Once On This Island – Audience Testimonials

[GUEST 1] It was amazing. [GUEST 2] So good.
[GUEST 1] I loved it so much. [GUEST 3] I love it. I love the dance, I love the costumes, I love the energy. [GUEST 4] We saw the school production of Once On This Island. The Broadway version is much more detailed, lots more songs, lots more energy. You get the full story. [GUEST 5] Everybody needs to see this show. Because it can relate on so many different levels to so many different people. [GUEST 6] Everybody should see it. [GUEST 7] You were just saying, you think everybody should see the show at least one time, yeah. [GUEST 6] Should see it one time, yeah. [GUEST 8] It just reminds me of everything that I love about theater. And I feel like the message, of love conquering everything is something that we need. [GUEST 9] Kids, to adults. [GUEST 10] Women, men, everyone is going to love it. [GUEST 9] Everyone, ’cause everyone will feel something from it. I think you can pull something from it from your own life. [GUEST 10] You can pull everything from this one play, it’s awesome.

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