On set today at Apacheland

[Music] welcome to a very very very special
edition of Mysteries of the Superstition Mountains now today it’s not so much of
a mystery as it is kind of taking you through the motions of making a motion
picture making a film here at the remnants are what’s left of Apache land
with the Elvis chapel and the Audie Murphy barn the first thing that has
actually been shot here the first film that has actually been shot here since
2004 with Blind Justice starring Armand Assante and Elisabeth Shue so what we’re
doing is we are filming a short film called atonement and I wrote it and kind
of co-directed I’m producing it and I’m acting in it and if that weren’t enough
I wrote this part especially for me because I only have one line in the
whole thing and I think that’s really cool so let’s just take a look at what’s
going on here at what’s left of Apacheland and I’m gonna call it Apacheland
because when you see what we have done and hopefully you will no matter let me
get rid of this there we go when you see the film then you’re going to see that
this town is going to look like a million bucks it’s going to look like
different corners of the same town and this is going to play like two different
sides we have the barn we’ve got an assayer’s office up there it’s going to
look like it’s all in the same location it’s movie magic now today we’ve already
had a fight on this set not literally but in the film we’ve had a couple of
people fighting we’ve had a saloon scene we’ve done some church scenes and in
just a little bit we’ll be getting ready to do some more scenes for the show so
this is going to be our last day of shooting and we’re just having a good
time having a great time right now they’re taking a break for lunch you’ll
see over here we have one of the producers slash cinematographers our
cameraman over here along with these assistant and they are doing this film
now the director you can see him clear over there in the Brown Derby that’s his
name Chris or Christopher gates and he liked
the script so he decided let’s do it so that’s what we’re doing here and you can
see it’s just right under the Superstition Mountains but I guess if
you’re gonna put a mystery to it the biggest mystery is two fires at Apacheland and both times the barn and the chapel remained and then after the
second time they moved it here to the Superstition Mountain Museum which is
kind of our home base and we’ve done quite a bit here with the Apacheland
set in the past but we’re actually doing the film right now so let’s go take a
look at what’s going on we’ll probably have to be quiet because they’re doing a
scene right now I’m getting ready to so just bear with us and Shh we’re just
gonna film up but we’re gonna be very very quiet alright I need all the kids here that are in this so this is the
director Chris, Christopher Gates how are you and he’s also one of the stars of
this he’s the bad guy he’s a really bad! I am anyway does not matter named boss fincher and so he is kind of
doing a triple role because you’re also a producer that’s correct of this so
we’re going to watch this master direct a scene is that all right. yes sir
oh okay will will remain very quiet okay all quiet on the set please
you have camera A and cameras B ready? and canera C? [laughter] okay this is scene 8 take number 1 hold on Oh charlie it’s all your fault.
it is! you just blushed blush right off I like to kiss a make up
but this is this that he said you won’t make of us well I haven’t done anything
yet [laughter] alright not in this here in this here town not in this here in this here town no sir no way no way did she establish those classes those glasses she is wearing I do not know Ok so those glasses are those glasses period? yes they are civil war 1860 ok so she got dark glasses on we’re checking to see if
they’re period and they are period she says so you want to make sure that as
much as possible you make everything as close to the period as possible ok when ever you are ready to roll please scene 8 take 1 annnnnnnnnd sound is ready hold on.. hold on keep doing what you are doing this is if you do not know this is a hurry up and wait business is a hurry-up-and-wait type
business so we basically hurry up and wait and
while we are direct you over here that we spared no budget in stars you
probably recognize this guy we spare absolutely no budget and bringing them
from Hollywood and in case you don’t know who this is
it’s Thomas Morris now who else could it be you aren’t thinking of somebody else
were you Tom how you doing man all right I think well these are these are my
producers co-producers with mysteries of the Superstition Mountain we’re doing a
segment for my show and we’re not doing anything in post we have the mics right
here and we’re good to go good in Joke all right they’re ready
okay let’s go we’re ready to roll now to wait for the audio boom, audio is on and
action! it was such a beautiful day well yes it is but that weather changes so
quick out here yeah I don’t know such a spattering of clouds out here in Arizona
that’s true that’s true you just never know and it could just wash us right out of the street if it rains hard enough well I need a good washing well I would have not mentioned that well that is not what I was talking about I was just talking about a little dust on you vest there I will just leave you ladies don’t walk away Sheriff [laughter] he gonna go some place bad [laughter] and cut! now see I’m sure the lines were in there
somewhere we’re not sure however they were ad-libbing they were going on until
they were told to cut so they kept going and going and going and then I guess the
sheriff had enough so he walked out that was it so but it takes a lot to to
ad-lib like that without being flustered there great at. Ok we are going to do one more take then we are going to move on Action! it is such a beautiful day it is but the weather changes so quick out here yes sheriff just give it a little time this will pass us by I would not worry about it I do not know it’s so hot I think something is gonna brew up ok let’s cut! we are gonna start again ok next time wait for the start I know action means dialogue now see… hurry up and wait but take after take
you do a lot of takes to make a film if you do it right. action it was such a beautiful day well yes it is but the weather out here
changes so quick you never Know yeah give it a couple moments this will pass us by I would not worry about it I do not know it is so hot I think something is going to brew up I have seen it before I love that copper chain how it swings into both pockets Gees…… with that ladies I will bid you a due and cut! I loved that it swings in both pockets I love that that
is a great line on low that it swings in both pockets that is so cool
we take that two different ways oh wow you like your chain it swings in two
pockets you’re only making it worse say see sometimes you get a little up on the
show when you’re making it on the set when you’re making a movie yeah come on
up here let me show you show you one of the great pieces of magic I’m making a
film now you see the Apacheland up there now that’s gonna be taken out so
you’re not gonna see that at all as well as the no-smoking sign and all that now
I’m telling you theoretically those are gonna be gone
one thing that I’ve heard a lot around here is we’ll do that in post we’ll take
care of that in post so I’m hoping so now this was also shot on I guess they
still call it Mos means without sound why is MOS mean without sound well there
was a director and some of you probably know who
he was in German so when he would say we’re gonna do this without sound he
couldn’t pronounce without so he says myth out sound and that’s how they got
mos with a myth out sound and it’s stuck so we did this without the sound and
that’s going to be looped in later that was the directors decision to do it all
later so so anyway we’re up here we’re shooting this film out of sequence as
you do with a lot of films so we’ve gone back and forth from different locations
a lot of times you’ll shoot the same location all the scenes the beginning
the middle and the end whatever ish is shot in there but we’re not doing it
that way now they’ve taken the dummies out of the saloon you probably can’t see
in there so that we can shoot the saloon and we’re gonna actually do a scene now
I was just told change a plan we’re going back to the church and we’re going
to continue some scenes we were doing in the church so I’ll go out there and I’ll
do my best awkward drunk how’s that so let’s go on
back there and we’ll see what we can get by the way notice this they spelled my
name wrong my first name so they were kind enough to kind of change it around
so it’s correct usually it’s my last name but this time it was my first name see you got to watch things like that so it does not get in the shot quiet please we are rolling rolling and action find your sets find your sets well there you have it just a little bit
behind the scenes of this new Western short called “Atonement” giving you a
little idea of what goes on just another mystery of the Superstition Mountains [Music]


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