Pagalpanti Trailer – Anil, John, Ileana, Arshad, Urvashi, Pulkit, Kriti | Anees | Releasing 22 Nov

Warning… Please don’t use your brains
because they have none. I thought they will hang
us upside down in the water again. Every time they come
up with new innovative ideas. Be gentle. “Madness…” No one would keep his
money in their bank… …and you let him work here. He isn’t just bad luck… Bad luck follows him like a magnet. You can’t imagine what
calamity is going to befall him. We believe in science, not nonsense. “Don’t rack your brains…” “…because they haven’t got one.” How will you address my daughter? Sister. I can tell you how many seashells
did he sell by the seashore. Unfortunately,
he doesn’t sell seashells. And he’s never been to a seashore. You haven’t, have you? – What would you like?
– Money. I want all my money back right now. We can all be millionaires. Have you lost your… – Hey!
– Hey! – No, no!
– Rascals! Brother-in-law! Guys who die like
this are martyrs for you? – Yes, why?
– We call it a pathetic way to go. Look at her innocent face.
She is so unfortunate. So helpless… So… weak. Do you know what my
papa’s favourite song was? “I am stuck on you…” “…and my heart skips a beat.” “Because you’re unique.” Blasts are pretty common at our place. If someone talks sense
in this senseless world… …then that senseless statement
might actually make sense. And living with a
senseless man like you… …means everything in
the world starts to make sense. – Wow…
– What a… “This is madness.” “This is madness.” “This is madness.” “Madness…” Brothers-in-law are like besties,
you know. “Madness…” “We all are crazy” “Madness…” “Madness…” Are you so high that you
don’t know who you are talking to? You… I’ll throw you in hot oil. Shut up, stupid. “This is madness.” “This is madness.”


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