Palakkattu Madhavan Tamil Full Movie

Milk. Here, quick, I have to go. Milk. – Good morning.
– Good morning. Wake up and drink coffee. Abhi Amudha Still sleeping? It’s time for school Wake up. Brush your teeth – and have coffee.
– Okay mom. Sleeping irresponsibly. We work together
but go separately. It’s time for office Don’t be late again. We’ll wake dad up? Do it. Don’t make noise. Introducing the hero in a
bike race would’ve been nice. But should I be
introduced with a bite? Abhi Amudha Have you taken the books? Quick, it’s time. Leave. Quick. Come kids, get in. – Chittukuruvi
– Yes? – You amaze me.
– Why? You deliver milk at 6 drive the auto by 8 and during lunch you provide food
for the employees. What about the nights? I work as a husband. My husband has never seen dawn. What a blessing, his life! Bye. Bye. These lice in your
scalp are troublesome. Koki aunty your thousand rupees. Lakshmi I was expecting
interest this time. But you returned it immediately. You could give it later. Debts are troublesome. It’s better to return soon I’ll leave. – Signed and leaving?
– Yes. I leave without signing. The Whites make us work from abroad
and that’s called a call center – Hi.
– Get lost. The same respect everyday? If it’s okay with
you, we could.. Shut up. I told you to be early but you’re late again. The officer is angry. Forget that. Officers are jobless and while
away inside an a/c room. The rest here are workers Thats called an office. Look at how I handle it. Good morning. Madhava! Idiot. Idiot. The time is 11. Your wife is on time and has a good status. You’re always late,
are you senseless? I’m screaming and
you won’t answer? This knife is your
answer, get up. Get up. You are worried about
me being late? Did you ask why the
trains are late? The Neyveli (electricity
unit) electricity? The Cauvery (river) water? Why Krishna’s (river)
water never reached? In a 50 overs match why are the last 5
overs are delayed? Gas cylinders are
late every month, did you question it? Sun rises at 6 one day and 6:15 another
says the calendar. Did you ask the sun
why it’s late? Why nod and not answer? The knife slits 1/2
an inch if I do. If you don’t it
will be 10 inches is that fine? Your decision? I will tell you in a while. Late again? Lakshmi. Prepare my resignation
letter, quick. – What are you saying?
– Do as I say. Are you mad? Have you thought
about our family? You are talking about revenue I worry about respect. He speaks ill of me I find it insulting. Don’t make me sound
like T.R (actor). Type it quickly. Are you typing it or should
I do it with mistakes? Type it. – Hands are shivering, get it quick.
– Done. Quick. Lakshmi. I’m being considerate
for your sake. Do you know how
insulting he was? I could fire him right now. Only if you could. I have decided, here is my
resignation letter. I’m leaving. Madhava this is a good job,
don’t lose it. Is this a good job? For your 12,000 salary from morning 9 to evening 6 you exhaust us. Target being your reason. I don’t like this. I’m leaving. Soon, I’ll earn more
than her, or else my name is not Madhavan. I’ll see you. What will you do now? I pity you. Milk. Good morning. What? You are opening the door. Who else will open my door? I was told you
haven’t seen dawn. – On the TV news?
– Your wife. Chittukuruvi Limit yourself with
delivering milk Stop your gossips and leave. – I wonder how she lives with him.
-Come here. You want to know how? Why don’t you stay and
observe for 2 days? Yay! – Move.
– What? I wasn’t serious, how could you? Wait this looks like my shirt. It’s old so your wife gave it. I have my old briefs,
do you want them? Exactly. You earn right? Buy your own stuff, go. Oh lovely dove Hey Rajini (actor) already did
this in Annamalai (film). Stop this and deliver milk. Go. Lakshmi? Wake up. Has the 20-20 match started? Forget 20-20. If you’re okay Can we have a drink and start our match? – Shut up.
– Here’s coffee. You made coffee? Will Saravana Bhavan’s
(restaurant) owner do it for you? Of course me. Drink it. – Where are the kids?
– They fell in to the well. Then? They’re asleep, it’s only 6am.
Drink it. I get it now. When you were working you wouldn’t wake up till 8. You resigned now, that is why you woke up by 5. Like school kids. Hey shut up. That’s over the limit. Last night’s fight was
about my salary right? I’m meeting my
friend Link Swamy. The 15,000 you get I will earn more than that. Then you’ll know who this
Palakattu (place) Madhavan is. Palakattu Madhava I’ve known you for long. DA? Yes, sweet boy. Earning is necessary
for husbands, go. Lakshmi? I’ll meet Link
Swamy and be back. Yeah, one minute. Recharge the DTH on your way. Why hurry? Today is the deadline or else service will be stopped. I need to watch the
dubbed serials. What is the deal with it? Mother-in-law poisons
daughter-in-law at 6 she targets the
father-in-law at 7. At 8 teacher elopes with the student. At 9 the dad is unwell. By 10, they all
gather and mourn. Lighting lamps on
Friday isn’t possible. Shut up and do it. What? You look great despite
having 2 kids. You’re drooling. Leave. So many husbands have to lie. God, this should be successful. Suppudu, why are you
always filling air? If its less then I
need to fill it! Yesterday you fixed
the puncture. Punctures are to be fixed. Why do you make such
a face for that? – Madhava, leaving?
– Yes. – Can you do me a favour?
– What? – Can you top up for my AirTel?
– Sure. I have only a 500 give me the balance
in the evening. Sure. – Do you know my number?
– Why do you ask? You have 2 SIM cards one ends with 312 and the other 313. I have them on my phone. Sweet. I didn’t get a single number you gave him two! – You’re at home and can reach me any time.
– Still. Suppudu Why is your son-in-law grumpy? What do I do? I gave a myna to a monkey Not a monkey, King Kong. True. He does not have a kid yet that is why he is grumpy. That is your problem? Suppudu, don’t worry I’ll take care of this. – Madhava!
– I meant that I know a doctor. – Mami
– Madhava forget him. – You leave.
– Okay. Pump it. I will. Hi girls. – A month’s recharge for DTH.
– Not possible now. Okay fine. I’ll take care of
it in the evening. 100 rupees top up
for my neighbour. Enter the number Yeah, sure. There is a new company buy one SIM and get one free. Really? That is free for this
or this free for that? Ambulance is free on
108(helpline), should I call? Just kidding. Your name? Kajal Agarwal.(actress) Kajal Agarwal is so burnt. Your name? Arvind Kejriwal. (Politician) Get lost that’s an old car. This is Link Swamy
Limited’s owner who is this? It’s me Komanavalli. You with the jasmines I’m on the phone What’s the need,
continue typing. Who is it? Konda Reddy? – What is your problem?
– Hello. The ration card issue? I will talk to
Samhara Simha Reddy. Is it needed immediately? I’ll make a call. Link – Mohammed Kutty
– Torn brief You want to open a
bakery in Tamil Nadu? There is a wonderful place
near K K Nagar, understood? Madhava, it’s exhausting
to make some money. You’ll have bigger problems
if you make more money. That is my problem,
what do you need? Work. – What happened to your job?
– I hated my M.D, so I quit. It’s hard to get a job, wait. Looks old. You look away. I meant the computer. Kuberan Travels has an
opening for a driver. I’ll take it, what is the pay? 15,000-20,000. It is more than my wife’s pay. Give me the card, thank you. Here it is, go, mention my name. Why go there? – To see if there is a way.
– Only if we create one. Go this way. Why do you drool over young men? Kuberan Travels. Only the head is seen,
where is the body? What? – Even the body is less.
– Who are you? What do you want? Link Swamy sent me. Oh, Link Swamy. Are you Madhavan? Palakattu Madhavan. – Are you from Palakad?
– My wife is. And you? – Nearby, Coimbatore.
– Coimbatore? – Where in Coimbatore?
– A little further away, Kovilpatti. Kovilpatti? That is in
Virudhunagar district. Yes, the town Marthandam
there is my native. Marthandam is in Kanyakumari! Let it be, what do I do? Why did you start from Palakad? Sit down, don’t get tensed. You remind of my uncle who
worked in the gas company. Is it? – I look like your uncle?
– Yes. This is how he looked when he
died of the gas cylinder blast. Is that funny? How is your driving? – Is that your assistant?
– Yes. – Can you send her for an hour?
– What? I meant she can sit and
I’ll show her how to drive. – Not needed.
– What is my pay? About 5,000. Beggars outside the
Vadapalani temple earn more than what you pay. – I need 20,000.
– You might need 100,000. What do I do? When Link Swamy sent me, he
told me I would get 20,000. Yes. Other than the salary if you drive 100 kms you get 150 extra. Calculate. What was the signal? You calculate. – It’s almost 20,000.
– I told you so. That is good. I will join today – give me the key.
– Wait Take this uniform Thank you. Where do I go? No customers yet, I’ll
call you when necessary – you can drive.
– Okay. I’ll wear this first and drink tea. – Clean it and make some tea.
– Okay. Bro we have to help our
friend get the girl. That is 200 kms, how do
we go without a car? Yeah bro. Tomorrow she will be
married to her fiancée. We need to do something. What is your problem? We need to help our
friend get his girl. We need to go to Dindivanam but don’t know how. His brother-in-law
was to lend a car but he didn’t. You guys are from the
movie Nadodigal? – How did you find out?
– By the appearance. Your head is hurt. His ear is hurt. His leg is hurt. That is how I found out. Nowadays, if we don’t
help a couple per week we cannot sleep. Selfless people your service brings tears above my nose. – What?
– My eyes. But, one thing Ambikavathy, Amaravathy Laila, Majnu If you were alive in their times – they would not have died.
– Then? You guys would have died instead trying to unite them. Now if you get a car for Dindivanam
you will unite them? For sure. Don’t worry, I’m a
travels’ driver. But my owner will
ask for advance. If you drop us in Dindivanam You will run to Vizhupuram? we will get the
money and give you. You got fits? I was planning for you guys. Don’t worry I will take you. What happened? When you’re about to
do something good they say you have
to sacrifice blood. We have. We will succeed. You, move. Let us go. Bro, whose glass is this? Sasikumar’s. – Wear it, you’ll look good.
– Alright. – Take the left.
– This left? We reached. Driver, turn the car. The wheels will
be up if I do so. He meant a U-turn. Drink tea and be ready – we will get the girl.
– Okay, go. What are you drinking son? Tea. It is liquor time and
you’re having tea will you get anywhere? What is this? A village elder is
talking about liquor. This must be a brute village. What did I get myself into? Why is the glass vibrating? Earthquake? Quick. They have a parcel? Hey, what is going on? What is this? Sinners You brought a corpse
instead of the girl. It is the girl. She hesitated we drugged her and brought her. – Hesitated? You kidnapped her?
– Then? What choice do we have? – I don’t want to be a part of this.
– So you want to burn here? – Why should I?
– Look there. Where? – Run! – Get them! So many people! Don’t
leave me, take me. You are the driver, drive. Which door? This one? – Quick.
– Okay, okay. I thought it was
Nadodigal’s climax – Looks like Kizhakkey Pogum Rail’s (film)
– Leave! – Insert the key.
– Where? – Start the car! Go fast, they will burn you. Why me? You got the girl,
they will burn you. I look burnt, they will
let me go and burn you. Having fair skin is a sin? – Why are you driving slow?
– Go faster! If we drive at 40,
we can live till 80 If we drive at 80,
we’ll die by 40. We are suffocating and
you deliver dialogues? He won’t budge despite
the treatment. – Tie him up.
– Sir. You take shifts to beat me I’m hungry – Can I get something?
– What do you want? – Can I get Priya Mani?
– What? – Sorry. Hunger made me say it. Can I get Biriyani? You want Biriyani for
the mistake you made? Inspector, how are you? I’m good. Somehow you made me
come to the station. Ask him anything. Madhava, look there that curvy lady is walking
into the station. An uncle is with her. She speaks in English. You know English right?
Hook me up. He is the company’s M.D. She is my wife Lakshmi. Madhavan is one of us – a bit stupid
– Sir! but innocent. He must not be at fault. – I can sign for him, let him go.
– No, no. No problem. We investigated and he
seems to be innocent. I haven’t filed an
FIR, you can take him. Inspector I won’t accept this! Are you accomplices? Is that why they are
in their underpants? and he has his pants on? I know there is
something going on! Why are you screaming? Do you know why he
has his pants on? He does not have
his underpants on! Sorry Lakshmi. It was sultry hence I didn’t. I’ll wait outside bring him. Why is your mouth swollen? When you’re hit, it swells up. Why
do you question? Do your work. A bit up avoid that inside. Can you go down? It’s fine, continue. It’s very painful. A drink? What? Can you get me some hot
tea, it’ll be good. Mummy! Why is dad hurt all over? Ask that man yourself. That man? If I come there What? What will happen? What will happen? – Tell me, what will happen?
– Nothing, get me tea. Daddy Come oh boy, visit my doorstep My scent awaits you Oh my night’s novel,
you’re the stardust Oh clothed apple,
cluster of my wishes My love swing Link Link, Madhavan here. Malabar Express has departed. Link has been linked here? Is it Link Swamy? He just departed with a
big bucket in a train. Taking a bucket in a train? I’m calling from Minister
Tsunami Sundaram’s house. Tell me. I had asked for a
PA for the minister What happened? PA’s job? He is here. His
name is Madhavan. What is he doing there? Send him. Okay, he will be there. I’m getting the job
of Minister’s PA. It is better if I
don’t tell him. He is unaware of the call. He does not need commission. PA! Wow. The minister’s house is huge. It is endless. Masanam, prepare breakfast
before sir is here. – Sir greetings.
– Welcome. – Your name?
– Madhavan. Palakattu Madhavan. Has Link Swamy given
you all the details? Yes he did. How much pay do you expect? I will expect what
you won’t expect so you decide. 25,000? 30? He says Muppu, does he worship
Muppathamman? (deity) Probably. Work for a month. Depending on your work,
increment will be given. Increment will be given? Okay You’re trying to get me hired who are you both? – I am minister’s left P.A.
– I am his right P.A. I am the center? Could you tell me about my duty? Morning 8-9 duty rest till 1pm. 1-2pm duty rest till 5pm. 5-6 duty rest till 9. 9-10 duty after that you can leave. Morning breakfast, afternoon lunch evening tiffin and night’s dinner. All duties are during meal time. That, is like that. Can I join from tomorrow? Join today Madhava. Today? – Here is the advance, 10,000.
– 10,000? Swamiye Swaranam Ayyappa.
(chant) In the month of November you
people dress up asking for money. Get lost. – Must be a brute.
– He is the minister. Minister? Sorry sir, Swamiye
Swaranam Ayyappa. Your simplicity
didn’t give it away. Who is this? He is the new P.A. Oh the P.A? You are playful. Did you eat? No, I did not. Take him and give him food. Okay. I’m hungry and I
need to eat right? Son, eat well. After M.G.R Only your minister has
asked someone if they ate. Idly Sambhar Kuruma Vada What is this? A royal treatment! Even in a hotel there can’t be these many items. He is eating. If my Lakshmi gets all this she will use it for a week. Stop talking and eat fast. There is hospitality
in your serving but your words are threatening. Next is Parota. Parota? I don’t like it. What if you don’t?
Minister likes it. You mention the
minister for everything have you been here for long? Help me, it’s hard to tear them. You seem to eat it quickly. I eat fast even if
I don’t like it. Your methods are unique. Give me. Here drink the coffee. Here, drink the Horlicks.
(health drink) – How do I drink both?
– First drink the coffee and then the Horlicks. Or Horlicks first
and then coffee. Why both? We don’t know what the
minister will have today. – Minister for this as well?
– Yes. Horrible mix it and pour it. Slowly dear. This will go down badly. Our plan was successful. Done with tiffin? They did it, I ate it. What is my work? Go to the a/c room
and take good rest. – We will call you.
– Rest? When will you call me? 1-2pm. – Why is that?
– That is like that. Every time they do this. I wonder what they
will do with me. They pay me in advance
and give me food give me an a/c room too and ask me to sleep. They aren’t telling me
about the work though. I should hold on to the
pillow and sleep tight. – It’s time, let’s go?
– Okay. Madhava Madhava Here. Is anything wrong? – No.
– Are you fine? Yes I am. Sleep. I don’t understand
what is happening. Lakshmi Lakshmi Come here What are you doing there? Come quick. To welcome your husband
back from work is it not in your bloodline? Stupid. What are you looking at? Come. Massage my feet. Massage my feet! What is this new habit? In front of the kids? And you address me without any respect. Whats the big deal with a habit? We have mentioned below that cigarette
smoking is injurious to health. What did you say? You seek respect from me? Are you the
collector’s daughter? Do I call you Latchu fondly? What did you think of
Palakattu Madhavan? I am Minister Tsunami
Sundaram’s P.A. Did you think it
is a clerical job? Personal Assistant. Do you know how
much my salary is? 30,000. 30,000? Why do you have your
mouth wide open? Did you see? 10,000 in advance on
the day of joining. Kids, come here. Here 2,000 pay the school fees. – Mom paid it.
– I’ve married your mom. Pay it again. Everyone needs to know you
are Madhavan’s daughter. You come here. Here, 1,000 rupees. Give Rosy teacher
your tuition fees. It’s 500 dad. 500? For the other 500
get her a gown. – She won’t wear it.
– Then remove it. Go inside. You continue. Who is it? – My M.D.
– Whatever give it. Give it, I’ll talk. M.D Why are you calling
in the night? This is your old M.D. Show some respect. Respect you? You resemble a line
drawn with a scale. You are an M.D? You are a loafer mind your words. Why should I? I’m the minister’s P.A? Wait My wife works for you 9-6. Why are you calling at 10pm? Over time? I need to talk to
her about files. Visit the doctor for piles. Why talk to my wife? Is she a doctor? Or nurse? Shall I tell the minister to
raid your office tomorrow? Can you take it? Madhava, no, listen to me. So let go of what is
heavier than you. Heavier than me? Which is? Hang up. People are troublesome
when they work. He is troublesome
even after he quit. What Vichu uncle? – You’re pressing the circus tent?
– Senseless. It is my wife’s blouse. Where is Koki aunty? She is in the kitchen. – Eating?
– Cooking? Sit down. Koki. What? Our neighbour Lakshmi and
her husband are here They are here right
in the morning! Welcome Lakshmi. Welcome. Here Koki aunty 3150 rupees with interest. This is the first time – I received interest.
– Koki aunty you will borrow money
every month hereafter. – Why?
– What else? I’m now the minister’s P.A. My monthly salary
exceeds 30,000. I earn more than her. 30+15=? Ears emanate smoke. – 45,000?
– Yes. Madhava. My husband cooks tasty muruku,
adhirsam, and other snacks Could you employ him
with your minister? We can, does he make kuzhipaniyaram?
(sweet) He can if he learns. All are snacks and sweets. If the minister opens
a store, he can join. Still pressing the blouse? Feed the baby some milk. – Yeah, coming.
– Okay, we’ll leave. You must have work
and you must not. Milk for the baby? Feed the baby. Drink sweetheart. I still can’t figure it out. The baby resembles a
neighbour, not sure who. Why are you standing
since yesterday? – Wedding?
– Yes. – I’ll tell the minister.
– Okay. You? – College
– You want to study? – No, about building one.
– Okay. – Did you meet him?
– Yes. Meet me later. I’ll tell the inspector
to solve this, you leave. – We’ll leave.
– You, talk to the inspector. – Welcome Sumathi, all good?
– Yes. Haven’t you paid her yet? You wanted to pay
after the pilgrimage. Cash or cheque? Cash. Sumathi, there is 1
lakh rupees in this. – For expenses.
– Okay. Don’t worry that
your husband is gone. – I’ll take care of your family.
– Good. – You leave. – I’ll leave.
– Sir. – Greetings.
– What Madhava? Did you eat? What? I didn’t eat. He didn’t eat yet? – No.
– It’s already 1:30 pm. Make him eat first, I’m hungry. Why are you digging his pocket? I want to touch the
human God once. – You should eat.
– What is this? It is as if Muniyandi Vilas and
Thalapakatti have served all these! All the items are scattered. All of them are tasty. Left Right I have a doubt. What? In the hall near the minister, – a woman Sumathi was there.
– Yes. A kid was with her. Who was staring at the minister. Is that woman the
minister’s mistress? Wait, wait. If yes, nod this way. Or else this way. Why are you shaking me? If you talk ill
about the minister I’ll stab your throat and
get it out of your head. You say it like you’re
cleaning the drains. – Why did the lady
get 1 lakh rupees? – Look Sumathi’s husband lived for the minister and died for him. Hence he gave her
money for support. That is fine but how did he die? You’re so close why not tell you. Tell me. The minister has a
lot of enemies. Someone has planned
to poison his food. That is why we
tested it with him. If he was fine, the
minister would eat. That is how he got the job, ate and died. We gave his job to you. Eat. – Eat.
– Sinners! You made me eat to check
if it is poisoned? Is that why you wake me up
often, to check if I’m alive? No. I won’t comply. Why do you have to? Tie him up and make him eat. We’ll get the minister. Let’s go. I’ll eat. – What is that?
– Crab. – What is this?
– Fish You get that. You get this. I’ll get this. Get back. I thought P.A was
Personal Assistant but Poison Assistant as a post? One slash and I’ll stab you. Look Madhava, don’t. We’ve murdered many
with that knife. Your fingerprints are on it you’ll get into trouble. Why would I? Have it, I’m going. Quick, let’s get him. – Don’t run.
-Get him. Look. Enough. What is funny? A family’s head your husband ran for his life by
jumping over the wall. You don’t seem to be worried and laughing? Nothing will happen to you. My marriage bond is strong
said the astrologer. Correct. But Lakshmi like good things in bad times the advance that I received solved a few problems
for us right? Yes. That Koki aunty has
a snake’s eye. When she exhaled about
the 30,000 salary I knew this job was
to be fruitless. At least now let go of your laziness and rejoin the M.D’s office. He will listen to me. Who? The flute without a hole? Don’t talk to me about him. Tomorrow I’ll look for
a job that suits me. – You cannot be changed.
– Mom. – The electricity bill. I totally forgot. From the money you gave me there’s 2000 rupees left. In the morning, pay
the electricity bill. Tomorrow is the deadline or they’ll take the fuse. Yeah, tell me when they’re
about to take it. Fine, I’ll take care of it. The chappati is good,
do we have more? The other day it wasn’t nice. That was once and you keep reminding me. Isn’t there another? I gave it to the kids. You want rice? – No, too much of carbohydrates.
– Daddy What is it? Here, I saved one daddy. Is it so? You saved it for daddy? No, it was for the dog daddy. – Madhava, leaving?
– Yes. What? There’s a stone-grinder
without the stone. Put it aside so I can
move my scooter. A stone-grinder
without the stone? Do you want to see it? Why are you sitting like a
stone in front of the scooter? A stone? He says stone-grinder
and you say stone You’ve lost it. – We need to fix it, get inside.
– You get inside. I’m paying the electricity
bill, should I pay for you? No need. Leave. Madhava. – You’re here? – Why am I in Mars? – I’ve been searching
for 2 days. – Why? – Are you free at 4?
– Not just today. I’m free at 4 always. Because I quit my job. – That is good.
– Good? I’ll take you to a place. There’s a man there. There are 4 people with him. If you listen to them you will get loads of money. I’ll get loads of money? – What time did you say?
– 4 ‘o clock. His watch isn’t working. It must be 2:30, let’s go Your bill? It’s computerized, it
can be done online. Loafers come to pay here. Greetings, greetings. My name is Samuthirapandian. I am MLM Tamil Nadu’s
General Manager. It’s not necessary to
say a lot about MLM. But newcomers need to know. Newcomers raise your hands. Newcomers time for you to
listen carefully. In Sambadhanapuram,
Palayamkottai I started my life
as an auto driver when my friend told me. Join MLM immediately. I heard that and hastily joined MLM. Join MLM and be successful. Mr. Madhavan Dream? Abdul Kalam told us to dream after that only you have said it. Here There’s 2,000 rupees in this. Please take me as a member. The rest, 3,000? I’ll give it tomorrow. Your interest is
your investment. Tomorrow get the 3,000 and fill this form. Sure thing. You have joined MLM. Your life will be bright. Bright? He told me my life
will be bright but it’s dark here. Lakshmi? She’s in the dark like the
Kanchana ghost She lit a candle too. Did she convert to Christianity? Esther? Mom asked you to pay the
bill, why didn’t you? That’s why they took the fuse? Won’t you change? What? Won’t you ever change? Am I a thief or an alcoholic? To change? For this family’s good every day, every hour ever minute, every second I’m carving myself. For the sin of marrying you I don’t know what else
I need to go through. Fine. Give me the money, I’ll pay it. You mean just that 2,000 rupees? I invested that in this
multi link project. Didn’t understand? I’ve invested it. The 2,000 I invested by next week it will be 20,000 next month it will be 2 lakhs next year it will be 20 lakhs it keeps adding up. And then this Lakshmi’s husband will be a millionaire. What? Would you like to
romance a millionaire? It will rain lakhs and you will want to. Imagine how my life will be. The expensive song is here don’t go to the bathroom. I will reach great heights. Oh I’ll swim in millions. I will accumulate fortune and girls will come drooling over me. Oh I am Oh I am the richest guy. I am James Bond My touch shall yield diamonds. Money, money. Oh honey, honey. Money maketh my path unique. There shall be conferences
with Obama, in the mornings. And the evenings Salman is company for muscles. On the waves with the curves I will enjoy a dance Oh this world is in my hands Everyone shall be my fans. I’ll buy one of the twin
towers using my power I’ll have intoxicated massages
in Bangkok and Hongkong Oh come, Mala and Sheela Meena and Neena, tequila’s company Oh come, sexy lady Oh come, Angelina’s lips Oh come, Shakira’s hips Money, money. Oh honey, honey. Money maketh my path unique. Money, money. Oh honey, honey. Money maketh my path unique. I shall walk the streets the weapons be my army. In the work of the desert shall be doves for dessert. The dollars that rain bringeth heaven. The lotuses in my pond flower at my will. Gold bars in Swiss bank My cars in World bank Oh I am a king. Flower buds around the eye Toxic buds around the hands Oh I am a prince. Oh come, Mala and Sheela Meena and Neena, tequila’s company. Oh come, sexy lady Oh come, Angelina’s lips Oh come, Shakira’s hips Money money. Oh honey, honey. With money.. My friend in 2020 this will be the trend. Fill this form when you come. – Come.
– Here is the 3,000. Not bad. The application form is filled as well. You got the money without fail. Yeah. From today, you are MLM’s Junior Assistant. Thanks a lot. For the money you invested here’s an induction stove. Induction stove? Lakshmi has been asking for a while. – Do you know your work?
– Yes. I need to bring people for MLM and become a millionaire. But for others to believe you – You can’t be this way.
– How else? Comb your hair and mess it up. – People buy it.
– Okay. You have to remove your clothes. There are women here. I meant put on jeans and tees. Oh that. Latha I’m just going home from work. Lakshmi your husband told us about MLM. He says if I join with
5,000, the money will multiply. I don’t know that. Don’t listen to him
and get into a fix. If the money is gone,
I’m not responsible. Go work. Madhavan had joined MLM only 10 days back but has recruited 15 people already. What do you understand from this? Just like Shanmugam Madhavan and those
recruited by him are looking at millions. The happy news is from what Shanmugam earned he purchased a bungalow in OMR. You’ll feel like seeing it. I’ll show you. This is the bungalow. Amudha Bhavanam. That’s not Amudha Bhavanam,
it’s my bungalow. – What?
– Not your’s, mine. Look sir. He’s fooling everyone with
my bungalow’s picture. And who are you? The police. Police? You’re in colored clothes. Did the government
change the uniform? I’m also a member here I got a mixer-grinder
for membership. It makes a lot of noise but doesn’t work. They gave me a grinder
last month, it broke. Not only that, I’ve
recruited 20 people. They promised interest
but I got nothing. I would like to tell
you all something. You don’t have to fear. I will return your money. I’ll return it. Look it’s actor
Vijay, welcome sir. Vijay? He’s escaping, go catch him. Why should we catch him? We will catch you. Why catch me? We invested because of you. Wait, don’t worry. Believe me. How do we trust you? He’s been my friend for 10 years. You bring her as your wife take her everywhere,
didn’t we believe you? What am I asking and
what are you saying? Okay, cool down. Look there It’s Ajith.
(actor) Why isn’t anyone looking? You thought you could run? Beat him first. Madhava, for your qualities being the minister’s P.A or being a driver in the travels or the MLM business
won’t suit you. You want to be idle
and earn right? Yeah, I want something
like your job. There’s only one way. There’s a Brahmin
lady named Pattu. She’s been in an
orphanage for 6 months. She doesn’t like the food. If you adopt her you get 25,000 a month. Why did you throw it? It’s gone that far. An auto is taking it. You threw it. I took only two sips,
what is the hurry? Is that important? The money is. How do I get 25,000? She has 30 lakhs in
her bank account. You get 25,000 a month. She says it’s for the
one who adopts her. – Her husband?
– He died. – Her kids?
– They grew up. – I don’t get it.
– She has 3 sons. Listening to their wives, they put her in the orphanage. Link. That lady I’ll adopt her. You will, your wife
will take the broom. That won’t happen. If I remove my belt – Your pant falls?
– That’s you. I’ll remove it and
belt her mercilessly and make her agree. What? You’re adopting a mom? Are you kidding? No Lakshmi, I’m serious. My mom died young. How were you born then? I meant she died
when I was young. When Link Swamy
told me about her all my hidden
emotions overflowed. Don’t lie. You’re getting 25,000
without working. You wish for that. That and this. And you can’t handle
the finances. So? You’ll bring some old lady here and you will roam about. For that lady I need to cook on time? She can adjust even
if it is a bit late. You can also adjust Lakshmi, you’re gone? Do you know why I fell
in love and married you? I look good like Salman Khan
and Aamir Khan. (actors) Look at your face. I married you because there
won’t be any in-laws. Now do I need an adopted
mother-in-law? No thanks. What is this nonsense? This is nonsense? You have beautiful legs. Husbands wash wives’
inner garments. I can’t do this? You haven’t told me
about the adoption. Look my M.D has not filed
your resignation letter. Even if you come tomorrow he’ll hire you. Why do you need this lady? I don’t want to hear about him. I’m trying to improve
our family’s status. What is your final decision? Do as you please. You have to experience to know. You give me the wrong thing? Will you do it? Will you? Who are you to ask me to leave? Palakattu Madhavan is adopting me I’ll never see you again. Can we leave? Madhava you have signed all documents. She is no longer related
to the orphanage. – Thanks, can I take her?
– Immediately. What is this? Your hand is aided and bleeding. That I fell in the bathroom. If an elephant falls obviously it bleeds. We’ll leave. Come ma. Let’s go. – Sit.
– Oh God. Sit. Madhavan sir everyone adopts a kid but you adopted a Goddess. Will you pay me extra? I’ll kill you, let’s go. It’s common to offer money. Madhava All 100s I had a 1 rupee, wait. Why are you stingy? Great. Step in with your right leg. – I can’t see the way.
– Move the cupboard. Go in. Madhava – Yes.
– They are my kids. This is? Mom This is my wife. Her name is Lakshmi. – Oh your wife?
– Yes. She’s not up to your standard. Family subject looks to become an
action subject. Chittu? I need the auto only by 8 Why are you here already? Madhavan asked me to pick
him up to go to the temple Him? How would he wake up so early? There’s no being
without a mother There’s no success
without revering her There’s no being
without a mother There’s no success
without revering her She’s the manifestation Of god on earth I wonder what other drama
will happen in this house Enough! Enough, stop! – Mother?
– Like the corporation’s mosquito repellant Sorry Did you ask for the auto ride? Mother’s here for the first time Today is Friday So she wanted to
go to the temple That’s why I asked the auto
rickshaw guy to come early Mother! – Shall we go? – Yes Lakshmi, we’ll go to the temple Wait, have a coffee and leave Yes, since it’s the first
time I’ve woken up so early My entrails rumble in hunger – We’ll finish breakfast and leave
– No, no, no! No edibles should even touch
our teeth before we see God – That’s just for Friday, is it not?
– For everyday! – Come!
– So it’s hunger riot every week! Mother! Madhava? Is it enough if you sing
Rajinikanth’s song? He carries his
mother in that song Why don’t you do it too? She is light, you are heavy I can’t take it I was only kidding Kidding about my life? Come! Greetings! Still only an auto? Yes, I had a four
wheeler previously A car? No, two scooters I sold one and the
other’s with me Alright Get down, mother! Madhava! Buy a prayer kit Also flowers, I have
a special prayer For me? No Today’s my elder son’s birthday For him What? He dumped you in an elder’s home And you pray for him? But I took you from that place Yet you don’t pray for me? Madhava! I’m always with you Mother! Someone’s playing the Shehnai That’s Srikanth Deva Correct! We’d have heard
Gaana if it was his brother – How’s the business?
– Just as usual Who’s is this man in a saree? That’s my wife, Ezhilarasi A rice bag named Ezhilarasi? Okay, okay Give a
prayer kit for mother It is wrong to drink
in this holy shrine And you lick pickle off your fingers and
use them to give me the prayer kit? How dare you hit my husband
right in front of me? I won’t hesitate
to hit you either Madhavan Sir She appeared like Mother Teresa Now she seems to
fight like Arnold Do you need this? She embraces love and kindness But she destroys the wrong
and unjust at sight That’s why she is
a Mother, get it? Yes You’re always right Madhava Look, the kids are
ready for school Yes, mother Here, temple’s vermilion Don’t make it look big,
my teacher will scold Who is that teacher who
scolds for having vermilion? Miss Rosy, grandma – Here, mother –
Give the flowers Wear it in your head It is not allowed in school What kind of a school is that? No vermilion, no flowers! Every school has it’s
own set of rules Okay, you wear it then It doesn’t suit my hairstyle You wear it, please – Madhava? – Mother? You told me yours was
a middle class family She acts like she belongs
to a very high class family That’s nothing She was a Brahmin, I was not
Ours was a love marriage You said you were
hungry Please sit down Eat! What is this? – Chappati – Don’t I know that? It’s not good for my health What else is? Ghee roast, Idly Something like that? – Lakshmi? I’ll thrash you To supply whatever you order This is not a restaurant This is a home Eat the Chappati and Kurma Right – Let’s leave – Yes, please.
Auto’s been waiting Leave! Don’t mind her mother,
she’s a bit grumpy It’s okay If she acts cocky, I’ll give
her a tough competition What is that restaurant
she was speaking of? Adyar Anandha Bhavan Go there – And get a Ghee Roast – Okay – Little of chutney – Okay Four Idlys as side dish – Okay – Why hurry? Two Vadas One Pongal Okay Then One set of Poori Shaving set? Poori set! My ears malfunction
out of hunger Mine too, you know why? Today’s Friday I am fasting That’s why I am eating so less Why is your face
twisted like Nambiyar? I don’t know why Suppose the Vada
is not available Can I get you chilli bhajji? Get me something, go! – Hey! – Hello, Madhava! You look like scientists
in a launch pad Are you going to
launch these rockets? Chuck that What’s the reason for your
unlikely visit to the restaurant? I came to get food for mother – Here, Sir – Thank you The bill VAT, service tax,
sales tax, luxury tax – Any balance after all these?
– Nothing Brilliant Why is he carrying a pillar? Here, Sir – Madhava! Yes, house owner? I hear there’s a new
lady in your house? Yes, do you have any problem? That’s one person extra, you should
pay me 1000 extra rupees for it Does it really matter? Stop talking You’ve been paying 7000
rupees, pay 8000 henceforth That’s not fair – Can you take a 100 rupees extra?
– That’s impossible House owner I’ll pay you a rent
of 10,0000 rupees – Hear that? – 10.000! Do you exist just
to ruin households? Fine I’ll pay you 8000 rupees Why do you desire
so much for money? I’m planning to buy
a plot in Velachery There are no returns from
the plot you already own And you want more Is this Pongal? Look at the way she eats! I shouldn’t let my kids sit
next to her while eating She might even eat them wholly Mother, Horlicks! You added sugar? Five big spoons of it, drink! You didn’t find a bigger glass? This is the biggest I have – Only the mug in bathroom is bigger
– No, no This is ‘Edhestam’ Is that a disease? ‘Edheshtam’ means generous You married a Brahmin girl It’s been so many years You didn’t learn her language? There was never any room for
that in our relationship Then how did you give
birth to two kids? That was the gift of power cuts Don’t swallow the glass I’ll take it Mother? You liked the tiffin? Everything was fine It would have been great
if there was some dessert – I’ll go buy candy? – No There’s some dish
called Seetharam Kesari That’s the name of a minister Lakshmi, you’re coming
with us in the auto? No, I’ll take the bus Daddy I’ve seen so many vegetables
only in my text books Yes, text books are where
I saw them last too Go and study She’s back from the office Before she changes
her dress and comes I should chop all of this – Come, Lakshmi –
What are you doing? There are so many vegetables Mother is used to
eating a variety of dishes made with vegetables That’s why I’ve bought so many Just so that I can help
you with cooking them You’re helping me? Are you kidding me? I’m exhausted due to working
all day in my office And I still have to cook a
number of dishes for that lady? Don’t be so loud She might get angry
and leave our home Let her go! I don’t care Don’t say such things She has agreed to give
25,000 rupees every month She has 30 lakh
rupees in the bank She also said that she owns
10 acres of land in the ECR We’ll get it only
if we impress her I don’t need it You would often say you need to
ensure your daughters’ future Do something! You have to cook Here are the onions and tomatoes Where’s the TV? Mother has changed it’s
location according to Vaasthu Are you senseless? I placed it
there so I can watch it as I cook Why has she shifted it? What else have you shifted? Cupboard, stove, a plant I’ll punch you Put everything back to
where it was or else! Give it! – Lakshmi – I’ll thrash you Due to a feud between
daughter and mother in-law Husband hangs himself to death Is it a news or a prediction? I only chopped the vegetables She did the cooking Voluntarily There’s no better Palakad cook Lakshmi! Come here. You just keep the
food and leave? Serve everyone It’s not a marriage
feast Serve yourselves You see? She has a
great sense of humour That was a joke? She indirectly asked
me to serve you food I am your son, I shall serve you Daddy, for me? – Please eat – Grandma,
what are all these? This is a kind of a
fry, this is spinach Etcetera – We have never seen these before
– Why? Our mother Makes the same gravy and
vegetable fry everyday Some kind of a special diet Why speak when you’re eating? She is trying to
entertain us from there Is she not eating? She only eats in the
plate that I have eaten Even a dog won’t do that Funny! I told you her sense
of humour is good! You eat Anyway Vegetables are necessary
for kids’ health Seems like she doesn’t
even show it to them She doesn’t care
enough for the kids Don’t talk unnecessarily
You have school tomorrow Eat and get some sleep She’s so harsh
despite my presence You won’t question it? Mother, you don’t know about me Once I get angry – Father leaves home quietly
– Why? He’s not ready to take a beating She also has good
sense of humour Hey, Chittukuruvi! What’s the lady Arnold doing? What would she do! She eats and sleeps
well like a queen I came here to smoke Can you give a cigarette? – I only have one – Thanks But I need it I wanted to share your
sickness, but you won’t allow What? Even the government says Cigarette causes lung cancer It’s the same government
that allows it’s sales We are not to talk all that How long have you been smoking? 15 years Then I’m sure Only one of those two
will hanging for you I was talking about the lungs One in two will be spoiled In a few days you will
spew out blood and die Your wife will elope
with the neighbour And your kids Will beg for a living
in the Teynampet signal This small cigarette – Holds such an emotional story?
– It does I don’t want this cigarette You are going to put it down? You’ll do that and leave Someone else will step on it – And he should die off a burn in his foot?
– No, no Here, you call the fire
service and put it out I’ll throw it in the trash “Times of Looting” How hard is it to get a tiny
cigarette from someone! You could beg instead of this Sure, go beg if you want to Then? Lakshmi You still haven’t changed? Then… Both the kids are sleeping
peacefully with mother See how helpful it is
to have her with us We shall do something Mother gives 25,000 rupees We’ll take 7,500 off of it And buy a necklace for you? One sovereign costs
25,000 rupees Who gives you a
necklace for 7,500? That’s fine We’ll ask Prabhu to
give us a discount Let me read what it says You’re lazy for everything Yet look how excited
you are for this What would I do? I can’t resist you Look at this You hip is like that of Ileana And your face Just like the
insatiable Mumaith Khan You have to compare me with
an actress all the time So you don’t look at me
as your wife, do you? This is how every husband
tries to describe his wife But those actresses don’t
stand a chance against you They might be beautiful but you
are the queen of beauty itself How fluffy your back is! You always seduce
me with your words Mummy, mummy, open the door! This is not the time for kids – Let’s see what it is
– Come quickly Coming! – What? – What happened? Come look at grandma,
we are scared What could have happened!
Is she dead or something? It’s only been a few
days since she joined us We didn’t even get the first
month’s 25,000 rupees Shut up and come They’ll ask for 5,000 rupees
in the electric crematorium! Look at grandma, daddy That’s why she should eat less Kids! She’s only snoring Even daddy snores We’re not scared when you snore But she really scares us Mummy, we’ll sleep in your room Okay, come Yes, we’ll all sleep together – Where are you coming?
– To sleep We wouldn’t have space there Sleep here with
your snoring mother Mother! We’ve walked for 5 kilometres.
It’s enough – Just 5 more
kilometres – 5 more? Why do you walk so much,
to reduce weight? Only if I walk all that
I eat will be digested Only if it’s digested will
I be able to eat more She going to eat more! Bliss is the music of my heart Mother, I find it in your love My home functions with your love It fills our days and
nights with gladness My life is now complete You’re the witness of God For the struggle that my life is The blessing that your love is The sky will celebrate your life Bliss is the music of my heart Mother, I find it in your love Our house is a love
nest of nature Heaven itself descended on earth Your love is the air we breathe To none does fate
destine such bliss The moment you arrived My heart softened as a kid’s All burdens of my heart
shall be reduced You are my angel, the
destroyer of my misery You are grace You are the benevolent The temple of good You are life You are wealth You are the giver to
all the generous souls The sun rose to my
east, but I was blind With the arrival of you,
came my ability to see What did I strive
for all my life? To see the God in you love me The path you choose Is the life I shall live Peace I find in every
breath I take with you Your feet are the shrine I’ve been searching all along None on the earth
shall find them I’ll light lamps for you And adorn you with flowers Every day, so you’ll
never leave me You’re the temple of love And I’m the foot step of it Forever under your loving grace Bliss is the music of my heart Mother, I find it in your love My home functions with your love It fills our days and
nights with gladness My life is now complete You’re the witness from God For the struggle that my life is The blessing that your love is The sky will celebrate your life I’ve got the money
from mother’s account A funeral procession hindered traffic Somehow I went to the
bank and got the money 25,000 rupees, my salary
And yours is 15,000 That’s 40,000 totally It’s not your salary It’s the alms that lady offered you Why emphasize on that? If you can give me a filter coffee
we can work on the budget together Budget’s done, see! You’re done with it? It’s quite lengthy Vegetables – 3,000, Rice – 2,000,
Grocery – 3,000 Horlicks, Bournvita,
Shampoo and soaps – 2,000 Milk – 2,000, Electricity – 3,000,
Bike EMI – 2,500 Kerosene – 1,500, Ration – 1,000,
School fees – 3,000 Auto – 1,500, House rent – 8,000 My bus pass – 1000,
Your fuel expense – 2,000 Your daily expenses – 1,000,
Kids’ snacks – 1,000 What’s the total? How much? 47,000?
What is this? Is it 47,000 really? Please tell me it’s a
mistake in calculation No, the counting is alright What are you saying? Then how does it exceed 40,000? Why won’t it exceed? When both of us were earning My salary was 15,000 and yours was 12,000 27,000 in total But the expenditure was
lesser than 25,000 rupees I saved 2,000 every month Why is the expenditure high now? – It’s all because of your mother
– My mother? You said a glass of rice
would be enough for her But she consumes in kilos She asks for several kinds of
vegetarian dishes for every meal Are you aware of the rate of vegetables? What to do! She is used to eating so much Is it not evident in her size? That’s why she came
here from elder’s home Please adjust Then you earn to make up
for the extra expenditure Watch your words You want me to work? Is it something you
say to a husband? Don’t shout Do you know how much we’ve
been charged for electricity? – 4,000 rupees
– 4,000? How? I watch TV only in the
time I get off from work But she? She sits in front of the TV all day Then how would we not be charged so much? Good point! Once a new member joined, the house owner Raised the rent by 1000 rupees Don’t you know that? What shall we do now? All unwanted expenses related to that lady Should be cut immediately Only then we’ll be able to manage She’ll leave our house if we do that We can reduce it gradually For example The rice she consumes every month Reduce it by spoons She wouldn’t notice Not just that If you mix baking soda in rice Her hunger will be reduced, she’ll eat less These are techniques used by hotels Do something! Madhava! Mother! What happened? Did you touch some broken wire? There’s no electricity, what
would that do to me anyway? Go check Power cut It won’t be back for two hours I have to take bath – But you just ate
– I said I have to take bath What could be done now? Even I have to iron my clothes Use the cold water today Looks like she’s done something I’ll fall sick if I do so Ask her to heat water with the stove Okay Lakshmi, she’s very fragile Heat the water with stove
for today, please? Are you serious? They only give 9 cylinders per year It’s hard for me to manage with it If the gas is over I can’t use the pump stove Lakshmi, please! If she leaves Ask her to stay if she likes If not ask her to leave now – Madhava!
– Mother! Tell me I’m not getting free food
and accommodation from you I pay 25,000 every month Do you understand? Only if you drag it like you did
it seems like a huge amount Say it a bit shorter,
you’ll know how small it is I’m not staying here for another second – Don’t leave, mother
– Leave me Leave if you want to The family is short of resources already Look! Did you hear what she said? Please calm down, mother Power cut is a very common occurrence To blame Lakshmi for this – Is not fair at all
– What is this? You speak like an actor in old movies – What is this?
– 25,000 rupees makes me speak all this I feel pity looking at you For your sake, I shall adjust today Go take bath Somehow I managed What’s that noise? It’s cold water, I’m shivering She was like ‘Chemmeen’ Sheela Lakshmi has made her
moan like ‘Silk’ Smitha I went to meet Vaidheeshwaran
regarding astrological prediction He was not present there – What’s your problem?
– I have no kids He never forgets to point that out I arranged Ambujam’s and his marriage
because he was my sister’s son He seems to be ignorant Give me that note You know to read them? I am well versed with all
branches of astrology Sun’s position is fine Moon (Chandran) seems to block you I am Chandran Ramachandran Why should I block him? Even if I try Will I succeed? I was not talking about you I was talking about the
position of the moon What is your zodiac sign? Pisces and star of Revathi Is it? Get beetle leaves and nuts Five minutes Take your time Come as slow as you want
Hey, sit down Your problem is not outside but inside What are you saying? Sun’s position controls you And Moon’s position controls him Your power is nullified
by your father-in-law As long as that guy stays with you You won’t get children
or success in your life What should I now? Just call Ambujam And trip Ooty and Kodaikanal Why should we go?
I’ll send that old guy out Go as fast as possible Yes, I shall, but keep your mouth shut There’s an auto coming Hey, Lakshmi, when did you come? You’re face is unusually red Stressed? Then what? I was tortured by impossible
deadlines from the manager You could only imagine the amount
of work I had to do to face them That is why I decided never to go to work Shut up Do you know how crowded the bus was? My body aches like hell How would you know? You laze around all day Do I? I send you in the bus every day Do you know it scares me? You look so beautiful And men get in the bus only
for groping women like you But you don’t have to be worried I’ll lock the door from inside I’ll massage all of your
body to get rid of the ache Nothing of that sort is needed Leave me alone I can’t cook tonight So that’s why she said that? What am I going to do for dinner? Madhava? Next danger is here! You called me? Call Lakshmi I want to ask her what’s for dinner Mother, she’s not feeling well She’s not feeling well? She’s pretending Remove your belt and whip her And see how she comes Now she’s begun her game How to manage this? – What?
– You know… She seems to have malaria If she sneezes once We’ll be infected by it It’s a very dangerous disease Supposing you get malaria I’ll not be able to bear it Okay, okay! You go to hotel Hotel? Om Poori, Amrish Poori They are not Poori dishes They are actors living in
Mumbai, you can’t eat them So, I’ll cook for you today – You?
– I cook very well Do something then Cook Vegetable Biryani Vegetable Biryani? Add cashews Cashews make it difficult to walk What are you saying? I mean, your knees will hurt Not just that After a certain age, Rava
is best dish for dinner Doctors say so Furthermore Even Amitabh Bachchan and Abdul
Kalam eat only Rava for dinner Even they eat it? Yes, also they eat less Okay Prepare Rava then – Use Ghee
– You get nothing! – What?
– No, I said I’ll use lots of it For you to get diarrhea That’s it It’s so simple. I don’t know why
they make it look difficult Hey, Abhi! Amudha! Dinner’s ready Enjoy Here’s your dinner What is this? Did you drench yourself in rain? No, that’s sweating Oh, dear! You went through all this for me? Yes, the mustard cracked in the oil
and it splashed all over my face Okay, go Don’t look at me when I’m eating A painting lies here unheard Time for a kiss! What? Dinner I made dinner Thanks Eat, eat! That was so close What, Lakshmi? I’m a father again? Do you have any sense at all? Did you use this while cooking? Yes. That’s salt, isn’t it? It was Fevicol Why did you keep the fevicol in kitchen? To fix the cooker’s handle Is it so? Oh no, I served it to the kids! – Daddy!
– I’m coming Did you eat it? Do you call it dinner? It is actually glue See, we used it to cover our books – Is it not, Abhi?
– Thanks, daddy! Good god, the kids didn’t eat it That lady? Mother! The plate’s almost empty
Did you eat it? Daddy, mom asked you to sleep outside What happened now? World’s best cook are men Have you eaten Ajith’s Biryani? Since it was my first time It’s very normal that
some people puked It’s not fair to throw out
a family’s head for that Thank god, I didn’t eat it Thank god, I didn’t eat it
– They are going to lay tar road
– How do you say? – They are going to lay tar road
– How do you say? I hear road roller rolling Madhava, stop! Oh, it’s Ambujam! Where are you walking
to in this hot day? To get the grinded chillis from the mill What happened to your cycle? I did bring the cycle My cycle’s tyre was punctured,
I’ve given it to fix Only the other day your husband fixed it That one was not good Both your husband and nozzle
don’t fit you then The cycle is flawed But you can’t say my husband is flawed He’s being very good nowadays – What?
– You keep quiet Are you pregnant? Yes, after five years That’s what everyone in the
neighbourhood were talking about They would have only heard
of test tube babies But they are going to
witness the walttube baby now Take her, get the chilli
powder and then drop her home How will you come then? I’ll walk
I’ve withstood the piercing of diamonds Diamond pierced? Your husband was called ‘diamond’? Why is the front wheel raising? Yes, it’s heavy in the rear, isn’t it? Hold tight Kichanna, look at that! What are you looking at? Madhavan is giving a ride to Ambujam I’ll leave Madhava, I totally forgot Husband’s gone out for work There’s a small work inside
Can you help? Definitely Look at that! See how boldly she is taking
another man into her house Come inside You asked for some help? I have kept mangoes on the loft
Can you take it? Mangoes? I’ll take it for you, but you
should give me ten pieces – Because my wife likes them very much
– Sure, why not? Come, Madhava There’s a ladder, you can take it yourself Doctor advised me not to do such things Correct, correct, there’s a baby inside That’s it It’s pretty lofty Rodents get in if I keep it down here – Are you talking about your husband?
– Stop joking, Madhava – It’s so heavy I can’t carry
– Careful, Madhava Sorry, Lakshmi
I came here to help her take the mangoes I lost my balance and fell Welcome Lakshmi, have a coffee? Look what happens in our neighbourhood People were speaking about this Now they’ve confirmed it Disgusting How long has this been happening? Lakshmi! Nothing happened I was taking mangoes for you I very well understand
what you were doing here – Lakshmi, what are you saying?
– You shut up! I know it all now Thank god, she told me this Otherwise Who’d know what
would have happened here? Now why are you reacting so much? Ambujam wanted helped from Madhavan
because her husband was not home What’s wrong in that? Don’t talk like you know everything He has picked her up from the street Now, you don’t talk like
you know everything Madhavan didn’t pick her up It was I, since she was pregnant Who asked her to give her a lift So? She’s pregnant already? Everything has happened? Why are you bothered about this? Vichu, take her away immediately Otherwise she’d form an own story of hers Come! She’s made your innocent husband do this! Don’t trust that old hag Why should I bother about
next door’s problems? I understand everything now To separate my husband from me You’ve tried to hook them up Would you have done this if you
were his biological mother? You’re just a stranger That’s why you’ve done such a cheap deed What did you say? She’s talking out of anger Where are your senses? How could she speak of you like that? She has point too Convince her first Lakshmi You know how much I love her You just insulted her suddenly – That’s why I got a bit emotional
– Stop it You’ve insulted me in
front of a total stranger And now you act in front of me? No, it is not so Don’t speak to me until
she is out of this house Don’t even enter this room – Get lost
– Lakshmi! Daddy, I’ve sneaked out mummy’s phone Can you download Angry Bird for me? Angry Bird? That’s what your mother is Are you out of your senses? Don’t use phones in your age
When you have to be studying Would you use it hereafter?
Go! The inventor of video
games should be killed – Kids don’t even study
– Madhava – How are we even related to studying?
– What? Why show you anger to them? Now what? The issue is because of my wife, isn’t it? But I know about her She’s a very good person So are you
I don’t you either Why are you worried? All stupid ladies here came
together to build a story I don’t care about them My wife suspects me, that’s why I’m upset Even I get upset once in a while And every time I do, I go to a place
You come with me Come, Madhava Too sweaty Boss, there’s a stone pot here The pot seems to have no opening Lift the pot up, you’ll know My hands When I stretch them Even the Veena cries! Stop it, stop it
The whole world will cry if you play Only now I know why TMS died Who are you? I’m Madhavan – Who are you?
– SPB Santhosh Kumar – SPB Santhosh Kumar?
– Yes If I sing normally I’ll sing like TMS If I sing in a different
way, I’ll sound like SPB It’s terrifying SPB is a good man, he should live long Hey, Sandhula Kumar – Santhosh Kumar
– Something – What’s your problem?
– What do you know My wife chased me out of
home since I don’t earn Sounds like the same story It is, it is Shut your mouths! I’ll talk Santhosh Kumar I have adopted a mother
And through her… I get 25,000 rupees every month Can you adopt her? What’s her worth? 8 acres in ECR 9 acres in OMR If she dies You’ll get all of it When will she die? Looks like you’ll kill her,
but it’s not necessary She has high BP, diabetes Kidney problem and a few
other health issues In short, the whole body of hers is a godown of diseases – She might die any time
– I’ll adopt her! I’ll adopt her! Sure, sure, adopt! She is worth so much Still why are you asking me to adopt her? That’s a huge story Tell it quickly Or I’ll sing No, no! I’ll sing now! I’ll sing! How was I and how am I now? Listen to my tale With a stinging scorpion I’ve reached the dead end of it I am a great philosopher But where is my peace? I can’t find that yet My love and life have hurt me now Every fall is due to a woman Said an old poet Even the God in Pazhani Gave up his life I was sharp I was cool But I’m anything but peaceful now Don’t worry be happy Don’t worry be happy Don’t worry be happy Don’t worry be happy How was I and how am I now? Listen to my tale With a stinging scorpion I’ve reached the dead end of it A wife is the mother after her, they said And who loved her as they said She is a lady Hitler Powerful in psychological warfare I was like a wimp Bearing the weight of a family But she shook me up and made me collapse And now I drink just to keep tripping I was as sharp as a knife And then I was blunted out With a single word And now I drink to forget the sadness I was majestic as a lighthouse She came and painted me plain I’ve won contests for my wit But then, she made me drink Never ever marry It drains you off merry I just thought a bit about it And attained the wisdom of a sage I load a full Since my heart’s dull After all the weeping The eyes have dried up like our ponds How was I and how am I now? Listen to my tale With a stinging scorpion I’ve reached the dead end of it Every fall is due to a woman Said an old poet Even the God in Pazhani Gave up his life I was sharp I was cool But I’m anything but peaceful now Don’t worry
Be happy Madhava You mother My mother I am adopting – Okay
– Give me address 2/2 Sorry, 5/2
– Agraharam I’ll be there
Good night Okay guys I’m going home – Okay
– Okay He showed his hand towards that side But he goes in the opposite direction? Chuck him! On you I… You’re going to puke? Have so much love I have to talk some important things to you Why do you do silly
businesses and struggle? That old lady is unnecessary
and you can’t manage it all And because of her, you
and your wife fought Heights of torture Now you’re looking for someone
to dump the old lady with Is it really necessary? For the trend that exists now Do a business What trend? Throw the old lady out and buy a 5D camera Camera? Four guys and one girl A short story And write a page full of
dialogues filled with pun – Youth will like it very much
– Is it? – That’s the trend now
– Pun is the trend now? The film will earn you lots The society will respect you – Chittukuruvi
– What did you say last? – Mudhal Mariyaadhai (Respect)
– Mudhal Mariyadhai (Film Title) I like this idea My beloved people of Agraharam Who’s this myna? Beautiful! Zoom in a bit Wow, excellent! This woman Is the actress in my film I got thrilled Cameraman
Take that 5D camera – And follow me. location set
– Okay boss Where’s the camera? It is here Extraordinary face Who said That this face can only emote sadness? Lovely eyes, nose, lips,
everything’s super I love this Girl, you have a bright future Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it Come on, let me explain the scene First time, you look,
when you look, romance And shyness, both I want – Come on, start the camera
– Camera roll Okay, action! – You’ve got an amazing heroine, Sir
– Thank you She’ll be the leading
actress for five years Do you have a sister? – We have to sign an agreement
– Shut up Why do you speak unnecessarily in the spot?
I hate this – Careful
– Sorry Come on Girl You showed more emotions than I expected I like it
But it’s not needed now Save it in the fridge And serve me when I want, okay? Now come on, crane down! Location shift Who blocks my view? Field clear My god! Extraordinary But, it looks like something
I’ve already seen It’s alright I want more from you I expect more emotions from this area Can you give it? Oh, you want it? Girl, you hit the director? You hit the cameraman too? My beloved people In every house Men who drink Are thrashed like this A film by Bharathiraja Madhavan Madhavan Who is it? Greetings, mother! Who are you? Why do you go round and round? Who are you? Madhavan didn’t tell you anything about me? Who are you, Obama? Hi! Shanthosh Kumar – When did you arrive?
– Just now – You met her?
– I met and sang immediately, Sir Oh, you sang already? Madhava, what’s happening here? He’s not saying who he is You’re also not saying His name is Shanthosh They call him the echo of SPB He’s here to talk about an important matter – We shall talk over coffee
– We shall, we shall! Okay?
Lakshmi! We have a guest Three coffees please Is it a hotel? I can’t make coffee That’s my wife – She’s a bit different
– Different? Call her, I’ll have a look Why are you so excited now?
Calm down Not like what you think Different in the sense, by
personality, sense of humour etcetera You talk to mother, I’ll go bring coffee Careful! Mother! I am your son henceforth – Son?
– Yes I’m going to adopt you – What are you saying?
– Look at this These are tablets for BP This is for diabetes This is for cholesterol This is for asthma This one for dengue fever This one for Chikunkuniya They haven’t found any
cure for ‘Muttonkuniya’ I’ll bring it once they do
Don’t worry They say that the rat and swine
flu come due to mosquito bites If you apply this No mosquito will bite you Even if it does, it will die See how affectionate I am over you? Whom have you got these for? Mummy! Madhavan told me you
have all these diseases What did you say? Do you know where you
are and what you speak? No, leave me! Look how bald your head
is, you call me “mummy”? If I had given birth to you I would have killed you
the instant you were born You look like a shaved chameleon You are getting me tablets? Mother! No, no, stop it! Shanthosh Kumar Sorry, she has played with you lovingly Don’t mistake it Is this playful? Even Surya (Actor) has to thrash me
with all his might to be hard But your mother doesn’t even have to try – It’s just lips that are slightly torn
– Enough Instead of adopting your mother I’ll kidnap kids, make them beg and earn Leave me I shall leave, mummy! Madhava, get your mother a
membership in the fighter union Mother Coffee I didn’t kill my mother Leave me, Sir
I didn’t kill my mother I didn’t kill her I didn’t kill her I didn’t kill my mother I didn’t kill my mother Madhava Madhava What is it? You planned to murder me? No It was just a dream What’s in the mind
comes in the dream In the morning You planned to send
me with some stranger Now You’re ready to kill me? No, Mother No Since our marriage Lakshmi has never been
without speaking to me But in the last three days She hasn’t uttered a loving word This dream is a result
of that disturbance Forgive me I don’t blame you Even my own sons weren’t good The daughters-in-law
deemed me a burden Each pointed out some remark And asked them to leave
me in the elder’s home Only an elder’s home can
give her sense Do that, only then
we can be peaceful In that home None of the average facilities
were available to me Hey, what’s wrong with you? You serve me with the same
spoon you use for meat Don’t you have any senses? Look, old lady We informed your
sons that there is both vegetarian and
non vegetarian food here Then why do you rebuke? See, stay if you like I was suffering with
no one tell my woes to When you adopted me, it was like a
medication for my inflicted heart Madhava! Even my own sons Don’t have the place
that you do in my heart Your problem is that
your wife isn’t talking Don’t worry Lakshmi will talk to you in the morning Madhava I only lived in your home for 45 days But I have the contentment of
having lived for 45 years As a token of remembrance of your family I’ll take this photo Mother! Do you really have to leave? I have asked
Chittukuruvi to come Where to, mother? I’ll say But first start Stop, mother’s going in that auto!
Turn left! Get that auto – Is it this auto?
– Yes, stop, stop! Mother, where are you leaving? Many orphans are living Can I be not one among them? Mother, your daughter-in-laws Are not like before, they’ve changed They are the ones who
asked us to bring you You want me to believe that? I swear on you They cried saying that they
wanted to apologize to you – Tell her
– Yes, mother There’s a huge emptiness after you left – Please come
– Come, mother – Take her bag
– Open the door Chittukuruvi Tell Madhavan that I’m leaving with my sons Coffee Lovable mother, without you
I’m a dog in the street Mother-love? Find a job first Poetry! – Show
– It’s good, isn’t it? Another photo – Abhi
– Amudha Why are you playing without even changing? Grandma’s missing, mummy! What if she is
Where’s your dad? Daddy is upset – Grandma is fun
– Yes Grandma is no more, come,
I’ll get you out of it Why? Where did she go? Don’t ask so many questions – I’ll hit you
– Why? We’ll eat only if
grandma is here You don’t understand
if I say once? Did she bear your dad,
you call her grandma Why are you hitting her You’ll throw unnecessary
anger on them? Then? She wants her
grandma it seems. Bring that woman and feed her Move Get lost Come sweetheart Don’t worry Dad is everything for you I want to see grandma You want to see a grandma right? Look at your mom without make up She’ll look like a grandma See? It was aimed at my head If it hit my head and I went mad
what would you do? Aren’t you already like that – Come here
– What? – Look, that woman’s bangles
– Bangles? How is it here? I guess she left it by mistake No, not by mistake She must have wanted to help us You wouldn’t take it So she left it here Why do we need her things? Go return it Okay – No need
– Why? You might give it
to the pawn broker I’ll come, let’s go Go, ask Mom, did you eat? Yes Ask Mom Mom – I need to ask you
something important – Tell me It’s nothing My father-in-law has suffered
a loss in real estate So? He needs 50 lakh
rupees immediately You have 30 lakhs in the bank It will be of great
help if we give him For him yes, for me? Dad says he’ll pay you
back with interest Not only that He will make your
sons his partners We have pledged our wives’
jewelery and given him 25 lakhs What? Are all of you trying to fool me? What will you do joining
a dying business? It’s better to let
go of useless things I wondered how there
was sudden love Now I understand why that is Mom, we don’t need your advice just your money Understood The other day You faked your love and got me here it’s not because of love I understand now that
it was for money. Why are you obsessed
with that money? If you die tomorrow, we get it We want it now, is that wrong? – You won’t get it even if I die
– Who else will get it? Those who deserve it Are you mad? We are heir to it and
you’ll give it elsewhere? Why did you give
birth to us then? Giving birth doesn’t
make you my children So is Madhavan your son? He also wanted your money I know To get somewhere in life is what Madhavan wished for The path he took for
it might be wrong But he isn’t a bad person The duties entitled
to a mom as a child he fulfilled them
like my own son so is my daughter-in-law Lakshmi Sometimes she’s grumpy only because she wants
Madhavan to work You heard that? That Lakshmi scum is somewhere and she speaks high
of her to us She is scum? Even if you worship her you wouldn’t change – You insult us in our own house?
– Exactly Why are you still watching? Get the money we need
and throw her out Only the streets will make
her realize our value Why should I be in the streets? If I go back Madhavan will
still take care of me Move Why do you speak so high of him? Did you give birth for his dad? How dare you – hit my wife?
– Mom – I’ll kill you
– Let her go You beat your mom? You sinner – This is our home
– Beat him How dare you? Stop Get up You come to our
house and beat us? That is your mom You let your wives talk to
her like that and beat her Are you human? All this is because of you Get out We’ll go But with our mom – Mom
– Madhava Mom Madhava Mom Forgive me I married him because
there were no in-laws But I’ll tell you a mother-in-law like you I need Come with us Yes, let us go You’ll take our mom? Get lost You brought her
here for the money If you get it you’ll let her go Mom, we don’t need it give it to them I’m there for you the both of us are – Yes
– We’ll take care of you. Come Come Come with your lawyer
I’ll sign anywhere I’ll give you
everything, let me go I just want them This fortune is enough It’s late – Lakshmi
– Coming Come soon it’s late the M.D will be mad Madhavan who never goes to work has left on time today You are late The M.D will fire you Leave.
You stand still. – The kids?
– I can leave my grand kids in school, go. – My sweetheart.
– Okay, I’ll leave. Come You didn’t have breakfast Mom packed it for me – Where?
– Here Breakfast in the lunch vessels? What will happen to the budget? Hey old lady!


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