Our monthly picks: Theatre shows to see this May

It’s May!
May, May May May! Coming up at the Park Theatre is
The Last Temptation of Boris Johnson Set in post-Brexit Britain in 2029,
Boris is back and he’s here to make Britain great again. Written by Jonathan
Maitland, who returns to The Park after writing Dead Sheep and An Audience With
Jimmy Saville. This looks like it would be an interesting watch. Next up is The Leyman Trilogy,
which is going into the Piccadilly Theatre from the 11th of May.
I saw it when it was at The National, and I absolutely loved it. I thought it was going to be kind of
dry, with the intricate nature of the financial institutions and backstabbing.
But it’s not really about that, it’s about family feuds, about how these
brothers kind of double-cross each other a bit or have intentions to make
loads of money and the other one just wants to do well for the family, and how
that’s all tied up together, and it’s very funny and moving actually. And the set is
incredible, and you should definitely go and check it out. May also sees the
arrival of Our Town at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre. It’s the first
production of this season, and it’s gonna be a really good one. It’s Thornton
Wilder’s 1930s play about small town life in America, and I really like those
plays, they’re all about kind of subverting social norms and have hidden
relationships that go on, and this one’s a Pulitzer Prize winner so it’s
definitely gonna be one to catch. So you’ve seen him in Ferris Bueller’s Day
Off, you’ve seen him in The Producers, you’ve heard his voice in The Lion King
as adult Simba and now Matthew Broderick you’re gonna see him on the West End
stage. He’s got such amazing comedic timing, he’s a complete theatrical legend
and he’s never been in the West End before so this is his debut. Plus he’s
starring alongside Elizabeth McGovern from Downton Abbey, so the stars really
are out in full force for this one! Something else coming up that I’m really
keen to see is Vincent River. A very intense thriller by Philip Ridley. The
play was a huge success when it premiered at Hampstead Theatre in 2001,
it’s since been at Trafalgar Studios been at The Park last year, and now it’s
back at Trafalgar Studios. Described as thrilling, heartbreaking and darkly
humorous, it tackles hate crime and society’s need to crush difference. So it
sounds like it’s gonna be a pretty intense evening, but definitely worth the watch. Boots and cats and boots and cats and beats on point because the Masters Of
Choreography are coming to the Peacock Theatre. This is an amazing
internationally touring show, it combines classical ballet with street
dancing (something I know loads about) There’s beat boxing, there’s physical
comedy, there’s even a little bit of singing and then you throw in all these
different dance styles and you’ve got one incredible show. I for one am very
excited to see Beneath The Blue Rinse, which is coming to the Park Theatre.
It’s been described as a cross between Last of the Summer Wine and a Quentin
Tarantino film. Intriguing! The play is about 75 year old Flora and her 72 year
old toyboy George, who prove more than a match for a salesman trying to scare
them into buying an expensive alarm system. Education, Education, Education is
a love-letter to schooling in culture in the 1990s. The show transports us back to May 97 (when I was just 2 years old) It includes references to the Teletubbies,
the rise of the Macarena, the rise of Take That, and it includes tunes by
Oasis, Katrina and The Waves and even the Spice Girls. Because international stars, ah,
masters of choreography, no!

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