OSCARS 2020 | Nach den Globes ist vor den Oscars | Sous Hollywood

I’m going to meet Elmar Biebl now. Elmar and I are standing in front of the Dolby Theatre, which is the venue of the
annual Academy Awards ceremony In fact the theater is not really big.
There are only 3400 seats. But as we know the Academy has
approximately 9000 members. And of course they don’t show up alone but with their spouses. So that’s already 18.000 people. But only 3400 fit in there. Additionally all international nominees arrive mostly in groups of 4 people. In a nutshell: there are not many seats available for the academy members. And those available seats are raffled. It’s a real lottery. If not, they have to watch it from home,
like everybody else. Seems like they have to draw lots. Right across the Dolby Theatre is the Roosevelt Hotel. It was build in the late 20ies and it was the venue for the very first Academy Awards. And we will go in there now. Hopefully they’ll let us in. No worries. I heard that “The Oscars” didn’t really have a good reputation in the beginning? The Academy Awards were invented by Louis B. Mayer. You know him from MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) He was afraid of a labor union. Because all the workers started to be active in unions and wanted more money… and they wanted to secure their jobs. He wanted to prevent, that the expensive talents; Creatives like filmmakers, producers, actors, writers, DoPs, leave for a labor union too. And so he decided to found the Academy,
based on the Académie française in France. And when they are part of the Academy.. they would not even consider being part of a labor union. I have another question… Is there a nomination which makes you think…:
Why? Not deserved. No.


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