Ozzy Man Reviews: Theatre

Okay, let’s cross over to the theater and have a look at the next generation of actors. What the fuck?!?! That was confronting. I mean all good theater is slightly confronting. So I’m okay with it. I can handle it. I think there’s a story in here somewhere. Maybe a romantic comedy. He’s interested in that Sheila sucken on the microphone, But look out. He’s got competition. From this guy with the thin metallic dick. We all know this type of character. Yeah, this is a love triangle. It’s like that movie “This Means War” with Tom Hardy. Look at that. That is a horny Tom Hardy face. Which is fine It’s good to have your influences. Oh fuck me! Ouch! This just got sexually aggressive. I mean it’s a romp. It’s a simple story. But also very provocative. Now this fucken guy has a blindfold. Yep. Okay. And I don’t… Ye I’m a bit lost in regards to what’s happening with this scene. But this this blindfold is interesting. I would say it thematically represents love making you blind. Which is deep. That is deep as fuck. Oh now it’s turned into a rock biography. He’s doing his Freddie Mercury impersonation. Fucken nailed it. Yeah, nah. If I was in London, I would get tickets to this at Piccadilly Circus. Get, get some cheap tickets. Every actor has done this kind of classic. Yeah this definitely reminds me of De Niro’s early work. Overall it is an accessible mainstream romantic comedy. With a psychological thriller time-travel twist. And of course an avant-garde French New Wave influence. Yeah nah, I know what’s going on. Easy. I understand it. Yeah fucken ten out of ten on IMDB.


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