Palace Of Fine Arts San Francisco HD 1080p

This building is fairly new. You can get food and drinks here. The wind is strong, because the ocean is right behind us.
I’ll show you the view on the way back. This is the restroom on our left. This is the front of the restrooms. Let’s continue our walk to The Palace Of Fine Arts. The modern building next to Palace Of Fine
Arts housed the Exporatorium until they moved. It’s a week day so less people. Our walk will head to the other side of the pond. Dude, get out of my way. You can rent these bikes fairly close to here. Concerts, events, weddings are sometimes held here. Even with a professional microphone with a “dead cat”,
nothing hinders the wind in San Francisco. Thanks to these two foundations, this structure is still
here for all of us to enjoy. These trees bloom white flowers and great for portraits. It’s in my photography website. A lot of weddings go through here. I’m shooting one next month too. The streets are wide enough for tour buses
and limos to easily drive and wait. I’ll scan this sign so pause if you want to read. I’m so hungry, I can eat five of these… kidding. These must be Europeans, because there is a cool
breeze like air condition on high here. The Marina District in San Francisco is very upscale. My 30mm can’t get all of The Palace Of Fine Arts. This house has beautiful landscaping. Heading back to where we started so I can
show you the San Francisco ocean view. On weekends, the path ahead would be filled with people, running, biking, etc. This is where we started. Today, fog over the Golden Gate Bridge. Alcatraz Island. Thanks for watching and stay tune for more.

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