Oregon girl dead, brother missing after being swept out to sea with father

an Oregon man was holding his two young
children a four-year-old boy and seven-year-old girl when a ferocious
wave crashed into them Saturday and swept them out to sea police said the
girl died her brother was missing in their father was hospitalized and
expected to survive according to news reports it happened
off the Oregon coast near Falcon cove shortly before 1:00 p.m. police
responded to a 911 the children’s mother Fox 12 Oregon reported Oregon pot
smugglers recorded themselves rehearsing kidnapping then carrying it out photo
shows Coast Guard helicopter searching for boy for who was swept out to sea
Saturday near Falcon Cove in Oregon Fox 12 Oregon an officer who arrived at the
scene found the father struggling to get out of the ocean and the girl further
out in the ocean Oregon State Police said the officer went into the ocean and
was able to get the juvenile female and bring her to shore police said the girl
and her father weren’t responsive the station reported the girl later died at
the hospital North Carolina deputies find body of boy
Fork swept out to sea the Coast Guard used a helicopter to search for the boy
by 6:00 p.m. the search was suspended without the boy being found according to
the station very rough conditions rough enough that we couldn’t bring out any of
our smaller boats Coast Guard spokesman Steve Strohmeyer told the station

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