Open Captions in Movie Theaters – Jessica Flores

Hey everyone! Welcome back! A while ago I talked about how going to the movies as a Deaf/HoH person Can be really frustrating. We don’t have that privilege of being able to walk into any movie theater, sit down relax, and enjoy the show. One of the reasons being that not all movie theaters have captions available. And, well that is a big one because we need captions in order to even understand the movie. Another thing being that movie theaters that do have closed caption devices the devices are not always reliable. But for now, let’s get into open captioned movies at movie theaters. Open caption movies are movies that display the captions as the movie is playing. It helps make it easy for those of us that rely on captions to understand the movie and at the same time enjoy the show. It is literally the exact same reason why they put English subtitles on a foreign film. So as a hearing, English speaking person, not only would you be able to enjoy the show, but you’ll be able to understand it. So movie theaters that provide open caption movies for the Deaf/HoH are amazing! But where are they… No, seriously where are they? Recently I read that Hawaii passed a law on January 1st 2016 stating that, movie theaters that have two or more establishments are required to show at least two showings a week of an open caption movie. Two showings a week… of one movie… It’s not a lot but it’s a start So it’s a big win for Hawaii. But what about in California? I have spend hours trying to find theaters that play open captioned movies In San Francisco, Oakland, Berkley, anywhere in California or the rest of America. There are a lot of things easy to just Google and look up, Looking for theaters that provide open captioned films, is just not one of them. So, why are they so hard to find? Well, like most things today, movie theaters were not designed for those with disabilities. They were designed for the everyday average person, who can hear, who can see. Because of this, most of you guys get the privilege to pick out any movie, at any time, at any theater. Well those of us have to figure out what theaters provide captions, what movies will be shown with captions, and what time those movies will be playing with captions. Plus, since there is rarely any theaters that have open caption movies, we have to rely on the closed caption devices, that can be really uncomfortable to wear and a hassle to use. The other reason why open captions are so hard to find is because if one-day movie theaters were to put open captions on all of their films, and all of their showings people will freak out. Movie theaters would get a lot of complaints because believe it or not, there are a lot of people that don’t like captions showing while their movie’s playing, unless it’s on a foreign film. Yeahhh, I never understood that. The Deaf/Hoh and other people that rely on captions, should not be the ones having to constantly adjust to all these different devices that we don’t even like using. When all we really want is to be able to see the words on the big screen. Anyways, if you feel like you learned something, please share it! New movie theaters need to start providing open captioned movies. We’ve had to adapt to the lack of captioning available at movie theaters, and all these different devices just so you guys can enjoy the movie caption-free. So in return, pass this on and share it. Help us get the message out there. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to me on my YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. Thank you guys for watching! Have a happy New Year! 🙂


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