Once Upon A Time In Mackichan Hall – Funny Western Parody Short Film

Oh so you’re here about time
well let me tell you a story a good old western story. Now you won’t believe me
when I tell you, this big building behind me, one hell of a place. The things
that have happened here you’re about to see. A way out west there was a fella, a fella by the name VIJAY He was a man for his time and place. There was a man….
A saviour ? A hero ? Ummm.. Not quite. Let’s just dive into the story… no point rambling. So once upon a time, like they say…. Good Evening everyone. You freshers are a
few lucky ones who are getting an opportunity to reside in the hostel.
Everybody who stays here has to follow these rules. Rule number one. The hostel
in time is 9:30. Nobody enters the hostel after 9:30 p.m.
Rule number two. I dare not see any soul outside their room after 10:00 p.m. And rule number three, keep yourself and
your rooms sparkling clean. if you follow these rules, you will have a pleasant stay or
else be ready to face the consequences. Guys, now back to your rooms This is ridiculous Hemant! Sir, I don’t think they will follow the rules on their own And it is impossible for you to monitor them all the time. I know exactly who we need in this situation. Call another meeting tonight. It is time… Well, everyone though being aware of the
rules thoroughly you people have been breaking them at regular intervals. I
have received several complaints from various people And you people have forced me to now to get someone, who’ll get this place back in order. He is lean He is mean And with him, you can’t win! Meet Vijay! Warden: I totally understand inspector sir. This is the first time they have blundered. Please forgive them this one time. Inspector: No Sir. Try to understand. This is a serious matter. Hawaldar: The watchman of the building behind you complained we need to file a report No sir this is my mistake I was on my phone during duty hours, I should’ve been more responsible If not for their sake, forgive them for their Parents Inspector: Ok i’ll let you boys off the hook this time But if this happens again I’ll throw you into Jail See even i know Vijay is innocent. It is first time in the history of Mackichan Hall that the police has showed up at the doorstep This is a serious matter. And i have to report this incident to the management I need the names of whoever are responsible for this Ok, If you don’t take responsibility, Vijay will suffer Student 1: No sir, we accept it. It is our mistake Student 2: Sir Vijay was actually protecting us. You can give our names to the management


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