OSLO, first rehearsal

I think JT has done an amazing job pulling you, the audience, in. You’re gonna learn about what it took to get to that moment. It was not easy. It was a very difficult, dangerous trek that these folks took. These are real people with real struggles that are really trying to make a difference to millions of people, not just those in Palestine but also worldwide. It feels like a very accurate representation of a negotiation process between multiple groups of people trying to come together and put their best in the room in order to make real change happen, and has kind of given them a theatrical flair which i think makes the historic nature of it much more palatable for audiences and it’s just exciting. What’s exciting about it is recognizing the need to keep a conversation going amidst continual backlash or hardship. A play about human beings really coming together to find some kind of commonality and move forward, right now, is something that we’re all thinking about and wondering how we can make happen more every day. the intriguing thing about this piece is that that that you can sit across the table from your enemy from someone that you loath and that you are starting to see the humanity within them. Once you do that with someone, then you can’t demonize them, right? So then both sides are allowed to just genuinely form, you know, a friendship at best but at least a working relationship with an understanding of them and their own families. It’s an optimistic reminder of what it means to continually re-engage with the difficult parts of human conflict.


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