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– Welcome. – How are you?
– We are fine. – Are you doing well?
– But…where are the kids? Jagmohan. – Junky!
– Who’s calling? Your dad, son! Dad… sorry. Chandrakant. Chandu. Coming, mom. How was she? I didn’t see her face. Hello, sir…what took you so long? I mean…were you waiting
for the wedding night to get over… …and then perform the marriage. We’re already running pretty late. Let’s begin with the final rites. Final rites? It’s called veneration. – Whatever…Let’s begin.
– Sorry. Fireworks shop. Minimum profit. – Seasonal business.
– Call it seasonal or regional. But at least it’s original. And this brilliant idea
belongs to our friend. He’s an amazing guy. He’s a gem. And that’s why,
in this business he’s using his brain… …and we’re using our name. His hard work… …and our money. Well, technically your money.
But we’re family. Who is this great guy? – Let me introduce you. Raj…
– Kishore. Raj Kishore? Even I know a guy with two names. But I really hope it’s not him. Him? He’s my friend. When did he get to London? Oh my, God. People wouldn’t keep
his money in their bank… …and you’re letting him work here. Look at the stars in his horoscope. He isn’t just bad luck. In fact, bad luck follows him
around like a magnet. He’s going through
a terrible bad phase. It must be over now, sir. I admit I’ve been having terrible
luck in the past couple of years. That was your good time. The bad phase is just beginning. Hello. Fled? But he was a really nice… Yes, I did… But listen… Niraj Modi has borrowed
320 billion dollars from our bank. I n fact,
I personally sanctioned 6 billion. And today he fled the country. What about me now? – What have I done?
– Me? You’ve been lending him
money for the past five years. And without any guarantee. I just joined today. He was here for the last five years. But he fled today
when you joined the bank. Niraj Modi is just a tag… This is a result of his bad luck Nonsense, sir…
Utter nonsense… These planets
and stars are nonsense. In fact, mom and uncle
insisted that we call you… …otherwise we would’ve
inaugurated our shop on our own. Absolutely. You were right, son. This shop is heading
for its funeral now. I mean to say,
he’ll definitely get ruined. But those with him will
get devastated as well. I don’t believe me. – You don’t believe it, right?
– Are you deaf? – You don’t believe it, right?
– Yes, we don’t believe me. – Don’t believe…
– What are you doing? What on earth are you doing? It says right here “Smoking Kills”. And still,
you’re turning yourself to dust. Think about others. Or at least about my shop.
It’s a firework’s shop. Come on, chuck it. Remember what I said. Look there. – What the…
– Chandu. It’s doused. Guys,
I’m warning everyone against it… …and now you’re doing it. – I am not smoking, I was just…
– Were you taking a selfie? Hey…
What are you doing? Not this way, buddy. If you had thrown
the cigarette that day… …the fireworks
would’ve caught fire. Sunny… The entire shop would’ve blown up. And the world would’ve said… …that I am bad luck. Come on. Sh** Junky! Chandu! Junky! Chandu! “Madness…” “Madness…” “Why do you make so many excuses?” “I am crazy about you.” “Why do you make so many excuses?” “I am crazy about you.
Because…” “I am stuck…” “This is a strong bond,
which will never break.” “I am stuck on you
and my heart also skips a beat.” “Because you are different.” “Careful…or
love can get you beaten.” “Why do you chase me?” “Hold your heart
or it will catch fire.” “Stop flirting with me
or people are gonna scream.” “Tell the people
I am your old flame…” “…and I am back to
lock eyes with you. Because…” “I am stuck…” “With you, after you.” “I am stuck on you
and my heart also skips a beat.” “Because you are different.” “Careful…or
love can get you beaten.” “Why do you chase me?” Uncle. Uncle. You can stop worrying
about my marriage now. I’ve found the man of my dreams. When this happened? A couple of days ago.
I was returning from shopping. Then suddenly… Don’t turn around,
or I’ll slice you like a cucumber. Eyes in front,
bag at the back, darling. Please… – Thank you.
– Goodbye, sweetheart. Right! Right! Come on. Hey… Those guys are
running off with my bag. “When your tresses way…” Don’t move. Or else I’ll blow your brains out. What is it? A gun? – Does it look like a banana to you?
– Sorry… Stupid oaf…eyes in front,
bag at the back. Otherwise.. Run. Run. Those guys stole my bag. Then what happened? That’s when that hero entered. Was that hero riding a Segway? Yes, uncle. Your purse. Thank you, young man. Then he must have
taken you out for coffee. Sugar? – Quit.
– Raj. Raj. You really are
having a lucky streak. – Really?
– Really. Together we started
a fireworks business. – And do you know what happened?
– What? The entire market went up in flames. – Flames?
– Meaning flames of jealousy. My mom and his dad… They were so overjoyed,
that they kicked us out of our home. Kicked you out? I mean…they said go out,
son, and buy a house of your own. The bigger one. And now… …we can’t leave him at any cost. Promise us… The guy who’s dying to finance us… …we’re going
to make him our partner. Make me your partner.
I am an honest man. I quit sugar a year ago… …and didn’t take a single lump. Don’t touch. And my money’s completely white… – …like this female’s hair.
– Wow! But that’s off-white. So what? Sugar… – Like this sugar.
– Yeah… Son, he’s the same guy Raj Kishore.. ..with whom I started
my cement business. But he’s so unlucky,
that he completely ruined me. Love and marriage is one thing. But I hope you didn’t
give him any money. – No, but the bank did.
– Good! To hell with the bank. But I borrowed the loan in my name
so I could be their partner in business. What have you done? Uncle, don’t fall unconscious. Uncle… Uncle… Pray that this
business is successful. Raju, we’ve been praying
since the day we met. – I’ve even started believing
in good and bad luck. – Look. Then get on with it.
Come on. Nice! Sanjana’s become our partner. Pretty soon I’ll make her
my life-partner. Sister-in-law’s expression’s
don’t seem to be in your favour. What happened? We know everything… …about the
guys who stole our bags. I want my money back right now. Otherwise,
they are not here for decoration. – Okay?
– Give them the money. Where is it? What? I mean where did you keep it? It’s in the truck. Right. Thank God we didn’t
spend your money yet. Where did you keep it? Where? It’s under the seat. There are only two seats in there.
Oh, God! I had thought of so many
things along with this partnership. Which seat did
you keep it under, Raju? Can’t you two see
that big bag in there? Do I have to do everything? What a bunch of clowns? Step on it. Come on. – Hey…
– Come on. Come on. – SIr…
– Come on. Hurry up. Be careful… Be careful!
He almost fell out of the truck. – That’s not how you drive.
– You drive. – You drive.
– No. – You drive…
– No… you drive. Oh, Sh** Oh, God! Look out! – Rascal…
– Imposter… – Fraud…
– Cheater. – Stop the truck!
– We can’t stop. This is our first delivery. And we’ve invested
your money in the business. – All gone?
– We’re doomed. That business was
your uncle’s bad luck. – But we won’t let this business flop.
– Shut up! This will bring good
fortune to all of us. Give us one chance, please. Yes… – Who is driving the car?
– Me. – Get back.
– They are going to die. They are all going to die. Oh no! Stop. – Stupid.
– Stop. What are you doing? We are going to die. Sanjana, please go back. For the sake of those thousands
of kisses, I gave you. Thousands? You said you two only
kissed a couple of times. He’s uttering nonsense. Stop the truck, Raj.
I will chase you to the end. You’ve got a small car
and an even smaller tank. How far do you think
the fuel’s going to last? I always keep my car tanked up. – Uncle…
– Yes. We’re running out of fuel. You spent all the fuel going
around with that stupid oaf. – Stop.
– He’s our friend. And you’re the enemy. Imagine what
he’ll do to you, stupid. Sanjana, look out. “Madness…” Come over this side. – Come on.
– What are you two doing? Are you mad? Stop. Careful. – Hold it.
– I will drive. Hail God! – Guys… Guys…
– Sanjana, run… Guys… Guys… Where is the ground? Raj, you cheat. Even if we have half a
dozen kids after the wedding… …I still won’t forgive you. Wow…
What an innovative threat? I was just saying that
I will never forgive him. – Really.
– Yes. Come brother-in-law,
let’s celebrate Janvi’s birthday. Janvi, my child, my sweetheart. God bless you, my child. Many-Many happy returns of the day. Papa,
you don’t love me at all, do you? – Why?
– Where is my happy birthday gift? She is coming? – She?
– The gift. Uncle…where is your gift? I am your gift, darling… …which your father has gifted you. By the way,
we together bought your birthday gift. Your father paid for it
but it was my choice. You’ll jump with
joy when you see it. But first, lets cut the cake. No, no, no… First my gift, then jumping with joy
and then cake cutting. – No…
– Janvi. – Janvi.
– Janvi. Where are the bloody delivery guys? They has come borther-in-law.
They has come. Big words from a weak stomach, sir.
But I’ve some bad news. Not now. Our casinos have been raided. Dammit. And our men are in custody. I think Tulli and
Bulli are behind this. Control your anger, brother-in-law.
It’s your daughter’s birthday. Let her first cut the cake
then we’ll cut to the action sequence. What do you want to say? Smile.
Smile, brother-in-law. What took you guys so long? It was a pretty long journey,
plus the traffic… …heavy vehicles
other cars chasing us. What took us? And we weren’t exactly supposed to match
time and exchange bags like smugglers. Yeah… What? What’s with the look? Are you trying to scare me? We’re already in a bad mood. Here’s the bill. Pay up. Who is firing? Check where it’s coming from? Who is firing? FInd out. Come on. That’s Raja sir. And that’s…WiFi. They are underworld Dons. Got it. I saw WiFi’s picture in
the newspaper holding a gun. They have been
terrorising the place. Who is the one with the death wish? Why didn’t you tell us earlier? I just realised after
seeing the gun… I didn’t know. Uncle. Uncle. It was just a balloon.
Balloon… Like this. Scared of a balloon. Balloon. The gift’s arrived,
should you cut the cake now? Very sorry for being late. If only we had known.
we would’ve arrived two days earlier. – Really?
– Yes. Birthday. Happy birthday, sir. Sh** It’s not my birthday. It’s my daughter’s birthday.
And she is angry. We’ll cajole her. Convince her.
We’ll convince her. – Excuse me.
– Good! Happy birthday, ma’am. Ma’am. Please… Please… Daughter… Janvi madam, here’s your gift. So small. That’s not the gift. That is. – That?
– That… That’s just a jalopy. Gift wrap. The gift’s inside. – Is it?
– Yes. Press this. Happy birthday.
World’s best sports car. Oh, Sh** – Daughter…
– No! Wait, dear. Cut the cake. No! Mr. Wifi… Bill… How can you treat these poor
guys like this, brother-in-law? They are humans
and its only human to err. Poor fellows… They will develop pneumonia
in this British weather. Who is this angel? – Is it Mr. India?
– Is that why we can’t see him? – Where are our red glasses?
– Where are our red glasses? – Take them out.
– Yes. Take us out. That car was worth 70 million. If we sell their kidneys,
livers, eyeballs, pancreas… …on the black market,
we’ll still never recover 70 million. Our market value isn’t even close. – I know it, dear.
– Enough! Do something about
my men and my casinos… …or else I will shoot all of you. Raja sir has been pulling
his own hair in a fit of rage… – …and you can see the result.
– Yes, sir. That bald patch is
narrating its own story. Hey! Do you guys want a job? Will we get paid? One million each. Nice. Thank you. But you won’t get anything in hand. We’ll use it to cover the damages. What are we going to eat? What are we going to wear? Food, clothes,
travel, and conveyance will be on us. Give me a hug. – Dear…
– This man has a heart of gold. – You’re like my mom.
– I know it. Stop buttering me. They are all paupers, brother-in-law. Killing them won’t cover for our losses. Let’s hire them for the other job. Yes. They are worth dying. Let them die their own death. Congratulations.
From today you’re our servants. – Sir!
– Thank you, sir. What is it? Will we look good as servants? We won’t look good as beggars either. But, if we stay around you any longer
you’ll reduce us to beggars. If we stay with him,
we’ll have no arms to beg either. Like this. I am gonna slap you. Boys, take them to servant’s quarters. Nothing happens when you do
something like this. What is he doing here? He’s the family priest. He comes here every day. – Come on.
– Okay. But this doesn’t look like a temple. It was our first day on the job. – How he came here?
– What is this? What is bad luck, tragedy, and
adversity doing in your home, Raja sir? Working for us. WiFi’s punished them. He gave them jobs as a punishment? Yes…
Sentenced-to-work. WiFi, you don’t know them. People quit the city these guys live in. And you’re letting them
stay in your home. They cost us 70 million rupees. If you let them stay here… …those 70 million will turn
into a much bigger number. They are like an app of bad luck… …once downloaded on your system,
can never be deleted. Look, man, I don’t believe in you.
Brother-in-law does… But this time even he’s
not going to listen to you. Because this time it
wasn’t just about our money… …but also our reputation
that was ruined. – Raja sir…
– Look here… In order to keep my influence… …I got shot in my leg 6 times
but didn’t change my decision. Let’s go, brother-in-law. – Hey, take care of him.
– Okay, sir. Oh sh** What a house. – Wow…
– The dining room’s that way. Layout the plates, we’re coming.
Just kidding, buddy. Come. Sit. Eat. Stop joking with us. Not at all, sir.
Please, help yourself. – Help ourselves?
– Come, come. Go ahead and eat. This is your job. Thank you. Take that. What is it? I’ve never seen such variety
even at any of our family weddings. Yeah. – Even if they recover the losses…
– Yes. – …we’ll damage something else.
– Right. – But we’ll never quit this job.
– Yeah. Isn’t the plate too small? You just have to taste the food. You reminded me of my mother. She used to say, taste everything
and take more of whatever you like. You’re so sweet. Who are those guys? They are your seniors. They used to taste
the food before you two. I never heard of such a job before. It’s a weird job. One second…
Hold on… Yeah… Thank you. Why take our picture? We might need to frame them. Frame? Amazing.
How are you guys? All good? Did you taste the food? Yes. It’s nice. Pass me the chicken salad.
Looks nice. That hasn’t been tasted yet. What were you waiting for? John. Wifi sir, what’s going on? It’s the price of being a don. We have many enemies. And especially Tulli and Bulli. They managed to get to our kitchen. I see… They want to poison
our food and kill us. Poison the food… You mean these pictures… Yeah, martyrs in the line of duty. – Martyrs?
– Yes. You call such guys martyrs? Yes, why? We call it a terrible
way to kick the bucket. We won’t eat this food. And why is that? It can be poisoned, sir. So? We can die, sir. Whose life is more important? Yours. Then eat up. Because we can’t eat
until you guys don’t eat. And I don’t like to stay hungry. I am fast… – I mean I am fasting.
– No… Help him, guys… Help these two break their fast. No, no, I am eating. I’ll eat. See, I’m eating. Mama… Mama… – What happened?
– Chandu… I ate poison, Chandu. Chandu… I am dying, Chandu.
Look after yourself. Don’t eat this. It’s poisoned. It’s too bitter. Its bitter gourd. Bitter gourd! – Its bitter gourd.
– Yes. – Its bitter gourd.
– Its bitter gourd. Its bitter gourd. Bitter gourd aged us. These brothers-in-law are so strange. Sometimes they are like villains,
sometimes like a hero. They are travelling
in a servant’s car… …and the servant’s
travelling in their car. Because it’s always the
boss’ car that’s attacked. Attack? A few days ago, my brother
was sitting where I am sitting now. And another guy was sitting
where you’re sitting. Their arch enemies Tulli and
Bulli blew up the car to kill them… …and my brother and the
other guy died in the attack. Meaning they dressed me
up and made me sit in the car… I can die instead of them. Stop the car. Sir, the guards are right behind us… …and they will shoot you. Please, remove it… Do they get attacked every day? No. Only on some days. But this someday can be any day, right? We’re on a journey of death… Aren’t you scared? Strong words from a weak stomach. If poor people are scared,
then how will they survive. Then why don’t you run away? Are you showing concern for me,
or thinking of an idea for yourself. Both. These scavengers have a keen eye-sight. They can find what even Google can’t. I told brother-in-law… …to buy a few bullet-proof jackets. Is there anyone? Help me! Help! Where do you think you’re going? Stop! I will kill you. Brother-in-law, are you okay? Where do you disappear
to when I need you? I went for my gun. But he locked the dashboard… …and put the key
in your car’s keychain. We must do something
about Tulli and Bulli. Their gang’s increasing
faster than pigs lay piglets. Don’t worry, brother-in-law. Until I don’t curb his numbers… …we have this gung-ho, to act as bait. Come on, let’s go. “I think all the troubles
in the world come after me.” – Headphones.
– Are they going to play music? No. This is the latest
translation device. This way you can understand what they
are saying and they will understand us. – Yeah, I got it.
– Wear it. Yes, sir. Are you a partner only in profits,
and not in loss? Both sir. But there was no profit. And we’re in no position
to pay for the losses. Recover the losses from those bas*** Mind your language. I am sorry. I meant…make those
decent guys pay for the loss. Yes, …we sold the movers and
packers office and all its belongings… …thinking that something’s
better than nothing. What was that… It’s an old Indian saying… We meant…whatever
we could get our hands-on. Whatever.. Where are your partners? If only I knew,
I would’ve murdered those rascals. Are you a professional killer? No, no… We Indians often speak
like this when we’re angry. – Yes…
– Emotional people. This is a serious case of cheating. I’ll have to send you both to jail. Hold on, sir. We’ll send our home, office,
and properties to pay for the damages. – Yes.
– Isn’t it, uncle? Yes… I also know a very old saying
that is very popular in India. Greed is never good. – Your request is granted.
– Thank you. But until that time you
will be in Police custody. Police custody… Next. Uncle. Uncle. Be careful. Sir, we’re senior citizens. Our children owned the fireworks shop. It’s their fault that the
entire market was reduced to ashes. The entire market? Lunch is ready. What are you guys waiting for?
Hurry up and taste the food. The bosses are hungry. Raj… WiFi sir is leaving.
Let’s go. We three set out on this
life journey together… …but I am the only one
basking in luxury and comfort. That WiFi gave me a great job. Travel, have fun. It’s a beautiful city. Yes. But whenever I look
at the beautiful valleys… …its you two I think of,
and not Sanjana. – Are you serious?
– Yes. I pulled down the window and yelled… Junky! Chandu! – And do you know what I heard?
– What? Why didn’t you bring them along? Why didn’t you bring them along? Even we have a great job. Really great. You’re the foodie but
we get to enjoy a feast. You love sweets…and we’re dying. I mean sweets… The job and food are so
great that people are dying… Don’t talk about food. I can’t control myself. Control, brother. Control. – He called us to eat. Come.
– Let’s go. -No, no…
– What happened? Let’s exchange jobs. Don’t be crazy. Who would
like to exchange such a great job? One has to make an
exception for friends. Don’t be stubborn.
Give him. Only for you…
Just for you… – Sacrifice.
– Okay… I’ll go eat inside,
while you guys get some fresh air. But will these guys agree? All they care about
is getting the job done… …whether it’s you two or me. Yeah, he’s right. I heard that the
brothers-in-law are so tight… …that they even
exchange their underwear. – So what if we change jobs.
– Correct. – Have fun.
– Have fun. “Cuckoo…” Badluck! Pass it. Pass it. Pass it. Such bad luck. Oh, God! Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Why do things that you’ve
to be embarrassed of? He’s useless, and this one’s a jalopy. Oh, mother… Oh, mother… Who is the new patient? It’s me you idiots. Food poisoning. If I wasn’t rushed
to the hospital on time… …then you two would
be attending my funeral. And if we had reached the car… …then we wouldn’t even get a funeral. You two always end up
with bad luck because of me. If only our business had succeeded,
then we would all have been successful. Plus Sanjana and Uncle were jailed. What? – Don’t cry.
– Why shouldn’t I cry? Uncle and aunty are in jail as well. Uncle? Aunty? Your dad…and your mom. My dad’s in jail. My mom’s in jail. – Stay there, I am coming.
– Come on. – Give me a hand.
– Here. – Go on.
– Thanks. Go on. Give me a hand. – Don’t spare him.
– What are you going to do? – Kill him.
– Leave me. How did this happen, Chandu? There was a bomb under the car. Who keeps a bomb on the car’s seat. The entire car blew up. Thank God you didn’t blow up too. You should have checked
before getting in. We didn’t get in… Before that… I’ll tell papa to
get you a metal detector. Thanks. Blasts are pretty common with us. Don’t worry.
I brought food for you. Thank you. No… It can be poisoned. I checked it myself. Silly. What? No, I meant it lovingly. Silly. – Get well soon, okay.
– You too… – Bye.
– Bye. Bouquet for you and
not even a stare for us. What do you guys think?
Does she really love me? Of course… What have I got that you two don’t? Girl’s go crazy about me. But…she is a little crazy. You’re not exactly a scientist either. You’re a little crazy too. – That’s right.
– Then everything’s in place. – She’s crazy and you’re mad.
– Right. She’s giving you the red signal,
just go forward. – Correct.
– Once she says yes… – ..then the brothers-in-law will have
to get you two married. – Really?
– Yes. Can you hear?
Trumpets? Yeah, I can hear it. I can’t hear it. Music’s in the air. You will be groom. Janvi will be the bride. Wow… Brother WiFi,
why are we all looking so different? Because this is a destination wedding,
my prince. Destination. And in the Middle East. [arabic language] [arabic language] “Face like an Irani. “Sways like an Afghani.” “Eyes so mischievous.” “Tresses that are carefree.” “Moves like a storm.” “Attitude like royalty.” “Enthralling beauty.” “Drop dead gorgeous.” “You’re a true nonchalant.” “Rumours about you have gone rife.” “Mind-blowing…” “Marvellous…” “Desert Rose…” “Mind-blowing…” “Mind-blowing…” “Marvellous…” “Desert Rose…” “Mind-blowing…” [arabic language] “Killer style…” “Piercing eyes.” “Don’t kill your poor fanatics.” “You’re out of this world…” “…attitude like a queen.” “Your beauty will make
my heart skip a beat.” “I am an intoxication…” “I am the elixir…” “Come and taste this…” “Your name’s always on my lips.” “You’re in all my mentions.” “You dwell in my heart.” “You’re intoxicating…” “You are an elixir…” “There’s no harm in tasting you once.” “My heart’s sunk in your love.” “You stole my heart…” “I am happy you concern on me” “Mind-blowing…” “Marvellous…” “Desert Rose…” “Mind-blowing…” “Mind-blowing…” “Marvellous…” “Desert Rose…” “Mind-blowing…” Goodbye. Someone wrote a love
letter to my daughter today. Who is that Romeo? Read the letter. Sweety. The first time we met… Together we fell and
even got up together… …that’s when I had
already sunk in your eyes. Now you decide whether I stay
sunken in these eyes or swim out. Just say that you love me. And yes, don’t be scared of your… – …crippled father and scoundrel uncle.
– Enough. No need to read any further. Whoever wrote this hate-love letter,
better man up now. We literally raised Janvi.
She is like my child. And you? Strong words from a weak stomach.
She is our little child. You all know that Wifi’s
eyes are like binoculars. I can tell you… …how much wood did
the woodchuck chuck… …if the woodchuck chucked wood. Just for your information.
Chandu doesn’t chuck wood. And he’s never been near any wood. Haven’t you? – No. He didn’t go.
– No. Chandu… If Wifi happens to use his methods… – …you will repent.
– Stop staring at me, rascals. You guys told me to do it. We told you to tell her. Why did you write a love letter? Now they have evidence. In the age of emails and whatsapp who
the bloody hell writes a love letter? May I? – Nice writing, isn’t it?
– Yes. This belongs to Chandu. How dare you write latter to our child? Aren’t you ashamed? – How dare you write a love letter.
– Stop. How dare you betray your own master. Stop! Stop. Stop. Wifi sir, this is not a love letter… …this is a scene from the play. What? And he’s not some Romeo. This poor guy’s a writer and actor. Is Janvi madam’s name written on this? All the dialogues are in Hindi… …why did you make
these Brits stand in line? Okay… Is the father in your
play cripple as well? Raja sir, don’t give
yourself so much importance. You’re not the only crippled
person in this world. There can be other father’s
in this world who are crippled. And the uncle’s a scoundrel. Right? Uncle’s are always a scoundrel. Take Kans for instance. And what’s Sweety? That’s the heroine’s name? Then what will you call my daughter? Sister… Janvi madam is like my sister, Raja sir. In fact, she is my sister. Isn’t that right, sister? Did you call me sister? Sister? He deserved that. Janvi. Dear! I got slapped even
after calling her sister. Bloody nincompoop… From which angle does
my niece look like your sister. If you call a good looking girl sister
then won’t she cry? Isn’t this domestic violence? – 2nd slap!
– You’ll always be an actor and writer. You can never become a director. You don’t have an eye for it.
Rascal! 3rd slap! Come on, get back to your work. Get to work. – WiFi..
– Brother-in-law. I weaved so many dreams in a single day. I thought that there’s a guy who
can write a love letter to our daughter. If this was a love letter… …and if he hadn’t called her sister… …then I would’ve gotten
him married to Janvi… …and given him all my property. Is she your sister? How dare you call her your sister? Such a huge mistake!
Such a huge mistake! Darling. Darling? And what did you call me back then?
Sister. I had to say it. Those guys you know…guns… – Rascal.
– Cheapster. You know, when you called me sister… …it sounded like an insult to me. Believe me, if you were born
in Haridwar instead of London… …I would’ve never called you sister. Jaan. What do I call you? Chand? Jaan. Chand? Jaan. Chand? Jaan. You’re such a rascal and a lowlife. First, you called her your sister,
and now you’re flirting with her. I just called her sister,
but I didn’t mean any of it. Unbelievable guys. Even Gujaratis address
their wife as “Ben” (Sister)! Kamla Ben, Vimla Ben, Kanta Ben. Does that make them siblings? On that logic, once more… “Your beloved sister’s
will make a beautiful bride…” Who is singing out there? – It’s him.
– It’s him. – Escape.
– This way. Salutations…from Baba Jani
to my near and dear ones. Salutations. May the Lord of this universe,
bless you with good health. And yes…also with maturity,
to turn this enmity into friendship. Friendship with these people. That’s not possible in this lifetime. – Right Bulli bro?
– Yes, Tulli bro. They poisoned our father to death. Don’t forget that you
killed our father first. You shot me six times in the
same leg and made me a cripple for life. You ruined our extortion business. Who started all this? Who turned our weapons against us? Who forcefully took over our casinos? – He..
– Quiet! I didn’t call you two here
to reminisce your flashback. I called you here for a settlement. Because my money is
riding on both of you. And any more loss is intolerable. Even to the one on top. Everyone in the Underworld
knows that you’re on the top. Right Bulli bro? Yes, Tulli bro. All the guys in this
world who are on the top… …have someone who’s on top of them. But this guy… …has no one else on top of him. What you, me, they earn in a year… …is like peanuts to him. Today you’ll meet a magician… …whose making billions without
shedding a single drop of blood. Welcome, Niraj Modi sir.
Welcome. How are you? All well, guys. I heard…
I heard about you guys. You guys are useful. Look, money can fuel enmity… …but enmity is
never good for business. Do you know what my
papa’s favourite song was? No. “Lend a hand, O companion.” “Alone you’ll get tired
let’s count the money together.” – Understood?
– We did… We did… I haven’t finished yet.
How could you understand? I’ve had enough of you two. Now shake hands. Embrace… Kiss and make up. We’ve already made up. Raja bro… Brother. Brother. Baba, don’t they know how to hug? Why not.. WiFi… Stay back… keep a distance… Is it loaded? WiFi…keep your cool. You see if let the temperature soar,
and there’s hay… …then there’s a bright
chance of catching fire. Let me tell you a story. When I was still in my mother’s womb… …she accidentally swallowed a penny. I was born with the
penny clutched in my fist. The doctors and nurses
tried very hard… …but they couldn’t unclench my fist. Then my father showed me a dollar coin. I let go of the penny
and took the dollar. Understand? I have a born connection with money. Yes. I only unclench my
fist when I see more money. So I’ve unclenched my fist for you guys. Take as much as you want. Double-triple-quadruple the amount. But no loss. Well…see you then.
Goodbye. – WiFi…
– Yes. Niraj’s sent us 75 billion. That’s fine, brother-in-law. But what hurts is that Tulli
and Bulli got the same amount. They must be having a ball. Take a look. It wasn’t the right thing to do… …by softening us up
in the name of the settlement. Yes. As the saying goes… In the Underworld, one should keep
shaking his leg even when fast asleep. Otherwise, our own people
mistake us for dead and bury us. Don’t shake so hard that you die. – Sir…
– Sir… Sir… You should pat us on the back. Yes… What did you do? No, sir, first you
must pat us on the back. Bravo. Bravo. Now tell me. You know that Tulli…
We cleaned his brother Bulli’s clock. – Bomb in the car…
– Poison in the food. Bulli is now out of your lives. We made your enemy pay
so dearly for this enmity… …that even his enemies will forget
their enmity and take pity on him. Wow… – Wow…
– How did you say that? – Where did you learn it?
– And it was rhyming. I don’t know.
It just comes to me automatically. Quiet. Quiet. Who told you to mix blood in the water? – Did I tell you?
– No… Did I? Servants carrying out masters
orders is a very old method. That’s more like a formality than duty. And there is no formality
between you and us. A real servant is someone who
understands his master’s troubles. And it should make their blood boil. – And our blood boiled.
– Yes. Your blood boiled. Yes… Do you have any clue that you’ve… …put us on the edge with your actions? We had buried the hatchet… …but you just started
the war all over again. You three idiots. They sent us 7.5 million rupees. But now they’ll send bullets,
and bombs our way. They will turn us cripple. Excuse me…we still don’t
understand what we’ve done. What do I do? Sir…strong words from a weak stomach. Bang-bang-bang. Bang… Oh no! No, no! No, no! No one’s going to harm them. Mummy! These three did a good deed
out of love and emotion, and you guys… – Papa..
– Where she is going? These three did what uncle’s been
thinking of doing, but couldn’t do it. – And uncle.
– Yes, dear. Don’t shoot. Don’t shoot. – If you accidentally bite your tongue,
do you uproot your teeth? – No… No, no, no, we don’t. What a great line.
Amazing. Oh no! Let’s go. Papa, no one’s going
to lay a finger on them. – And especially him.
– Thank you. – Get lost.
– Sorry. Him. No one will lay a finger on him
or else I will shoot myself. This sibling love… Look what has sent Baba Jani. Dear… Before I shoot these three… …stand over their dead bodies,
and get my picture taken. Take them away from my sights. Rascals! – Brother-in-law.
– Papa. Papa. After lossing my sister, I will never be
able to deal with your loss. Don’t leave your WiFi alone,
brother-in-law. – Papa!
– Call the doctor. Where are you going? You broke the glass. You always enter wrong place. What are you looking at? Breaking of glass is good luck, Smells like something’s burning. Yes. Smells like wood. No. It’s paper. – No, it’s wood.
– Take a look. – See…
– I told you its paper. Got it. It’s burning. Come on! – Come on!
– What I do? Put it in the dustbin. Very good. Good bye. The dustbin’s on fire. What you have done?
Douse it. Douse it. What are you doing?
Douse it. Stick your leg in and douse it. Douse it. My leg stuck. Why is he dancing? I am burning. Throw the dustbin. Oh no! Douse it.
Take it down. Pull. Take it down. Oh God! – The other curtain’s on fire too.
– Come out. Run! Come on! Douse it. Run. Run. Let’s go. Run! Doctor the chandelier fell
on Raja sir’s head… Fire. Fire. Fire. Fire. – Fire in the strong room.
– Fire in the strong room. That’s where the money is. Daughter give me my stick. How did the strong room catch fire? – The fire was in the library.
– Run. Run. Fire. Fire. Put it out. Water, water. Call the fire brigade. Put it out. I am going to handle it. Move. Brother-in-law! All money burned. Shall we sleep? Yes, but let’s keep the light on. They should know that we’re
with them in this tough time. – Come on.
– Come. – Sad.
– Poor. Sir, there’s some bad… There is bad news. I have to tell you. Don’t tell me anything. Because I’ve no strength
or courage to hear anything. And anyway, everything’s ruined. All of it, brother-in-law. We’re left with nothing. Since we employed them
on your recommendation… …we’ve only been having bad luck. Casinos closed down. And everyone’s winning a jackpot
in the ones that are still open. Hear that. Hear that. Plastic was banned. We became enemies with Tulli Gang. The fire broke out. Money turned to dust. The chandelier fell…broke my head.
And now I can’t even get high. The priest’s advice
has always been right. I wonder why we were
so stubborn this time? Brother-in-law. Something’s definitely wrong. The other day I was
watching a cricket match. Virat was batting at 99. When Raj Kishore came in, Virat got out. Don’t take the name of that guy. Raja sir… – The tall guy…
– The rascal… Yes, that rascal. Don’t mistake him for an ordinary guy. He made India lose 320 million rupees. – What?
– Yes. Take my advice,
consider him a bad omen and… Throw him out.
Throw those bad luck out. Big words from a weak stomach.
Lucky’s going to win today. Yes, he’ll give the others
a run for their money. These three bad luck are leaving today. Your stars have refreshed. I was thinking should I bet my
money on my favourite horse Lucky today. Bet all you have. This is all I have. That’s enough. I checked Lucky’s stars on your advice. – I see…
– Lucky’s lucky time is just beginning. You know, priest. What? Whenever I was ruined… …I’ve sought refuge in gambling,
like a mother. People say gambling favours no one. But I say it favours me. Hello. Tulli and Bulli are out for your blood. Don’t go to the racecourse today… …or you’ll end up losing
the race of your life. I spent a lifetime playing
this bloody game, Baba. You can tell them that… …if they have the nerve of steels,
then they can come and face me. I damn care. Papa, you won’t go. Silly, I won’t go like this. I’ll go like this.
Now am I looking good? If anything happens to you, then who’ll
give me a happy present on my birthday. You won’t go. For my sake. Six bullets in one
leg and daughter’s love. What do I do? I have an idea. – You go instead.
– I? Absolutely right. It’s just about betting the money.
WiFi can do that. What WiFi? Those guys think I am
a bigger threat than him. They might even spare his life… …but they will shoot me in the head. I won’t go. What did you think?
I am going to say something like that. I am brave heart man. You all know…
Emperor… I am the king… I’ll take a couple of guns with me. Hey, get the car. The car’s ready, sir. I see, car’s ready. Strong words from a weak stomach. We’re waiting for you to get in. Coming. Coming.
Janvi, see me in the car. – Who made my child cry?
– Papa. Do you only love your father,
and not me? You stopped him from going, and not me. Don’t go. – Say it loud and clear.
– Don’t go, uncle. But I’ll be fine. They don’t have the
guts or strength to kill me. Okay, then you can go. Janvi. Don’t get angry, dear. I must go. Make me swear. Make me swear. For my sake, uncle. Don’t go. Now, what do I do? But someone has to go. Freedom! Freedom! Don’t worry, brother-in-law.
Consider the job done. Hey, three idiots. Oh no! I hate him. Come here.
Come on. Come. Take this money. Money…I’ll keep it. Its been so long since we delivered
the car, and they are paying us now. But they are paying us at
the right time. When we’re leaving. – Thank you.
– Thank you. This is not for that. They don’t allow even their
servants to leave empty-handed. They bid them farewell with a gift.
Am I right, WiFi sir? You’ve to bet this
money on Lucky in the race. – We had other plans…
– He want to haircut. – I am very hungry also…
– We were going to watch Pagalpanti. – Shut up.
– Sorry. Do you really think Lucky can win? – No way.
– I don’t think so. No way. Lucky looks like a
mutt running among horses. Shut up. Whether Lucky wins or not,
you must bet this money on Lucky. And yes… Don’t use your brains,
because you don’t have them. Understand? Look who is talking. He’s talking about brains. So you guys think you have brains. WiFi sir, we’ve been working
here for so long and still survived. Do you think we could
do it without brains? Not possible? Do you know who tastes the
food before we do? Have you noticed that
your dogs are disappearing? – Let’s go.
– Come on. Oh, God. We had severed all
connections with them. Then why did you make
this link again, WiFi? Exactly. Brother-in-law,
the money will be deposited… …in our name before the race begins. And these people will
be dead before the race ends. That Tulli will chop them to pieces. If someone has to die,
then let it be these three idiots. Why should we do?
Why is? Yes. Not to go for Lucky Go for Johnny. – Is there any gym?
– Don’t know. Why? – Where is he gone?
– I don’t know. – Here he is.
– Where were you? Getting a tip. Smart. – See that guy?
– Who? That guy in the middle with white hair. – That one.
– Yeah… He was born on the racecourse. He spent his life among horses. Johnny’s going to win today’s race. People call Lucky the cripple
horse of a cripple owner. Whether Lucky is a cripple
or doesn’t have legs at all. Okay.
We’re going to bet on him, that’s it. This is our last job,
let’s do it and leave. After losing we might
never get to leave. And if we win… … it will be fun-frolic-luxury
for the rest of our life. Otherwise, where will we go
with empty-pockets and empty mind? Whenever he shows us sweet
dreams it always turns to a nightmare. Think about it.
Ideas are like ice-cream. If you think too much, it melts. Ouch… – Let’s bet the money.
– Come on. Where’s the bag? – Bag?
– There. – Catch them or we’ll get ruined.
– Run! Come on! Uncle careful! Get out the way. Move. Move. Catch them. – Leave me.
– No chance. Run, Sanjana.
But don’t give them this money. I won’t give you this money. We’ve already suffered a lot of losses. Now the scores are settled,
let uncle go. I let him go. Just support us a little longer… …we’re going to double this money. How? Tell them the secret. Johnny’s going to win today’s race. Johnny who? Horse. We heard it from the horse’s mouth. The horse told us himself. In fact,
you should bet whatever you have. Correct. We can become millionaires without having
to play Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Wow! – Millionaire!
– Money. Go on. Come on, Lucky. Come on, Lucky. Lucky. We are going to win. Yeah, Lucky, come on. Lucky. Yes! Lucky. Johnny. See Lucky is running last.
Horse is like his boss. Lucky is losing. Do something. I told you. – Johnny.
– Johnny. I know. You know. Yes. Yes. Come on! Lucky, Raja sir’s fate
and reputation rest on you. – Run, my son.
– Lucky my bro… – Run!
– Lucky my bro… – Run!
– Come on you can do this. Lucky. Lucky. Lucky come front. Lucky. What happened? Go Lucky. Come on. Papa! Run, Johnny. – Lucky stop!
– Run Johnny. Look at Lucky go. Lucky, stop. What are you doing? Johnny! Why are you running like a horse? He’s my son. My son… Lucky, stop. He’s completely ruined us. Lucky. Uncle! No..! Lucky statue. Oh no! Lucky my son,
you just solved all our problems. God bless you. You said they are going to torture us. What kind of torture is this? They are chopping our hands. I thought they will hang
us upside down in the water again. Yes. We’re used to it now. Every time they come up
with a new idea which is wrong. Mummy! Be gentle. Torture cancel.
Torture cancel. I’ve another idea. Another idea? Hear me out. Let’s run away. Run away? You’ve lost your mind. Where do you think we’ll go? Sooner or later we’ll get caught. And what will you do by saving
your hands for a couple of more days? Fine.
Then you get your hands chopped today… …and I’ll get it
chopped after a few days. Wait man. And what about them? Who? These poor souls. These sad, helpless,
poor people lying on the ground. I’ll take their money,
it’ll come in handy. I am sure uncle has some too. – Is that all?
– They are poor people. Thanks, uncle. I’ve loaded the consignment, sir. I am leaving now
and will reach Scotland by evening. – Yes, sir.
– Did you hear? Scotland.
Outside the city. He can never find us there. When that cripple and WiFi
find out that we’ve fled… …they will feel really bad. Hello. Pick up some stuff
from Raja sir’s place. I already left for Scotland. It’s urgent. Fine, I’ll turn around. What’s up. – What’s up? – Yeah, what are
you going to say about it? What? You… I couldn’t be any more formal with you. I know one… Has all that money gone to your heads? What are they saying? Put it on speaker. Are you so high that you’ve
forgotten who you’re speaking to? You? I know how brave you are. You hide in the first spot
you see when there’s gunfire. Raja sir got shot in the leg
because you were hiding behind it. Is that your reputation in the market? Let’s not talk about
reputation shall we, cripple? Rascals…you’re misbehaving
with Raja sir. Don’t forget I’ll chuck
all of you in boiling oil. Shut up, confectioner. Use that little brain of
yours which in that huge head. And listen carefully. Now listen,
we’ve quit your job and this city. Don’t wait up for us,
because we’re never coming back. – Understand?
– Understand. Duffer, idiot. Scotland so soon. – Yeah…
– What shortcut did he take? He really fast. Oh no! Hello, Javed WiFi here.
Send our boys in all directions. – And bring me those three. Right now.
– Which three, sir? Mind your own business. Load those three boxes on the truck. – Can you drive?
– Yes. Then drive. Drive the truck. – But I don’t have a licence.
– Licence… What a coincidence. He’s looking for three guys. You called me here for three boxes. Now I’ll take these three boxes
along with three guys to Scotland. Which three guys? Three nice people.
I picked them up at the racecourse. – Racecourse?
– Yes. Brother-in-law…
Brother-in-law, I found them. Brother-in-law…
Brother-in-law, I found them. – Where are they?
– They were right here, sir. They were. Did they turn invisible then? Oh, God. Find them.
They must be somewhere around here. – Chandu.
– Find them. Why are you standing? Chandu. Big words from a weak
stomach…this is a big deal. – Look in the box.
– Papa. Check over there. Find Chandu. Find Chandu. I am looking for him. Find them. – Why are you searching?
– Close the gate. Close the gate. No. Let it stay open. Priest… Let them go. – Why you…
– Get lost. Get lost. Or else I’ll ruin your horoscope. – Fine.
– Leave. Find them. You will come to know. Wait sometime. Search Chandu. Come out! Everyone’s been having
bad luck since they got here. Are these three in my horoscope now? Now I get it.
You three in my car. – Come out.
– Priest… Priest, WiFi’s men must
be all around the city now. If they find us,
we’ll get in a lot of trouble. Priest, don’t you want
us out of your lives forever. Of course. Then only you can
get us out of the city. I would rather get you off this planet. But what do I do? Priest, you find solutions for everyone. So find one for us as well. Take your time. Take your time. – Until then we’ll stay at your home.
– No. Not in my house.
I’ll think of something. – Let me think.
– Think. The priest got us amazing jobs. Yeah. The circus guys will
take us to America tomorrow… …and life will be
great once we get there. And Trump’s life will be upset. America boasts to be a superpower. They don’t know that as soon
as you set foot on their land… …it will turn into Uganda. Isn’t that right, Chandu? Where is Chandu? Jaan, even a stubborn rooster
gets platted eventually. We’ll have to leave this country. When someone enters my heart, he can’t
take a step without my permission… …and you’re talking
about leaving the country. My Jaan, you’re not just my Jaan
but also my life. You have the address, don’t you?
Just get down here. Coming. Rascal. We’re hiding for our life… …and you’re telling
people about our whereabouts. She won’t tell anyone. She is not crazy. I am not going to the circus. Nor did Chandu call me. Bye. Catch him. – How did Raja and WiFi get here?
– Catch them. – How did they find out where we are?
– All thanks to his Jaan. Catch them. Search there. They are not real clowns. Check this side.. “…give me some coin or some breakfast.” Where is gone? We’re not thieves. We’re beggars. Please, help us. – Help. Help.
– Keep moving. Get out. Keep moving. He sounded familiar. – Shall we check?
– Yes. Speak again. Pull his nose. – Raj?
– See. You didn’t leave a single
dime in my pocket to even buy breakfast. This is completely wrong. Uncle had to wash dirty
laundry in exchange for food. So sad… – And she had to wash dirty plates.
– What? – Baby…
– What are you doing? Excuse me. – What happened?
– They are coming. There. Yes there. If they find out you two are with us,
then they won’t spare you. We won’t be able to
live without you either. Okay. Come on,
let’s all die together. Come on. Where is all gone? Lets go. WiFi. Catch them, they are escaping. – In the truck.
– Catch them. Catch them. Move, move. Catch them. Go. Get the car. Stop. I’ll kill you. Papa… No one’s going to shoot.
Janvi’s with them too. Indecent behaviour – We’re stuck.
– Get them apart. Come on, fast. That’s instant glue… Uncle, this company claims that… …their glue can even fix broken bones
which the doctors can’t fix. They are here. Rascals. You think you can
flee with our money and our daughter. I won’t let that happened?
I won’t spare them. Hit him. Hit. Instant glue. My shoes.. What have you done? What are you two doing? Aren’t you brother and sister? She is your sister…
I mean your niece. She is my love. Bloody… I would’ve shown you if I wasn’t stuck. I am telling you because you’re stuck. Leave her. Get lost. Uncle. The enemy of
the enemy is a friend. – Yes.
– Help him. Come on! Stick them too. What are you doing? What do you think you’re doing? Fools. Get we out. Get us out. – What happened this?
– I will see you. You made her stick too. What has happened this, WiFi? They stuck you too. – Brother-in-law.
– Yes. Do you see what they are up to? This means she is not
completely out of her mind. She was giving Chandu her full support. Very good. I am so happy. – You are happy.
– Yes. Enough of this. Where is our money? Where is our money? Floating in mid-air and
still worried about your money. We put it in the bank. For your future. In the bank of Uganda. Bank of Uganda? Uganda. Did you put it in the bank
or gave it away as charity? Uganda. Hold me tight. – Raja sir…
– I want to come up. – Tulli bro…
– Yes, Bulli bro. Look. Turn the car around. Bro… Look who is coming now. You’re firing at us. Put some more. – Stick them. Stick them.
– Tulli. Hey fasto. Lookout. – Are you okay?
– Raj! Truck is coming. Truck. Leave me.. Look out, brother-in-law. Who the hell are you guys? Get out of my truck. Brother-in-law Hold on! – Bridge.
– Bridge is ahead. We’ll have to jump. Stop the truck. – No!
– Jump! Jump! Where are you going? They left. What about us WiFi? We should spend the night in that house
instead of freezing to death out here. So what if that place is haunted. At least we’ll have
a roof over our head. Didn’t you hear what the villagers said? Whoever went in there, never came out. Even their dead body was never found. She is a witch, a ghost that
feasts on human blood. Stop scaring me. What are you saying?
There is no such thing as a ghost. I’ve never seen a real ghost
except for my father and uncle. God promise. Show me that ghost. You’re so naive. We can’t stay in this village either? Those brothers-in-law have
their men looking everywhere. Why is the weather outside
haunted homes always bad? Why don’t they ever put oil in the door,
it always squeaks. “Come a little closer
and steal my peace.” “Take me far away from every sight.” “Come a little closer
and steal my peace.” “Take me far away from every sight.” “How do I say what’s happening to me?” “My heart’s fallen for you.” “Come see me once…” “My heart’s crazy for you…” “…making my life difficult.” “What do I do now?” “My heart’s crazy for you…” “…making my life difficult.” “What do I do now?” “I won’t let you go…” “…now that you are here.” “Because you’ve stolen my slumber.” “I’ve been waiting
for you…my beloved.” “My eyes have been pining.” “Calling you closer to me.” “I want to dwell in your breath now.” “Now I know that you’re mine.” “How do I say what’s happening to me?” “My heart’s fallen for you.” “Come see me once…” “My heart’s crazy for you…” “…making my life difficult.” “What do I do now?” “My heart’s crazy for you…” “…making my life difficult.” “What do I do now?” Sir, here’s your stick. It’s a cane. Yes. And what is this? Donkey instead of a horse. One can only get
a donkey for 100 pounds. How can we get a horse? Yeah. Donkey is okay. But what good is this small cane? – Big words from a weak stomach…
– Wait a minute. That will be 500 pounds.
We’ll get you a new one. Yes. You’ll get your salary. Get out! Get out! Yes, sir. These bloody three idiots
have turned us into paupers. Welcome… Modi sir, take a seat. What brings you to our little place? Place… Bad habit take long to depart. What would you like? Money. Rumours are rife in the market
that you guys have been ruined. The market where this rumour
is rife is right in front of you. Isn’t it true… …that your strong room went
up in flames where your money was kept? It was our money, and it’s gone now. Happens sometimes… Sometimes people fume
when they see other’s money… …and sometimes their
money goes up in flames. And my money. We’ve invested. So we can make quadruple. But I said make double-triple. That was your calculation. This is our arithmetic. Bravo. Big words from a big stomach. – Modi sir…
– Thank you. I am Raja sir. If I shrug my sweater, it rains money. He can’t even pay our salary. Small words from a small stomach. The shrug your sweater
and return my money. We cannot do that. I mean we can’t give it today,
so says the priest. They can’t even pay you tomorrow. I mean…they can’t give
anything for the next two days. Not even free advice. Two days… 48 hours. After that…no more time. Goodbye. Niraj, sir. You can come an hour earlier. We’ve no money for food. How are we going to pay these wolves? And why did you tell
them 47 hours instead of 48? What could we do with an extra hour? Good morning. Good morning. Wake up, everyone. Come on. – I’ve brought breakfast for everyone.
– I haven’t done anything. – You should’ve brought some
black coffee, brown sugar. – Thanks. Where is uncle? I don’t see him anywhere. Where could he go? He hasn’t gone anywhere.
He didn’t come out. Last night he fainted
instead because of the ghost. Faint! I ran over his chest myself. – What?
– Why didn’t you wake him up? If she had stayed back to wake him up
wouldn’t the ghost has taken her too. That’s a point. You should have at least told me. Should I have told them, Chand? No, Jaan. I wonder how he is
and in what condition. If he’s still around. I mean she’s a ghost.
Dinner…breakfast… The ghost must have
made something out of him. No, I’ll go take a look. – No Sanjana.
– Wait. Ghosts go after beautiful girls first. Because they just hate competition. Why don’t one of you go inside? She sleeps in the day.
She is harmless. I’ve heard that they
are active throughout the day. Correct. I heard that too. But someone will have to go.
So who will it be? What do you mean by who? Who has the biceps? Who has 6-pack abs? – Him.
– Right. Go on then. With a body like yours… …you can scare that ghost out of wits. These 6-pack abs can
be attained in any gym. But no gym in this world
helps you develop courage. And I don’t have the courage… Raj…Uncle is the only family I’ve got. So sad. He was a nice man. Poor guy became the ghost’s breakfast. What madness is this? Why am I going inside? I am gone mad. Despite what people say
about your luck and mind. You have a heart of gold. Uncle. She will hear us. Uncle. Uncle. Check him. – He still has a heartbeat.
– Wake him up. Uncle. Uncle.
I’m returning your money with interest. Money…
Where’s my money? I only said that to wake you up. Forget about the money. – Let’s get out of here. Come on.
– Okay. My specs. – Hurry up.
– My cap. Come. Let’s go. What are you doing? Beautiful girl. I want to turn into
a ghost just for her. I love you. “I’ll be yours forever…” “…lose me in your arms.” “And I’ll dwell inside you.” “I admit my love.” “My heart’s fallen for you…” “…because you’re the only one for me.” “Why did you steal
my peace and slumber.” “Tell me why did you make me restless.” “How do I say what’s happening to me?” “My heart’s fallen for you.” “Come see me once…” “My heart’s crazy for you…” “…making my life difficult.” “What do I do now?” “My heart’s crazy for you…” “…making my life difficult.” “What do I do now?” Come on, guys.
She definitely has some kind of reason. No one pretends to be a ghost for fun. Look at her face.
I mean look at her. Look at her innocent face. Look at her painful eyes. She is so unfortunate, so fragile, so… Helpless… Helpless? Does she look helpless to you? Don’t be fooled by my makeup,
clothes, and eyelashes. Hobbies and helplessness
are two different things. Don’t cry, baby… Sorry…whatever your name is. – Kavya.
– Kavya. What a coincidence. I have a liking for
this name since childhood. – Thanks.
– Welcome. So as I was saying,
I came to London to perform in a show. But my luck and the organiser’s
intentions were bad. He wanted to make adult videos with me. Sh** I hate these bas***
What happened next? I hit him on the head
with his camera and fled. You did the right thing. But I lost my passport,
luggage, and money. I was wandering alone, and starving. – That’s when I met that guy.
– Where? Who remembers the location
in such a condition? Stupid. What happened next? He brought me here and offered
me the role of this ghost. Why would anyone
offer anyone such a job? Do you think we’re crazy? Look, missy… I never fainted for so long in my life. Tell us the truth. Tell us the truth right now,
or else I’ll call the Police… Quiet. I am with her. Whether they believe
your story or not, but I do. Let’s go baby. I will hear your entire story,
with the end credits. Let’s go, Kajal. Kavya. Oh yeah, Kavya. Sir, greetings. Its always good to see familiar
faces during tough times. He got a heart attack as
soon as I asked for my money. Your money’s ready.
Take it. We had to pay you 14 billion pounds,
didn’t we… He’s made a cheque for 15 instead. 15 billion pounds. Wait a minute.
Who is Raj? Our servant. So does your servant
sign your cheques these days? No, no, brother-in-law does. Actually, he got a heart attack
before he could finish writing Raja. So what now? Great news from a weak stomach. – Raja sir is awake.
– Come on. Hurry up. Come. Put up a good performance,
brother-in-law. – Saying hello.
– Yes. You will be okay. What is he saying? Wouldn’t you have heard
if he was saying anything? Then what is he trying
to say with his gestures? He’s worried about signing the cheque. – He’s asking for a pen.
– Here you go. He’s asking for a writing pen. This is the only pen I know.
What else? Use mine. – Cheque.
– Here you go. Thank you. Hold it properly. – Easy brother-in-law.
– A… A… A… Sir! – What happened now?
– Doctor! [islamic prayer] He’s only unconscious. [islamic prayer] When will he come to? Whether he comes around or not… …but my money should come back to me. Otherwise when I am through
with his dead body… …even the scavengers wouldn’t
want to go anywhere near him. – Congratulations. Congratulations.
– Raja sir is awake again. – Come on. Let’s go.
– Come, come. It’s the sixth time since morning. – Come on.
– Hurry up. Take it. Was he a dancer? What is he saying now? He’s saying whose pen should he use? Use anyone, but just do it. He is doing. Let him select first. – Here.
– Yes. What is this? He needs something to
keep the cheque on and sign. Give him that. Take this. A… Aalifh. Aalif? Just write! Brother-in-law! What kind of illness is this… …where he faints
as soon as he holds a pen. We’re all stuck on this “A”. How long does it take to write “A”? – One year?
– One year? I mean it takes even a kid one year
before he can learn to write “A”. Once he learns to write A he
automatically learns to write till Z. – A to Z.
– Excuse me, sir. You need to clear this bill first… …So we can start
with further treatment. 10,000 pounds. Modi Sir, please clear the bill. – Me?
– Our money is in the bank. And brother-in-law… When he wakes up and shrugs
his shirt it will rain money. And anyway, we’ve paid you
1 billion extra. We’ll adjust. Mark my words.
you’ll have to pay us back. My money,
my pen, and I’ve to pay the bill. – Keep some advance also, madam.
– Thank you. Modi Sir, what if he’s
trying to get more money out… …of you showing his incomplete cheque? Come on, let’s go check at the bank. I am sorry.
This cheque cannot be encashed. See! I mean…the signature isn’t complete. Where’s the A? Oh, God. Does he have money in the account? I am sorry, sir, but… Mister can you at least tell us… …whether this cheque
can be encashed if we get the A? One minute, sir. You can encash 50
cheques like this, sir. – Thank you.
– You are welcome. Excuse me, sir. Please don’t come anywhere
near our bank again. Or else our plight might
become the same as Indias. – Is it loaded?
– No, sir. WiFi sir… My son. I am looking to adopt him.
He’ll be delivered to your home. Sir…there isn’t even
minimum balance in your account. Deposit some money or else
we’ll have to terminate your account. – Here’s a suggestion…
– Yes. Maintain our minimum balance from
your salary for the sake of your child. So he can be always happy. From breakfast, we’ve moved to lunch.
But that scallywag hasn’t come out yet. Are you hungry? Want to eat. Uncle… I’ve still on base 1…and
he’s graduated to homerun. Sometimes,
luck finds you behind closed doors. What are they doing? It’s neither a big deal or a bad one. We can do it too.
Look… Keep your lips on the cheek like this… …and it slips to the
right place automatically. It’s called a kiss. But papa says that girls
get pregnant when they kiss. Your father is crazy…
to call this love a sin. There is no problem in doing it.
Let me show you. Papa. I am not going to pregnant… – No.. Stop.
– Listen. There was a time when someone
left a lipstick mark on me as well. Raj. Sanjana, baby doll. Rascal. Sanjana. Sanjana. Sanjana. Sanjana. You’re the only property I’ve. And he wants to take over that as well Stop. You’ll get your kiss only
when you return our money. Uncle, I already invested
half of the money in property. Invest the rest as well. Otherwise, how will we make profits?
Go ahead. Niraj Modi is just a tag… This is a result of his bad luck Modi’s grown suspicious. He’s
bringing his entire team of doctors. Brother-in-law,
I think your performance fell short. What performance fell short? I am fainting at the right moment… …then dropping the
pen at the right moment. Should I wake up now? They will put us to sleep permanently. We’re in the wrong profession. I wish we were farmers, then at
least our loan would’ve been waived off. I have an idea.
Let’s change the scene. Scene no. 2. – Done.
– Done. Ramu, you brought rotten mangoes again. Brother-in-law’s lost his memory. – Our gardener looked just like you, so…
– Madhav. How are you, son?
Kishu… Listen, Madhav. Didn’t your girl run away with his lad? Did your girl and boy come back? You two aren’t even married… …and he’s already
making your children elope. Uncle, don’t you dare intervene. – Or else I’ll tell them aunty’s secrets…
– Brother-in-law. God! Great… No doctor in the world can
detect what’s wrong with the brain. Right, Tulli bro? Yes, Bulli bro.
Let’s blow his brains out… …then we can check ourselves. You can’t blow my brains out
because I have the bullets. Allow me to jog his memory. Your boys didn’t bet the money on Lucky. We made our men give them the wrong tip. Would you like a lollypop? There’s a fire…
Run, brother-in-law. – Fire in the hospital.
– How did it catch fire? Why fire sprinklers is not working? Where are you, sir? Run, sir. Come. Hey, WiFi! Where did you go leaving me alone? Welcome. The fire’s not raging in the hospital,
it’s here. He loves to shrug his sweater,
doesn’t he? Now strip him of his underwear. Easy, easy.. Don’t kill us. Don’t kill us. I am very innocent and naive. When he said he’s having an attack… …I really thought he’s
having a heart attack. He said he’s lost his memory, and
I thought he’s really lost his memory. He fooled me like he
fooled the rest of you. I am like your son. Would you like to shed some
light on this issue, Raja sir? It was his idea. He told me making a fool
out of you is not a big deal. He was right.
We fooled all of them. These bloody… Did the chandelier that fell
on your head crack your skull? We’ll fix it. We’ve all the arrangements
to jog your memory. And when we’re through with you… …you’ll look like you’re
doing disco lying on the floor. Mercy, Modi sir. Mercy. We can do the disco
for you without the torture. Look. “I am a disco dancer” Just give us a little more time. I’ll return every
penny I owe you, I swear. I want all my money back. And who will lend
you that kind of money? My beggar king…
Who will help you? Tell me. Papa. Papa. Papa. Papa. Papa. Papa. No one will harm them? Is it loaded? Mine is. You want money, don’t you? Then take your money with interest,
right now. Dollar, Euro,
Pound, Indian Rupee, what do you prefer? – Girlfriend?
– What do we care? First, we called out
the master’s on their bluff… …now the servants
are playing games with us. – Right, Tulli bro?
– Yes, Bulli bro. Do you have money to
pay rent of the cars… …or are you going
to beg to Modi sir as well Uncle… Give them the money. It’s a big amount. Send your men to the car. Come on, guys. Quick. – Keep all the money here.
– Keep? Mafia uncles, these people
burned more money than you ever earned. She will get us killed? – Tulli bro?
– Yes, Bulli bro. – Are they…
– Real. We didn’t count but must
be a few million extras. We didn’t bring the machine,
how are we going to count them? No need. My eyes are the currency
counting machine. Even if I look at money, it
automatically reveals to me the figure. All here? All there. Okay then, great.
Are you two coming or waiting? – Yes, yes. Let’s go.
– Come, come. – Chandu baby let’s go.
– Follow me. – WiFi… Brother-in-law.
Don’t leave me alone. See Raja sir, this is a reality. When you run out of money… …it’s the relatives that
turn their back on you first. Amazing. That was really something, wasn’t it? Yeah, but how do you think of it? I mean it just comes automatically. I know that the date
changes every day… …but there comes a
date when your day changes. How did they get hold of so much money? Did you use all the
money to bail us out, or… No, no. We used just a small share. That’s all. We’re going to invest
the rest in the business. Eiffel Tower,
Taj Mahal, Statue of Liberty. We’ve made an offer for all of them. All this is government property. You’ll squander money and
yet get your hands on nothing. We’ll tell you what
to buy from whom and when. Make us your partners. No, no, no…
we can’t make you partners. But why? Because we’re white-collar people… …and you guys are criminals. Please help papa and uncle. Can you guys mop the floor? Good. Start from that room. Okay, follow me. – Junky.
– I am just kidding. We want to buy properties. Why don’t you guys get it for us?
And we’ll give you a 10% commission. If you get us properties
worth 100 billion or more. Then even you make 10 billion. – Done! Done!
– Good. What done? You mean from Dons we’ll
become brokers for their sake. You two are already broke.
There’s no shame in being a broker. Let’s come up with a better name then. Like financial advisor.
Chartered accounted. Then arrange for a grand party. And invite all the
rich people in the city. They should know that three rich
businessmen have arrived in their city. “Let me tell you a story
about a girl from UP.” “I prefer girls more down to earth
but she was drop-dead gorgeous.” “Let me tell you a story
about a girl from UP.” “I prefer girls more down to earth
but she was drop-dead gorgeous.” “Her curvaceous body
now I am addicted to her.” “I was shocked
when I saw her…” “What?” “Sway her hips.” “Sway her hips.” “The way you…
Sway her hips.” “Sway her hips.” Modi sir, we like your hotel. Do you know the price? Can’t be more than my shirt’s sleeve? “Sway her hips.” “Sway her hips.” “I’ll convince your father
lay siege on your home.” “Give me your permission
and I’ll abduct you from your home.” “I’ll convince your father
lay siege on your home.” “Give me your permission
and I’ll abduct you from your home.” “Sway her hips.” “The way you…
Sway her hips.” “Sway her hips.” Your hotel and your resort… …now belong to us. – “Sway her hips.”
– Cheers! “The way you sway
your hips gets me high.” “…I chucked all your
lovers in the river.” “The way you sway
your hips gets me high.” “…I chucked all your
lovers in the river.” “You’ve started a riot in my state.” “Now the entire state is in chaos.” “Watching you…” “Sway her hips.” “The way you…
Sway her hips.” “Sway her hips.” “Sway her hips.” “Sway her hips.” “You’re so naive…” “And I am crafty…” “I’ll abduct you from your home.” “You naive…” “You’re so naive…” “And I am crafty…” “I’ll abduct you from your home.” “You naive…” “Sway her hips.” I am dead! Where is my money? I am ruined. They left nothing. Anybody there. Uncle. What are you saying, Niraj? You’ll give me a heart attack! Where did our money go? Who can do such a thing? ‘What treasure did you find?
Tell me?’ ‘You can say that
we found your treasure.’ Niraj, why don’t you say something? Did you get a heart attack instead? No, uncle. But the one who attacked
me will now get a heart attack. I will ruin them. I won’t spare anyone, uncle. What’s wrong with them? We even sold their property
which they didn’t own. First, they showered flowers on
us and now they are showering bullets. Come out otherwise
I’ll blow up this entire place. Come out, you two brothers-in-law. Let’s chat. Come out, everyone. Niraj…what crime did we commit now? Crime… I didn’t know you
were such crafty buggers? Crafty? Buggers? Where are they? Where are your three tamed donkeys? Donkeys? But we don’t keep donkeys.
We only keep horses. He means those three clowns.
Your servants. They are no longer our servants. Since they found the treasure,
they have become our bosses. Boss. Do you know what treasure those
rascals found? Do you have any clue? If we knew,
wouldn’t we have looted it before them? Must be of some Ali Baba’s treasure.
We don’t care. That Ali Baba is me. That’s my treasure. What cave did you hide your treasure… …that they found it so easily? It was stashed in his secret bungalow. Those rascals used his money
to buy his property and ruined him. He even sold our
property along with his. He assured he will take care of it… …and even kept our
entire money in his treasure. Those rascals are not capable
of such a devious plan alone. You two must have trained them. Baba Jani, we used to be Dons. God father. But we’re reduced to Brokers now.
Agents. Rascals… I loot and plunder the world… …but you two looted me. Together you made my plight so bad… …which I couldn’t even do with India. This is not your fault. You see, those three fooled
us along with all of you. Fine, I want all my money, with
property papers, and those three alive. Along with their girlfriends. Modi Sir, excuse me. Do you believe in the stars? Yes, we do. Very good. Then please don’t call them here. Because if they come here, then… Don’t be scared. Say it. If they come here, you’ll get defaced. Is it loaded? It’s loaded. Sorry, sir. WiFi, let’s go. Let’s go and bring those three here. Yes, which car, brother-in-law? I’ll go on foot! Let’s go. It will take you a long
time to walk with a crippled leg. You stay here. You’ll go alone. You have one hour,
and you know where to go. Don’t you? Yes. Your time starts now. Don’t worry, brother-in-law.
Don’t worry. I’ll go like the wind,
and return like a storm. Hey, three idiots. Where is everyone hiding? The treasure you guys looted,
do you know who it belongs to? Niraj Modi. And do you know who he is? He is a thief. A dacoit. Traitor and a turncoat. He stole the hard-earned
money of millions of Indians… …and hiding out here. Raj used to work in the
bank where he stole money from. Even he lost his job like many others. Many were jailed. Some of them even committed suicide. The day I saw him… I wanted to strangle him that day. So none of this was unintentional. – You were…
– We planned everything. The money doesn’t belong to him,
It belongs to India. That’s why we bought all
his property with your help. So we can take him back
to India along with the money. But before that, he will kill
all of you, me, and brother-in-law. We’re not worried about our lives. We won’t regret if we
sacrifice it for our country. And as for Raja sir and WiFi… You two would’ve died anyway… …if this money
hadn’t saved your lives. You can forget your country, WiFi sir. But your country never forgot you. You owe every breath to your country. I don’t care about any country. The country that failed me. I’ve quit that country. Then why are you sad every
time Virat gets out at 99. And that’s not all, Sanjana… Whenever India loses a match,
he thinks the match has been fixed. You’ve distanced yourself
from the country… …but the country always
dwells in your heart. It still beats in your heart. “All our deeds will be for you,
o Motherland.” “I’ve given my heart…” “…and also my life,
for you o Motherland.” “We’ll live and die
for you my motherland.” What is this? Not our old street food business again. Get lost. Don’t worry, brother-in-law. They are true Indians. Where is my money? You fraud! Fraud! What money? Is it Loaded? Then unload it. Stupid… Shoot here. Mad females. They can’t shoot here. Otherwise, they are dead. And if they are dead,
then the money goes with them. And if the money’s gone, then so is he. Really. He is a insolent. Look, you see…
they are bigger scoundrels than you. We’ll get your money. Modi Sir, lend me your gun. Relax. You should have targeted them. Now…where is the money? Or else I will shoot them. Papa. What do you mean shoot them? My daughter’s with them too. Hello. What? Janvi, come on this side. – Dear come here.
– Chandu, come with me. No. – Papa!
– No, no. He’s your future son-in-law. – No, I said.
– Papa… Papa… – Okay, fine. Come on.
– Chandu come. – Go ahead.
– I am like Modi sir’s daughter. I used to work at
his bungalow as a ghost. Yeah… You too. Yes! Wow! If she’s like his daughter,
then I am like his son. Come on. Okay. Easy. – Excuse me.
– Yes. Can I come over too. You don’t get to move. Because you’re neither
my son-in-law nor his. Correct. And if everyone changes
sides then who am I going to ask? Who am I going to ask? Take my gun. Tell your women to put their guns down. Guns down. – Guns down.
– Put it down. – Put it down.
– Throw.. Put it down. Put it down. – Put it down.
– Come on! Raj. Sanjana. No one dared to raise a finger at me,
and you pointed a gun at me. – I will kill your…
– Wait. Here…
Here’s your money. Hello. – How was the trip, uncle?
– Shut up. It’s back.
My money’s back. 10% is ours money. Isn’t it? How much money could this be? Well…even if everyone grabs a bundle,
they can live in luxury. What are they saying? How to become rich. Their entire generations
can live in luxury. They will roll in Mercedes. – Wow!
– I am feeling to take money and run away. Idiot…stop trying
to provoke my people. They are loyal to me. They won’t lift a
finger without asking me. I am not some angel who won’t
change loyalties for so much money. My boys…keep this
money in Baba Jani’s car. My boys…keep the money in my car. Tulli Bro… I am your older brother. No brother, lover, or mother. Money is all I know. Put the money in my car. Bulli… They are fighting… – My neck. Leave…
– Come and get it. Come and get it. Come and get it. Come and get it. Come on! – Very good. Come and get it.
– My money. My money. – Move..
– Come and get it. – Where are you going?
– Let’s go. What is going no? Things happen when they
are supposed to happen. Very good. Take money and run! Run! Stop or else I will kill you. I am Niraj Modi. Gujrat’s lion, raised in Palampur. I am a lion. I can pull your guts out. Are you scared now? Getting goosebumps. You’ll get it too. Look behind you. Palampur’s lions are coming this way. Turn back, idiot. Help! Brother-in-law, lion! Run. Run. Where did these lions come from? Let’s go in car. Where did these lions come from? Priest, what do the stars say today? – The lions are going to have a feast.
– Damn! These expensive cars…
don’t have a decent door. Uncle’s fainted. What kind of uncle is he?
He keeps fainting all the time. Everyone’s inside the car, and he… Driver… Me…at the back. This window is not working. Brother WiFi Brother… When in trouble,
people resort to any means. I am just calling you brother. Excuse me. Yes, lion. Strong words from a weak stomach. Big words from a weak stomach. He’s got big jaws
and even bigger stomach. “Singham..!” Thank you. One selfie. – One selfie, please.
– Please stop for mother’s sake. First sister now a mother. What do you think you’re doing? Where did these lions come from? Why don’t you go ask them? Go… Why did you lie beside me? If the lion finds out that we’re acting,
he will eat us. How will he know? He’s a lion, not a donkey. He is coming. Did he run away or is he still here? Are you scared now? They are so huge, anyone will be scared. Raj! Chandu! Junky. Sorry folks. Don’t get afraid. They won’t harm anyone. I can understand Junky. But Chandu and Raj? Gone. Where were we? Looting the money. Then continue. Loot the money. Take all money. Come on. Take it all money. Rascals, I’ll get your
kidney transplanted to my dog. You ruined me. Abracadabra You bloody rascal. Idiot, rascal, miser. Miser? Wow! – Where it come from?
– Don’t know. – How?
– But that doesn’t make any sense. Everything doesn’t need to make sense. If someone talks sense
in this senseless world… …then that senseless statement
might actually make sense. And living with a
senseless man like you… …means everything in
the world starts to make sense. – What did he said?
– Well said. Superb! Unbelievable! Oh no! Uncle. Uncle. I am ruined.
They left nothing. These people distributed all my money. Have you lost your mind? These three are born paupers. And they turned these
two into paupers as well. If someone’s looting their
money will they just stand and watch? Think about it. What do you mean? I mean that money was fake. You mean they… Not them.
Him. WiFi… Now tell us where is the real money… …which they are dreaming
of taking back to India. Not just the money, we made a plan to
take this little guy to India as well. But I guess God is very kind… …that he’s sent you as a bonus. Look around you. I can think of 2 dozen
ways to get the money out of you. See. Come on… Now tell your God
to stop uncle if he can. – Uncle!
– Uncle get hurt. Uncle! Hurry up! Bulli! You.. Sir, late again. I had to take him back
to India along with the money. Had to go through a lot
of Interpol’s formalities. Sir, we’re just small fish. There are bigger crocodiles
who fled with more money. We’ll start with you
and the rest will follow. – Shall we go?
– Just a minute, sir. I have a gift for you
from the people of my nation. Give it to me. – Shall I?
– Give it to me. If you had hit any harder
he would’ve landed in Tihar Jail. I said you’ll get defaced. Now see… Priest, you said something
about Raj as well. I did… But I just realised that
your intentions are clean… …and you’re honest,
then even bad luck can’t harm him. – Great.
– Pandit is also well said. Right? Sorry, no comments. Ladies and gentleman now I am your DJ What are you doing? Action! Sometimes, behind closed doors… One more. “1,2,1,2,1” In the age of emails and whatsapp who
the bloody hell writes a love letter? My line was first which they ate up. – They ate your lines?
– Yes. It’s okay. Look at him. “Don’t rack your brains
because they don’t have any.” “There’s none like them
In the other world as well” Otherwise I’ll.. Otherwise I… What? “Don’t rack your brains
because they don’t have any.” Cheapster. Rough. “They think of many different things
when the bell in their mind rings.” “Madness…” “Madness…” “Madness…” I forgot dialogue… “Madness…” – 48 hours..
– It’s 47.. Oh yes 47… Cut.. Donkey is okay but… Cut. Cut… He is saying… cut. Skydiving was your idea. Cut it. You’ve brought sour mangoes again. “This is madness.” “This is madness.” “We’re a little bad by nature.” I don’t know what’s happening. “Even rascals sweat in front of them.” “They bow to them.” He’s fainted. Fainted. “Why they think himself smart?” “Tell me what you want” “Taking wrong advantage
of my kindness” 700… I gave you cheque book. “He is behaving like
a crazy monkey.” “Madness…” “1,2,1,2 go, go.” “Madness…” “Madness…” Like this, up… Wait a moment… We all are crazy…” “Madness…” My passport, money
everything left there. “Madness…” Are you still acting or is it over yet? Brother-in-law!
02:28:16,760 –>02:28:00,000
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