Ouderen – Zondag met Lubach (S05)

Sunday with Lubach It’s now time for the riddle of the day! About who is this? “They’re venturing in great numbers these days,” “by boat, E-bike or RV.” “They have time, money and they’re with many.” They have time, money and they’re with man- JEWS! Are they jews? No Arjen, that’s wrong… and a bit anti-semitic. It’s the elderly Pardon me, I mean the people with a 20th-century background More and more people that used to be young convert to the “elderism”. It’s shocking to see who have turned 50 or will turn 50 by this year. Marco Borsato, who is famous with “Dromen zijn bedrog”, 50. DJ Paul Elstak, who is famous with “I wanna see your rainbow high in the sky”, 50. Ed de Goeij, who is famous with “oo-a-Ed de Goeij say oo-a-Ed de Goeij”, 50. But also Femke Halsema, who is famous with “0627132046”, also turned 50. Jeroen Dijsselbloem, 50 but he’s still a MILF! Right? A Minister I’d Like To Finance I’d usually have this boycrush on guys that aren’t rich but do manage a lot of money. I think… I think that’s sexy. And, Ali B. Okay, he’s not really turning 50 but I thought I’ll throw in someone you might actually know. The channel told me the show had to appeal more to younger audiences, so this is for you, NPO3. Peace. Right. All these people are now joining the 50+ group, And for them there was bad news this week “The retirement age limit went up again. People live longer so they might as well work longer. The retirement age limit went up with three months. Starting 2022 people can only retire after the age of 67 and 3 months. That was quite a shock for the “almost” elderly. “You could’ve expected it but it was still shocking. Where does it end?” Where does it end… Ma’am, what do you want me to say? We’ll all eventually die. Yeah I’m sorry I just… I don’t know either, where does it end? But because a lot of people have these type of questions, this happened. “50Plus (political party) is advancing” By the way, why “advancing”? Why do they use war-rhetoric; “50Plus is advancing”. I picture that as if they were an army of Henk Krolls. Anyway, Henk the Tank will win this war for the elderly and this is his how; “65 should be 65, put the retirement age back to 65.” Exactly. 50Plus is not alone on this. The Senior Party (SP) and Party For Veterans (PVV) don’t want the new retirement age. According to the last polls on voting for parties, these parties are on 50 seats already That’s 1/3rd of the Senate, so we should take them seriously. For example by looking at how everything works with the retirement age. It’s time for… Sunday with Lubach Old Age Pension Actrivia Exactly. The most fun facts about the Old Age Pension Act. But Arjen, is there no new trivia? No, just old (age) trivia. First old age pension act fact Sunday with Lubach Old Age Pension Actrivia First fact of the Old Age Pension Act, also known as Old Age Pension Actrivia 1 … yeah… … thank you. The first one: “AOW” means “General Elderly Law”, so that’s- That was trivia 1, let’s go to trivia 2! – of the Old Age Pension Actrivia Sunday with Lubach Trivia 2 Old Age Pension Actrivia! I think the presentation is beautiful but let’s not do this. It’s going to take forever this way. Too bad we wasted this much work into this presentation -but I respect your decision. Old Age Pension Actrivia Cheers Till next time ♬Old Age Pension Actrivia♬ I’m out Yahoo Bye Is it done? Trivia 2 After the retirement age all elderly receive alimony. It doesn’t matter if you’ve spent 40 years working like crazy, or if you’ve spent your life walking around in pyjamas. Everybody gets the alimony. It is basically enough to live on. Unless you’re lifestyle is like Frank Gultay in the Amstelhotel… …then you wouldn’t. Moving on to trivia 3. The retirementlaw was made back in 1956. And when they came up with it back in 1956, the statistics regarding our population looked like this. Males on the left, females on the right. The age grows as you go higher, so the people below are 0 and 100 in the top. Let’s look at this part. These are the people that work; the ages of 18-65. They all pay the alimony of this small part; the elderly. So this were the statistics of 1956. But look. As we go forward in time, up to 2016, you’ll notice 2 things. First, the current statistics now look like Kim Kardashian’s figure. It’s hard to deny that. And second, There are way more elderly. Back in 1956 we had 7 people that worked to compensate the costs of one elderly person. And now, that’s been reduced to 4. And according to these statistics, in 2040 it’ll be reduced further to 2 people per elderly person. So every working couple aside from taking care of their pets and kids have to financially take care of an elderly. Great. These were the “Sunday with Lubach” retirefacts. Sunday with Lubach Old Age Pension Actrivia … thank you. So What have we learned? If the 50PLUS, SP, and PVV all say that the retirement age should not go higher, you’ll point them at Kim Kardashian. You could say It’s a pretty lady, even in statistics, and I get that Kanye West gets a “bar chart” from her. But besides that, Besides that, elderly are just forlorn right? Yes they are. They are the people that built the Netherlands as it is. It would be a shame if they have to pay up for the crisis. While our elderly are being abandoned. It just keeps going. The elderly are being robbed. Take it easy, Henk! Of course there are poor elderly people, but not all of them are so forlorn. “We don’t eat steak on weekdays anymore.” “It’s all…” “Kromeskies, meatloaf and such.” “But just on weekdays?” “Yeah.” “Hell breaks lose on Sundays.” And how. This is the same guy but on Sundays. Check this. Nice going, sir. So you see, that there are more types of elderly people. Poor, rich, in between, and there’s elderly people who are cornered without knowing why. “As elderly we’re always being cornered wrongly. “So if there’s an E-bike, we’re doing something wrong.” “Drinking too much, would also be our fault.” “And that’s how we’re framed in a wrong way in my opinion.” Someone just blamed this lady of an E-bike. I find that poignant. So not all elderly are poor. Let’s look at the statistics. Back in the day, elderly people used to be the poorest. But that has changed quickly in the past years. Elderly people aren’t poor anymore. Their capital has doubled over the past 10 years. And now they’re far out the richest. And of course, it’s the average but elderly also have the lowest poverty rate. Of all elderly people in the Netherlands, only 3% lives in poverty. That’s bad, but The poverty rate amongst children is higher. Of all children in the Netherlands, 12% lives in poverty. Or how the head statistics agent of SBS said on Twitter: There are 4 times more children living in poverty compared to elderly. If you were to look at this, it looks odd to act as if elderly are in trouble. The elderly are the richest. There’s no denying that. You can’t. “Of all groups, the elderly are the richest.” “No, that’s nonsense.” “The richest group are the rich.” Jan Marijnissen, the terror of every statistician. Hey Jan, the coldest months are November till March. No that’s nonsense, The coldest months are those with the lowest temperature. Jan Marijnissen is the only Dutchman to have a restraining order for approaching the centre of statistics. What about Henk Krol? These statistics don’t lie, right? “I’ve noticed that you learn from books and reports.” “I like to think in numbers.” “Yes keep doing that, but the people at home won’t understand your argumentation.” Henk, what… What are you thinking? That when someone calls out a number people at home would drop out? I’m glad those people stay at home and don’t work in restaurants. Table for 4 please. 4?! I’m out! I’m done! Henk, if you think people will drop out if they see a number, then maybe you should’ve thought more carefully about the name of your political party. So, Henk Krol chooses to lie just to make sure that people understand him. But If you know that the younger people are going through difficult times, why would you fight so hard for the elderly? Hmm…. Let’s see, what do elderly have that children don’t… Money of course, but what else… Hm…. Oh right! The right to vote! Nearly half the population of the Netherlands that’s allowed to vote is older than 50. Aside from that, elderly usually vote more often than youngsters. So even though the elderly are the richest group, do some political groups want to try to keep the image that elderly are the poorest group, and it just happens that they will end up with a lot of votes. Let’s just call it for what it is: Grannyism. And you could say, whatever, fuck the youth. Maybe those 50+ people like to see the younger generation crumble before them to pay their alimonies. Maybe Ed de Goeij doesn’t want to be a keeper till he’s 67. If that’s your goal… fine, don’t raise the bar too high. But you know what the thing is, They actually might end up worse for voting for 50Plus. Imagine the grannyists being in control and the retirement age drops to 65, then all these people would still have to pay up for 15 years for a much larger group and the ratio would get even more out of balance. So even if you’re a great keeper, you can’t grasp that. We’ll probably hang on for a while, but by the time these people become 65, the age would rise up to 70 in one go. So then they’re really screwed. I tried to warn them. I tried to call Femke Halsema on 0627132064 I emailed Ed de Goeij to [email protected] I called Jeroen Dijsselbloem at Brussel but he appeared to be in Luxembourg. I even called Marco Borsato but he didn’t want to hang up on the phone because “There’s no such thing as saying goodbye” Seriously, he couldn’t stop talking I had to throw the phone away. Their group won’t stop growing Just look at how many people will turn 50 in 2017. Tanya Yes, Hans Teeuwen, King Willem Alexander, Regilio Tuur Lucille Werner Irene Moors Thomas Acda Ali B. This is getting out of hand. So we’ll do it this way; Dear 50 aged and over, Do something. Draw away from the grannyists SP and PVV and surely from 50Plus; the party that carries your name. I mean, your age. If someone… If someone had a Arjen Lubach political party that wanted to ruin our entire financial system, then I would’ve said: ho ho ho…! I’m not supporting this. That’s not me. Not in my name. So 50 aged and over, of all ages, wealthy or not; Say NO to grannism! Say NO, not in my age!

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