in the film. Juhi Chawla had shared
this incident in a special.. ..interview to Lehren
and even Shahrukh Khan.. ..was with Juhi at that time. Watch for yourself. I had not met him. And I went to the sets to
shoot for ‘Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman’. And I saw Shahrukh
for the first time here. And what did I see? I saw a thin, slim brown boy. He had long hair covering his eyes.
I said him. He is the hero.
And he looks like Aamir Khan. Like Shahrukh said
it was too late then. I had signed the film.
– She had taken the money. Money. No, there was no money.
But anyway. I was in the film. I was just saying this thing in fun. But I was like Aamir Khan. Form which aspect does
he look like Aamir Khan? Meanwhile the shooting
for ‘Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman’.. ..was completed and
by the time the film ended.. ..Shahrukh Khan and Juhi
Chawla became good friends. The film also got released. But ‘Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman’
was not so successful. Though this film didn’t
do well at the box office. But after that Juhi
Chalwa and Shahrukh Khan’s.. ..friendship became stronger. And today they such
good friends that.. ..they are also business partners.


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