Paisa Vasool (2018) New Released Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Nandamuri Balakrishna, Shriya Saran

Brother.. We were born together,we
were brought up together.. ..saw the ups and downs of life.. I cannot count how many
bottles we must have emptied. But.. left me alone my brother.. Sorry, really sorry.. Hey, keep it on brother.. India, India killed my brother. Hey, where is Rajiv..what is his name? Trivedi.. That bloody officer.
I will kill that rascal. My brother. I swear upon our mother. I will not bury you alone. I will bury the one who killed you. Get lost.. Hey brother Pathan. Work is done. Yes I know. Saw it on TV. Brother is very happy with you. Brother Pathan,
make me meet Bob Marley once. Please.. Brother Pathan,
make us meet Bob Marley. For so many years
we are working for him. Tell us the place and time.
We will reach. Okay, I will talk to brother. Now we will meet in Dubai. We shall meet beautiful
girls and do party there. We will enjoy but remember one thing.. ..there should be only
one echo heard in entire India.. ..and that is only Bob Marley. Come on.. Get away from my path.. I shall kill you easily.. – I shall shoot and do
bloodshed so easily.. – Come on.. It is black business
so get away from it.. You know what we will do with your
daughter if the money does not reach us. Daddy, save me from them.. Get lost! Come on.. 1crore.. – He is the person.
– Is she the one? If within 20 min it does not
reach then your daughter is gone. Out, out..get lost.. Brother.. Brother said so.. Come on.. Come on get lost.. Get lost! Come out.. Just wait and watch
if I do not get money.. Go. Okay I will tell.. Look, a minister has to be killed. What is the name of your new shooter? Aslam.. Okay send him.. Bloodshed so easily.. Good morning sir.. It is black business
so get away from it.. Come on get lost.. Brother.. Bob Marley..kidnappings,
murder and extortions.. This Bob Marley is playing with us. Even being powerful we are
not able to do anything of him. Because of interference
of these politicians.. ..we had to release Bob Marley. And because of them we
lost our most special agent. If we want to do anything
then these politicians stop us. Nothing is going
to change in this way. If we work legally then
nothing is going to change. Let’s kill Bob Marley outside the law. Okay sir. What do you suggest? Identify such a gangster
who can do our work. I need a mean,
dangerous and a rascal fellow. Where will I find him? “Paisa vasool..(money recovered)” “Paisa vasool..” “Vasool, vasool..” “Paisa vasool..” “Vasool, vasool..” “Paisa vasool..” “Come on beautiful girl..” “Come on. How are you beautiful girl?” “Let’s do hugging and kissing..” “Beautiful and fair..” “Beautiful and fair..” “Vasool, vasool..” “Paisa vasool..” “Vasool, vasool..” “Paisa vasool..” “Paisa vasool..” “Paisa vasool..” Greetings, beautiful girls
and their brothers and you too. You are a friend and I am a friend.. If you spoil my mood then
I shall kill each one of you. If crime was a sport in Olympics
then I would have brought gold medal. Never try. Don’t irritate
me or else you will die. Understood young girls,
their brothers and you.. I am Theda, Theda Singh.. I have less brain but
always ready to shoot. I shall tell you my
own history and geography. I have just returned from Tihar jail. 40 robberies,
have killed 30 and 20 are in hospital. You will find all this
on Wikipedia with my photo. I have dancing talent
with me like Michael Jackson. Are you all paralyzed?
Clap your hands. If you want to kill someone
then come and meet me here. Now go to your work. Come again tomorrow. Hey beautiful, come here. Have a seat. Just touch me. Oh, you have high fever. No fever, only heater. This is just because I saw you. Oh baby, I will massage you with hot
oil and make you bathe with cold water. How much will you give me? You greedy woman. Where did you keep all those ten
rupee notes which I bestowed on you? Big notes are here. Aren’t you feeling greedy? Come on let’s go home baby. Don’t worry about the change. – Baby.
– I haven’t stolen anything. Hey, just stop here. Stop. Keep the change. I will get engaged with this girl. Let’s enjoy in the five star house. – Baby..
– Yes. Which of these houses is yours? All the houses below the sky are mine. You select whichever you want. Should I select? Yes, select. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.. That one. This one, let’s go. This one has an air
conditioner and a fridge. Who is here so late at night? Who are you? Should we pay a game? What did you say? Do you want heads or tails? What do you mean? Tell me, do you want heads or tails? I want heads. Oh my God, it’s tails. So what should I do? – You get out.
– What are you doing.. Let’s go dear, you come in. Come in. Are you drunk? Stop. – Didn’t you play a game with me?
– I did. Didn’t you lose? I lost so? This house is mine, get out. Hey, do you know
whom you are talking to? I am an advocate. Are you trying to take over my house? Do you even have an idea
of how many cases I have won? Bob Marley’s gang
is my client as well. Oh wow. Knocking at the door in the
middle of the night, Section 346. Getting into a private property
and fighting, Section 544. Seizure, Section 87. I will file 25-30 cases
like these against you. I will also file a case against you. Which section? Under Section 101, we will
land into the conclusion directly. Try and see. Hey, what are you doing? Do not press the trigger. Hey, you don’t know about me. My brain is as fast as
the bullet of the gun in my hand. I think less and drink
alcohol without soda. Hey, what are you saying? Someone will file a
murder case against you. Will you come from
heaven to fight the case? I will kill you,
right now, right here. Now utter a word. Just see what is happening. What is happening? Get inside, let’s go. Where did my baby go? She ran away. If you start firing
she will not dance. What did you say? She might have got
scared from you and not me. I had made the entire
schedule of the night, uncle. With whom should
I spend the night now? Go and get her. By the way, who was she? She was a bar dancer. I don’t remember the name
and you know the bio data. Your face shows your character. Tell me how did you get her details? Oh my God. Got scared? You all don’t know, the people
of the colony, I am your neighbor. I am sleepy, I am going. Is this drunkard staying here? Yes I think so, mom. My house.. Let’s go. Get inside. Yes sir. Come and take these
things at a cheap rate. – Take three for ten rupees.
– Hi.. Hi. We will go to the
beach and have snacks. I will make you eat ice cream,
I will make your hair properly. I will drown you in water, then.. Hello.. You have washed the clothes properly. Indian ladies do the household chores
properly, and then she looks pretty. You are the pride of India. Girls like you have
made our country proud. Jai Hind. There was a nurse in the Tihar jail. You look just like her. Her name was Mariyam. What is your name? Harika. Wow, different name. She used to stare
at me just like you do. Now what can I do,
God has made me so handsome. Maximum girls have tried
on but I paid heed to no one. But I will give you a chance. Hey, Mariyam. My name is Harika. It might be but I will
call you Mariyam only. I will have a bath and come. Make breakfast for me. Come brother. He is inside. Hey. Hey. Hey, are you inside? He is surely inside. Why isn’t he opening if he is inside? He might be having a bath. Hey, come out. Your father has come to meet you. If you are strong, come out. Uncle, you said that the
gang will come and you brought him? Leave me. If you are strong come in front. I will not leave you. I don’t like your face
and you can’t see mine. Hey uncle, where is my breakfast? Which breakfast?
When did you tell me? Then to whom did I say? Yes, I told it to Mariyam. Mariyam, Mariyam.. Excuse me, madam is calling you. Greetings madam. Greetings child. Have a seat. Tell me what the matter is. My sister had gone to Portugal for
some work, she hasn’t returned yet. She had called. She said that she has been granted
a leave and she is coming to India. It’s been more than two
months but she hasn’t returned. We aren’t able to
communicate with her. Her phone is also not reachable. She isn’t even replying to my emails. I couldn’t figure out whom to talk to. That’s why I have come here. Please help me madam. I am really scared. I hope nothing has happened to her. What is her name? Sarika. Oh, for what work had she been there? Hey beautiful.. You trapped me alone
and you are in a disco? I had made the full payment right. You were calling me baby,
baby, and baby. What happened then? Then you fooled this
baby and went away. At one o’clock midnight
you did this to me. Don’t you feel sympathy for me? Sorry baby, I got really scared. Oh why do you get scared? Come near, my car is in fourth gear. You are so hot. – Get aside.
– My beloved. Come here. There he is Theda Singh. Today I will see your face. Today we will complete
our love story beautiful. Don’t cheat on me today. The reflex actions
of my body are very strong. I see such rascals with my third eye. Hey, hadn’t I told you
not to show me your dirty face? Don’t you understand Hindi? You don’t know what you have done. Do you even know who we are? Have you heard of Bob Marley? I don’t know anything
but the Mansion House. That Mansion House belongs to me. Ask him to empty it. That house is mine. That house isn’t yours but mine. Come on, vacate the house. Okay, go ahead. Where will your bed be after that? What did he say? Have you lost your
brain along with your hair? He said he will seize your house. What did you just say? Say, say it again. Where do you want me to bury you? I have opened goldmines
by winning gold medals. We have no competitors in the market. Uncle now I am feeling pity for you. I am thinking what will
happen to you if I beat them all. Hey, don’t spare him at all. Give him death not medals. How will they kill me? Here if they touch me
they will go up straight. Kill him. This body is made in Hanuman Gym. Once more. You bald man, I have beaten
up many people in the Tihar jail. You all are nothing in front of it. Hands up. – Hey get up from here.
– Wait! Stop it. Why are you targeting me? You are under arrest. Beautiful, you aren’t a man? Assistant Commissioner of Police. Assistant.. Yes. Sir, we have found who we wanted. I think he is the right
guy for our mission. How can you be so sure? He is as strong as a lion. He isn’t scared of anybody. He hits first and
then thinks about it. He is not an ordinary man,
he is like a bullet of a gun. And his biggest plus
point is his anger. Talk to him. What happened? Your looks have changed. Actually the thing is
that I respect ladies a lot. Hey stop talking nonsense and sit. What is your name? Theda Singh. Your name? I am Kiran. Where are you from? I am from the village. Your address? Hey, I just said my name and now
you want my address as well, you fool. Answer what you are asked. Lion doesn’t have an address. The jungle in which he
stays becomes the address. As soon as I enter,
everyone runs away. But if you want to come in my jungle,
I give you an open invitation. There is a river this side,
if you want you can bathe in it. I will also come. Don’t speak too much. Answer what you are asked. Okay, I am asking you again. Tell me what your address is. Look madam. If you are so much interested
in me then remember one thing.. ..whether you marry me or stay
in a live in, I will ever leave you. We will run the house
with the help of your salary. It seems you will
not understand politely. I have another way as well. I did not understand madam. Tell me now or I will put
you in jail and make you do yoga. Not yoga, we will make love. Now tell me with
whom are you connected? All efforts have gone in vain. There was nobody in my life
and nobody will come after you. How was the dialogue? Very bad. My homeless heart
wants to stay with you. Please say yes. Why did you go to the Tihar jail? Assam’s chief minister
had some problems with me. They gave money to the biggest do and
his son of Bihar and plotted to kill me. They sent a shooter to Chhattisgarh,
but he couldn’t hit the target. I landed in Kashmir. He had sent some goons. What happened next,
I smashed 12 goons. But who respects honesty here? They sent me to a new address. Room of Tihar jail, batch number 523,
B Block and cell number 42. And Charles Chobraj was my roommate. I want to recruit you for some work,
will you do it? I will not do it. If you don’t do this I will
get you locked in Tihar jail again. Tell me what the work is. We want to kill Bob Marley. Who is he? International don. Madam I live in a three by four
colony, see the neighbor’s daughter.. ..drink the quarter in my pockets,
so how can I kill Bob Marley? Do you even know who he is? He isn’t a human but a venomous demon. He is a part of every crime. Real estate, share market,
everything is in his hand. He is controlling the
whole country with his power. He doesn’t deserve to e alive. Politicians have kept
our department suppressed. That is why we cannot do anything. What are you thinking about? I gave you two thousand rupees
last night, but got nothing in return. If I could recover anything? Think of crores and not thousands. Our department will support you. All cases against you
till now will be suppressed. Madam I will have to kill
many others before I kill him. Will you give me a license
to kill certificate like James Bond? Yes of course. So think he is dead. First I will get into
his gang from the back.. ..and the kill everybody
from the front. How is the idea? Excellent. Even you come and
meet me sometimes, madam. Let’s keep in touch. This James Bond needs you in time. If she smiles then she is trapped.. Sir.. Sir.. What happened about the case?
Did you come to know anything? The shooter was caught last night. – What is his name?
– Aslam. Did he tell anything? We gave him third degree
but he did not utter a word. But today night we will make
sure that he speaks everything. All names will be revealed
till tomorrow morning. He was a minister. He was killed. We have grown together. We did so many things together
for the benefit of people. Together we served our country. If not today then tomorrow they will
stop me from doing social service. Find out who he is.
Kill the one who is behind all this. If a minister is not safe then
what will happen of the common man. – Run..
– Save us.. Help.. What has happened? Run.. Sir, a bomb blast has
taken place in the market. Many innocent people have died. What happened? A bomb blast has taken
place in the market. Many people have been killed. In which direction is my country? Some selfish people
have made the country hell. Enough. Find out
each one and kill them. – Okay sir.
– Do it. Get back.. Get back.. Get back.. Wait here. Get it here. Get the ambulance here. They kil them.. The bomb blast that took
place in the market was ours. You are right. You were asked to kill ACP. Why did
you get a bomb blast in the market? Public should be killed. Till
today this has always been happening. On seeing this ACP will
reach other without knowing.. ..that he is going
to die there. Boom.. Just keep one thing in mind
that Aslam should not open his mouth. There are many things to be
done and only Bob Marley can do that. Hail to Bob Marley.. Hail to Bob Marley.. Hail to Bob Marley.. Brother, will you take me to a place? Yes, of course. Where do you want to go? – SR Nagar.
– Okay. – Hey, get out..
– This is my auto. Nothing is ours on this earth.
Everything belongs to God. – Where are you taking my passenger?
– What kind of insolence is this? – This is my auto..
– Where are you taking me? – For the first time such a beautiful
girl sat in my auto. – Help.. Hey, keep quiet. – Accident..
– Help, help.. Hey Maria, how come you are
in my auto? Are you following me? Do follow me..we both are interested.
So don’t try to be innocent. “The car is running fast
and I am remembering my lover..” Will you tell me
where are you taking me? I am not taking you
but I am going to my house. Prem lane. House number 420 Please stop the auto.
I will get down here. I will not stop. Do you know why? You had come in my dreams last night. Why did you come? – I did not come.
– Didn’t you come? Do you know many people
come in dreams after drinking? What did you say? Then in the morning
we forget who came. Right? How do I know? Right or left? Left, left.. – This side.
– Okay. Okay, Prem lane house number
420 has come so I am going. Don’t stare at me.
Come on sit in front. Go home safely. Your mother is finding a son-in-law. Quite possible. Now there is no need. I will come home in the evening.. ..and ask for your hand
in marriage while drinking tea. – What?
– You have turned red feeling shy. This guy is really mad. I accept you and you accept me. Full money recovered. Yes, tell me. Brother Babloo,
sir wants to talk to you. Hey, who sir? Theda Singh. Sir.. Because of this lawyer we are
unnecessarily creating problems with us. Let’s settle our matter and after
that I will tell you a big secret. – Come to the meeting point.
– Yes. I can see lust in eyes of everyone. I am a loving man
so will talk lovingly. Sit down, sit down.. Come on sit down. Come on, come to the point. Lady police has given me
a bumper offer to kill your boss. Today if I kill you all then
she will give me a lot of money. But my heart is very
soft so I told her.. ..what the fun of
killing these fools is. Are you speaking the truth? Hey you, I always speak the truth. If I commit once I do
that work whole heartedly. Hey, tell us what you
think about Bob Marley. Neither you nor your useless
department can harm Bob Marley. Hey you fool,
forget about the department. Whatever I said is final.
Do not challenge my ego. Hey, you all men. There would be no
benefit by fighting amongst each other. We all will have to make a new party. I am ready to become your leader. I will double everyone’s payment
and will give over time separately. Sit down. Sit down. Let’s
move ahead with love and affection. Tell clearly what do you want from us. – Tell us.
– Friendship.. Forget about fighting and enmity. I will give you all
information of the police. And will give your
information to police. Hey, do not do anything of this sort. If you do so then
we will be in trouble. Okay I will not tell but
in return you will transfer.. ..this lawyer’s palatial
house in my name. What nonsense?
Every time you are after my house. I know that which black
money you have taken that house. Tell me shall I reveal the secret? We are friends now
so let’s take a selfie. Everybody, come in the frame. Even mine.. Am I coming in the frame? What is it?
Is the police playing some new game? – What is his name?
– Tedha Singh. Tedha Singh. Okay do one thing.
Ask your men to keep an eye on him. Find out which officer
appointed him and why. Stop the car.. Look, this is the same girl.
Go and catch hold of her. – Get a side.
– What are you doing? – Brother, what is the rate of this?
– Yes, madam. – 20/-
– Yes. Eat chicken, mutton, crab and get protein from this. Don’t waste time in buying vegetables. – Brother..
– Yes madam. – Give me 1kg brinjal.
– Take. Hey, brother..she asked
for it and you gave. Shall I give you one? No.. Mariyam, if you cook vegetables then
I will not come for dinner at night. Who has invited you for dinner? Haven’t you invited me? Are you going to ask for
auspicious time from the priest? Who else do you and
aunt have except me? Mariyam, I am showing you my loving
side and you escaped from the side. I am not Mariyam.
I am Harika. Please don’t follow me. Hey, the entire world follows me.
Tedha Singh does not follow anyone. Then what are you doing now? Backing, following,
moral support, marketing.. Brother, brother.. – Yes madam.
– Give me 2kg tomato. Hey Mariyam, everything is made here.. ..and you are asking
brother to give you tomatoes. If I am in good mod then
I can make you eat food.. ..and if I get angry
then can kill also. Darling is here. Market is clear. Last time when I met
your sister on 17th April.. ..she had said that she was
going to Portugal for sting operation. After that we had talked
only once and then no contact. According to office records
she was in four different hotels. And one more important thing. Her last credit card billing
was at an Italian restaurant. I am in touch with Portugal officer. He has said that as soon as he comes
to know anything he will tell us. I have a request.
Do not come to office till that time. No one should come to know
that you are Sarika’s real sister. But.. As soon as I get some
news I will call you. Sir, sir.. – Tell me, what is it?
– Sir, I wanted to talk to you. Shall I come in?
Hope you will not feel bad. Of course come in without any fear.
I do not feel bad at all. Sit down. Thank you. Why did a coward person
come to a strong man? I came here to play
a game of head and tail. Do you want to make me homeless? Of course sir. If you win then the house is yours but
if I win then what will you give me. What can I give you sir?
I just have this life of mine. Then give me. Sir, sir why do you life
it on every petty issue? Hey, you have promised me. If you break your promise
then I shall cut your tongue. If you are smart then
I am smarter than you. I am much more intelligent than you. Why did you come
here and instigate me? Sir, sir please wait sir.. Take out the coin.. I will take it out immediately.. Here it is. Tell me what
will you take? Head or tail. I always choose heads. Spin it.. Remove your hand.
Let me see what has come. Sir, I will not remove the hand.
I am feeling scared. Will you not remove it? Just see whether there is
your house in destiny or my bullet. Sir, it is tails.
I have won. Now this house is mine. – Yours..
– Yes. You are saved. Take it. You are saved
and so is your house. Hey Sambha, how many men were there? I was enough alone. His qualities are same as his name. By eating Benarasi betel
leaf your brain starts working.. Thank you sir.
Good night. I am going to sleep. Why are you going so soon?
Won’t you play a game with me? I am not capable of playing a game.
I have got retired. Have you got retired?
Am I running a government office? Take it out. Spin the coin.. I am sorry sir..I beg of
you..please sir I fall at your feet. By saying that you will fall
at my feet you are folding hands. Wait, wait..hurry up.. Come on hurry up. Come on. Move. Come on hurry up. Hey, who are you all? Search the house. You go that side. Come on I will show you a movie. Wait sir..they are goons.. Leave it lawyer sir. I am not scared. Come on. What are you doing? Leave me.. Tell me where is your sister? Has she given any file?
Has she given you anything? – Which file?
– Tell me otherwise.. I don’t know. What are you doing? Tell me where is the
video and photographs.. ..that your sister took of our boss. I don’t know. – Will you tell me or not?
– I really do not know. I don’t know. Greetings, brother.. What are you doing here? Who are you? I want tickets for two corner seats.
He wants to see action movie. There is no movie going on here.
Get lost. What else is this if not the movie?
I am the hero. You are the comedian and
the villain touching my heroine. I had told you that
this is action movie. Increase the volume
of background music. If you instigate mad person
then you will be crushed. Hey, why is everyone’s photo blur? I am seeing double.. Even then I alone can thrash
you and your blurred photo.. Come.. Here goes the blurred.. Ready, steady.. Come.. – Leave her..
– Get lost! – Come..
– Leave. Get inside. Where are you taking my daughter? – Leave me..
– Come.. Leave me.. Come.. Come.. Come.. Blur.. Now die.. I am don, I am don.. I am don.. Hey, did you find anything
from the girl’s house? We did not find anything. Then kill her immediately. We were about to kill her
but a hero entered and saved her. Who is he? Tedha Singh. Tedha Singh.. Good morning, madam. Can you tell me that
why did they attack you? I do not know madam.. But surely they had come to
know something about my sister Sarika. From the time she is
missing we are worried. And now these goons
re after our lives. I am very scared. I think something
has happened with my sister. Do you remember what did
they specifically told you? About what were they speaking? They were saying that someone
has recorded videos of their boss. They were asking about that. We will find out. Please help me to find my sister. Please help me madam. I will help you but
he will help you more. He likes you so that is
why he can do anything for you. If you remain like his shadow
then you will surely get your goal. Rest I will take care. Tedha, Tedha Singh.. – Little straight and more crooked..
– Brother Tedha, how are you? Hey, take out a bottle for brother. Brother, chilled beer.. Drink it without any fear.. Hey, why did you thrash him? Not only him,
but I will thrash everyone. Is this your friendship? If you are my friend then
how dare you touch my girlfriend? We do not know anything.
We did not do anything. Then surely Bob Marley
must have done it. I will not spare him. Why are you talking nonsense? I was born crazy on the hospital bed. Tedha, my name is Tedha Singh. From today no friendship. Only war. Don’t call me or message
me on what’s app. I will block you
on twitter and facebook. Delete my name from drunkard group. Don’t waste time as I
don’t want to see your face. No one will get any warning.
I will straight away shoot. You.. You became serious, brother. Our deal was from tomorrow so
why are you wasting the bullets today. I will kill you, right now. Then shoot. Hey, scare someone else
with these bullets and not us. – What shall I give you?
– I will tell you at the right time. Tell Bob Marley, that he started
but Tedha Singh will finish it. Sometimes this man looks
straight and sometimes crooked. What should I do of him? Again and again he is saying
that he will kill Bob Marley. Who is he? Police appointed
him and send him here. He was the one who interfered
in the girl’s matter. He can create a problem. Find
out the background of Tedha Singh. Oh wow! What is it?
Did you get dressed for me? Why are you feeling shy? All this is for you. What is so special today? Today is Karva Chauth. What does that mean? Today girls pray to God that they
should get one husband for seven births. Girls pray this to God not for
their husbands but for their benefit. How? It is very simple. In the first birth you will give us
training to wash clothes and utensils. And then for next sven births
you will marry the same husband.. ..because you will
not have to give training. You will have fun and poor husbands.. ..have to do work outside
as well as at home. Do you know one thing? I too
would like to give you such training. Really? Of what? When I ask you to stand then stand and
when I ask you to sit then you sit. And eat whatever I give you to eat. In the beginning
every girl talks sweet. And cheats later. Give..make
me eat this sweet betel leaf. Madam, all information about
Tedha Singh turned out to be wrong. – What?
– Yes madam. He has never gone
to Tihar jail till now. Few days ago we saw his CCTV
footage at an international airport. He was coming from foreign. Hello, we have got
information about Sarika. Sorry, she has been killed. She has been murdered. I am sending you the photograph
of the person who killed him. Please check your e-mail. Sir, we have received
Tedha Singh’s photo. You will be surprised
when you see his photograph. Is he the same man? Yes sir, he is the same. Will you see his photograph? Don’t show me.
I don’t want to see his face. Show me his dead
body once you kill him. Take as many people and
weapon as you need but kill him. Kill him. Come on, let’s go. Look over there. Check there. Come on. Go there. He should not be able tom escape.
Find him properly.. – Check the bathroom.
– No he is not. He is not here.. Look carefully. He is not here.
So what should we do now? She stays in the
house opposite to his. Kidnap her and then
he will automatically come. Don’t worry. The work will be done. What are you saying? You will not
be able to destroy anything of him. You know nothing about him. I know him. Call me if you remain
alive after meeting him. Understood. I will give you whatever you wish for. If you order then shall I kill him? It is not possible for you to kill
him. He is a killing machine. A bomb. I know him well. Do one thing. Without showing
any smartness kidnap that girl. By inviting a wild lion to the railway
station you have invited your death. Cowards like you are not worthy
of instigating brave people like me. Leave my girlfriend otherwise
see each other for the last time. Hey, don’t just say dialogues. I am not going to get scared. Do you think a coward
like you can scare me? All those who are in a
hurry to die shall come to me. I am giving you all one last warning
not to scare you but to alert you all. You all just have 30
seconds to remember your God. Once the time is over you will
neither get extra time or apology? Your life is your decision. Happy journey.. Hey, he has gun in his hand. Come on.. It is not allowed to
leave the game in between. Open hands, open offer.. Hey why are you aiming the gun at me? What did you do with my sister? You killed her. The way you are killing people
shows how big a criminal you are. Tell me that did you kill my sister? Why did you kill her? Tell me. Only two people can shoot
me on my heart. Fans and family. Outsiders not allowed. Because of gang war that
took place in the subway.. environment of fear
is prevailing in the city. This fight took place between
two gangs of underworld.. which many people
died because of firing. A gangster by the name
Tedha Singh killed 30 people. Police is investigating
the reason behind these killings. It is said that ACP Kiran
has put Tedha Singh behind bars. They have put him behind bars but they
will not be able to keep them for long. Who are you? Where have you come from? Tell. Tell us your true identity. Even dead bodies speak here.
Who are you? Has your investigation completed? – Come on speak.
– Not yet.. If he remains in jail
then how will we kill him? It will not be able to happen now.
I will call you later. If he tells the truth
then I will lose my position. Sir, I will call you later.
I will not be able to talk now. Hello, hello.. Sarika’s mother and sister are very
sad. At least tell them the truth now. My husband died in a road accident. With great difficulty
I brought up my two daughters. My elder daughter became
responsible very early.. ..and used to do hard work for us. She is not just my daughter
but mother to both of us. Because of her our
problems got solved. A helpless mother is
standing in front of you. Tell me where my daughter is. Tell me where my daughter is. Tell me where my daughter is. What has happened to my daughter? I met Sarika for the
first time in Portugal. [Regional language] Portugal.. [Regional language] Portugal.. Taxi.. What the hell are you doing? Hi. This is Tedha Singh,
your taxi driver. Why are you doing rash driving?
Can’t you drive properly? I saw you from there and
thought that you are made for me. So I drove fast so that no one takes
you before me and I remain unmarried. What if I run away from here? Run away? How does it matter
to me but you will repent. Tell me where do you want to go? Central Park. 100 Euros to go there. That is too much. This is your problem. Go walking then. Then do not say that one
black did not help another black. Hey, you may be black but not me. Leave it. We may be fair but these
foreigners will consider us black. You are talking like a bloody racist. You differentiate people
because of complexion. These foreigners are better than you. – I am going..
– As you wish. I am going.. – Go, go..
– Okay.. She is beautiful but
does not have brains. What different times have come? If you try to help someone then
you get thrashed and curse in return. She will soon learn a lesson. Hi, Central Park.. 200 Euros. Okay, thanks. Try again.
There is one more taxi ahead. – Hi.
– Hi. Central Park.. 250 Euros. Okay..God.. Look once and then again,
again as my beloved is beautiful.. At the end of the day
we all are blacks, man.. Baby, how are you? Don’t call me baby.
You are talking rubbish. What is this? You have problem when
I call you black as well as baby.. Where do you bring
so much negativity from? Take some positivity from me. I agree that my name is
Tedha Singh but I think straight. Stop, stop.. When will you learn
to put brake, Tedha? – A delivery needs to be done.
– Tell me the address.. You know very well that.. You know,
normal delivery, normal rate. If the police chase us,
then double rate. Okay, done. Whose luggage is this? Mine. Then you must take good care of the
drugs in my bag like you take of her. – I am there.
– What? Okay. Madam, please shift. I must keep my bag. What are you doing? What’s in the bag? Sweetmeats..sweet as you are. Go. Whose bag is this? How can you take this bag
when I am already in the taxi? Stop! Stop the car! Will you please get down? Fasten your seatbelt. Tedha Singh’s flight
is going to take off. What? Stop the car! Stop or I will shoot. 84-26-FF.. They are trying to escape. Are you a smuggler? No! I am a freedom fighter! I fight for the freedom of smugglers. What are you doing? Move. Stop the car! Stop the car! Stop the car! I said stop the car! If they ask me whose bag is this,
then I’ll tell them it’s yours. No! Then why were you yelling
at me to stop the car? Stop! My God! Get out of the car. Come out. I said come out. India gets a bad reputation
because of people like you. You’re a smuggler. Why didn’t you choose
a different profession? You could be a singer,
you have a decent face. You could’ve acted in films. Pay me 200 Euros. Hey, said 100. 100 for bringing you here. And 100,
for listening to your bantering. I am not going to pay. And if you try to bully me,
I will file a police complaint. No one’s stopping you. Go. The further you try to go,
the closer you’ll come to me. I will make you pay, with interest. And offer that money to God. Boss. Boss. Boss. “Move from my away, or I will..” That bloody encounter specialist
is trying to be smart. Make an example out of him. His department should
be scared to see his death. Boss. Boss. Boss. Yes, sir. This one’s nice as well. Okay, sir. Shanti. Stop. Shanti. Stop! Stop. Where are you going? Officer, look here. Leave me. Let me go. Papa. Save me. Papa. No! – Let my son go.
– Come.. Come.. Jai. Jai. Boss, the job’s done. Boss. Boss. Boss. My name is Bob Marley. Hey, did you get here? Who gave you the address? Are you following me? You found out that I live here alone.. ..and now you want
to take advantage of me? If you bother me anymore.. ..then, I’ll file a
complaint with the Police. Oh.. They will put you in jail. You’re illegal,
criminal, smuggler..blah-blah-blah. You don’t know me. Don’t think I am weak
because I am a woman. What is this? You ordered something. I was delivering this. But after hearing your banter,
my mood has changed. I’ll give it to the police instead. No, no, no, no..please. This is very confidential. I see.. If I deliver something,
it’s smuggling. And if you do it, it’s confidential. If I do it, it’s rape. And if you do it, it’s a miracle. I had my doubts about you. Come inside.
Let’s go talk inside the bedroom. Why did you come to Portugal?
Tell me why? Stop your bantering. Time to tell the truth. Sit down here and tell me. You have a computer. You have binoculars. Why do you need a hard disk? The hard disk is blank. What’s in this box? Are you a terrorist or a journalist. Keep it down quietly. – I’ll crush it right now.
– No! Oh no! Baby, listen. I came to this house because
of your nonsense banter. And now I had to sit on this
sofa because of your over-acting. If you try anything,
the bedroom’s nearby. No, no, I won’t say anything. – Then, let’s make a deal.
– Yeah.. I am illegal here, and so are you. Yes. I am dangerous, and so are you. Yes. I am black, you’re black. Yes. We’re black. Then put your hand in my pocket. – No.
– Do it now! Did you find anything interesting? This is my visiting card. Tedha Singh, Taxi Driver. 24 hours service. You accept me, I accept you. Pleasure doing Business. Hello. Hello. – How are you?
– I am good. – Hello.
– Hello. – Hi.
– Hi. – Bhai.
– Hello, Mr. Mathur. – How are you?
– How are you? – All well.
– All well, all fit. He’s my brother, Sunny. – Hi.
– Hi. Do you know how lucky you are? It’s not easy to
have a brother like him. – You’re a very lucky person.
– Yes. I am very lucky to have
a big brother like him. – He gives me anything I want.
– Come, let’s go inside. [Prayer] [Prayer] I want that girl, brother. Which one? The bride. Do you want her now? Or later? I am going to have
my wedding night today. Meet my beautiful wife Lisa. Today is your wedding night. Stay at my bungalow. That’s my treat for you guys. Thank you, sir. I hope you guys are happy now. – Yes.
– Thank you. Leave me. Leave me. Sir, I love her so much. Please don’t do this to me. – Please.
– No. He’s my kid brother. My child. What if your brother had
demanded something like this? If my brother was
so cheap and a lowlife.. ..then I would’ve to slit his throat. You can do anything in life,
but never abuse my brother. He’s my kid. Hey.. Hey, ..get up. He won’t get up. He’s dead. How can he be dead? I just talked to him. And shoved him. Try to understand. You stabbed him during
the conversation. I don’t remember. I didn’t kill him. When he abused your brother,
you killed him in a fit of rage. It happens. He’s gone. Hey..stop. I love your brother. He’s so cute. Actually,
we’re both very cute and naive. That’s how God made us. No! Leave me. – Stop.
– Let me go. No! No! No! No! No! No! Brother, after a peg of the
good stuff even a fly looks bigger. That’s not a fly, it’s a drone. Someone’s recording a video. Go and catch him. Go.. Am I on this video as well. If I am on it,
they want you to be on it. Oh, God. I am doomed. If the media gets hold of this clip.. Relax. Relax. Bro..the lion was facing me. There was dense forest all around. That hungry lion was on dieting
for three days. Do you know what happened after that? He came in front of me. Our eyes met. I brandished my sword. I looked at him. He looked at me. And I walked in his direction. My blood was boiling. – Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!
– I looked into his eyes. Reached for my sword
and cut off his tail. – You don’t believe me, don’t you?
– Why wouldn’t I? Because your reaction looks so fake. I made that lion bald. And after that,
I went straight to the circus.. ..submitted my application and they
had a spot free for a ringmaster. But they made me a clown instead. Do you know what happened next? This Juliet found her Romeo. She used to dance
overwhelmed by my love. And I would be in Cloud nine. But then one day I found out, that
she was in the arms of the villain. I knew that she was two-timing me. Hey.. She would spend more time with
the elephants, dogs, and chimpanzees. I had no respect. Why didn’t you tell me before? You’re two-timing me. Wha..what are you saying? Stop talking. Its beautiful girls like you who turn
guys like us into drunkards. Am I right? Absolutely right. Say it correctly. Yes.. How will we heal this
wound given by love? By dipping it in Rum. – Then let’s begin.
– Like this. – I do not drink.
– You think I do. Who is this Juliet? She is asking about your Juliet. Answer her. Answer. I am a fan of NBK. I have 101 fever. My nurse told me..take medicine. “Serpent dance.” “Serpent dance.” “Serpent dance.” “It’s Serpent dance.” “Serpent dance.” “It’s Serpent dance.” Oh, God. Hi. Why are you making such rotten face? What’s wrong? I was really stupid to
lock horns with a taxi driver. Later I found out
that he’s a smuggler. Last night I found out another thing. He’s a drunkard too. He made me drink too. And, I don’t remember
what happened after that. I don’t know what,
and how much he made me drink. All I remember is that
we danced a lot after that. I think I opened up a little too much. That’s okay. It’s not a big deal. Tell me, how does he look? He’s not that bad. You lucky girl, have fun. But I tell you, dangerous fellow. Forget it. How is mother? Wait, speak with her. – Sarika.
– Give me the phone. How are you, dear? I am not good. What happened? What’s wrong? Harika told me that you’re
not taking your medication on time. It tastes awful. 6 in the morning, four in
the afternoon and seven at night. I can’t swallow it down. If you don’t take your medicines,
then I will stop eating. Don’t say that, dear. Harika. Yes, Sarika. Call me when mother takes her pills. I’ll eat after that. Fine, you win and I lose. So when are you coming back? I have an important job, mom. I’ll come back as soon as I finish it. You’ve given me this excuse before. What is your important job? Brother, I saw a really beautiful girl
in the coffee shop. I tried to talk to her.
Would you like to see my bungalow? What? I even caught her hand,
but she kicked me. I want that girl,
I want to shatter her pride. Look at the CCTV footage. See.. she’s taking your pictures. Brother, could she be the same girl. Something’s not right. Bring that girl here. Go. Who is she? Is she an Indian spy? Or did one of my enemies
send her after me? We must find out at every cost. Search in every corner, every street. Check in every hotel.
Every coffee shop. Check every girl with an Indian name. She is definitely a spy. Excuse me. Have you seen this girl? Hello. Parcel. – What size?
– It’s pretty big. Fine, keep it in. Let’s go. Let’s go. The way you sat in my car, meaning
there’s a dead body in the back. Yes, dead body. Then why didn’t you say it before? I charge double for dead bodies. How much? – 1000 Euros.
– 1000 Euros? I’ll hire another taxi. Pay 2000 Euros for getting in my taxi. Why is that? Plus cancellation charges. You’re going to make
me pay cancellation charges. Don’t show me this toy. Or you’ll turn into
a dead body paying for it. Don’t touch. Fine, I’ll pay you whatever you want. We’ll see. I don’t want to get myself screwed. Stop boring me. Let’s go. Let’s go, please. Okay. Now open the boot. First my payment. First get my stuff out here. First, pay me. you know who I am? Bob Marley’s brother. Bob Marley. The singer. I am a big fan of him. Even I can sing a little like him. Will you pay cash or
should I start singing? Why you.. You take cash. Here you go. Come on. Hey.. Hold on. You said it’s a dead body. But the body is moving. Body movement,
I’ll need double payment. Get lost. I won’t pay. What can you do? What will I do
I am your brother’s sister. – Not stupid like you.
– What did you say? Stop arguing with this rascal. I’ll deal with him. It’s all about money for everyone. Now go. “Let’s go my sweetheart.” “Let’s go find another fare.” “Let’s go my sweetheart.” “Let’s go find another fare.” Bro, why did you
have to abduct my girl? – Your girl?
– Yes.. We just became a couple. I promised her to take her
out for coffee after the delivery. It took me a lot of effort. Don’t you want me
to go for my honeymoon? This man’s driving me nuts. Kill him. Bro..if I bow, things will get easier. But if a wolf like you
challenges a lion like me.. ..then my reputation will be ruined. So I’ll drink coffee with her, and
your reputation will be ruined. First, do some net practice,
then challenge a world class player. These are no ordinary hands,
this is a claw. Go play with these hands. They are not meant for fighting. And that’s knockout. Time to celebrate. “Hurraay.” “Hurraay.” Tedha..Tedha singh! If that video leaks out,
I’ll be in trouble. My reputation will be tarnished. Kill her. Just kill her. And get me all the evidence. I am an investigative
journalist in BBC. I came here to make a
documentary about Bob Marley. I know he’s dangerous. But still, I requested the
channel to let me pursue this project. He’s the most wanted criminal. I’ve been doing research
on this project for 2 years. I’ve gathered enough evidence. He’s connected to
every mafia in the world. Not just that. Indian Politicians are involved too.
Now I will expose him in and out. Being a girl,
you took such a big danger. Who else is in your family? Mother, younger sister. I am doing all this to support them. Mother isn’t well. Sister needs a good education. I don’t have any personal
ambition in life. I never had a dream for myself. I stopped thinking
about getting married. Even if I like a guy,
I don’t think I can marry him. How can you do such a thing? It’s a good thing
to live for your family. But there’s nothing wrong
in ogling at a handsome guy. Even if I find one,
how will I recognize him? It’s easy, take a right turn. You’ll see him wearing
a leather jacket and goggles. Say yes to love. And he’ll show you
every nook and corner. But I don’t see anyone. Are those beautiful
eyes short-sighted? A cold breeze is blowing. Come closer or you will fall sick. And you’re wearing fewer clothes. Leave me. What? What? Today is my last day here. Where are you going? India. Why? My job here is done. Your job is done. And now you’ll go..leaving me alone. Goodnight. I am sitting here,
and you’re going to sleep. Can’t you sit here
for a while and talk to me? I can sit, but you’re drunk. You got me high. Go and sleep if you want,
but keep the doors open. Goodnight. Strange. Don’t you dare touch that door! Get lost. Don’t be a spoilsport. Ohh.. Go ahead. Gaze at her all you want. Can I ask you a question? Do you have to go? I have to. But I may come back. If I return to Portugal,
will that same taxi driver.. ..wait for me at the airport? Will you pick me up? I will have to. Because you’re black, and so am I. My sister’s calling. Hi. Are you coming today, dear? I am on my way to the airport. I am so happy. I am very excited. See you soon. Follow them. Brother, you should protect
yourself before killing him. If you get trapped,
you will all be dead. Do you know who he is? He’s the best
sharpshooter in the world. He knows every form
of combat in the world. Judo, Karate, Kung Fu. He’s seven-degree
black belt in Shaolin. He’s a RAW Agent. Best RAW Agent sent
by Indian Government. He’s been sent here to kill us. Stay away from here. In fact, you should run away. Get out of there. Hurry up. Don’t just stand there.
Hurry up. Get out of there, now. Come on. Quickly. Are you crazy?
Come on. Hey.. I came here two months ago. Two days ago I decided
I will kill you here. Imagine who brought you here. Hey madman. It took me years of hard
work to become Bob Marley. And you think you can
kill me with a small gun. I don’t need a gun to kill you. This finger is all I need to kill you,
Bob Marley. Listen. What do you want? What do you want? Do you want Portugal? I can give you entire Portugal. Stop bantering. Portugal doesn’t belong to you. No! No, wait. wait. wait. Don’t shoot. – Sir.
– Where are you? I am with Bob Marley! He’s at my gunpoint! Leave him. What? Leave him, Bala. It’s an order. From Central Minister. Sir, it took me two
months to find this rascal. He killed all our other RAW agents. How can you tell me to leave him? It’s a government decision. Leave him. Bye. Brother, kill them both. Sarika. Don’t spare him. Kill him. Sunny! Sarika. You’ll be fine, Sarika. I am there. You’ll be fine, Sarika. Don’t worry, Sarika. You’ll be fine. Sarika. You’ll be fine, Sarika. You’ll be fine, Sarika. Don’t tell my mother. Sarika. Sarika. Sarika. Take care of my family.. Sarika. Sarika. I love you. Sarika. Sarika. Sarika. Sarika. Sarika. Sarika. Sarika. Sarika, open your eyes. You cannot leave me, Sarika. Bala. I am wounded, sir. What? Where? My heart. I am bleeding, sir. I am dying. I am dying, sir. You can’t die, Bala. You can’t. Bye, sir. Bala. I let Bala go on your orders. Bala! Bala! Sarika is dead, sir. That rascal killed my love,
and then he shot me. I am dying. I am dying, sir. You can’t die, Bala. You can’t die. It’s too late now, sir. Bala. Jai Hind! Bala. Since that moment I hated my job. I assured my department
that I’m not alive. Sarika gave her life for me. I couldn’t tolerate that. The film Sarika made
was a threat to her family. That’s why I came here to save you. That Minister will not spare you. But I’ve sworn to kill anyone
who poses as a threat to you. Yes. Sir, the Tedha Singh in our custody.. he’s RAW Agent Bala. It’s difficult to say whether
it’s true or he’s lying. Because only you know the truth. I need your confirmation, sir. Bala is still alive? Pass the phone to him at once. Hello, sir. How are you, sir. Bala. I will be with you in 2 hours. I will get you out. Yes. Someone shot the RAW
chief today in broad daylight. It’s hard to say who
is behind this attack. Is this the handiwork of terrorists. He’s been admitted
in the government hospital. And, his condition is serious. The Police are
investigating this incident. According to the sourced,
they haven’t found any clue yet. Hey.. you should’ve shot
that old man couple of more times. Go and kill him! I want good news. Open the cell! Let me out! You’re charged with 20 murders. We cannot let you leave
without confirmation. And RAW chief is in a coma. Then talk to the RAW Agency. I want to come out at any cost. My work isn’t finished yet. When the RAW chief appoints someone..’s a highly confidential matter. There’s no picture or record of him. He reports directly to the chief. What does he do? What is his mission? No one knows. Then how will we identify him? There is one option. Whenever the RAW chief
interviews someone..’ll find his physical records. If we can reinterview him, and
we get some answers to the questions.. ..then he is the man. We’ll interview him again, sir. Expert in shooting. He can empty a whole
magazine into a bulls-eye. I know his punch power. The name is Bala. Bala Krishnan Nandamuri. Tell me the names of
the top Mafias in the world. Jamaican. Albanian.
Serbian. Israeli. Mexican. Russian. Columbian.
Japanese. Chinese. And Sicilian. Which is the most dangerous
organization in the world? Sinaloa Cartel. Mexico. And Boko Haram, in Nigeria. When did the Soviet
Union disintegrate? Due to the failure of KGB. People from many faith
and religion wanted freedom. How do you end terrorism? No one can end terrorism until
we don’t change the way people think. Terrorism can never be over. Do you like communalism? I don’t have an objection with anyone. I observe their positive
and negative points. What was Hitler’s biggest mistake? He made many mistakes. But attacking Russia during
the winter, was his biggest mistake. If the third world war breaks out,
what weapon will they fight with? Sir, I don’t know about
the third world war. But I know that the fourth world war
will be fought with sticks and stones. I like it. Purpose of the UNO. Establishing peace,
which is impossible. Why is the CIA top in the world? It’s not CIA, it’s MOZAD. Israeli secret agency. Can India and Pakistan ever be one? They will fight over
the national flag. They will fight over
the national anthem. They will fight over
the national language. Even if they agree,
they will find a new excuse to fight. We can never be one. What is new war strategy? – Economic Hitman.
– Explain it. Imagine a foreigner in India. He’ll talk about economic development. He’ll get us loan worth
millions from the World Bank. And our country will
never be able to repay it. Recession begins. Then, some other country
will rush to our aide. He will lend us money. And in exchange,
he’ll make his base in India. He’ll launch every product in India. Taxes will increase. Our own people will
be jobless in our country. That’s what gives rise
to communist and terrorist. They will play the card
of faith and religion.. ..and also sell us weapons. We’ll be slaves again. Our coming generations,
will live and die for them. They will rule our country again,
without waging a war. That’s the new war strategy. Are you ready to die for your country? I was born to serve this country, sir. How do you want to see your country? Self-sufficient, honest, disciplined. Patriot. Brave. And a true patriot. Who can die for his country? A true patriot will never
hesitate to die for his country. So every person must have patriotism. Every word of Jana-Gana-Mana
should run through our veins. No person should forget that
he owes every breath to his country. India is my pride. This is the only country
where we are one. No community, or religion. We’re Indians first. India is great. Don’t suppress this feeling. India is great. Let the world know. Every farmer,
every woman, every child.. ..even the child in her
mother’s womb should say. I am an Indian. With patriotism,
we can fight terrorism. Jai Hind! That’s why he’s licensed to kill. Mister, come on this side. I know you fired at the RAW
chief on the Minister’s orders. Tell me where’s your boss. Tell me. I need a lift to Delhi. Pilot Delhi. You’re smart. Bala. How are you, sir? I am so happy to see you alive. Even I am happy to see you alive. I made a mistake, Bala. I should not have stopped you. I am sorry. Now go and kill Bob Marley. I was really angry
with you that day, sir. After letting him go, he shot my love. I couldn’t tolerate it. I decided to take
up this job on my own. For two days and two nights,
I searched high and low for him. Then, on the third day. He came to the graveyard.. ..where his brother’s
body was supposed to be buried. I was waiting for this moment. You came here to bury
your brother’s body. And I came here to bury you. I will bury you in the graveyard. You’ll have to dig
a couple of more graves. I am going to bury all of you alive. I swear.. No one will leave alive today. Let’s see if you can escape. You don’t burn people alive. Only dead bodies are burnt. Are you a man or a monster. You didn’t take pity on a dead body. You blew up my beloved
brother to smithereens. That’s how I am. I will blow everyone to pieces
until my rage doesn’t calm down. Why you.. You shouldn’t have done that. Come on. Are you done yet? Can I begin now? Hey.. Hey you.. Wait. Now you cannot harm me. Now I am safe. I’ll stay few days in jail,
then I’ll come out and go home. What will you do now? What will you do? Get lost. Why are you arresting my brother? – Hey..
– Come on. – Let’s go.
– Wait. – Get in.
– Wait. Wait. Don’t put him inside. He’s not my brother. Don’t arrest him. He’s not my brother.
Don’t arrest him. He’s lying. He’s not my brother. Stop the car. I said stop the car. So you’ll go home. What kind of a man are you? I have a small brain, but big hands. Let’s see you get out of this. Officers,
don’t put us in the same cell. Please. Please officer. Who said you’re going to jail? What are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing? Stop. Stop. Hold him. Don’t.. Leave him. You like calling people, don’t you? Now make a call. Hey, ..are you still alive or dead? You’re not dead yet. I am still not calm yet. How do I calm this anger? Get lost from here. That’s how I killed him. The Minister was running
all his illegal business. He pretended that Bob
Marley is still alive. He’s our enemy. That’s why I played a game with him. Tails, I win. You promised. You’ll let me go if I win. But I didn’t tell you how. How? I’ve delivered Sarika’s
video to all the news channels. Sir. Get well soon. Let me know when I’ve
to go on my next mission. – Bala.
– Yes, sir. I have the details
for the next mission. Are you ready for it, Bala? Sir, I can even give
my life for my country. And I am proud of my country. Very good, Bala. Bravo. Mr. Tedha Singh. Where are you? Wandering in the jungles.
I am hungry and thirsty. I lost my wife, so I am
thinking of renouncing the world. Who else is with you? 10-15 dangerous people,
holding tridents. I’ll come to meet you
after I cater to them. Stop. I always do action with music. Play as loud as you can. Wasn’t it fun enough? Do you want more? One-two-three.. hit it! How many times do I have to tell you? Only friends and family. Outers not allowed.


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