Osomatsu-san Drama CD (Osomatsu and Jyushimatsu): Massage [English Subbed]

Oh, oh, there you are, Jyushimatsu! Jyushimatsu:
Huh? Osomatsu:
Are you free right now? Can you give me a massage? Jyushimatsu:
Chess? Sure! Osomatsu:
No, not chess. A massage. Jyushimatsu:
Massage? Sure! Osomatsu:
Thank you~ Osomatsu:
There. If you could, please. Jyushimatsu:
On your back? Osomatsu:
Yeah. Jyushimatsu:
Okay, I’m starting now. Osomatsu:
Okay. Osomatsu:
That feels good…! Osomatsu:
You’re really good at this, Jyushimatsu! You’re strong. You can do it harder. I’ll be okay. Jyushimatsu:
Really? Like this? Osomatsu:
Yes, yes, yes… Feels good… Can you do it even harder? Jyushimatsu:
More? Osomatsu:
Yup. Jyushimatsu:
Uh. U-Um… It doesn’t hurt? I’m doing it pretty hard right now. Osomatsu:
I’m totally fine… Harder… do it harder. Osomatsu:
Yes, yes, yes…! (Osomatsu increasingly getting louder) Osomatsu:
What is this?! Jyushimatsu:
D-Doesn’t it hurt? Osomatsu:
It doesn’t! Do it harder… Osomatsu:
Yes! (Osomatsu yelling) Osomatsu:
It hurts! Jyushimatsu:
It does?! Osomatsu:
It doesn’t! Jyushimatsu:
You clearly said it did, just now…! Osomatsu:
It’s okay! It feels good…! (Osomatsu screaming) Osomatsu:
Again… Osomatsu:
Jyushimatsu! Stop it! Jyushimatsu:
Should I stop? Osomatsu:
Don’t stop! Jyushimatsu:
Eh, which is it?! Osomatsu:
You can do it harder! It feels really good! Jyushimatsu:
R-Really?! I’m afraid to keep going
at this rate, though! Osomatsu:
It’s fine! Osomatsu:
More, seriously! (Osomatsu screaming interspersed with
Jyushimatsu grunting) (Jyushimatsu sobbing) Jyushimatsu:
I’m scared… I’m scared!! (Osomatsu shrieking) Jyushimatsu:
I’M SCARED, I’M SCARED! I’M SCARED… I’M SCARED… [crush] Jyushimatsu:
Huh? Osomatsu-niisan? Osomatsu-niisan! Osomatsu-nii–!! Eh? Ehh? Uwah… Osomatsu:
Ah! That felt really good! Jyushimatsu:
That was close! Osomatsu:
Huh? Jyushimatsu:
That was too close, Osomatsu-niisan! Osomatsu:
It felt really good. Thanks, Jyushimatsu. Jyushimatsu:
You’re welcome! Osomatsu:
Can you do it one more time? Jyushimatsu:
No! I’m definitely not doing it! Osomatsu:
Why not? Jyushimatsu:
I thought you died! That was really close! Osomatsu:
Haha, what are you talking about? As if I would die from a massage. Jyushimatsu:
Yeah, you wouldn’t, but you were about to! Osomatsu:
Here, do it. Jyushimatsu:
No. Osomatsu:
Come on. Jyushimatsu:
No. Osomatsu:
Why? Jyushimatsu:
I don’t want to kill Osomatsu-niisan. Osomatsu:
Enough of that~ Okay. Just one more time. Please, Jyushimatsu. Hurry up. Jyushimatsu:
… Just… Just one more time. Osomatsu:
Yup. Jyushimatsu:
Also, stop telling me to do it
harder–I’m too scared to. Osomatsu:
Okay. Jyushimatsu:
Also, don’t die. Osomatsu:
Okay. Jyushimatsu:
Then… Here I go. Osomatsu:
If you would! Osomatsu:
Yes, yes, yes…! Go harder! (Osomatsu screaming and
Jyushimatsu crying) More…! Osomatsu:
Oh my god, what is this?! Jyushimatsu:
I’m scared! This is scary! Osomatsu:
Jyushimatsu! Jyushimatsu! Jyuuushimatsu! [SNAP] Jyushimatsu:
Osomatsu-niisan…? Osomatsu-niisan? H-Hey, Osomatsu-nii– This again…?! Hey, Osomatsu-niisan… Osomatsu-niisan…! Wake up! Hey, Osomatsu-niisan! O– Eh– Eh— No way. Osomatsu-niisan! Osomatsu-niisan! Osomatsu-niisan!! Hey! Hey…! Choromatsu:
Quiet down, Jyushimatsu! Jyushimatsu:
AAH! Choromatsu:
Hm? What was all that ruckus just now? [evasive Jyushimatsu noises] Choromatsu:
Are you okay? Did something happen? [evasive Jyushimatsu noises] Choromatsu:
What’s wrong? [evasive Jyushimatsu noises] Choromatsu:
Huh? [evasive Jyushimatsu noise] Choromatsu:
… Don’t be too noisy, okay? Jyushimatsu:
Okay! [door shuts] (choked Jyushimatsu noises) Jyushimatsu:
What do I do… What do I do…? Osomatsu:
JUST KIDDING! Hahahaha…! I scared you, Jyushimatsu! Jyushimatsu:
Huh? Osomatsu:
Haha– What’s with your face?! Dummy! Like I’d die from a massage! It was an act, an act! (Osomatsu chortling) Jyushimatsu:
Cut… Osomatsu:
Huh~ Jyushimatsu:
CUT IT… OUT!! [crashes] [door slides open] Jyushimatsu:
Hmph! Hmph! Hnngeh! Choromatsu:
Huh? What’s the matter, Jyushimatsu? What made you so angry– Huh…? What the?! What is this? The room’s all messed up… Huh? Osomatsu-niisan? Hey– What happened, Osomatsu-niisan?! Osomatsu-niisan! Osoma… He’s… He’s dead…


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