Panasonic showroom opens in “Bollywood,” the center of India’s film industry [Panasonic]

India with a population of over 1.2 billion continues to achieve impressive economic growth. In such a vibrant nation, Panasonic has fully embarked on an ambitious project to significantly expand its businesses in India, setting the entire group’s sales target for 2012 at 200 billion yen. Two hours from Delhi. Panasonic will establish the “Panasonic Techno Park,” its major manufacturing base in India for air conditioners, washing machines, and welding equipment, on a vast piece of land measuring 300,000 square meters. Moreover, Panasonic will continue to launch new air conditioners, LUMIX, beauty care products, and VIERA as well as various other products that reflect the needs of the local consumers. By implementing various strategies, such as establishing brand shops nationwide, improving product displays at mass retailers, and collaborating on sales activities with local electronic conductive material manufacturer, Anchor Electricals Pvt. Ltd., Panasonic will expand its distribution channels. In 2010, Panasonic opened the showroom, “LIFESCAPE,” in the suburbs of New Delhi. And now, on April 12, 2011, it unveiled a second showroom, the “Panasonic Experience Center,” this time in India’s largest city, Mumbai. “Bollywood” – a term created by combining Mumbai’s former name, “Bombay” with “Hollywood,” the center of the American film industry – well represents the sheer size of the Indian film industry based in Mumbai. India produces the most number of films per year and also boasts the world’s greatest movie audience. And Mumbai, where there are many film production companies and studios, is central to India’s film industry. To celebrate the grand opening of the showroom in Mumbai, Panasonic invited many members of the press to the showroom. Panasonic’s president, Mr. Ohtsubo and the brand ambassador, actress Ms. Dia Mirza took part in the tape cut ceremony. After the ceremony, the members of the media were able to take a look at the showroom. On the first floor, professional solutions for offices, stores, hotels and schools are introduced in sets that reproduce these scenes. You will also find products from Anchor, a local electronic conductive material manufacturer, who is part of the Panasonic group. And on the second floor, you will find on exhibit air conditioning facilities such as commercial air conditioners as well as various industry devices Panasonic proposes. We spoke to a few visitors at the showroom. In the afternoon of the same day, at a hotel in the city the new VIERA model to be made available this year and the new TV commercial were introduced. The VIERA line-up ranging from the 65-inch to the 32-inch. There were many models such as FULL HD 3D models and cloud based internet service “VIERA Connect” compatible models, which drew great attention among the media gathered there. Next, an awards ceremony for the 3D filmmaking contest, “Dimensions,” was held at the venue. Exceptional films were awarded at the venue, and there was a warm round of applause for these young creators. Mumbai, the home of India’s gigantic entertainment industry and center of commerce. Using the newly established showroom, the “Panasonic Experience Center” as a new base, Panasonic will further accelerate its BtoB business development in India.

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