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It’s a, swell Time of year Ryan and and [Erland] are Just Thrilled to be Heading out on Vacation We prepared Two Brand-New Extremely Dangerous Never-Before-Seen Stunts but before, We do the big dangerous [Stunts], we’re Gonna warm up Ladies and gentlemen This is Sword Swallowing With A twist Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows Everything That’s Wonderful Is what I feel together Lucky Penny when you’re Near the wrinkles Disappear and I [feel] so fine Just to know you Ramos The Toiletry Bring Us up come on Join in Everybody Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows Everything That’s Wonderful [Is] Should have come your way When You’re in Love to Say? Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows Everything That’s Wonderful [is] what I feel? We’re Together Right A lucky penny when you’re Near the [bangles] Disappears There and That feel so far Just Is everything okay are you okay he’s, okay? You Sure Cover Shirt You’re not on fire, okay? I’m okay howie I just Caught my shirt, no no, no, no no you missed, okay I’m okay listen I don’t think you [are] You Know I think what you do is Wonderfully Horrific but that’s the first Time you Missed right Forever Missed it Yeah and and you are in Pain and I Would Imagine how Do We Finish Judging you are going right To an emt okay am I correct, [no] yeah, no I am you know We have to be Responsible Here you are Hurt and I think what you? Did is Wonderful and You did it to win This I think you deserve Votes I Think The fact that you’re Willing to do this you got, we got A? We got A vote for you but the audience Just saw what Can happen? I hate that I saw what Could Happen, okay? Well They’ll Be uh Well you a you have ever known say you are her and you know what I do? Even Though I Don’t like what you do I Can Actually Appreciate it because it Is very much A dangerous and it is you you’re [you’re]? Daredevils at The end of the day I’m sorry Of what Whatever? Happened Happened at The end But I still give you Credit for for Coming on this on the Show and doing what you do I Mean It’s [hiney] [i] mean it Really Really Scared me you know it scared me The first two Times that I’ve Seen you Guys and now here you came you had the Silly Music I’m like Great it’s an I love Lucy Set to trying to Disguise all the girls Stuff and then boom this and now I know why, I don’t like These things because They Can, Sometimes go Wrong and I feel Bad Doctors why are we Judging this act Amber Just Shot ryan and he Needs to go go Hospital Now go Now I’m being Serious Hundred Percent This Is live Television Anything Can Happen but We want you to know he, did not get Punctured he’s Safe? We will See the emt in The Back but Ladies and gentlemen Let’s give it Up for one More Time Twisted When that happens it Pulls like your Nerve Up between the Muscles so what do You think I mean you want to go on? Today Yeah I do I do Got all that let’s all use a second half you! Oh my god She’s got Recovered her back Is not [a] factor It’s going to be A lot Harder to hit this big one Yeah the big Ones They [Would] Tough How Does She do This [I] go out of my [mind] She’s got to hit This one She’s got it She’s got. A hit Here I would Say [this] impossible There’s no way Whoa Which is the emotional Part for you when you drop [the] balls yes and I also Experienced Some Back Pain that’s why, I was a little Nervous About that Part too How do you feel Now [I] Wish I I i’m Devastating I feel Sad I’m sorry thank you thank you You okay? I feel i messed Up i feel, I lost my [tears] Amazing Now Listen Domino With a tape, over here to the [duct] Transporter No it’s a tug Transporter I’m going to place you in the [duct] Transfer There We go hit it Please Thank you I’m going to send you duck to the future Let The Experiment Begin Nice and Loud Please Oh my gosh isn’t like Final Destination Staircase, oh my gosh I’m here okay i’m Here Yeah I’ll be sexy my goodness wow Bouncy and you Look so pretty Today yeah are you, jealous that There’s Another big blonde bombshell on the Show Have you ever Considered Shaving off The beard are you always gonna Have that I know I tried to Shave off the beard Yeah but it comes Back in Like 30 minutes and I was like? Well This whole drag [thing] [Is] just not Gonna Work [so] [i] said if [God] gave Me This great beard and These great legs why can’t I have [Both] right I Got hot All right Scott the Stage is Yours to have A good second Audition and Let’s get right to it So after my first Audition I went back Home to Kentucky for a Family Reunion and Going to those as an Adopted Child Is like Bringing a, store-Bought Cake When Everyone Else’s is Homemade and? Acknowledged Our oven at. Home Is broken so this Is the best we could do? Enjoy it and then um I Totally Forgot my lines Hold, on we’re Gonna Make this Work Get Distracted by the beard While I think of A line Family Reunion and Kentucky [oh] yeah and People do [Have] Concern for me when they see me you know they think they ask me why do they why Do I dress up as a drag Queen and I don’t know I like to feel Fabulous. [I] don’t um I’m like Really Struggling to remember my lines, oh my gosh I’m like Emotionally Overwhelmed right now Wow, oh? my God He’s Crying Scott Listen I know How much Pressure There is when you have to come up here and Audition and I know what happened to you You know you just kind of blanked Let me Remind Everyone that the first Time, We saw you you? Were so natural up There i said you know This isn’t even A stand-Up comic Performance it’s more of a one-Man One-Woman Show and it was Quite Amazing what Happened this Time [The] Exact Opposite Happened and I want you to know I admire your Courage and Getting up There Michael I’m sure as A Performer Have you ever Gotten Up to sing a song and Forget the [Lyrics] I think I was Gonna Say you know that I don’t Feel Bad for you Because I’m Sure it’s Happened to every Single one of Us sitting [here] that we’ve Had Those Days Where We Fold or we forget Or We blank and you know? We’re Still here We still [may] [be] A? One-Of-A-Kind Talent and This Time you’re Gonna Remember it for next Time and Be Even Better that’s all I Can Say because I know Some People She’ll Fucking Pain you gave it your best Shot thank you for Believing in the Guy That was that was Hard some People Cannot Handle the pressure in This round? Thing I swear [to] you this is the truth [god’s] [Honest] You had such [As] an Incredibly Strong [Yeah] I kind of Feel [Bad] for the Axe when it actually. Doesn’t go like As Planned [I] feel Bad for Them in About a year or two [Cindy] Better oh oh Wow I don’t know what happened wow come on you What a Shipwreck man I mean i mean if you’re Gonna Blunder [you] got a blunder big? What Happened Can Edit key I’m Gonna Stitch them the sticks are Stuck They’re Not Blowing Up right you know This is live Television right, oh yeah? Move to Antarctica I mean Yeah, do you want you need some Help yeah? Wow alright Kinetic game We try I’ve Urban Action Figure Let’s Begin Is he One answer We have Thankfully good News [uh]? I’ve Been The Urban Action Figure Took a fall But now He’s Up and he’s uh Seems, okay


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