Padi Padi Leche Manasu Theatrical Trailer | Sharwa | Sai Pallavi | Hanu Raghavapudi

My name is Surya. The sunshine in my name is missing
from my life since a year now. If there’s any reason I feel remotely alive today
after this one year of dark phase, It’s only Vaishali. Mr. Surya… Mr. Surya… How come you are here…? If he notices me in your company, he will kill me. Who is he…? Who knows? May be your lover in exile. How could you come up with such stuff in no time? All to satiate my hunger.. It is better to meet her early,
otherwise any other Idiot will start trying her. There is no other bigger idiot than me in Kolkata. It’s okay as long as you follow me. Aren’t you stretching things far when you
say you’d go mad without me? I don’t know how would you survive,
If I left you alone like this. Hey… How should I explain to make you understand. But I’m just not able to understand you. Maybe it isn’t right, pining for one person. There is no person called Surya in my life. Why are you behaving like this… I don’t like you at all…
Why do you irritate me. Don’t call me ever. Hello… Don’t be worried about not falling for me. You will, that’s my responsibility.


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