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5 Weeks, 5000 Kms was the journey
I did with my friends. I can never forget the new people met,
the incidents happened and the lessons taught by that journey. It is more difficult to say good bye
as easy it is to say hello. That was the last day of
my four years of College life. That was the day to say goodbye to
the College I studied and the friends I had moved close
all these days with. The Sunrise has drizzled its first ray New hope has blossomed at this Sunrise Tasty Coffee dream is like the Sufi music The heavy breeze has sounded
like the buzzing bee A new day is saying good morning A good morning at this time And this is a pleasant music Is this the love letter of Sun
with its rays to the earth? Will it not write the destination
to all the journeys? Eye flowers have blossomed as
the lids became the petals At the time of showering honey light A good morning at this time And this is a pleasant music That is a school for another day May be that is the life asking
to move forward It is a beautiful day blossoming smiles Like Ramzan festival bringing happiness The Sunrise has drizzled its first ray There were many dreams and passion
to do so many things at College. But the time comes in reality,
there will not be so much courage. I got admission in a good University at America. But I like music very much. Though I wanted to choose music as career,
I do not know whether I would be successful or not. Thus I decided to pursue MS. Hey, come on. Hey you bloody! Sandhya, my class mate and my best friend. I fell in love as and when I saw her. It is very difficult to propose to a best friend. Do you know why? We will have to risk losing even
the existing friendship to propose. But today is the last day and
it is my last chance. Hi! Sandhya! What? Sandhya! What is this? Sandhya!
– Yes Just a minute. One second! Hi Rahul!
– Hi Sandhya, this is for you. Oh Rahul! Thanks but no. You see, we are good friends. This is crazy. Even if it is the last day,
will everyone get the courage dude? Will they propose as I move friendly? Hey, I am seeing it right? What is that? Nothing, my admission letter.
I will show it later. Come on, give it here. Really, it is nothing. Sandhya!
-Hi! Come, we are clicking pictures. Come, come!
– Coming! I could not say. May be I can never say. Even mine has remained as a one side love story
like the many other College love stories. Superb, beautiful! Hey Salma, come here once.
– Hey Raju, where? What is this, I am asking what is this? Come on, what is this make up and for you? Bloody! There is a meaning in a girl
like this applying make-up. I did not like you applying make-up. No, I am very much hurt. Sorry, I forgot to ask your name. Aiswarya! Hi, I am Abhishek. Bloody. How many girls would you flirt with? Leave it Salma, you will not understand
our middle class love trials. Come on move. I welcome everyone to the graduation ceremony. Congratulations everyone. Wow! Sir CV Raman is awarded annually to the senior
majoring in Science, who ranks highest in College. And it is awarded to student of the year,
Suryanarayana Reddy. Guys, give a round of applause to Surya. I too am one among the 7 lach students
taking Engineering degree this year. You may think that I have just passed Engineering. But everyone passing gets a greater feeling
than to climb the Everest. Though there is a feeling of achieving something,
there is again an unknown fear, confusion and dilemma inside. But, we have the confidence to achieve anything in us. I miss you, goodbye!
Do not say goodbye There is no farewell for friendship Like the gravity and the Oxygen,
friend is the base for this world It is only four friends for us,
we get from the 700 crore population Wherever are all the wonder,
the wonder with you is your friend! Friendship will not end by saying farewell Facebook does not say the
meaning of a friend Meaning of friendship is not in dictionary There is no language for this emotion College campus is the den for friendship This is the place we find all friends It is sure to fall in friendship,
even if you do not pass or fall in love Friendship is the greatest feeling in the world Friend is the one with you
without any class or mass difference Friendship will not end by saying farewell Cell phone does not say the
meaning of a friend This friendship will never become
second hand like the college books You are the address for any smile You are every happiness of me, dear friend The band you tied is the bond of our friendship It is safe always in the heart dear I will wait with our remembrances,
wherever you are on this globe Till we meet somewhere,
this friendship will not leave us We were troubled all these days for
not getting enough time to talk for the first time now we are troubled
for not getting words to speak. We all have the same pain.
Words are not enough to express that. May be, this is the first time that
we are speaking without words. You used to bunk classes and
move outside when College was running. Why are you now moving around here,
though the College is done with? What happened? Everything like looks new sir. We are
not understanding where to go and what to do. While in College, we never liked getting up
in the morning, classes, exams and all these. Even the Tea at the canteen too sir. But now we understand how much
we are missing these, though it is not even one day that College is finished. I felt four years was a very long time
when I joined the College sir. But after coming here, four years
have passed very fast sir. I feel very sad to be leaving friends and College sir. I feel it would have been good
if Engineering was for two more years sir. If you had said this earlier, I would have
detained for two years, right Salma? May be we will not get the chance again
to meet and share the feelings face to face, though we have Facebook and mobiles sir. We will miss a lot sir. I understood your problem. The change coming all of a sudden in your life
has confused you a bit, that is it. Looking at you, I remember my College days
and my College friends. We all were very close just like you. We studied coming from different places. We too suffered a lot while getting separated,
just like you. We felt, it would have been good if
we were together for some more days. You know, not knowing where to go and
what to do, we all went to the houses of all of us. We enjoyed that trip very much. I can tell you for sure, it was more than what
we enjoyed for four years in the College. More than everything after seeing their village,
house, relatives and the atmosphere they grew in, we became more close than before
in those four weeks. Those four weeks are the reason for us
to be best friends even till date. Super idea sir. For the first time in these four years,
you gave an idea useful for us. Thank you sir. In all these years, this is the first time for you
to even listen to what I said. Do not mix drinking and driving.
All the best guys. Son of Shafi uncle.
Grandpa asked to show you the photos. It is not even one day since College is done mom. Marriage so fast? We all friends together are planning
to visit houses of each other. You have to convince grandpa mom.
Please mom. Look Salma, grandpa has not agreed for keeping
you at the house of aunt and making you study. I have never opposed to what you said mom.
Just these five weeks mom. This is the last chance for
all our friends to be together. Please mom. No Salma, I cannot answer your grandpa. Arrange the luggage,
we need to start this night itself. Hey, it is time now. Call Salma.
How long more dude? Why is she late? Salma is not lifting the call,
when I am ringing dude. What? When I spoke to Salma last night, she said would
somehow convince her mom and come for the trip. May be she would not come for this trip. A trip without Salma? I too will not come if Salma is not there. I think, we should cancel the trip. Mom, all my friends would be waiting for me. Let us at least say them bye and leave mom. Please mom. Excuse me, take to the left. Hey, Salma dude! Yes! Salma! I am not coming dude. What? They said not to send at my home. Are you serious? – What happened?
They have asked to come back urgently. Anyways, you guys carry on dude. Wait, let me talk to her mom. Adi, no! Do not go, wait. I have to go. Bye dudes. Our journey has ended, even before it started. We would not have felt so bad,
if this goodbye was said at the College itself. Driver, stop it. You go Salma.
I will somehow convince grandpa. Ok? Thanks mom, thank you. Bloody, no! Surya! Wow! Ok, the plan is ready.
The best and shortest route possible. We all from here will go to the house of Surya. Next Raju, next Adi and what? Do you have a better plan than this? Of course! Bro, I have a small doubt.
Are we going for any war? No! Then what is all this bro?
Saying a short cut and best route. Hey, we can be happier if it is longer right?
– It is a point dude! Enough of the points, rules and regulations
we followed till now. Let us freak and break all of them. I have a better plan. Ok, come here. Salma – Warangal Raju – Godavari Adi – Araku Surya – Cuddapah Sandhya – Nellore Ok?
– Ok Sandhya, if we know to whose place are we going
to in the start we will not have a kick in that. So, I wrote the names of all our places. Whichever
chit comes first, we are going to their place. How is the plan?
– Super idea bro. Super idea.
– Good! Right, let us do it. Hey Surya, pick it up. Come on Sandhya, let us go for it. Hello, open it up. Whose house first? Godavari, Raju! Wow, my place. Rain of freedom, the journey
of dreams has started School Our run goes on with clouds
and along with the speed Our first adventure should cross the skies This chance would never come again Our fly is better than the butter fly This journey is our life Like the lightening, running is natural This age is the found mineral of freedom The trace of finding dream in the breeze,
our dream should be fulfilled This is like the petals or the droplets of first rain Like to get the trance of energy The eye is witnessing full freedom Here is a new world before us When Sandhya picked that chit, I was very much
tensed thinking what if my place comes. I used to wait to go home in childhood
as and when the school finishes. But, I feel some fear now in going home now. In the next two months after I go home,
it will be my marriage. Two kids in the next two years. This would be my world now. All have been telling what I should and
what I should not from the day I grew up. But, they never ask about what I like. I still want to study more. I want to do a job. Why do you not tell this at your house? Though I know what I like and what I want,
I have no courage to say that at home. There is nobody to listen even if I say that. I feel it would be good if this journey
does not finish and keep continuing like this. Surya! Did you have your dinner? I have just stopped for dinner. We are 200 Kms away and we will come now. Idiot!
– Oh no! Excuse me!
– One second. Do you believe in love at first sight?
– What? Just tell yes, I will come walking again. Not for me, but my dad has on shoot at sight. Oh my God! Will you come walking again? Adi, I am coming. Friends! My first day at College,
I saw you for the first time. The moment I saw you, I fell in love. For the first time,
first friendship became first love How did my friendship turn as love for you? How would our journey continue now? Chintalapalli, East Godavari district Wow! Raju!
– Yes daddy. Why do you look so, serve some chicken. Hey have it bro.
– Enough. Come on have it.
– No, no! Come on eat. Oh no aunty, enough. Have some baby. It would be good. Enough aunty. Do not hesitate.
This fish is not available anywhere else. Come on serve. Come on eat dude. Eat without hesitating dear. Hey, you have been unloading from morning.
When would you finish? Make it fast.
– Ok madam You move baby. Hey, bring them down fast. It is tasty, right? Hello! Hi!
– Hi Come sister. What brother, will the investment in
the fish pond be back at least this time? It would come sister. It is like the investment coming back
should be treated as profit. We are having to throw notes
and collect the change. Do not understand what a business is this? What Raju, is your Engineering finished? Yes aunty, it is done. Will you pass?
– I have passed aunty. Who are all these? Are they your friends? Yes aunty. As exams are over,
I brought them to show our village. What idiot, where is the spoon?
How can we eat with the hands? Which place are you from baby? New York aunty. Is it? Even my elder son in law stays in New York. I am sending even Raju there.
Even the papers are ready. My son in law! Son in law, is baby fine? Adi, I got to tell you a matter. Tell me. I will tell later. Sandhya, how is the food?
– Great Hey, who is that iron lady?
She is shaking all so much. My aunt dude, high command of our house. Our College HOD fellow is
better than my aunt dudes. Looks like the whole management is of your aunt? Not the management dude, she is the owner. She has settled in America. My dad
has emptied everything by doing prawns business. We are staying here just to take care of her property. You have said the sentiment of hundred episodes
in just a single dialogue dude. I have not expected you
to have so much of flashback. Leave it Salma, you will not understand
the affections of our middle class. Come on. All those belong to us dude. Hey, who has tied this in the Sun? Sir, Raju sir! What man, how many litres is it giving? Four litres Raju sir. Wow, four! You bloody! Have I not said to give it more water? Have you seen the match in the night sir? India has lost because of taking 1st batting. Yes bloody, if asked you would teach
batting to Sachin and direction to Rajamouli. Bloody, go and look into your work. Hey, give it here. You are going to America. Why all these
cow, grass and dung for you Raju sir? Idiot, you will have an expert opinion on
all matters other than your work, right? Idiot, look into your work. Tell me now, how many litres would this be? Raju sir, you have some magic in your hands. Even that buffalo would give milk
if you put your hand. Oh is it?
– Yes sir. Bloody fellow, go and feed those cattle. Hey, I had never seen you working
with so much liking. This is the first time in these
four years seeing you so. Hey, what Sandhya? Where are you taking? Sit! What? I have been trying from two days to say a matter. I got you now. Ok, tell me. I will tell you a secret. Do not tell anyone. Promise!
– Promise. Love letter, guess who wrote this? Who wrote it? That Raju fellow? No, Surya! Surya?
– Yes Really? Yes, it seems he is loving me
from the last four years. He moved all these days without saying that. None of us had at least got any small doubt. I thought I knew everything about him. But, If so, what is your opinion? Well, he is not a bad choice. He too is a College topper like my dad. He got MS in a good University
and you know something? Even my mom and dad were
best friends before marriage. Now, they are very happy. That means, you too like him. Why do you not go and tell him then? No. This is too much, right? What too much? This is the right of us girls. Boys must propose and we must think. Let us see,
how many days would he play this drama. Hey! A small love story, Salma. Look there. Music! One beautiful girl and an average boy. Girl around the temple and
boy around the girl. Boy is loving the girl. He is trying to tell. No, he is been trying. As he could not tell,
finally he wrote a love letter. But what is the use,
he could not give that. Twist in this story is that girl did not know
all these days that the boy was loving. And the boy does not know that
girl just came to know yesterday. We came to know all this.
And they do not know this. That is the matter. Really?
– Yes Has so much story happened without our notice? They have grown up a lot dude. Very much! Hey, they are coming. What my boy, had a great view? You will become my dear, you will. Someday, you will definitely become.
-Yes, you will. – What? There is a brightness shining in the eyes
and the fragrance of fish in the air The singing of Cuckoo in my heart
and the rain in the sunny day Do not know on which moon is this village Some cool breezes are sprinkling the gold For the earth flying in air,
this is the native place The ship is travelling on the clouds,
my friend enjoy! Fun is like the breeze and the joy
has become the drizzle The boats with the windshields and
walks along the river side Enjoyment has become like a waterfall Like the music increasing the flow of Godavari The happiness increasing our speed
making us happy have become our own In the joy and fun The competition of running by kids
with the tyres of old bicycles The beat full songs and
the funny stick hiding games And the greed for the ice fruit The beauty not seen in Ellora
is in these beauties The wonders that are not seen from
Picasso have made our eyes glow Hey, wash it properly.
– Yes sir. Look that side. It will not become white,
how much ever we wash Raju sir. Raju! Hey come here. Raju!
– Yes aunty. I spoke to the elder son in law in New York. He said to do all arrangements.
You do not need to do anything. Give those papers, brother. It is enough, if you fill these and send. You will be in America
in the next two months. Aunty, I do not have
the wish to go to America. I want to be here happily
and start a dairy farm. I know that you do not want to go. But I do not like to get Baby married to the one
staying here and look after the cattle. I am just agreeing for the word
given to my brother. My two daughters are in America and
even my third daughter should be in America. If you say no and stay here, look your dad
has made 50 acres into 5, by doing all waste works. You have to lose the saved one now. Either you like or not, if you listen to me,
you can go to America and earn like all. Come on. Brother, I will leave now.
I have many works. Hello! How many times shall I tell you
to repay the debts, bloody? Will you not have the interest while giving it back? Son, I am not in a situation to tell you
the right and wrong. Because I could not take
any great decisions in life. I got a job in Army, when I was in your age. My father did not like that. He said why that job for 2000 rupees,
when we had so much property. I had stopped. I often do feel my son,
that I should not have stopped. That is not for the 2000 rupees.
For the satisfaction to have done the liked work. Why I said all this is because it is you
to decide though many say a lot. Give it a thought. Hey, did you blink looking at me? Me, no! What Adi, did I blink? No! What Raju?
– Not at all Hello! Hi!
What, not for me? Hey, our junior Deepika dude. Deepika? No dude. Why do you cut it? At least keep a message. Take it light dude. Write a letter at least dude. You tell Surya. What is this bad will for you boys? You anyways do not have the courage to say. Do you at least not have the courage
to listen when girls say? Salma, is this punch for Adi or Surya? I know why he is not talking to Deepika. Not Deepika, but he will not talk
even if Deepika Padukone calls him. What, is it? Tell what that is. He has a small love story. A love story? I cannot believe it. Bloody, I had a doubt on him from long back
that he will have something. Salma, tell what that love story is. No Salma.
– Please Salma, tell it. I will not tell. Ask him only. At least you tell the love story.
Who is that girl? Ok, listen. Her name is Madhu. She is my classmate. She was very cute with large eyes
and a smile larger than that. Bro, though I found so many peacock feathers
I never thought they would come in be of use in love story, but just thought would be useful for scratching. Shut up Raju, have you proposed or not? I just tried for once. Where is Madhu now dude?
– In Araku. Then no chits and nothing.
Next is the city of Adi. Rest all only after meeting Madhu.
What do you say guys? Yes, you are right. Let us go. Go! Have food in time and take care. Ok mom, I will be careful. What have you decided about
the sayings of aunt? I will do as said by aunt for now,
though I do not like. But, I will do what I like after 5 years. I too have said to all my friends at army
to come back in 5 months. But, those five months are not over
even for now. Ok, leave about all that and move on.
See you dad. – Ok my son. Will it be about 500 Km?
– No dude, it may be about 350 Km. Salma, shall we leave? Raju, we will start. Mom, dad! Come here. Hey, one question to you. Whom would you propose,
if you have to propose one from both of us? Tell after giving a deep thought. What doubt do we have in that?
It is obviously Salma. Yes! Because, if I marry you,
you would become husband to me. Bloody! What about you, Adi? Come on, tell Adi. It is Salma. You tell me Surya. Hey Surya, tell dude. Come on tell dude. That is, I know your answer.
You will tell the name of Salma. She is anyways your best friend, right?
What? Let that fellow tell. You tell Surya. That is Come on tell. That is You missed a great chance Surya. Araku valley, Visakhapatnam district Has mother come? She is gone to office in the morning
saying to have a meeting sir. The customer you are calling
is busy at this time. Come on get down dudes. No man, we have to see Madhu first. Yes! Yes, ok! Hey, let us fresh up and go. Fresh up or anything else,
only after seeing Madhu. Sandhya! No, no choice and first Madhu. Madhu, Madhu! O Madhu, O Madhu! Will she be coming? Yes! Hey Madhu dude! Beautiful! Bro, Madhu is awesome dude. Hi Adi! One minute, I will join you. Hi, when did you come? I have just come. Is this Madhu? Madhu, these are my friends. This is Raju.
– Hi Raju! This is Salma.
– Hi Salma. Sandhya and Surya.
– Hi Raju, come here. It is time for my class.
We shall meet again. Saying Madhu, I thought would be
in the range of Madhubala. Look from his eyes, you will understand. His eyes are gone. She is very pretty Adi.
Go and tell her dude. She will definitely say yes. I can tell you by the way
she looks at you man. Go and tell dude. She will say
no to the maximum. That is it, right? What Surya? Come on! Hello, start. Hey, hit hard dude. Done? Ok, come. Oh no! Hey, what bloody? Shall we play again? Ok? Come on, once again. Hit hard dude. Come! Oh my God! Hey, what bloody? Ask Murthy to visit office tomorrow. Ok madam. Hi, how are you? I am fine mom. Sorry could not make it for lunch.
I was in a meeting. Mom, these are my friends. Salma, Sandhya, Surya, Raju.
– Hello aunty. Madam, call from Auditor sir. Hello, what happened to the Lipton account? Just a minute! This is important.
I will talk to you later. We shall talk later. Hello, tell me. Hey, how much more dude? We have reached.
– Stay calm dude. Hey, that is the house of Madhu. Oh no, father of Madhu dude. Hey stop it, stop. Hey Adi, go and tell. Hey go, come on go. I am frightened. Nothing happens, go dude. No dude.
– Go before his dad comes back. Go! Go man, go. Adi, what a surprise? I was just passing by, so thought to meet. Please come in. Yes, it is ok. Madhu, that is You should have taken care of all
before coming out, right? Hey, father of Madhu is coming back.
He is caught now. He is dead now. Hey Adi, how are you? When did you come? Come on, come. Be seated. How is your mom?
– Fine uncle. Coffee or Tea?
– Anything. Go and bring it baby. I forgot to tell. Next month is
the marriage of my daughter. You should come for sure.
Have you not said him Madhu? Bring even the card.
– Ok. I will leave uncle. What is this, have coffee and leave Adi. I will come again. Hey bro, come on move.
– You go and start the bike dude. Hey, ask him what happened? Tell dude, what happened? No, nothing. What happened dude? It is all over dude. I lost her. It is over. What happened dude? Next month is her marriage. Your bad fate is gone bro. Bro, how did you love that glass eyed lady? She is not correct for you. She has no scene
to follow and love for 12 years. Bro, shall I tell you one thing? If a girl is not got,
we have to change the girl itself. Hey Adi, stop. Hey Raju stop dude. Raju! Adi! Adi, here is your favourite car.
I said to give for the graduation, right? No mom.
– Why? Have you not liked? Tell me, by tomorrow
we will get you a new model or colour. Why have you not come
for the graduation day, mom? Sorry son, I had to go to US. I said would come home with friends, right? I know, but was the last day for tender.
I had so many meetings. You said to come for graduation day,
but have not come. Said would come with friends to home
and asked you to receive us. You were not home even that day. You try to gift something and fill the gap
for not coming and not being there. Mom doing all for me, huge property and
I will have anything I need in seconds. All think me lucky seeing all these mom. But only I know what I am losing mom. Sorry son, but all these are for you right? I am working hard to fill the gap of not having
father and you to be happy lifelong. Though I have all these, I somehow have
the feeling not to be having anyone. Salma, come this side.
– You sit there yourself. Please Salma, go. Come! Whose house are we going now? Surya, stop it. Let us pick the chits. Salma, Warangal! Hey, we are going
to the house of our grandma. It is correct, right Surya? Lift please. Please stop sir. Hey buddy, what is your name? Ramarao, sister. Ramarao? Where are you going? To Vijayawada, brother. For what? It seems selections are on for Dance India program
at Vijayawada. I am Going there. My dear Michael Jackson, I have a doubt.
Have you informed at home and come? That means jumping jack? What buddy, have you not informed at home? My father will not agree if I say. He would my break my limbs and
make me sit home if I say dance. Brother, I will listen once.
Please can you give me? Song is superb brother.
– Is it? Which movie is this from brother? It was a song done by me dude. Super brother.
– Thank you. Hey Jackson, your junction came.
Hey, ask him to stop the vehicle. When are your selections? At 5 in the evening today, sister. Good lucky buddy.
– Thanks sister. Bye dude.
– Bye sister. It is already 4:30, can he go? What will he go?
Vijayawada will be minimum 50 Km from here. It will take at least half an hour. Buddy, we have to go to Dance India program
at Vijayawada, can you say us the route? Hey fast, make it fast. Let us go, let us go. Come on that side. Right! My father! We do not need, my son. Hey, maybe you are thinking
all are clapping seeing your dance. They are making fun of you, my son.
Listen to me. You cannot win in this.
Come, let us leave. I will not come father.
Let them laugh or let me lose. But, let me do the dance father. How shall I tell you, my son? He somehow came this far by taking trouble uncle.
Let him dance just for this time. He has Asthma. I said no son, you will get breathless dancing with
such a huge body and become laughter stock. He would cry if he loses in that.
How shall I tell him? You are saying we will lose and feel bad.
What else do we have with us now, father? I have a great wish to dance like this
on the stage father. Please, let him go. I will never ask you anything else, father.
I will not feel bad even if I lose. Let me dance for just this one time father.
Please! Ok go. You never run away like this
without telling. Ok go. Come on let us go. Run, run! Thanks uncle. Stop there, where is the song. CD or a cassette?
– What CD brother? You have no CD or cassette? You come running taking a red bus here.
Go, leave. Brother, please do something brother. Sir, we do not have any of that sir. How if you have nothing? Do one thing,
you sing and he will dance. If required, there is also
an orchestra available. Brother, the song you just made
me listen was very good. I will dance for that.
Please sing that song. Hey Surya, come on sing.
– Please brother, please. Go Surya.
– You can do that. Please brother, sing please. Hey, they are calling him.
Come on move dude. Please brother, sing it brother. Sing for just this one time.
Sing for me brother. Move, let us go. The next contestant coming before you
is Master Ramarao from Srikakulam. Give him a big hand. It is the singing and dancing life
You are the hero if you have a goal You have the passion in you
Hit your goal straight There are many diamonds in you
Come on do the mining dear Come on find out all
The wonders within you Come on burn out the fire within you
Come on show the taste of the power within you Cross the skies by creating the chance Identify the talent of you, polish it
and become hero hitting the goal Hero! We studied in books that
Alexander won over the world. But now, we have seen a small kid
winning over his small world. More than that happened somewhere,
this had inspired us more. Hey Buddy congratulations. Superb Surya, it was really great. I love you. I love you too. If you win or lose doing the work you like,
there will be a happiness in that. He raised the feeling of losing nothing
by giving a trial in all of us. Raju, come on go! Raju, come on fast. Gate is closing, come on go! Stop! You know how tensed was I thinking
whether he would win or not? Hey Surya! He danced superb, right? Adi, what happened? Hey, where is the Tea for him? Ask him to bring for himself if he wants. What exactly happened between you both? What happened? Hey, take this. It is ok.
– Come on drink it. No problem Sandhya. Hey Madhu, my heart is not mine. Hey, stop that song. Half the lives
are ruining here with that song. Thank you brother. Sandhya, give the keys. Sir, who are you?
You look just similar to my Guru JC sir. JC sir is not just your Guru, but also for me. Is it?
– He is the one, right? Great man! Where are you going to? If you give me a lift,
I will drop in that coming village. Come on sir.
Come sir, I will tell you. Guruji!
Nothing is working out these days sir. Can you see my palm and say when would
my dream girl come in front of me? Your name?
– Raju, Bhupati Raju No way, no use man. Kuja is not co-operating
and Saturn is not supporting. I cannot even recommend and
thus no girl is looking at you. Sir, tell if there is a way to
close down this bad time. There will only be pauses to bad time,
but no close for that. Anyways your good time is going to start and
a beautiful girl is going to enter your life in anytime. Beauty?
– Why, do you not want? How do I recognise my beautiful babe sir? You do not need to recognise her,
she would herself recognise you. Ok, what is your favourite colour?
– Blue That means, you watch even the same movies?
– Oh no! Ok, that beauty will enter in your life in your
favourite blue dress and close down your bad time. Sir, I am blessed sir. Will you show even your hand baby? I am blessed sir. Sit down baby, sit. Look into this hand sir. He cannot tell and do what he wants to. Sir, look at both of our hands and
say when will we get married. Your names?
– Sandhya, Surya. Oh, Gods must be crazy!
Your names synced but not your stars. It is difficult for you both to get along. Oh, are you so correct?
If so, do you know about your future? I expected this looking at your posture.
Good question! As said by our JC sir, we can scratch
the others back but not ours, right? Even the astrology is the same. Where are you going to Guruji? To meet the priest in the adjacent village. Whenever possible we both look into
the astrology of each other. If so, one question for you.
– Ask baby. Will we drop you in the village or right here? You will drop me in the village. Adi, stop it dude. Hey, stop it dude. Get down, get down. May be I would marry you,
but this fellow will never marry you. Guruji, my guitar.
– Sorry, I thought it as my tumbler. I will see, how you both get along. Bloody Sandhya!
– Get out bloody. You too would stay back like me
without any marriage. This is my curse to you. Hello! Mom is calling me home urgently.
– What? Warangal Enough of what you ate, get up. Thanks aunty. Thanks aunty!
– Fine dear. Biryani was great aunty.
– Thank you aunty. Salma, Tippu is come to India.
He is coming tomorrow for seeing you. Do something and stop
for another one week mom. Bu then, even the results of
my entrance exam would come. It is been two days since that came.
You are not selected Salma. I did not say as you would be upset,
if I said it before. Grandma, at least you say to grandpa please. What is there to say Salma, good family
and even Tippu is a good boy. Grandma, Grandpa asked Salma to bring Tea. What is this man? What did I say
and what have you done? Bloody, you have grown up kids and
still your brain is not grown. Go change the tickets and come. Salma, he is Shafi uncle.
His son is coming to see you. I had many hopes on these results. There would have been a chance
to convince grandpa, if I had got at least this. What are you thinking to do now Salma? Why do you not speak once
to your grandpa making courage? Come on tell Salma, nothing would happen. We are all with you, right? What dudes?
– Yes. I feel like to get away from here
without informing anyone. What? No, will you problem be solved with that? It will not, but I do not have the courage
to face the problem. But, I have the courage
to go away from here. I do not want to be here. I do not want think at present, whether I would
come back again or what would happen if I am back. Let us leave now from here. We used to avoid in the choice when we get
unknown questions in exam paper. We avoided even the problems that
came in life, similar to the exams. May be the decision we took was not good,
but that was the only option we had. Hey bro, will you stop the vehicle now?
It is been three days since we drank. Nellore What are you doing? Do not do that, eat with the spoon. Fork! Yes, I forgot to tell you.
Your friend Angel came from US. She is trying to reach you. Oh, that is cool dad. I am sorry, I will eat a bit slow.
Please feel free to leave. Dad, this is Surya. Oh yes, I know. You have already said me. Oh yes! You know what,
he is my best friend. And guess what,
he is also College topper just like you. He is actually got an admission
into MIT. Great right? Surya, could you please excuse us. Ok! Sandhya, this is the third time
you are introducing Surya. I understand it all as you are explaining
so much just about him. Come on Sandhya,
come to the point straight now. Dad actually, I love him.
That is only if you agree. Dad, he is a very nice boy. You yourself
will understand if you speak once to him. Please dad!
– Ok, let me talk to him first. Thanks dad. Hey, as said by my Guru my
blue dress beauty has look to come. How can you say so correctly dude? Hey, see if you want, after crossing us,
she would turn back and see. Look properly. Oh no! Your JC sir has said very correctly dude. Bloody, I had not said about this idiot. Even she is worn blue, right dude? Guruji, why did you give black
when I asked for blue sir? Is it?
– Yes Sandhya!
– Ok! Are you here? I need to talk
a matter urgently with you. That girl who had just come in blue dress,
is she your friend? Yes!
– Really? Guruji, you are really super sir. Beauty means I have not thought
would be so beautiful. Those eyes, that walk and
that golden hair! Oh my God! Hey, she is Angel dude.
I said was about Andal beside her. Andal? What is she a beauty?
She is Andal demon. You are dead in my hands bloody. Surya, come on. Surya! Tuck your shirt in. My dad will not
like those not dressed neat. Go and be nice with him, ok.
And please smile. Can you not be as I say for
at least two minutes? Ok listen, be confident
while giving a shake hand. Look straight while talking. Is it ok? It is not like going to meet your dad,
but like going for an interview. I thought it would be enough to
impress you, if I had to marry you. No problem even if I am not impressed,
but you should definitely impress my dad. Do not ask questions and logics.
Do as I say if you love me. Ok move.
– Ok Sandhya has said a lot about you. College topper, seat in MIT and has also said
that you are a good musician too. I like music very much.
I thought of selecting music as career. I think you know the difference
between a hobby and career. I had a friend who was very brilliant.
He got a seat in a better University than me. But he likes films a lot.
He wanted to be a Director. Thus, he had left that seat. Wasting
all his life, he is still trying for chances. I am very happy that you have
not taken such foolish decision. Let me come to the point straight Surya. I had never said no for
whatever Sandhya has asked. I have no objection to get you both married.
But three conditions. First condition is that
you should finish your MS first. Second is that you should come
and join in our business. And last is that you should stay
in US along with us. Ok, I will then retire happily. Alright? Thank you daddy. Ok, all the best.
– Thank you. Happy dear?
– Love you dad. Ok man, bye!
– Bye. See you later.
– Bye baby. Great! I feared a lot whether you
would be liked by my dad or not. But he is very happy. Is that not very great? Not that Sandhya,
I got to tell you one thing. You do not tell me anything else.
I am very happy. Be careful, ok. This is very spicy. Wait! You know what,
this is the spiciest Chilli in the world. Oh? Let me see this. Raju, come here. It seems you go for bets greatly, right? Of course! A small bet for you. What is that? You have to eat this. It is impossible.
– Seriously. The word impossible does not exist
in the dictionary of this Raju. Ok, what for me if I win this bet? Angel will kiss you and
the night party is on us. Now the bet is spicy. Raju, no! Get ready guys. Raju, no! Raju, no! No! Raju, what happened? Raju, you won the bet.
It seems Angel will give you the kiss. Raju, come out dude. What happened dude? Raju, are you ok? Come out dude. Raju, come fast. Angel is waiting. None of us till now know that
you really have so much courage. That is not courage Adi,
but the final decision. That had just come so when there was
nothing else to lose. That is all. What happened dude? Tomorrow is the marriage of Madhu. Why do you not tell your matter
to her then? Till date, though I loved a lot
I had no courage to say. Now, though I have the courage
to say there is no chance for that. Madhu will be married
by this time tomorrow. It is too late. It is all over. Hey stop! Come on take out bloody! Bloody get down! Sir listen to me and stop sir. Sir, stop sir. Hey Sandhya, Salma! Hey get up dudes. Adi, get up dude. Salma, hey Surya come out. Hey, we came in the correct time.
Go on dude. Go, propose Madhu and bring her. Bro, all these days without knowing how much
you liked her, I said was not correct for you. But, I never had any other thoughts dude. Really sorry bro. You did a useful work
for the first time in life Raju. It is time, come on dude. Bro, here. Give it to Madhu,
propose and bring her. Stop your middle class affections.
Marriage will finish inside, come on. Yes, come on move. Sir please, 12 years love story
of my friend sir, marriage here. Love story?
– Yes Madhu! Madhu, I know that this place
and this time both are wrong. But I have no other option. For the last 12 years,
there was no day that I wanted to say this to you. But, I feared thinking where
you would say no if I tell. Now I understood that the pain
I would go through life long if I do not say is more than that I get if you say no. I love you Madhu. Oh no! Not just the place and time,
but even the person is wrong. Sister is there. You had been thinking
how to say this all these days. But I am waiting as to
when you would say this. Brother, no case and no money
for a love story. Take it. What happened sir? What is your sentiment
for the love story of my friend sir? I too remembered my lover and my wife. If I too had a friend like you,
– Come on. My lover and wife would have been the same
and I would have got rid of her then. Ok, while going have a look and go.
– Ok Say hi to sister.
– Ok If I had known marriage was of your sister and
not you, we would have slowly come by lunch time. Bloody, at least you would have heard properly. You were tensed and made us get tensed. I could never come on any day
I promised you to come, my son. But, I was there for the most
important day of your life. I am very happy. Not just now,
but will always be with you from now. I promise to be always there. Bye Madhu! Take care. Bye! We are all just guests,
but you are would be daughter in law. Be a bit in control and traditional. Hey Sandhya, when asked say Coffee at
in law’s house. You may again say beer as a habit. If you have no mood to speak,
why do you at least not listen to what is said. We are going to your place and you
do not even have that excitement in you. It is not like going to your house,
but like taking to some jail. Cheer up, come on! Will you tell our matter at least to your parents? Should I say even that? No, he will write a letter and give. Hey, I have no patience
to listen to your talks. Pedda Pasupula, Cuddapah district Give it here aunty, I will do that. Why all these for you dear.
Added the cow would trouble you. Trouble? All these are a practice to me aunty. Yes aunty, how many litres of milk
is your cow giving? It would normally give 5 to 6 litres.
But in summer it gives less. Aunty, if you give water 2 to 3 times
and take milk 4 to 5 times, it gives more milk even in summer. I remember my elder one seeing you my dear. Even he like cattle very much just like you. Is a brother there for Surya? Hey Surya, hit a six. Wow, you hit great.
I made a century. Hey Surya, you will fall down. Slowly. I was not selected even this time. I should have
joined Medicine as said by father. No Surya, do not run behind
passion dreams like me. No brother. I am frightened father. I want to select music
as my career, but it is a big risk. I am frightened thinking where I would
lose like brother, if I want to do what I like. You had seen what happened with brother.
No daddy. Even if I too foolishly do what I like being selfish
and lose, even you all would be into sorrow. I never felt sad whenever he lost, my son. I would have given him courage
to try again when he lost, as a father. But, for not being able to say that one word,
I am feeling bad even till now. Hey Surya, though you do not achieve anything
it is enough if you are happy doing what you like. I do not need anything more than that.
Go and do what you like. I felt I knew everything about you,
when we were friends. But now I am understanding to be knowing
very little about you, when we are getting close. I have not believed when our HOD said
we get to know new things about a friend when we stay with him at his house for four days. But, what he said was very much correct. We thought all of us know everything
about all before this journey. But now we understood that
we knew very little. Mom, we are starting tomorrow morning.
I have a Visa work. What is this son, saying to stay for a week,
you are now saying to leave in just two days? You are always like this.
You say some or the other reason. See you uncle, aunty see you!
– Fine dear. Careful, my son.
– Ok mom. As thought, we all had been
to the houses of all. We are a few hours and few Kms away
to reach the place where we started. We thought our journey
would finish with that. But, Hey Surya, see. The same bike! Yes, go! Go, you go man! Coming, coming! Hey, where is that guy dude? Something wrong. Let him go, leave it. Nothing would happen dude, let us go. Come on dude!
– Go! No, let us go back and see. We have to go back. I am coming. Slow, slowly! Oh no! Are you fine? Karthik! Nice setup,
are you going for any trip? No, we are coming back from the trip. Yes sir. College is finished.
We thought of enjoying a few more days and have been to the houses of all. Yes! Where are you going? We have the old student re-union
at our school. I am going there. Oh, is it? Wow! Where have you come from sir? From California. Cheers guys, cheers! Hey Raju!
– Yes Truth or dare? I anyways do not have the habit
of saying truth, so dare. If so, go and propose that girl dude.
We shall see. Salma that is what I always do.
What is dare in that? What do you think of Raju?
Come on, have a look. All the best! Excuse me! Come on, yes kiss me.
What do you want? Hey no! Sister, I will fall on your feet.
Please sister, leave me. Look, what do they want there?
Go! Yes, my turn now. Sir, bottle is showing me.
I will also play sir. Truth or dare? What does that mean sir? Truth means you should say the truth.
Dare means you should do something in dare. What will you do?
– Then dare sir. Dare! If it is so, go steal a hundred
from that counter and come. That is what I do every day. Every day is fine, but do today and come.
– Ok sir. Hello sir, your guy is stealing
money from the counter. Hey, what are you doing there? I am taking the change sir. Go and look into work, you idiot. Hey, come on give.
– Please give it sir. You earned enjoying,
have you hard-earned it? Please give the money sir. Not all these, but it would be good if
someone goes and punch strongly on his face. No sir. Hey, who are you bloody? You leave. Good job! Hats off! Great Karthik. Sir, you are super sir. Truth or dare? No dare sir.
No idea what would happen now. Tell a truth which would bring down
the whole drink sir. I have a cancer. Doctor confirmed that
cancer is in the last stage. Good news in this bad time is that instead
of dying in some bus or train while sleeping, I cam to know that I still have some time in advance. I think I am very lucky. Thank God. There are many things which
I wanted and I could not do. That is why this trip is. Hey, you started the mourning to be
done after I die so early? I said would die, but have not still died.
Cheer up guys. Come on! How even knowing all this sir? I have only two options.
To feel bad, blame all and die. Or enjoying every moment
and die happily. Hey come on guys, cheer up I say.
Hey Dad! Ok cheers! Come on Cheers! Come on! We did not know why wanted to travel
with Karthik, who just got introduced. Though we did not understand then as to when
and why some meetings and journeys happen in life, Looking back there would be a reason
and purpose for everything. We never expected that the journey with
Kartik would change our lives so much. Like the feeling to have lived remains,
before getting the feel of getting empty Live this second, like the memory
of hundred years Live this second like the lightening
before you vanish This moment is yours, there is
no next moment in this life Journey will not show the turns
we get to see It is beautiful experiencing that I need to live the remaining 30 years
in the next 3 months, dad As you have 3 months to live, I too have 3 months
of time to spend with my only son dear I too will come with you, my son Fulfil the desires, someday all the dreams
will be finished Fly the heart like a cute kite,
tie the happiness like the thread Live this moment is yours, there is no
next moment in this life Next one, this should be done only by me.
It is tough. Sir, tell what is that sir.
We would also do that, right sir. We should hit a guy.
– Should hit? Yes.
– Super sir. I am very short tempered,
in the group I too would hit sir. Whom are you thinking to hit sir?
– Simham, Narasimham. My school mate. He used to sit alone
on a bench where we three used to sit. He alone used to eat away
the snacks of four. He used to torture every single day. I wanted to hit him at least once.
But used to be frightened looking into his eyes. I should hit him hard at least for once.
One blow and that is all. That is very easy sir. You give him one
and we will give the rest. What dudes?
– Yes sir. Ok sir, what does Simham do now? Deputy Superintendent of Police! DSP?
– Yes! DSP? Bloody, night shifts from the past three days.
I am dying without sleep. I feel very much problematic bro. Hi!
– What do you want? Excuse me, how should we reach this place? Raju, you go that side.
– That side? Yes, that side.
– Ok! Be careful. It is very nearby from here. Oh ok. Catch this once. Just a minute. Please excuse me.
– Ok. How far would it be to go here sir? It would be about a hundred Kilometres. What is this, a dog?
This itself looks like a Lion. Should we travel 100 Kilometres more?
– Yes madam. Thank God. Thanks sir.
– Ok, go there and ask. Hey slow!
– Ok, come! Adi, you be here.
– Yes Kartik. Surya, go. He is Simham. Go, go! Kartik, do you feel
is so much risk needed? Is it worth?
– Yes Surya. It is worth. There is only biscuit and they have still
not come. How fast are you eating, bloody? Ok, careful Kartik. Go! You are, Catch him. Move.
– Surya, run. Raju, run! Hey come on run. What are you doing? Adi, run! Hey, new shoes.
Leave it bloody, my new shoe! Let us go, come on let us go. Come on dudes, let us go fast. Faster. Come on fast. Let us go. Get in, get in. I cannot run any more sir.
Dog has taken away even my shoe. We will give some break if there are
any running programs sir. Raju, do not worry.
No more violence now. Only the love story is left now. Love story? Shivani is my classmate.
My best friend too. I fell in love at the first moment I saw her. But have never said as
I had no courage to say. Sir, it is very easy to propose. I do not know. For me it is
more difficult than hitting Simham. It is complicated. That guy in the photo is my best friend.
And her husband now. I know that Shivani likes me. Maybe she
would have said yes, if I had said then. No idea about you and your middle class love.
I will not understand. How? Love! Kartik! It is you in me. Hi Shivani Happy wedding anniversary I need to say one thing with you A good and beautiful girl like you
has never again come in my life I need to say you another thing But, I have no courage to stand
before you and say. Thus, so! I love you. You are my first love. You are in me. And my last Shall I end this waiting? Yes!
– What? I did it. I feel very much relieved now.
Thank you guys. A small doubt. What would you have done
if it was not Shivani, but her husband who opened the door? I know very well about that fellow.
He never wakes up before 9 in the morning. Now, I call upon the best student
and also my favourite student. Mr Kartik to say a few words. Thank you sir. Sir, after listening to my speech now you will
never say me as best student again sir. Boys, my advice is simple. Break the rules
and break as many rules as possible. Bunk the classes and fail in the exams.
Have lots of fun. If you feel like loving someone, say it.
If you feel like hitting someone, hit them. Do not wait, ok. After this school, college and everything is finished
we will not remember anything like grades, marks and ranks. Do you know what we really remember?
The rules you had broken. The punishments you were given, your first love,
love letters you wrote, mischief you have done, the smallest fights, cricket cups you won, sports days,
annual days and above all your friends you always remember. The sweet moments you spent with them,
only these will be remembered. Come on Kartik! Come on Kartik! You can do it Kartik, you can do it. Kartik, my son! Get up Kartik. Run of Kartik who wanted to live his remaining
30 years life in 30 days has stopped with that. Hello Raju, hello!
How many times shall I call you? What have you done with America matter? Aunty, I do not want to go to America.
– Why? I do not want to go to America, aunty.
I will be as I like. I will earn the same being here.
I will live as I like, leave me. It is your wish to get Anu married to
the one taking care of cattle or not. But, I do not want to go to America. Hey, what is all this bro? Aunty, America and Anu,
all these are excuses dude. Truth is that I have no courage
to live opposing all of them. Above that, I do not have
confidence on myself. That is why are all these excuses, dude. There is no meaning in doing what I like postponing
for five years, even after seeing Kartik. If I do not take a decision at least now,
nothing would be left in my life than to say my kids to have done
so and so just like my dad. Nothing will happen Raju. I should go home now. Forgive me grandpa. I did a big mistake
by running away from home. I need to talk with you. There is nothing to talk with the one
running away from home leaving everything. No grandpa, I have to talk with you. Sandhya, I need to talk with you. Sandhya, I wanted to say you one thing
giving these from four years. I love you Sandhya. These ranks, MIT seat
and all these were just to impress you. Surya, what is this? All these days you said everything about
what I should and should not grandpa. I heard to all those you said.
Now, I do not want to listen any more. I do not want to go for
this marriage grandpa. I want to study. I want to do a job.
I want to see the life. I should have said all this that day itself
without running away from home. But, I did not have so much courage then. What my education I had,
your care in growing me up could not teach me, was taught to me by this journey
I had with my friends. Just for this onetime, give me the chance
to select what I want grandpa. In reality MIT, US is not correct for me. I cannot be happy
though I have all these. When I am not happy,
I cannot keep those with me happy. I am not correct for you Sandhya.
I am not the person your dad is searching for you. Music is my life. My fear is whether I would lose
like my brother if I chose music as my career. I lost myself all these days with that fear, Sandhya. If I still live the same, what I would lose
was understood after seeing Kartik. Sandhya, I do not know whether I would
pass or fail if I take music as my career. But even if I fail, I will at least have the satisfaction
to have tried what I liked and failed. Sandhya, we are good friends,
let us depart as friends. Departing so now, there is a chance again
to get along like friends some day in life. But cheating ourselves and travelling
however long in life, we cannot get closer. I got everything I liked and
wanted in my life. To be frank, I got everything
more than what I wanted. Till now, I do not know about the pain
when we do not get what we want. But because of you,
even that pain is introduced to me. Thanks dude.
– I am sorry Sandhya. Do not be. Do not feel sad for me Surya. I will be going to US next week.
Dad, business and all my life will be busy then. Nothing that happened here
would come into thoughts. I will not miss you by any chance. May be you would come
into thoughts often, that is it. Even if it happens, it is for a month
or a week or maximum once a day. But Surya, if I miss you even a bit
I may miss you every moment. End of that journey has given
a new start to our lives. That journey we did to see the outer world
has introduced ourselves in a new way to us. The roads we wandered in that journey
are our classrooms. The people we came across
are our teachers. Our experiences have become lessons to us. That journey was our school. Adi married Madhu and they have a son too. He even wrote a book with the experiences
and incidents from that journey. Salma completed MBA in IIM
and is doing job in a MNC. Raju as thought started his own dairy
in his own village. Marrying Angel, he is spending
America life in India. Sandhya settled in US taking care
of the business of her dad. Surya as wished has become
a successful musician. He is taken the best debutant director award this year.


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