PAPA JAKE’S HOUSE TOUR!! Gaming Setup, Movie Theatre, Pool & More!

box for bowling alley sweet yoga no
space here and to like it’s two lanes yeah Lane one – oh yeah this is the
kitchen guys let’s go ahead and check out upstairs before we head outside and
the downstairs I’ll show you guys a little bit of that oh hey what’s going
on guys didn’t see you out there welcome to the brand new crib guys we’ve been
promising this for quite some time now but I think it’s finally time to show
you guys the brand new house with an awesome house tour we just moved in
under three days ago so some kind of a messy hello it’s big place but come on
let’s show you guys around I want to show you guys the house and thank you
guys of course so much for all the support every single one of you guys who
likes the video subscribe to the location button
this is thanks you guys thank you so very much but guys the main reason gods
place is for all of us so that we can make amazing videos here with tons of
space and no limits so let’s go check out this place so I see this man nice
staircase going up stairs here check it out a nice little vaulted ceiling up
there big chandelier and then of course right off the bat is Papa Jake’s office
come on inside guys this is where we do our editing this is where you’ll set up
our cameras everything like that on the side there we’ve got a nice little
whiteboard that we can use what’s that for
that was a projector screen loads we can project our videos on there and I can
look at them and be like yes that’s good box board very important to have one of
those also up here is all of our trophies so of course we got here our
million subscribers play button we have a 100,000 subscriber play button for
popinjay games so subscribe to my games channel they also 100,000 subscriber for
the channel which is really sentimental to me
that’s where it all started over here I have my youtube gaming hoodie only 300
of those in the world so that’s pretty cool but this is basically the offices
where we edit videos where we kind of plan some meetings on meetings I sit
there and Jake sits there we got some nice chairs but let’s come this way and
I’ll show you guys what we got here so over here
his box for building area when we went to go purchase this house we talked the
real stage and we’re like we just want a lot of room like we don’t even need
stuff in here so you know most people are like Jake there’s no chairs there’s
no tables doesn’t matter so of course in here is just a bunch of room and this is
all by design oh and yeah I want to let you know if you see something in the
house and you see this room and you’re like yo you guys have to do this video
here you let us know there’s tons of different spaces there’s tons of really
cool stuff you know what I’m thinking Jake box for a bowling alley
oh no no no space here and like it’s two lanes yeah Lane one – definitely box for
bowling alley but you see the mouse guys make suggestions down below but let’s go
in here and check out the kitchen with Jake before we get any further what
should this house because oh do we need a name for the house I mean right now
it’s just a house once you got my name on it it’s a it’s a
living thing all right guys let me know down below what do you think we should
call this Papa Jack’s Manor Papa jinx House of fun
Papa Jake and Logan’s house fun fun house I don’t know I’m not good with
names so guys let me know down below what we should call ourselves and
whichever one has the most thumbs up that would be Bo it’s your name for this
place but let’s go check out the kitchen guys I’ll show you guys
place over here so there is a bathroom that’s this apparent wall painted it
myself I like flowers to get that infinity because I don’t have paint but
this is the kitchen which is pretty sweet got everyone here you know if you
do want to do like a crazy like pancake challenge make slime something like that
you’ve got tons of space lots of room to fill
we aren’t you need a table here because there’s that there noticed it like I’ve
been standing for the past three days it kind of stops over here is the chili
area and we’ve got the TV nice couch we also have arrays do the bikes in there
show it to razor coconuts up with that oh and this is my room right here it’s
rational these are cleaner he’s a robot friend
won’t say hi okay I was kidding else can’t go back to bed
alright we don’t talk to Rachel is a weird let’s you’re sitting here you’re
like oh it’s not right now take this to click this ba-bam blindfold
also alternatively fill the box for here window here moving lines the box board
we’ll go outside show you guys the backyard because I’m really stoked about
that the kitchen there is a lot of grease so I don’t think we’ll have
enough time to show everything like you guys know here
coffee makers we got coffee makers we’ve got pants and stuff
we really got enough stuff to put in here there’s like eat well take it’s
been like three days yeah but there’s like 8,000 cabinets man what would you
have put in there Oh cardboard oh yeah so this is the kitchen guys let’s go
ahead and check out upstairs before you head outside and the downstairs I’ll
show you guys a little bit of that stops alone is this your room Oh class is the
room it is a little like going meeting like some style we need some like rugs
and stuff in the bathroom which is pretty cool and I mean we get literally
box for this room and have them back but let’s go
before we go in my room guys I will let you know it’s only been two days it’s
true and I don’t have all my stuff very true guys movie just moved in so it’s a
bit empty oh yeah there’s nothing there but yeah this is uh this is it got the
bed so up here guys I got my gaming setup I got my xbox speakers TV but like
I said I’m gonna get a desk right here this is where I keep all my camera stuff
this is looking sweet already oh and my walk-in closet we’ll get the shoot down
the pants my shoes that’s it which again not really sure what we’re going to use
but and here’s its I think it used to be like a little girl’s room or something
there’s a little calendar looking thing here but yeah it’s got potential maybe a
skit or something like that for now those these rooms are just used for
storage and then there’s a final room here kind of like replica loads room
again bathroom and walk-in closet but that’s not all guys all right now we go
to the master bedroom I’m going to show you guys where I’ll be sleeping so come
check out pop Jake’s crib check it out this is Papa Jake’s master bedroom now
like I said it’s not complete yet this is my room this is where I’ll be staying
so we got our gaming desk we got all my gaming gear over there for when I’m
recording then over here I also got my Mac over here for doing the editing and
that sort of fun stuff the cool thing about this room though guys is of course
you get the LED lights but that’s not the best part I think the best part is
this bad check it out so you lying down like this you’re having a good time and
then all of a sudden the bad move so I’m actually have a TV at the end of this
thing so like if I want a game or something like that and just pull this
up like this and just you know relax watch a movie play video games and then
there you can watch movies do whatever you want you also raise the bottom here
so you’re kind of like ugh you what if it just folds and eats you this thing
might try need me it’s still going it’s like a weird couch that’s kind of like
hugging you and eating you but it’s nice I like it so that’s the bad guys but we
got more in here so let’s keep going this is actually a really funny feature
I didn’t mean to do this but when I bought these desks from Ikea I kind of
was like we were quickly moving in I was like buy the first desk I see I bought
standing desks so these tests actually move I don’t really know why you want to
gain this low but you can also of course go up which is really cool
I mean I’m probably never gonna stand up his desk and play video games but hey
it’s a cool option and you can now you can move it maneuver it wherever you
want over here we got the walk-in closet got
all the shoes on this side here we’ve got the EZ collection most of it so
there you go top it up a little bit but we got some enemies over here and just
some other cool fun stuff you know that shoes here is the bathroom come on
inside the master bathroom inside here we’ve got a jacuzzi
which will totally be filling with milk or something to do a bath challenge
maybe we’ll do an Orbeez bath challenge in here I don’t know I get guys
suggestions let us know what you think we should do toilet in here pretty
normal got the shower in here and yeah this is pretty much it
but now that we have this other way guys let’s go downstairs and show you where
the fun alright guys welcome to the basement
down here is credited la creme a box for building space alright this whole place
is just one big open space for building box boys so up here we’ve got this like
kind of cool area gonna build boxwoods in here
or maybe don’t want to build them in here maybe you want to build them out
here we also have a pool table which is pretty fun that’s a pool table down here
guys or of course we can remove the pool table and move it somewhere else if we
want to just you know have more building space it’s just more spaced up here and
the cool thing is this actually goes to the outside which is sweet well what’s I
could to talk show you guys did that but in the summer we could not like a build
or something that goes out here and of course there’s lots of space in the back
but we’ll get to that in a second Jake Jake have you seen this room a little
bit confuse at first I was like oh this is Logan’s room look I don’t know what’s
in here you could move in there this could also be creepy imagine coming in
here at 3:00 a.m. I feel like that’s where the rake but this is not a place
you want to come at 3:00 a.m. it would be creepy to figure out this place is
haunted that would actually be a really scary video so maybe let’s just close
that come on this way guys we got want to show you over here is where the
gaming room is gonna be so we here were actually set up a really cool gaming
room where we can just like play video games watch movies that sort of thing
again we just moved in so there’s no furniture in here but one day it’ll be
really awesome over here a place that we need to start using a while it’s really
equity this is a place that we need to start using but this is the gym you
don’t have everything here we still need like a treadmill and stuff well we have
a fire there is a bathroom over here and a shower and check this out guys we got a steamer it’s not finished yet
but there’s a senior maybe box for Steven another bathroom here again I
don’t know why there’s a box this is the new kind of light version of what we had
in our old house of the office this is where to store all of our like toys all
for fun nerf so we got all our supplies organized up in the air here lots of
lots of fun stuff in here including nerf guns like as if we wanted to happen our
four are you trying to suggest we have an airport right now
that’s it again who are you
Oh oh oh you got me we got a big one here
all right guys not looking therefore is that I think it’s time to show you guys
the backyard because there’s some really cool space back there let’s go check it
out obviously right house when there’s this
a bit cool but you still do some cool cool clothes back there
so check it out guys look at all the space that we got on the deck here down here is where the pool is so you
can really see right now because it’s winter time that’s a tall coverage but
there’s a waterfall to bag which is awesome and we have grass over there
which is sweet cuz we can have an area over there where we can build and then
of course the pool for some epic videos in the summer but this is where most
basically won’t house backyard and again there’s like so many possibilities out
here nerf wars things we can do and epic videos to make back here in the summer
and even in the winter when it starts no more alright guys well thank you so very
much for checking out this house tour we hope you guys enjoyed the video if you
did be sure to smack that like button down below and let us know if you like a
new place of course guys don’t forget let us know if you have a name for this
new house and also if you have any suggestions for awesome videos we can do
here but thank you so very much guys and again like I said you guys have been so
helpful in this journey and I can’t wait for the new awesome memories we get to
make together here cuz guys we’re just getting started so hit the subscribe
button and come along for an epic journey


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