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Where has he gone? After setting
the alarm at 5′ clock! Hey, you set the alarm
at 5 O’ clock.. …and now you came
to the ground? I don’t think you would
pass the exams this time. Do you think it’s funny? All our friends are studying
seriously over there. And you don’t have
any worry at all? Hey. stop! I am shouting here, but you
are least bothered about it? What the worry? Why are
you getting so tensed? Do you think that we can learn
something in the last 3 days.. …that we didn’t learn
in 365 days? I have been observing
it since last one week. Everyone is sticking the books
to their face as if it’s a mask. No wishing. No ‘hi’s! What’s
the need to worry? Whatever questions appear
in the paper.. …will be from within this book. The Goddess of education
Mother Saraswati.. …playing Veena without
any tension. Why are you so tensed
unnecessarily? You are changing the topic
with Veena and Saraswati. Hello! Hello, come here. What’s the hostel phone number?
– What? What’s the hostel phone number? 24.. 2327! 24232271? He is confused to say the
hostel phone number. In the last four years you
might have given this number.. …to so many girlfriends. And
you too might have called.. …this number so many times. That’s the reason I say
that if you are tensed.. …you forget even what you
know. And if you are relaxed.. …you can even remember
what you have forgotten. Before achieving something
we need some silence. We need to give a pause. We need to keep our mind
as fresh as a flower. We studie d four years. So
we shouldn’t get tensed.. …In these last four days
and we shouldn’t fail. Close the book and keep
your mind open. You’ll definitely win. Earlier I used to get tensed
at the thought of studying.. …but now I learnt how to study
after I heard Balu’sphilosophy. Whatever questions appear
in the paper.. …will be from within this book.
What’s the need to get tensed! Keep the book aside. Hello! Aren’t you worried about
exams that you’re whistling? Why should I be worried, sir? When the Goddess of studies
Saraswati is playing Veena.. …without any worry. Hello, boss! You said that we
shouldn’t study in tension.. …during the last minutes. I
followed your philosophy.. …and I couldn’t answer
even a single question. Hey, that was for those who
studied hard for 365 days.. …but not for those who study
only during the last 3 days. This theory won’t
work-out for you. Hello! Kartik, phone. Hello. – Hello, Kartik.
– Aunty, it’s me, Balu. Balu, where’s Kartik?
Where has he gone? He went to canteen.
What’s the matter? Shall I give him some message? No, there’s nothing. It’s been
quite long since I talked to him. Is he worried about his exams? There’s nothing
like that, aunty. When are the exams completed? When is he coming here?
– He’ll leave tomorrow. What’s this, Balu! You are
talking to us only on phone.. …since the last 4 years.
Won’t you come to our home? You too come to Anantpur
along with Kartik. You can go to your
home from here. I’ll come- I’ll definitely
come, aunty- – Goodbye- – Ok, bye-. I missed that question.
– I didn’t expect that question. We should’ve read that question. Hey, you worry before the
exams and also after exams. Why are you getting tensed?
We already wrote the exams. The exams are over. Now we
can’t change what’ve written. Give that to me. “Don’t feel bad, dude.“ “Don’t melt like ice.“ “Don’t feel bad, dude.“ “Don’t melt like ice.“ “There’s no need for
photos or anything.“ “There’s no need for
an autograph.“ “Extra tears are of no use.“ “Chennai, Vizag, Goa.
Chittur, Bezawada!“ “if you get on the night-bus
the driver will take you there.“ “My friends, be happy
and sing a song.“ “Forget the sorrows
at this moment.“ “My friends, be happy
and sing a song.“ “Forget the sorrows
at this moment.“ “Don’t feel bad, dude.“ “Don’t melt like ice.“ “Blow the whistle. Blow the
whistle. That’s happiness.“ “We studied hard. That’s
more than a punishment.“ “Do you think that college is a
theatre to glue cinema poster!“ “Our eyes are not
tap to shed tears.“ “Subbarao’s son Apparao has
debt all over the city.“ “Tatarao’s son is king of yarns.
He doesn’t have single rupee.“ “Don’t chase it, dear.
Forget it.“ “I’ll give you a rupee.
Call your lover.“ “My friends, be happy
and sing a song.“ “Forget the sorrows
at this moment.“ “My friends, be happy
and sing a song.“ “Forget the sorrows
at this moment.“ “How will I live without
you from now onwards?” “I’ll marry your sister.
Don’t worry.” “We might forget what
we studied..“ “..but we won’t forget
our college friends.“ “So let’s stay in degree for
the rest of our lives.“ “Like the train changes
the tracks..“ “..we’ll also have
to get separated.“ “Like we’ve beer with friends
every second day..” “..we have to bid goodbye
to everyone.“ “We aren’t going anywhere?“ “It’s a small world.
We’ll meet again.“ “Chennai, Vizag, Goa.
Chittur, Bezawada!“ “if you get on the night-bus
the driver will take you there.“ “My friends, be happy
and sing a song.“ “Forget the sorrows
at this moment.“ “My friends, be happy
and sing a song.“ “Forget the sorrows
at this moment.“ “My friends, be happy
and sing a song.“ “Forget the sorrows
at this moment.“ “My friends, be happy
and sing a song.“ “Forget the sorrows
at this moment.“ I kept my ticket here.
Where has it gone? They won’t accept Pulivendala
ticket on the way to Anantpur. What are you saying! First you’ll go to Anantpur and
then you’ll go to Pulivendala. You promised mother that
you’ll come there. Now come with me.
– But.. – We are getting late. Hey, don’t tell me which
one is your house! I’ll find it out by myself-
– Ok, make a guess-. Hey, how did you find it out? Hey, Kartick, you jerk!
When did you come? Why are going in that direction? Mother, Kartick’s here! Mother,
Kartick’s here! She’s my sister. Come in. Kartick, come in. Welcome, Balu. O mother, you could’ve
cleaned the house. Wait a minute! Hema, come here. Keep it inside and
clean the house. I informed you yesterday
that we are coming here. We have to bear his
burden again, Balu. I went to the temple
in the morning. I’ve so many things to do.
What’s the big deal? Your friend is our house.
Now he’s one among us. Take my word. He won’t mind
these things. I’ll put up with.. …your demands, but please
don’t irritate me for a while. Hey, remove all these. Hey, your orders may work
there, but not there. This is not your hostel,
but it’s home. We’ll know what you do
there if we come there. And he’s shouting.
– Hey, I’ll slap you. I’ll break your teeth.
– How dare you! Mother!
– I’ll.. How do you spell economics?
Does it start with ec or ek? Ek.
– Ec! It’s ec, but not ek. Say it. Spell it.
– Ec. All the spellings are wrong. That’s what I was saying.
– Kartick, come here for a sec. What? – Come here! –
Tell me what it is. You want the whole
world to hear it? How can I say it if you hear
it from there? Come here. Yes, what’s the matter? – The
thing is that when I am going.. …to my college, boys
are troubling me.. …at Gauri cycle shop.
I waited till you came. Ask them to stop it.
– What rubbish! Get lost. They are troubling you?
– It’s my fault that I told you. You are not a brother. Get lost. What’s this! She’s a
college going girl. She’s saying that someone’s
troubling her.. …and you are ignoring as
if it doesn’t bother you? College? It’s tutorial college? She gets zeros in every subject. And they are troubling her? It’s
sufficient if she trouble them. And what did think of her! I am like the girl
in this house. And she’s like the
boy of this house. Her activities suggest that.
She is mad about movies. She doesn’t miss even
a single movie. She watches the
movie many times. She doesn’t leave even
a single rupee at home. She steals every rupee from
home. Father used to beat her. And she used to shout so high
that the entire city.. …would hear it. These days she
is not stealing the money. But a few days ago she
has stolen the money.. …from our Hundi(offering
to God). Where are you running?
Stop there! I’m telling you,
stop there. Stop! How many times do
I have to tell you! Will you steal again?
Will you steal again? I told you so many times
not to steal from Hundi. Didn’t I tell you that stealing
money is wrong? Will you steal the money
again? Will you? You won’t mend your ways. Will you steal the
money? Tell me! Tell me that you won’t steal
the money from Hundi. Will you steal the money? I’ll.. Stop! Why are you beating her? Goddess has taken over her
body. – She’s pretending. She’s pretending after stealing
money from Hundi. Hey, Krishnamurty, whose
permission should I take.. …to take my money?
– She’s calling me by my name. Hey, Sita Lakshmi, ask your
husband to apologize to me. Ask him to touch my feet
and apologize to me. Listen to me. Touch her feet. Touch her feet. Mother, what’s this noise!
I am getting disturbed. You shouldn’t talk like that. Mother Goddess has taken
over her body. Goddess Reddamma!
– What! Goddess Reddamma! He’s giving me that doubty-look! Ask him to touch my feet.
– Touch her feet. What! Her feet? Mother, I won’t. That’s enough. Hi, Kartick!
– Hi! Hey, Lingam! Do you
forget our home.. …when Kartick’s not here?
– You didn’t go to college yet? Lingam, don’t mess with
me unnecessarily. Or else I’ll reveal your
secrets. When did I study? Hey, you know about
her well, don’t you? Then why do you start
a fight with her. You may fall for her tricks,
but I won’t. – Moron! Hey, didn’t I tell you about my
friend Lingam? He’s Lingam. And he’s messing with me?
His ugly friends? Where are you going so
early in the morning? Where else will they go? They
will wander the streets.. …like the ice-vendor. They
will burn like a crow. Hey!
– Get lost! It seems that she’s in
a very good mood. Come. She’s going too far these days. Hey, when did you come?
– Today. He’s my friend. That’s fine, but why did you
introduce him this fatso? Shut up! – Balu. – Anyway
where are we going? To the parliament.
And you are an MP. Girl, these bangles
will suit you. Buddy, what a lucky
person he is! Didn’t I tell you not to
crack jokes in my shop? My friend’s here.
– Hello, boss! Hey, buddy! How are you?
– Fine. – Let’s go. Hey, take 25 rupees from her. He’s so strict when
it comes to money. They are here again. Monkeys! They’ll ruin the house.
Shameless people! We should get you arrested
to the police. You wander on the street
like vagabonds. Hey, don’t mind him!
He’s like that only. Nothing bothers you people. Hey, buddy! – Welcome,
engineer. When did you come! Today. My friend Balu!
– Hello, boss. Please sit down. This is my palace. – It’s
alright. – Be careful, buddy. He offers broken chairs
to his guests. We didn’t even start
and you are on high? Anyway we’ll start
it within a minute. Hey, what are those? Bottles?
I am going to.. Yes, these are bottles.
– Hey, come here. Come here. You are not even 18 and
you are drinking liquor? Come here. Come here. I’ll put this bottle in your
mouth if you shout again. I’ll break your head. – You
started drinking at this age? Shut up, old man! – You are
already as fat as a pig. If you drink you’ll
be even fatter. Hey, that old man is
shouting too much. Some day I’ll crush him
like a cigarette butt. Why do you get messed
up with that old man! Sit down. What’s the need to
get tensed unnecessarily? Come here, boss.
– Let’s sit on the floor. Wait a minute! I’ll
open the cup. So he’s the only man here. He’s has every bad habit, but
he never gets the blame. Their parents brought
him up in a great way. Boss, how is he in the college?
– He? He closes his eyes when
girls cross his path. When will you develop?
– You developed a lot. Take it. – There are only
bubbles in my glass. Cheers! Boss, keep an eye on your
glass or else he’ll drink it. He’s killing my husband! O God! Stop there! I’ll kill you. Mother, leave me. Stop there. Leave me, mother. I’ll kill you. Mother, leave me.
I’ll kill them. Father! O father! Hey, I’ll kill you. Stop! Mother, leave me. Mother,
leave me. They won’t mend their
ways in this birth. What happened? Who are they? A goon called Kasi. Just look
at them how they are staring. Why are you getting
tensed! Leave it! They won’t mend their
ways in this birth. Why are you getting tensed!
Ok, I shall leave now-. Balu, come. These things are quite
common here. These things happen
here frequently. There’s no one to question them. Many murders took place here. No one has the guts
to question Kasi. The police station
or the government.. …doesn’t have any power here. Here what he says is
the ultimate truth. And what does is the
ultimate verdict. Earlier he used to lead a
vagabond life in this city. One day he killed a cycle-shop
owner called Pando.. …In the middle of the street.
Till that day he has been.. …gaining power and today
he reached this state. What you saw here right
now is very simple. Far worse things happened
here before. “O lord! The lord of Tirumala!“ “Open your eyes and see this!“ “O lord! The lord of Tirumala!“ “Open your eyes and see this!“ “The hearts of my people
are the real pearls.“ “Give them happiness.“ Hey, start the movie! How many intervals are there! Hey, start the movie!
– Sit down. Start the movie. Hema!
– What! She’s Hema? See how she’s behaving. Hey, will you start the movie
or shall we come there? See how she’s talking! She’s
talking like a man. What’s all this! Are you girls or boys! Why
don’t you sit quietly? Aren’t you ashamed of
yourself? – Who’s that? Hey, are you some sort
of hero or what! Don’t mess with that badly.
– Mind your language! Sit down. If you say something
else they may beat you. That’s better. – Have you
seen how she’s behaving? I am unable to believe it.
– You’ll believe it now. Everyone watch it carefully. Hey, you! Are you drunk
or what! – Well-said. Thanks, Annavaram. Pay the song again.
– She’s ruining my reputation. See how she’s shouting.
– We’ll break the box. I can’t take it anymore.
Let’s go. Do you know what she has done! She is shouting like a rowdy. Did you really give
birth to her, mother? Let her come. So she’s
gone to college? You’ve seen her carefully,
didn’t you? Was it her? I saw her clearly. It was her. He too saw her. Ask him
if you don’t trust me. Let her come home. These teachers try to teach us
everything in just one day. I am so tired. Mother, get
me a nice filter coffee. Who discovered these exams,
marks, result! Oh God! They are such a trouble. I went to other teacher so that
I would pass exams this time.. …but it seems that
he’s of not help. Kartick, pass me those biscuits. Hey, are you kidding me or
what! I’ll break your teeth. With the excuse of tuition’s
and private classes.. …you roam the entire city.
I saw everything. Your whistling, troubling
the operator. I saw everything that
you did in the theatre. What are you saying, Kartick?
– Don’t over-act. I’ll kill you. And then you promise that
you won’t go to movies. What’re you saying! You might
have mistaken someone else.. …as me. I really went
to the tuition. Till now Chitti, Revati and I
were in the tuition classes. If you don’t trust me you
can call Chitti and Revati. Chitti? Revati? Are they your
friends? Shameless girls! Aren’t they ashamed to
dance in the theatres? If you scold me then I’ll
scold your friend. You’ll scold him? Ok, scold
him- Come on, scold him-. You saw here there, didn’t you?
Tell her. – Leave it. Tell me if you saw me!
– Tell her. I doubt if she’s that
girl in the theatre. Now you’ll get caught.
– Search it. Hey, give me those tickets.
– What for? We shouldn’t leave any
sort of evidence. Where did I keep it? ‘Has she taken it?’ ‘No, she wouldn’t
have taken it.’ Hello. Is this your purse? Sorry. Did you doubt me? I steal only our belongings. Go! Go back! Go back! Go back! Go back! Go back! Go back! Go back! Take that vehicle back!
Take it back. Go back! Go back! Take it back! Go back! Go back! What
are you staring at! Sir, what happened? – Do I
have to explain it to you? Get lost. Go back. Go back. Go back.
– Sir, there’s no way.. Take right. – Sir, we’ve
to travel a long way. We have to guard the dead
body in the early morning. Kasi’s done this.
– Watch carefully. How did you come? There’s
a lot of trouble going on.. …In the entire city.
– We are lucky to be back. Ok, come here-. Take this. Take that as well. Come here, son. Sit down.
– Sit down. I’ve been observing this since
the last 25 years I am here. There are so many fights,
so many wars. They scared the entire city.
There’s no one to fight them. Everyone’s scared of them. We read it only in the
epics and stories.. …that God took incarnation
and killed the demons. But as far as I know I
haven’t seen the God. The law, the government, the
police, no one did nothing. The men of this city and
worse than ladies. They should start wearing
bangles. – Don’t talk rubbish. Why should we be involved
in those fights! Don’t let anyone talk. Just
because we are silent.. …he has come this far. Boss, watch that temple.
– I’m going to kill you. Shut up! Can’t you stay quiet? Don’t you have any
other thing to do? Tell everything to him. Don’t
hide anything about me. I’ll tell you later on.
– You’ll tell later on? You started it. Say it
or else you may die. What happened?
– Nothing, boss. When the annual anointment was
going on in the temple.. …he tickled the priest’s
daughter’s waist. – And then? And that girl slapped him
publicly with her sandal. And his image damaged
completely. What happened then?
– What else! They adorned him
with that sandal. He is getting beaten up by that
sandal at home everyday. If I start revealing your
secrets it will start stinking. Boss, there are many
stories about them. I’ll tell you about
them later on. Buddy, Kasi! Milky, I love you! You are in real trouble. I’ll
kill you if you move. How dare you to write
such a thing! Let your come here.
I’ll tell you. Confess who did it. Everyone
will get punished.. …for something that one
personit. – Don’t over-act. I’ll break your teeth. Sit
there. I’ll call the master. A drama about you is going
on inside. – What? A big trouble. They are aught.
Let father come here. What’s the problem?
– They drew a picture.. …and wrote under it ‘Milky,
I love you’. They started such
things at this age. What Milky?
– You didn’t get it? Milky means Balu. It’s you. Just a minute. They are kids.
They did it with innocence. Let them go.
– I’ll slash their skin. Your father. Please. Hello! Has everyone done their
homework? – God! What happened? Hello!
– Just a minute. Why aren’t you saying anything? Have you done your
homework or not? You are saved. – What’ve
I done? How am I saved? You didn’t do anything. They drew the picture and
wrote ‘Milky’ under it. I’m the one who wrote
‘I love you’ under it.. …to make the matter
a bit serious. Behave yourself when there
are girls around. We are waiting for them.
Brother’s here. Ask him to come here fast. Hey, serve the food. Greetings, brother. I came here at the dinner-time. Anyway, I talked to the judge
about Vengal Reddy’s.. …son’s murder case. First
he was stubborn. He’s from Yarraguntla. Later
on I managed it somehow. You need not come there. It’s
sufficient if you ask.. …a couple of your
men to surrender. Boy, give me that pen. We can take the bail.
That’s not a big deal. It’s sufficient if a couple
of your men surrender. It’s sufficient if we meet
the judge one more time. We have got Saturday and
Sunday during this case. That will work as an advantage
for us. But the judge.. That boy’s presence
is disturbing you? Do you know who he is? He
is Vengal Rao’s grandson. Is this his age of
holding a knife? He would have killed
me if I wasn’t alert. I went to wash my hands. I don’t understand what
their bad luck is. Four members of their family
died in my hands. I keep on telling them not
to leave anyone behind. This is what happens
if you leave them. Throw him away. This contractor doesn’t
know who I am. Tell him that I will behead him. Only the building will be
there, but not your contractor. Leave him! He wouldn’t have
done it had he known.. …who I am. Let’s go. Balu, have you packed
your luggage? Balu, you are leaving? You’d
have stayed here.. …for a couple of days more.
– It’s alright, sir. It’s already been 4-5 days.
– Where’s Hema? Does she know that
he’s going back? Today she has her last exam. She went to her friend’s
house to study. Shall we go? We are getting
late. – I’ll drop him. Ok, goodbye, sir- Goodbye,
aunty- – Be careful-. Bye.
– Ok. Give that to me.
Give that to me. You don’t let me smoke even
a single cigarette. Boss, take it. – No, thanks.
Half cigarettes are more fun. He likes second-hand cigarettes. Buddy, they arrested Kasi.
There’s breakdown.. …In the entire city.
The buses came to halt. What!? They arrested Kasi?
– Yes. You can’t go to you home today.
Let’s go home. Come! I’ll take some other bus.
– All the buses.. …came to halt. Come. What’s the matter? What happen? The same old problem. There
disorder in the entire city. The buses aren’t running.
– What! Disorder? They arrested Kasi.
– That’s why they say.. …that you should listen
to your elders. I told you earlier to stay here
for a couple of days more. Have you eaten something?
– Where would we eat? The shops are closed. – So
what! I’ll prepare something.. …In ten minutes. Hema! You didn’t inform
me while leaving. That’s why you came back. What’s the matter? Isn’t
this city leaving you? Just look at your
face! You jerk! Hello, do you have a matchbox? Matchbox? Do you smoke? Why? You can drink,
but we can’t smoke? You’re the only one
who has these rights? I saw you that day.
The bike was shaking. What was that! The
high of liquor? Does Kartick drink? I know he doesn’t have
that sort of guts. Can’t you remove these things
will you give your shirts.. …for laundry? It fell in my
hands. That’s why you’re safe. He told me that
he has a sister.. …but I really didn’t expect
that he has a sister like you. Sister like you? What
does that mean? Say it! You almost said it. What
were you about to say? Nothing. By the way aunty
talked to me a lot of times. How come you didn’t talk
to me on phone even once? Who said that I didn’t talk
to you? I talked four times. Four times? With whom?
– With you. With me?
– Yes. Balu, how are you? Where’s
Kartik? Where has he gone? What’s this, Balu! You are
talking to us only on phone.. …since the last 4 years.
Won’t you come to our home? You are talking just
like your mother. Not only like mother, but
I can also like my father. Sir, I like five. India
has got five letters. Mother Indra has
got five letters. The son Rajiv has
got five letters. And present leader Sonia
has five letters. And the future leader Rahul
also has five letters. That’s why I like five.
I like five. How can you do that!
– I am a gold-medalist in this. Hema!
– Aunty! Hello, why are you scared! Mother, knows about our matter.
– Our matter? Don’t pretend as if you
don’t know anything. “What happened to me?“ “I never experienced
such a thing.“ “But I am enjoying it.” “What happened to me?“ “I never experienced
such a thing.“ “But I am enjoying it.” “You did some magic. You cast
a spell with you eyes.“ “You have blown my heart away.“ “With your naughtiness,
with your chirpiness..“ “ have injured my heart.“ “I am thinking about you and
daydreaming about you.“ “When they ask my name I
am telling your name.“ “I am stuck in your plaits.“ “I feel like you are my shadow.“ “What happened to me?“ “I never experienced
such a thing.“ “But I am enjoying it.” “One look of yours
is sufficient.” “ push me like a cyclone.“ “Your thoughts are touching
me like a cold breeze.“ “I’ll always be there for you.“ “I am unable to resist myself.“ “You are such a beauty.“ “I am floating in the air
since I fell in love.“ “You did some magic. You cast
a spell with you eyes.“ “You have blown my heart away.“ “With your naughtiness,
with your chirpiness..“ “ have injured my heart.“ “Since I fell in
love with you..” “ heart isn’t
staying quiet.“ “My hand is waiting..” “ touch your face.“ “Ours is the love
of many births.“ “Dear, we won’t miss
anything now.“ “Our lives are like
the rivers..“ “..that ultimately
come together.“ “You did some magic. You cast
a spell with you eyes.“ “You have blown my heart away.“ “With your naughtiness,
with your chirpiness..“ “ have injured my heart.“ “What happened to me?“ “I never experienced
such a thing.“ “But I am enjoying it.” You invited all our
friends to you home. Now all of them are ready. I have some work here. You go
first. We’ll come there later. Balu, take care. Make a call
after you reach home. You are going to the bus-stand,
aren’t you? Yes, mother. – You are also
going with him, right? Hey, just a minute.
– Ok. You come with me. I am leaving and you are here? Please don’t ask me anything.
Please go. Don’t come near me.
– What happened? Please go. I may cry if I see
you. Please go. Ok, bye-
– Ok-. Please get me a water-bottle. Hello, boss, your notes don’t
work in our city. They’ll work.. …when we’ll come to your
city empty-handed. Convey my regards to
your family. – Ok. Bye.
– Bye. Ok, bye-
– Call me after you reach there-. Ok-
– Bye- Happy journey-. Leave him. Just a second. Listen to me. Just a second. Sir, you go away. Go away.
Just a minute. Sir, go away. I am asking
you to leave. Just a minute. Listen
to me. Listen to me. Son, do you know whom you
mess up with? It’s Kasi. If you stay here he’ll kill
you. Run away from here. Who’s he? He’s Kali?
– Yes. His name is Balu. He’s
from Pulivendala. He lived in Ayyoru’s
home for a week. Ayyoru’s son and he studied
together in Madras for a week. I sent my men to
drag Ayyoru here. Hey, a kid bashed me up in
the middle of the street.. …and you are sending
men to bring Ayyoru? You knew where he lives.
Go and make a call.. …to Pulivendala. I’ll kill you! Hello. – Reddappa, I am Srinu
from brother Kasi’s house. Yes, what’s the matter?
– We needed you. A kid messed with us. – Who is
he? ls brother out of town? Actually he bashed
up our brother. What are you saying! He
bashed up our brother? Who is he? – His name is Balu.
He’s from Pulivendala. Brother, you hang up the phone. I’ll get that kid and call
you within ten minutes. Hello.
– I am Reddappa speaking. Can you give me details
about that kid? How many times do
I have to tell you? That’s not the thing, brother. Is he the same kid whom
you messed with? What are you saying!
– It’s a big matter. Have you heard about Raja Reddy? He’s the sole leader of the
in and around Pulivendala. And this kid is the son of
that Pulivendala leader. Please don’t talk to anyone
in Pulivendala.. …like you talked
to me, brother. And no one should know
that you called me. Forget this matter right
here, brother. Hey! Each one of them is
a part of my life. How dare you to
mess with my men! I’ll cut you into two pieces. If any outsiders some
to this province.. …and misbehave with
anyone of us.. …then none of them can
leave the province again. “He’s the most courageous man.
He’s the walking sun.” “He’s the warrior. He’s
the spotless moon.“ “He’s the tiger of Pulivendula.“ “He’s the definition of charm.“ “When he holds a sword the
entire province shakes.“ “He has immense love for us.“ “He’s the most courageous man.
He’s the walking sun.” “He’s the warrior. He’s
the spotless moon.“ “The son of the tiger is here.“ “He’s as courageous
as his father.“ “He’s our king.“ “He’s the God who would save
the reputation of our village.“ “There is no competition
to Mr. Reddy.“ “There is no one who
can go against you.“ “There won’t be a day when
you would bow your head.“ “No one lift their heads and
stare into your eyes.“ “When he holds a sword the
entire province shakes.“ “He has immense love for us.“ “No one can stop him even
when he does charity.“ “And no one can stop him even
when he goes to fight.“ “He’s down-to-earth
and broad-hearted.“ “He’s savior of the poor.“ “That dynasty doesn’t know
what cowardice is.“ “Till our master’s blessing
are there with us..” “..we will never get
into any trouble.“ “The world is scared of anger.“ “In our province our
master is our God.“ “When he holds a sword the
entire province shakes.“ “He has immense love for us.“ “He’s the most courageous man.
He’s the walking sun.” “He’s the warrior. He’s
the spotless moon.“ “He’s the tiger of Pulivendula.“ “He’s the definition of charm.“ “When he holds a sword the
entire province shakes.“ “He has immense love for us.“ When I stand, when I sit,
whatever I do.. …I can only see
him kicking here. Whoever he might be, whoeverhis
father might be.. …but my knife doesn’t
know all that. It only knows slaying
people’s heads. I won’t stay in peace
till I kill him. Come! Hey! Listen to me. Come fast. Come fast. Stop! Where are you going! Come fast. Come fast. Don’t do that. Stop.
– Stop him. – Hey, you check it. You are caught. What
are all these things? Lipstick. Hairclip. Stickers. You are carrying all
these ladies’ things. Don’t you have anything
else to do? Where did you get all
these things from? Who is that girl?
– That’s none of your business. If you don’t tell
that to us then.. …we’ll tell that
to uncle. Uncle! Don’t shout!
– Then tell us who she is. He has feelings for her. Balu
has feelings for her. What a girl she is! She’s
such a great girl. She’s so decent. She respects
people so much. Dude, have you got a matchbox? She’s very conservative.
– Hey, Krishnamurty. And you on the other hand
call me by my name. Balu! You don’t respect
your cousin at all. When she walks it seems like
clouds are floating in air. She doesn’t put
her leg on floor. She’s a fairy straight
from heaven. Her anklets inform us
about her arrival. What I am trying to say is that
a girl should be like her. She’s got the perfect height.
She’s got the perfect weight. Her eyes are perfect.
Her nose is perfect. She looks like a
statue in Ajanta. Words won’t be sufficient
to praise her beauty. Whatever I said about
her is just 50%. I get a high just by
thinking about her. You get a high? You are caught.
I’ll tell you. Listen to me. Come.
– You go away. You are..
– Go away. Sir, you solved this issue in
Panchayat(village court). And they swore in the temple. Now see what they have done. They attacked our person
when he was returning.. …from his farm. Tell us
what we shall do, sir. We are bound by our
promise to you. Tell us what we shall do. Tie them down and
bring them here. Let’s go. Uncle, what’s the matter
father is so angry? Is something serious? – You
shouldn’t get into these things. Mind your business.
Start the van. Uncle, it seems that a big
fight is on the cards. It’s with the Shankar
Reddy gang? I’ll also come, uncle. – Where
will you come? Is it funny? Don’t talk like a kid! Your
father will be very angry.. …If he knows about this.
You are an educated kid. Concentrate on your studies.
Don’t get into these fights. Hey, come here immediately.
– Uncle. Subbalu, I’ll also come.
– Where? We aren’t going to eat.
We are going for a fight. Swords will be moving
all around. No one knows whose head
will come down. You’ll faint at the
sight of the blood. Go and concentrate
on your studies. Hey, I’ll also come.
– You are troubling me a lot. The elders are going on the van. You come along with
me on the car. – Ok. Get in the car before
someone sees you. What’s wrong with you?
Won’t you listen to us? Sir, we came to know
about everything. Trust us, sir, we don’t have
the courage to fight you. Our kids did it
with foolishness. Our kids joined Subbarayya’s
kids and did this mistake. Trust us and go, sir. We will
hand over the kids to you.. …by the morning.
– When did you keep your word? What’s the guaranty that you’ll
keep your word this time? Sir, forgive us for this time.
– Why don’t they fight? Why are you hurrying? They
went to talk right now. The real story is about to
start within few minutes. Munaswamy, tell him how the
story looks. – Simhadri. We are very hurt that you
came to our place for this. We are apologizing
on their behalf. Shankar Reddy’s men
will kiss the dust. Father asked to bring them.
What’s the need to talk! I didn’t like it.
– It’s not the end of it. There’s a long story
ahead, dear. None of you will stay alive
if you don’t keep your word. All of them should be there
by morning. Did you get me? As you wish, sir. Hey, they betrayed us. Get
down. Let’s kill them. Listen to me. It’s not safe
for us to fight here. Turn the car. Turn the car. Hey, Munaswamy, our
men are leaving. We shall also leave.
– Wait a minute. What’s the delay for?
– Start the car. I’ll die if I stay here.
– Hey, Munuswamy. Get in.
– Sir, the thing is that.. Sir! Cowards! Pulivendala’s men
will come first in running. What’s this, brother,
you brought me alone? Master Balu is still in that
car. – Why did he come here? He said that he’ll come
with me. – Turn the car. What’s the matter
they left this car? What shall we do to this car?
– Let’s use it for.. …making cowdung-cakes. They think they are
the only men here. They want us to be their
slaves for rest of our lives. You do what you want to do.
I’ll see who’ll stop us. Let’s go. There’s some sound.
– It’s must be some bird. Brother-in-law, it’s not a
bird. The sound is from the car. Go and see. Go and
see what it is. Go! “The warrior is here.“ “The tiger-cub is here.“ “He’s the fear in enemies’ hearts.“ “He is the hot-blooded fighter.“ “He won’t forgive anyone.“ “The end of the enemies has begun.“ “He has starting hunting his preys.“ “He’s the king of the jungle.“ He’s breaking their bones.
He’s tiger’s son. They ran away. Let them run away. Where
can they escape! But father..
– He doesn’t know about it. None of us will talk
about it. Come. Where did you go?
– Aunty, the thing is that.. Come and have dinner. We told them not to come with
us, but he didn’t listen to us. Why would he listen to us?
He’s an educated person. He won’t listen to us. He’s
hot-blooded young man. Twirling your moustache,
carrying a knife.. …all these things look good. But half the people who
carried the knife aren’t alive. Some of the people are living
in the villages.. …losing their limbs?
What’s the reason? The reason is that they took
the knife in the fit of rage. Father, the thing is that..
– That’s how it all starts. We are uneducated people.
We don’t know.. …the ways of the world. We
are surviving with the help.. …of the knives and swords. If
we won’t kill ten for one.. …then we’ll lose our
respect in the village. What can we do! We don’t
have any other option. But we aren’t doing all
this with our own wish. It’s a family tradition. Behind every sword there
is enmity of many years. I don’t know how these
enmities will die. Let these enmities die
with my generation. At least you should lead
a prosperous life. That’s why I am getting
you educated. Get lost. Come. Aren’t the men here sufficient
for carrying the knives? Actually the thing is that..
– Get lost. Welcome. Welcome. You came
here after a long time. Sit down. What’s the matter? You came
here all of a sudden? Tell me what the matter is. What happened? Tell me what happened. The thing is that someone.. Hey! What’s the need to hide it
after we lost our reputation! Yes, he kicked me. He
kicked me on my chest. That kid..
– Who’s he? His name is Balu.He studied in
Madras engineering college. He lives in Pulivendala
near this village. His father’s name is Raja Reddy. What are you saying! You came to the wrong place. Frankly speaking I am ready
to kill anyone for you. You did a lot for me. So I am
ready to do anything for you. But no! Don’t mess with them. Their blood and my
blood are same.. …and we belong to
the same village. I can’t do anything
against them. And at the same time I can’t
help you in anyway. Please go away. Get up! Please go away.
I beg you. What’s this, brother! I
came here trusting you.. …and you are sending
me away empty-handed. Ok, give me ten rupees-
Just like that-. I don’t want to do empty-handed. Just ten rupees will
be sufficient. He said that he shares
the same blood. What if he goes there and
reveals our intentions! I wanted to kill one person
and they are making me.. …commit hundred murders. Sir, yesterday you were
angry so I want silent. Two eyes weren’t sufficient
to see your son’s talent. He’s a great fighter. He
attacked them like a lion. We felt like it’s
you 25 years ago. It’s the courage in your blood.
You can’t get rid of it. Your son should be happy
for ten generations. Brother, tell him not
to get into fights. Brother! Brother! What happened, brother? What’s the matter? You threw
the knife on him.. …and here you are sitting
in this lodge silently? I saw it. I saw everything. You threw that knife that
kid in the morning. I saw it. I saw everything. I too want to see his death. That train used to come
late everyday.. …but unfortunately it
came on time today.. …and ruined our plan. You are lucky that I saw the
knife that you threw on him. Even a mosquito of this
province seen you doing that.. …then none of you would have
gone alive to your homes. It’s his kingdom. We can’t
kill him so easily. He’s not a banana tree
that you can cut it.. …whenever you want, but
he’s a banyan tree. We’ve to make a
plan to kill him. I want to take revenge
since 15 years. He kicked me out of our village. I know his house. I know
every part of his house. Let’s finish the entire family. I’ll help me. Trust me. Hello, I am Balu speaking.
ls Kartick there? Sorry, they shifted the house.
– When? I don’t know. We are
the new tenants. Has they given you some
contact number? Sorry, they haven’t given
us any contact number. Hey, what happened?
– Nothing. Don’t try to escape. We
can read your face. We’ve been observing
you since so long. Tell me what the matter is. Tell me! – There’s nothing.
They are not in that city. They shifted their house.
– Is that all? Is that what is troubling you?
What’s the big deal! They changed the city, but that
doesn’t mean she forgot you. You love her, don’t you? You
think about her, don’t you? If you have hope then she’ll
meet you some day. Hey, you are making me roam
the entire village. Take me to anyone. You’ll have to go to Puttur
Raju to cure that. Or else you’ll have to limp
like me for the rest of your life. Hey, stop the van and ask
someone where his house is. Hello, where’s Puttur
Raju’s house? Have you fractured your bones? I am going that way. Follow me. Brother. Start the van. Start it! Ram the van on him. Ram his bike. Kill him. Wait a minute!
– What! What rubbish are you talking!
It’s his village. This place is surrounded by
his men. Do you know that? If we get caught none of us
will stay alive.We’ll attack him.. …from behind his back
when we get a chance. Follow me. He’s leaving. He’s escaping. Hey, nephew, when
did you come? – A couple of days ago.
About a week ago. Our nephew looks like a hero
after coming from the city. He’s leaving. He’s taking
the turn. And he’s gone. Where is he! Where has he gone? He’s gone. Is that
how you drive? Follow me. Have you learnt how
to drive recently? Go. Follow me. The third house from left. Theirs is the house with green
gate beside Mother’s temple. Go! Ram the van into his bike! Hey, Lakshmi, they
killed the lamb.. …that you decided to offer
to Mother Lakshmi. Someone killed the lamb.
Let’s see. I told you not to do so.
See what they are doing.. …just for a lamb.
Bow down. Bow down. Come out! Come out! Bow down! Bow down! Oh God! He’s Raja Reddy. We are done. We are
about to die today. They killed the lamb that
we bought to offer Mother. They rammed their van
onto to our lamb. Where do belong to? What if it was some child
in place of the lamb? Where are you going?
– To Mr. Puttur Raju’s house. Then why are you going
from this way.. …If you want to go to Puttu
Raju’s house. Go that way. What’s this, sir! You left
them just like that. No one kills a lamb
intentionally. I was thinking of taking
money from them. Don’t worry. I’ll
give you the money. Hey, stupid! You are taking
money from our sir? It’s alright. It seems that
she had a lot of affection.. …for that lamb.
– Sir, have dinner at our home. Hey! – Hey, Balu, what
are you doing here? You came to our area and
you are asking me.. …what I am doing here?
– O God, I am done! My mother and father are
inside the temple. We dropped here on our
way to Tirupati. You’ve beaten Kasi
and left the city. Everyone’s very angry
at you, but I’m not. They’ll come here. I
shall go now. – Hey! Oh God! I am done. What
will happen now? O Mother, save us! Balu, how are you? When we
were coming to your area.. …I was thinking of meeting
you and I saw you. Everyone in my home is mad
at you, but I am not. My husband is somewhere around. He would be angry at me
if he sees me with you. You should go now. Sir! What’s this, sir! You
appeared in front of me.. …all of a sudden? You are
coming out of the water. Where is your family? Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir, what’s this! I
was talking to you.. …and dipped into the water
without informing me. Please come out, sir. Let’s talk
if there is some problem, sir. Please come, sir. Lend
me your hand, sir. Lend me your hand. Sir! Sir! Sir! O God! Sir, I’m talking to you,
but you’re ignoring me. Sir, please listen to me. Sir! Yes! What?
– What happened? The planning is working out.
– Then go! O God! Sir! Sir! Sir, please. I need
to talk to you personally. Listen to me, sir. What
can I do to convince you! Sir, please. Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir.. I was saying that.. You.. What happened? Why?
– It fell flat on my face. Ok, go-. O Mother! Balu! What?
– He’s hiding there. I’ll take care of that.
– Go. Sir, I saw you. Come out. Keep them inside.
– Where shall I search you? What’s the need to search us?
– Where were you? We were right here. We
didn’t hide anywhere. Ok, let’s go- – We came
here after a long time-. And you are asking us to leave? I said we should leave.
– He’s like that only. He changes mind in seconds.
– Come. The moment we reach somewhere.. …he gets us ready to leave.
– Take this. That’s the reason I told you
that we shouldn’t come here. Or we’ll have to see the people
whom we don’t want to see. Just a minute, sir. Whom
did I beat? Who is he? He’s a goon. He’s a criminal. What I saw was wrong
so I have beaten him. Is it a mistake, sir? You’re the one who said that
only in epics and stories.. …someone fights
against the evil. You said that someone
will fight the evil. And if that ‘someone’
is someone you know.. …or if it’s your neighbor then
it’s troublesome to you. You are afraid that you or your
family might be in danger. That’s all, isn’t it, sir?
What’s this, sir? Trust my words, sir, I stayed
at your house for one week. Your house is a heaven. I like that city, people,
friends, everyone! But I couldn’t stay mum when
I saw someone doing.. …something wrong right
in front of my eyes. That’s why I’ve beaten him. Sorry, sir. You came to the
temple to offer prayers.. …but if you think that
I ruined you day.. …then forgive me, sir,
I will leave this place. Hey, Balu! Who told you that we were
coming to the temple? Tell me. Your daughter didn’t tell me,
but my friend Kartick told me. Why are you running like that?
I am also coming. Stop? Hey, where’s she? Is she upstairs? In that room? Then I’ll also see her. Let’s go. Sir! Hey, what’s this! You said that
she looks like a statue.. …and all that crap, but you
didn’t tell us about her face. And what are those eyes?
– And when she looks at me.. …It seems like she’s looking
at her. Dump her! – Dump her! Please. I am telling it for
your welfare. Listen to me. Why aren’t you saying anything! Sir, her hand is going towards
Chittur and her leg is.. …going towards Kadapa.
How did you like her! You don’t need a limping girl.
– What are you saying! Mark my words, the moment I saw
that girl for the first time.. …I realized who eyes
should look like.. …and what the definition
of beautiful walk is. You don’t know anything. You
didn’t see what I saw. That’s what is called
love. Love! What are you talking about!
– Sir, then you don’t need love. I request you please leave her.
– Shut up! You should first hear
her talking. – Balu! Balu, I got this in the
bathroom. It is yours? Snake! You naughty girl! “Dipawali has come to my home
in disguise of my love.“ “it has brought happiness
in my eyes.“ “She plays hide & seek.
She sings like a cuckoo.“ “My heart is not in my control.“ “I am about to lose my heart.“ “I don’t know the difference
between day and night.“ “My heart is enjoying
the bliss called love.“ “Come and play along with us.“ “Come and talk to us.“ “Come to me and take
me into your arms.“ “I don’t know the difference
between day and night.“ “My heart is enjoying
the bliss called love.“ “Yours is the ultimate beauty.“ “You are making me go mad.“ “Like a glowing jasmine under
the soothing sunshine..“ “..I’ll dedicate myself to you.“ “I can’t resist my heart.“ “Don’t playing with my heart.“ “My heart has become
your slave.“ “My heart is swinging
in the air.“ “Come to me and control
my heart.“ “My heart wants you
to wink at me.“ “I want you to hug me.“ “I will not let you down.“ “I will be with you till
the end of the world.“ “Your eyes are soothing
my heart.“ “I dedicate myself to you.“ “You pull me towards you.“ “I’ll meet you at evening.” “I’ll fulfill all your wishes.“ “Dipawali has come to my home
in disguise of my love.“ “it has brought happiness
in my eyes.“ “She plays hide & seek.
She sings like a cuckoo.“ “My heart is not in my control.“ “Come and play along with us.“ “Come and talk to us.“ “Come to me and take
me into your arms.“ “I don’t know the difference
between day and night.“ “My heart is enjoying
the bliss called love.“ “I don’t know the difference
between day and night.“ “My heart is enjoying
the bliss called love.“ What’s this! Everyone is saying
whatever he wishes! This matter won’t be
solved with words. It doesn’t matter how many
heads will be slain.. …but the only way to solve
this matter is by a fight. Then why did you ask us
to take this matter.. …to the panchayat(village
court). We aren’t cowards to take
matters to panchayat. You’re the one who took matters
to the panchayat.. …and taking whatever
you want to talk. Even haven’t worn bangles
that we would do.. …whatever you’ll ask us to do. We’ve also sharpened our knives. We won’t step back from fight. Hey, you are raising your voice
in front of our sir, scoundrels! Scoundrel? Who’s the scoundrel? Are you the one who called
us here or is it us? Your master may listen
to you, but not we. You won’t mend your ways. How long will we keep
on killing ourselves! Won’t you change?
– Ask Balu to leave. You are messing with our sir.
Don’t mess with him. Hey, old man..
– Nephew, go home. Why?
– I said go home. I’ll slay you if you
say one more word. Come forward if you have guts. Where is Balu? Hey, follow me. So you too started it? We were beating people outside.. …and you are beating
the people inside? All you need is a change
to beat someone. Come, your father’s
waiting for you. That is the right punishment
for them. They will stay silent. Yes, sir. They won’t wag
their tails again. Where were you? – We asked
him not to get into fights. That’s why he kept himself away. Goodbye.
– Goodbye, sir. They left this place, sir. I already told you. You went to
kill him without informing me. What would have happened
if you were caught! You’ve seen the
surrounding land. They used to belong to
me once upon a time. Raja Reddy distributed the
land among the poor.. …as he thought I’ve seized it. Now all I have is this
couple of acres land. When I question his verdict he
threw me out of the village. Do you know what I did?
I left their village. Listen, you stay here.
No one will come here. I will inform you when
it’s time to slay them. Hey, they are our men.
Why are you shouting? She thought that it
was Raja Reddy men. Hey, come here.
– What! Look there. Something going on.
– Yes. Someone might come here. What! No, I won’t come. I’ve
to clean the house. – Stop! “I’ve the..”
– Stop! Let me go, miss! Let me go. I see! I’ll guard our Mr. Balu. Sir’s here. Don’t shiver. Stop! Uncle, we are saying
it honestly.. …ever since Balu came here
we saw happiness on his face. You elders might’ve had
a lot of plans about us. You might’ve thought of getting
one of us married.. …to Balu, but Balu’s the
one who should like us. Honestly, uncle, ever since
we knew about his love.. …we forgot everything. For
us his love and happiness.. …are more important and
that’s why forgot him. All the while we were thinking
that she has to leave him.. …for me or I’ll have
to leave him for her.. …so today both of us are
leaving Balu for his happiness. That girl is also
very nice, uncle. She’s a well-cultured girl.
She’s the right match for Balu. Go and bring her. Come. There’s nothing to worry.
– I am scared. – Come. Touch his feet. Superb! Superb! Their entire family
is coming to Tirnala. It’s time for kill. We shall
leave none of them. Show your anger there.
What do you say? Superb! Superb! “This is the land that
produces gold.“ “This is the land where
Mother Lakshmi resides.“ “This is the land that
produces gold.“ “This is the land where
Mother Lakshmi resides.“ “We have a sword in our hand
and we twirl our moustache.“ “We value our word.
We are hot-blooded.“ “Let’s dance. Let’s sing.
Let’s enjoy.“ “Let’s have the
day of lifetime.“ “Let’s dance. Let’s sing.
Let’s enjoy.“ “Let’s have the
day of lifetime.“ “We have got our Mother’s
blessings.“ “Trust me, ours is the
most fortunate land.“ “This is the land that
produces gold.“ “This is the land where
Mother Lakshmi resides.“ “I’ve hidden a dream
in my heart.“ “I revealed it to
God and to you.“ “I’ve hidden a wish
in my heart.“ “I haven’t revealed
it to anyone.“ “Everyone has so many dreams.“ “But the knots are tied
in previous birth.” “Everyone likes this pair.“ “When she comes home the
entire house shines.“ “Let’s adorn our house and
make it a marriage hall.“ “And let’s get your married
in a grand way.“ “Let’s dance. Let’s sing.
Let’s enjoy.“ “Let’s have the
day of lifetime.“ “Let’s dance. Let’s sing.
Let’s enjoy.“ “Let’s have the
day of lifetime.“ “Even when you are
ten miles away..” “..the heart of your lover
starts singing.“ “When you are three
knots away..” “ heart starts
beating faster.“ “I got a six-foot tall man.“ “He dedicated his life to you.“ “His heart is trapped
in a girl’s heart.“ “This marriage must happen.
We want to celebrate it.“ “You must have a son. You
must give a successor.“ “This is the land that
produces gold.“ “This is the land where
Mother Lakshmi resides.“ “This is the land that
produces gold.“ “This is the land where
Mother Lakshmi resides.“ “We have a sword in our hand
and we twirl our moustache.“ “We value our word.
We are hot-blooded.“ “Let’s dance. Let’s sing.
Let’s enjoy.“ “Let’s have the
day of lifetime.“ “Let’s dance. Let’s sing.
Let’s enjoy.“ “Let’s have the
day of lifetime.“ See what happened. Balu. Balu. O God!
– I am fine. Take care of Balu. Nephew. Leave me, uncle. Stop.
– Leave me, uncle. Nephew, listen to me. Listen to me, uncle. Let me go.
– Stop! Leave me, uncle.
– Listen to me. Do you know what he has done! Your father is fine. He’s safe. Stop! Nephew!
– Move aside. I am fine. See, nephew.
– I am fine, Balu. Bring the van. Hey, bring the van.
– Bring it fast. Brother, I am Subba
Reddy speaking. Did you know the matter? Brother, I am Tirupati
Reddy speaking. Someone tried to kill
Raja Reddy in Tiranala. What are you saying!
I can’t believe it. Who might have done it? We are neither arch rivals
nor do we have that much power. We have got nothing to do with
it. Let’s go and meet him. Let’s meet them before
they would doubt us. You too come there, brother. Sir, please don’t mind,
but we swear.. …none of has the guts to
switch off the current.. …and to attack you. Please
trust us we haven’t done this. We personally came here so
that you shouldn’t doubt us. I thought you came here
to see my condition. So you came here to
prove your innocence! I know that people of my
province are not cowards. When we go to the temple we
go there with devotion.. …but not with a knife. The attacker doesn’t
belong to our town.. …but he belongs to
some other town. He didn’t come to kill me,
but he came to kill Balu. That mean Balu had definitely
fought with someone. Ask him the details about it. Get down. Get down. There’s no one in this
vehicle. You may go. Hey, ice-cart. Go! Who’s there in this van? Go! There’s no one here. Go! Where you running! Stop! First of all catch that limp. Hey, finish them. Hey. stop! None of them should escape. Kill them. Hey, where are you running
after attacking our sir? I’m going to kill you. What
do you think of yourself! They can’t escape after
attacking our sir. They can’t escape.
They can’t escape. I’m going to kill you.
I’m going to.. Go inside. Search inside. Search that side. Cut the plants. Hey, leave him. What do you want? His life? Then attack him
from the front like a man. Why are you attacking
from behind the back! If you are a man then fight
him and like a man.. …and take his head. Where are you going? Your son won’t return alive. See his face for the last time. Come. Come. Come! Come. Come. Come. Come. Come. Come. Come and face me, you kid. Fight me if you have
the guts to fight. Come and fight me if you are
born to asingle father. Come. Take it. Take it. Take it. I said take it. Come. Come. Come. Come. Take it. Take it. Take it if you have guts.
Take it. Take it. Come. Come. Come. Come. Come. Come. Come. Come. Come. Come. Come. Come. Take it. Take it. Take it. I am not born in a family
that kills a dead snake. If you get back the strength
to lift the sword.. …then come to me and slay me. I’ll be here. I’ll be in
this particular province. If you are a man enough then
dare to fight me again.


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