“Operasi Pekat” Drama Tarik-menarik PSK dan Satpol PP – NET YOGYA

to response citizen’s complain about immoral activity in Cipanas, Garut SATPOL PP held Pekat Operation based on the operation result, the officer was shocked by 5 people in a hotel room which is suspected would have sex party they are consist of a young woman and four boys besides found many of contraception, the officer also found alcohol the operation continued in to another location the officers were shocked because there were many unmarried couple in every rooms as the result, more than 20 unmarried couple arrested temporarily, we arrested them here to investigate the problem, the suspects, and the motives we must have evidence too in Semarang, SATPOL PP had to drag the prostitute on Tuesday night another woman tried to help the prostitute by confessing herself as her mother she tried to prevent the officer to arrest her daughter the operation arrested 24 prostitute and 5 shemale we didn’t prejudice them, we didn’t know if they are married or unmarried couples we just have to arrest them I commanded my officer to send them to Solo all of the prostitute and shemale brought to social homes to received accompaniment and training to prevent them do their profession before Ervand Lugina and Yusuf Hanggara reported for NET.

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