Papa Jake FUNNIEST MOMENTS Of 2018 | Game Master, Nerf, Box Forts & More!

oh hey didn’t see you there I’m Papa J
and I’m Logan and we were just sitting here enjoying our nice fire on these
festive holiday nights and we thought we put together a little video for you guys
to reminisce down memory lane some of our best and greatest moments for 2018
all packaged into one little present for you guys so we thought we’d take some of
the funniest moments in 2018 and put them into a little tiny video and see if
you can try not to laugh yeah guys make sure to comment down below at what point
did you start laughing and what were some of your favorite memories from 2018
I want to read all about them down below also if you have any great ideas for
2019 let us know down in the comments below and we’ll try and do and guys as
always don’t forget to hit the subscribe button as well as the notification
button and remember all we wanted to Christmas was alike from you guys like
button down below okay let’s not waste any more time let’s jump right into this
video all right let’s go lot of excess water here let’s try and pour that all the crazy slime ever made dude that’s a penalty it’s more duct
tape than we ever seen take the shot while he’s good Oh Oh Total Wipeout I can’t feel my face they got all three no problem this is a
nerve yeah we’re gay Dutch who is it Oh Papa Jake
you’re coming with me it’s early to make everything yeah well
I am the best ice cream maker in the world now okay and everything ice cream
comes right up sir I did it all right bro it looks
pretty good don’t worry I don’t need a spoon I’m just gonna eat this no
naturale hmm what time is it did you see it
you didn’t see the time did you uh no no I didn’t even notice there’s a clock
there and that’s fast the clocks broken three two one
Logan if we get 100,000 likes we need to build a box for it in the North Atlantic
Ocean saying they’re glad that they’re finally free from this mystery box they
said they want to eat you Buddhist slow down Jade you don’t even know if
you’re spider-man yet I guess there’s only one way to find out
see that camera over there yeah let me show you okay cuz yeah if we’re gonna win this
castle siege we need a castle but who’s our opponent the all fortress will be
mine and so will your crystal I knew this class would be boring so I
brought this from home what is it it’s an ultimate fidget pack let’s see
what’s inside it’s a fizzy cube hey you kids
what are you doing out of class hey mr. principal
oh we were just on a break we have a Bitcoin activating night vision go and
hear you son yeah why yeah we’ll do chin-ups without a chin-up bar that is
what it takes to be in the nerve team do you hear me son
look whoa again I told you to have to mess
with the hall over when I’m in it I get two hours in here today we have an issue
all the alarms are going off what’s going on
oh no the space systems are serving power is turned on we’re an alert what
okay here we go big thanks to you guys obviously this dream would never come
true if it wasn’t thanks to you guys and we’re getting this car for the Papa Jake
family Oh Papa Jake welcome to nuke oh yeah look at that guy’s oh dude check
that out there we go I’m a bush three-two-one that is crazy
are you seeing this they’re so good that’s why they get to be stopped moogan
moogan is that you can you hear me I’ve been missing for the last two weeks what
do we have here two noobs how should i eliminate you uses a smoke screen
distract him and move up towards him here goes nothing perfect
three okay this up there if I make my way
around you should be distracting little know I do where I am still gotta pay off you always have power in the apocalypse and diving the Papa Jake has been using
Assam for far too long and now we’re gonna have an old channel such a
beautiful view imagine you can wake up to this every day guys ah 24 Hour
Challenge Avenue just look out where’s our box full supplies oaken you gotta
get over here right now right this is an extreme emergency
yes yes to the old house just just get over here right now you know Logan if
we’re out in the middle of the lake and we’re sitting that we’re quite literally
the definition of sitting ducks do you know how to drive one of these welcome
papa Jake knows how to drive everything they say you can ride a bicycle you can
drive a seat but I got his job it’s a lot like preparing a masterpiece
of food take for example I walked my dog
terrible accident but if we spice it up with I walked my dog through a volcano
on three I’m challenged you know what was that what what that tomato come from
mr. Larry fries coming right up right perfect
all right fries are up Fergus come along perfect oh and I forgot one thing
give me all your babe where did you find this thing don’t
worry where I found it Logan all in at all that’s creepy
that’s creepy look at my full name No so it’s principal feet oh he’s so dreamy
Logan’s afternoon no distractions no gonna teach you no words we’re hearing
Toys R Us alright kind of drift in ER look I know
you’re zombie right now but we are gonna we’re gonna revert you okay we have a
serum we’re gonna put it in here and save you what do you mean I don’t want
to be saved I don’t know why they wouldn’t want you in their game exactly
Claud some of this Hanson as me should be front and center inside the game and
you know I went to Epic Games to ask if I could be in their game can they say
huh so me my strong no I showed them my dance moves like this one it appears
he’s taking a look at the putt testing his angles here quite honestly doing a
little bit more than I would say is needed quite honestly the ball is a
couple centimeters away from the hole light breeze could possibly push that in
we need the advanced part for this one interesting clay looks like he’s opting
for the advanced putter some of the pros are using that this year it’s helping
them with their game again not sure why he’s using it but SEOs
for really really not much skill needed here I mean you could get anyone to put
that in the can man that shot the box for this building we’re officially in a
mobile part and then they handed me a mini land version of myself until we
could put it in mini land so I put it on the Lego would sign it’s a cat it’s an
alpaca no it’s a cat Logan you’re gonna catch your room no it’s a fuzzy out


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