Opening Night: Girl From The North Country

It’s just about people trying their best to
cling on to some kind of humanity and some kind of common thread. And just go “here
we are and we’re just trying to push on”, which I think is lovely because that’s just
everyone. It doesn’t matter who you are, everyone has a moment like that in their life where
they are like “Right, what do I do now?” The way that Conor has, kind of, expanded a little bit and let us hear how beautiful the music is and how delicate and full of emotion. I didn’t realise that at all. It exists somewhere else and you can read into it how you want to, as opposed to just being like “this is a song; this is that
Bob Dylan classic that everybody loves.” At the curtain call every night to see that wave of emotion and the response from people means that something is working. Go see Girl From The North Country at the Noël Coward Theatre. ASAP.

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