PAPA JAKE – Schools Out Let’s Party (Official Music Video)

hey-oh is Papaji winners gone away and
it’s time to make bait for small force handmade box boards all right here in
our resort Logan here I have some thoughts nerf gun boys with alien BOTS
come by our place it can get insane cuz Jake’s got the tooth but I got the
brains Logan let’s be honest high of the tools to make it the hottest summer
party anyone has seen a t-rex suits and trampolines alright Jake let’s get on
track you grab the boxes I’ll grab the snacks we can just chill and make more
slams but summer is here and it’s party time school is out folk in I’m too relaxed watching movies
and a billionaire staff gee that’s not summertime fun let’s go outside and get
some Sun when I’m outside every hour mowing the grass and smelling flowers
Jake that’s not the same what can we do to make summery game okay I know I got
this bro let’s get every nerf gun we own and stop this show all right Jake I got
your back you grabs the nerf guns I’ll bring my staff let’s go inside and make
a scene something awesome for the world speed hey guys Papa Jake here thank you so
much for checking out my brand new music video I hope you guys enjoyed it if you
did I wanted to let you guys know you can get the song it’s available now on
iTunes but not only that guys who are also running a little contest for those
you guys who watch the song I want to see your reaction to it whether you’re
lip-synching to it or remaking the song in your own way post the video on
youtube with the hashtag Papa Jake and we’re gonna be picking winners to be
featured in an upcoming video to showcase all of your amazing town


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