PAPAJI – Freedon, Liberation, Enlightement, Moksham

Om. Let there be peace among all beings of the universe. Let there be peace. Let there be peace. OM Shanti Shanti Shanti. Namaskar, Namaskar. Welcome to Satsang. Freedom, Liberation, Enlightenment, Moksha, whatever. So, when I speak here it is already ‘here and now’ and you are already free. There’s a lot of talk all over the world. I receive letters and enquiries from here, and some have come here only for this purpose;
to understand when I speak, “You are already Free,” and then the questions are being asked. Thousands of years we have been told meditations, practices,
austerities, pilgrimages, temples are built, monasteries are built, pilgrims are… pilgrimages are advised; what for? So, I am going to deal with this question once again, because we have many people who have arrived recently for the first time to attend this Satsang. What is Freedom? What is Enlightenment, which many Sages, many people have had in the past and in present too? And some prescribe control of the mind,
keeping still of the mind, how to control the mind. So, we will deal with all this matters, just now, what is control of the mind, also. And some say it is just like air, you can’t control it. Some say it can be controlled by long practice. So, what is mind, first of all? Let us start from consciousness. Originally, fundamentally, in the beginning before the creator, preserver and the redeemer, that time, nobody has seen, but let us imagine, even before the creation of all beings, even manifestation, there would have been nothing, call it consciousness, just consciousness, without any limitations, no limitations were there. From there thought arises, as wave arises from the ocean. Thought arises from the consciousness, within the consciousness. Now this thought needs some vehicle to express, becomes mind. Thought and mind are the same thing, yet, fundamentally, it is consciousness. Wave and the ocean, remain, ocean itself, maybe tides, or whatever in the ocean, is yet an ocean. So many things the mind is thinking, and now, thought arises from the consciousness, it’s not anything else than consciousness, mind. So mind needs something to express itself. How to express? So mind needs the help of prana,
means energy, means breathing, without breathing the mind cannot function. Now, this prana needs to express intellect, then senses, five senses as we see: seeing, smelling, tasting, touching, hearing, now how this is being spread, and these respective objects: object of sight, objects of touch, taste, hearing, smelling, all these things, now this is called manifestation. From consciousness: thought, mind, intellect senses, and then respective objects of senses, and this is called manifestation. Now, how it is separate from the ocean, from the consciousness itself? You have just to understand, is it not within it all the time? Whatever you do, whatever activity you do, you must be there, one who is active. Whatever you see: seer, sight, seen, whatever you know: knower, knowledge, known, whatever you do, all this activity must be there and you must be conscious of what is going on. When you’re active you must know the
activity, but nobody knows. Whatever you do, you know who is the doer, what has been done and what is the method of doing. You can’t escape, but no one knows what is the underlying basis, what is the energy and who is conscious. Simply, if you are aware of this, this is consciousness and you can’t reject it, also. Only, you are not aware of it, and you are unaware, and this unawareness is called ignorance. And that’s why, we call, “We are bound.” And we are told, “You have to control the mind. “You are bound and you have to win freedom “by such and such method.” But I believe you have just to understand this always, whole process you have to understand, where this thought arises now. So we advise, ‘enquiry’ is the best method to keep us always into consciousness. So, when we speak, “Who Am I?” some people have gone here, they have not been able, so far, to express to everybody. Some people have declared but they have failed to express because they have not understood correctly themselves, therefore, there’s a lot of talk in the west about it, “How can we be enlightened?” “How we are realized “already?” Now how can you speak anything? Even when you are bound, you are very well aware that you’re bound. When you are in trouble, when you are suffering, you are very well aware that you are suffering. What is this awareness which is aware of suffering? Suffering is just a projection, as you are sitting in the theatre or cinema hall, some projection on the screen is coming in front of you, someone is suffering on the screen; that is the projection from the projector. How you are involved in this thing? Projection is there, may be happy, unhappy, may be fire, may be, may be river, by that, when the river is flowing the screen is not wet, when there’s a scene of destruction or fire, the screen is not burnt. When this projection is over, screen was as it is, there’s no reflection, no projection on the screen, and that consciousness you are always. This waking state is activity, isn’t it? Actor is there, action is there, acted upon is there; this is called ‘waking state’. Similar is ‘dream state’. And in sleep state also you get rid of this. What happens in the sleep, deep sleep state, sleep means dream also, but deep sleep state this mind temporarily merges back into consciousness, therefore it is happy. Now, in this waking state if you know, understand what is freedom, is just to realize your own Self. How to realize? Just merg… this same thought, which came, mind senses, intellect, prana, objects, the same thought, ‘I-thought’ what we call here, let it return back, back to the source again, what we call it enquiry, “Who am I?” So, let this thought… it’s not doing, enquiring actually, it is only realising how this thought arose for the first time in us and became this whole projected manifestation: the universe, past, present and future, men, animals, birds, mountains, rivers, forests. So, this is all in one thought only. All what we speak: oceans, mountains, animals, men, is just one thought. Without giving rise to this one thought, what can you see? Now let us see; this one thought, as it arose let it go back from where does it rise. We have simply to understand this thing, that it is consciousness itself, you see. Let it rise, let the wave rise or fall, this is only, the substance is water, whether it’s a wave, tides, ripples, or whatever it is. How can it differ? How can you become anything else? So, this is called ‘To realize your own Self’. You are already, if you are simply careful and see the whole process. This understanding is called Realization, and you don’t need any method or way. First of all, if you want to realize itself, and you want to have any way or method prescribed by the ancients, let us first think how far is the Self located from you, here and now? Your own Self. How far is your prana, means breathing, situated away from you, through which you want to do practice? You must need prana at least to do any practice, without prana, without life, life-force, without breath you can’t do any practice. Where is your prana first of all, through which you want to conduct any practice? Where is your Self, which you want to have Self-realization? How far you are situated away from the Self? If so, who are you? where is this ‘I’, which wants to conduct even the enquiry ‘Who am I?’ And what is going to enquire, investigate or discover? So, you have simply to understand this thing, once for all. So, if there is any problem, you can ask. And some people are very much confused because they say, “For the last 18 years we have been working with this teacher and that teacher.” and still we are not clear about what is enlightenment, you see. Enlightenment is just consciousness, you see, consciousness. Whatever you are doing, you must be conscious. And what is this consciousness? Why don’t you merge or keep aware that, “I am consciousness,” or you deny, say, if reasonable, “I am not consciousness,” say it, this, this wise or otherwise, or stay quiet, that’s also we say. Stay quiet or if you want to activate your mind, then merge the mind in its source. If you want to activate, you want to be active, then activate the mind to merge itself from where it arose in the beginning, or keep quiet: same thing. You have arrived back to your fundamental nature, which has not changed, is not going to change, has never changed. These names and forms have no existence. What is the existence of a bubble in the ocean? What is the existence? What is, what is not the ocean in a bubble, in a wave? Maybe name, maybe different name; wave, different name, ocean, different name, form, different, movements, different, time, different, height, length, breath, different, so many things, therefore wave yet is not separate from the substance. So, likewise one, so many, there’s no difference. There cannot be any difference between 1, 2, 3, 4, and whole 6 billion people, and all the beings. What difference is there? Because you feel separate from the consciousness. How many waves in the ocean? How many bubbles in the ocean? If we count how many are they? Are they not all one ocean? So, like this, simply this understanding is called consciousness. And this is, I believe is wisdom. To understand this is realization. You have not to do anything. If you are doing or not doing is same thing, you see. If ocean is still, is ocean. If ocean is waves, cyclones, same ocean. So, when the cyclone rises we see manifestation. It’s not different from the… nothing has happened in the consciousness. You see the mirror, what difference when the mirror is alone or so many things pass in front of the mirror, some cars, some animals, what difference does it make to the mirror? Will it cry when someone passes in front of it? Mirror is not polluted, only certain things pass in front of it, it is ever shining, shining its fundamental nature. You don’t need to give shine to the mirror, you see. If you want to see the sun, you can see it through its own light. You don’t need to have a candle in your hand to see the light. Like this, to realize your Self, you need not hold any candle in the way of your meditations, any kind of practices. You will see this realization, this peace, this beauty, this consciousness itself is light itself. Only if you don’t have any negative ideas in your mind, this light itself is… help you to see what it is. Look within, this light, with this light, you will see your eternal face. Your own beauty you will see for the first time. And whosoever has seen it, he enjoys, he has enjoyed, and he became the Buddha. That’s all. OK. Master, I’m not, I’m not convinced that consciousness, there’s only consciousness. It seems more honest to say that ego is there. Hmm? Let it be there. If you are aware of consciousness, if you are aware, if the ocean is aware, “I am the ocean,” let there be waves. OK, you say, “There’s consciousness.” Let there be ego, what kind of ego it’s going to be? This ego has a tendency to claim everything. Let it claim. Let it claim. What it’s going to claim? Tell me now. In the consciousness, you said, “Consciousness, there is the ego,” let it claim. What it’s going to claim? Tell me now. It’s trying to claim consciousness itself. Yes, let it claim, then? Consciousness into consciousness is equal to what? OK. Ego… these are only words. These are only words. These are only words to speak about. What, what is this mechanism? There is a mechanism, there is some mechanical action that takes place where the mind constantly tries to negate or claim any experience or non experience, even emptiness, words, anything. There is some mechanism that tries to, to claim. What is this mechanism? How does it work? There is doubt in my mind about this. Yes, even doubts, let the doubt be there; what is underneath the… you are aware of the doubt, isn’t it? – Hmm.
– You are aware of the doubt and also you are aware there is something else, you want to know that there is something else better than the doubt, isn’t it? – Yes.
– “I want to have that.” – Yes.
– So, there is something also some method, some technique, – to remove this doubt also, isn’t it?
– Yes. – Isn’t it? OK.
– Yes. Now, this doubt are you not aware of this doubt? There is an awareness of this doubt, yes. Of doubt, OK. Are you not aware of something, which you do not see at present, to attain it at later day to remove the doubt? – Yes.
– Yes. Are you not aware that how to remove the doubt and how to attain something, which is happiness? – Yes.
– OK, then you are behind all these things and you are some, something separate from this, isn’t it? – Yes.
– So these are projected doubt, then something else, which is happiness in front of doubt, means clarification, clarity. These are all just projected on you, you see, and you are, you are other than these, isn’t it? Then, now, who are you to see these things? Who are you? – I must be that.
– Heh? – I must be That.
– OK. So, when you are That itself and then if you say, “I am doubt, “and I am clarity. “I am the technique to remove the doubt, “and I am something else,” what difference is there? Let there be doubt and let there be no doubt. When you say, “There’s a doubt,” it means you have separated yourself from the doubt: you know. There is a thief, isn’t it? There is a thief and you are, at that time you are not a thief, isn’t it? You are the, you are the indweller of the house and you know he is the thief, isn’t it? To see ego is not to be the ego then in that moment? Total, total awareness, you see, when you are totally aware, totality of awareness. I’m speaking no limitations at all, no limitations at all. That is called consciousness beyond time, beyond any kind of modifications, limitlessness. These are limiting, the words limit, you see. This is a doubt, and this is freedom, and this is good and this is bad; these are all limitations. And you are That on which they are floating, isn’t it? And you are That, which is beyond any limitations: full emptiness, fullness, consciousness, awareness, awareness, not in any kind of word. So, there must be an attraction on my side towards something else to not be looking at consciousness all the time. Not, not, not being it, but projecting it and wanting to attain it and postponing it and bringing in some method to attain it, you see. All these things you are giving rise to. Therefore I advise, for one second no notions of any kind, whether it’s doubt or anything, no notions, no ideations and no intentions, for one second. This will cover everything, you see. So, what what do you… no intention, no expectations for one second, and no ideas about anything. And no intention also, and no notion also. Just for one second and see during this one second, one instant of time… give one instant of time to your Self and then within that instant of time you give me how do you feel? Who are you? And what do you want? Is there any doubt? Is there any doubt, or any consciousness, or any truth, or any untruth? You have not got to do it or undo it, you see. Just leave it alone. Don’t move. Don’t move. Don’t move your mind. Yes, that’s all. We started this Satsang from the thought, let this thought return back to its source, whatever it is. Don’t utter a word, don’t give any name to it. Because you have given name ‘I’, from the beginning to end you are using this word ‘I’, therefore I say let it merge from where it arises from and everything else will take care of by itself. You are aware of ‘I’ – isn’t it? – whole day you use it, no? And you have never tried to find out, “What is this ‘I’?” Like a ghost it is haunting you, but you do not know what it is. You are here still, heh? Yes I’m here. I like being here with you, I wish to see you more. I would like to visit you one afternoon at your home if you are feeling like having a visitor. Yes. You are welcome. Afternoon is 5 o’clock, any time, any time. It isn’t really necessary. So, you withdraw this offer also? Finished there, this agreement is finished. I would like to have a new name so that I remember you and who I really am. Very good, oh. Very… Elisabeth is a very famous name, she has become very famous lady. You know that Elisabeth? Then you write your own name also here, hmm… And I would like to remember who I really am. You write your own name here. Om. Best name, first, middle and end. Om. Yes. Yes. I have a new friend, my neighbour who wants to meet you. Hmm? – This is Mayank.
– Heh? Mayank came with me this morning to meet you. What’s his name? Mayank. – Mayank.
– What? Mayank. – What does it mean?
– What does it mean? – Moon.
– Moon. Moon. – Moon?
– Moon, moon. – Like the sun and the moon.
– Hah. Moon, Mayank. – In which language?
– In Sanskrit. In? – Hindi.
– Hindi. Hindi name. – Hindi?
– Yes. He lives here in Lucknow. – Lucknow. Challo.
– Yes. More? (Do you want to say something more?) Mayank. – Speak louder.
– Mayank. – Mayak?
– Mayank. Mayank. (What are you saying?) (Write it and tell me.) (Write it and tell me. Write it in Hindi and tell me.) He’s missing school this morning. – Heh?
– He’s missing school this morning. Challo. (What are you saying?) Mayank. (What name is this in Hindi?) That’s what I’m not following: Mayank. (Who gave you this name?) (My ant.) – (Where does your ant live?)
– Chandausi. – Heh?
– Chandausi. Chandausi. Challo. Ok. How you know him? He’s my neighbour. – Here?
– Yes. It’s very good. Challo. Om. Uma is good name, no? – Your name.
– Uma? – Uma?
– Hah. Yes, yes, it is called, as in the case of a woman is Uma, and in the case of boys Om, Oma, Om, Uma. – May I may write down for you?
– Please. Yes. Hmm. Challo. This is the name and this is the name of everybody. You know it? Wow, I love this name. No, no, this is the name of everybody and everybody knows it, if even he repeats it or not. When you listen you will hear it. How? This is the sound of the prana, you listen to the prana, the sound of prana ingoing and outgoing. And this, this is the chanting, it’s the first word. What I speak, when we speak in sound, that is the same word as consciousness, consciousness and this word is the same, OM and consciousness, consciousness in English, OM is Sanskrit. When you say, “OM” we… in the beginning we use the word ‘OM’ means beyond time, beyond time, beginning, middle, end, and beyond and beyond the beyond. You see if it can describe now. If even you don’t repeat, this is the mantra that everybody, all beings are chanting, whether they know or they do not know. When they breath, it speaks like this. You start and see. Om. And in all other languages also, some have translated the same word as ‘Amin’, Muslims: ‘Amin’ and the Christians: ‘Amen’, others also… same word is, it comes from ‘OM’ only: OM’, ‘Amin’, ‘Amen’. In the beginning was this thing, and they say the world arose from this word, you see. When you say, “OM” everything with… this world is there, and it’s not a word also, it’s vibration, it’s only a vibration, energy, prana. Actually it is no word of language. OK? What is this? This your letter? Help you, OK. Mayank. Papa? – Hmm?
– May I come to you? OK. Meanwhile this woman… Ahh. Sharon, Sharon, Sharon. Where are you? Oh, you come. Come here, please, come here. Yes. Nobody can recognize you in this dress, you know? Then, I don’t understand then. You write here: I am here from California to sit with you in Satsang and gaze into your eyes. I have no question for myself but bring this, but bring this picture of my friend Michael. Yes, Michael. – Yes.
– Yes. – Yes your friend, no?
– My friend Michael. – And you are not this?
– No, that’s his wife. He’s my friend. I thought, not.. therefore I say… …my friend Michael, to sit at your feet and ask your blessings for him. When he first heard of your name his heart opened in love for you, and he asked that I remember him here. I think he looks like you. – You, you think, no?
– A little. – I think he looks like you a little.
– Yes, very good, very similar. Yes. Very similar. But this is a confusion… This is… I will show you my photo, I have one. Yes. Don’t mistake then. I have, I have a little song. – Atchaa.
– A little song? – A little song?
– A little, a simple song. Atchaa. – Song.
– Very good. Where is he? – This,
– No. this photo you want back? No, you, you can keep. – Hmm?
– You can keep, or I can take it home. I can take it with me. – Heh?
– I can keep it. – You have one with you?
– No. Then you, when you go back then you give me. You will need him, no, every night. Yes. He’s sweet. – Heh?
– He’s a sweet man. Many, many… when I came many people send their love to you. People that have never met you, send their love to you. – Yes.
– Yes. So, I have a simple song. – Yes.
– Song. What kind of song? A song that I learned when I was a little girl, – Ah.
– when I was in church. And I changed the words a little. Atchaa. – I changed the words.
– Is it your experience or…? – Yes.
– Very good then. Yes it is. Challo. – Shall I sing now?
– Yes, you must. Altogether lovely, he is altogether lovely, and the swish of ten thousand, this wonderful friend of mine. He gave his love to free me, now he sits in Satsang to teach me. He is altogether lovely, this wonderful friend divine. – That’s all?
– Yes. Ok, thank you. Good luck. Ah, yes, you sleeping? Now let us see. Challo. Yes. I just wanted to thank you, Papa, for everything. – What do you say?
– I wanted to thank you. Beautiful. Very good. Hmm. Yes. Vey good. Wait, wait, wait. Simply that. Simply you cannot run away. You are showing, you are showing good face, no? Yes. Yes. You are showing good face, you can’t run away. What happened? What happened? What happened? Why you thank me? What did you get? What do you say? Hmm? OK, very good. Challo. What is this name? Heidi. – Heidi from Hamburg?
– Where’s Heidi? Heidi, Hamburg. Hamburg. Very beautiful. During my time here, I find out that my dear longing is to come to my inner silence, my real longing is to come to my inner silence and my inner peace. Number one. Number one. OK. – This is your longing, OK?
– Yes, it is. This is your longing. Now you have not done it, no? – Sometimes I’ve…
– No, no, that sometime will come later. – That is next. That’s next.
– OK. Yes. I’m not yet reading it, let us see. Now, longing is longing.
Sometimes is next question, no? – Allright.
– So, I will see afterwards. Hmm. During my time here I find out that my real longing is to come to my inner silence. Number one. And my inner peace. Show. – Yes.
– Show your longing now. Show your longing. – How can I show my longing?
– Yes, yes. Inner peace, you say no?, “My longing is inner peace “and my inner silence.” Inner peace, inner silence. If you long something, you want something, if you long something, isn’t it? – what do you do? – Yes, I want.
– You go there, isn’t it? You go there, isn’t it? If you want to go to eat, where will you go? To restaurant. – Heh?
– To a restaurant. Yes, to a restaurant, yes. Now go to restaurant, eat, like this thing. You are playing tennis you are fatigued, you are hungry, now you want to go to restaurant. Like this, you have a longing for peace, for silence. We’ll see later what happens. You have come from Hamburg, isn’t it? – Yes.
– And you want peace. OK. Now, what obstructs you? From Hamburg to Lucknow, Lucknow Satsang, what obstructs you? What are the obstructions? – Well, I had this experience in Hamburg,
– Hmm? experience mine… of inner peace, just silence inside of me, but then the experience is gone. – No, no, listen.
– Now all my thoughts come back. You are going to restaurant, inside the menu of restaurant is there, you have ordered to the bearer, isn’t it? Isn’t it? You must behave in the restaurant like a man who is going to eat, isn’t it? Now, you are here in Satsang and you have a longing for peace, what should you do? You have to keep quiet, no? Now you tell me where your mind goes. You have already come from Hamburg to here, here you don’t have any relations, isn’t it? And if your longing is not for peace and silence, you are still in Hamburg, isn’t it? Yes, you are there, where your mind is, and your mind is there, where your beloved is. – And my mind is now here. Just sitting…
– Heh? My mind is here, just sitting in front of you. What do you say? – I’m just here. Yes.
– OK, just here. Very good, excellent. “I am just here.” OK? Now speak from here. “I am just here,” write down, “I am just here.” No, here. I will help you. Don’t worry. I will give you, you read it. It doesn’t matter. Hah, Read it. What is this? – I am just here.
– Hah. Now? Where will you go then? Stop at ‘here’. – I am just.
– Just? – Next?
– I am. – Ah. Next?
– I. – I.
– I. – I am just here.
– Ah. After? – After?
– Ah. After. No after. After ‘here’ what? – Nothing.
– Hmm? Ah, nothing. – Nothing.
– Yes, there is nothing. Yes, nothing. – Hmm?
– Yes, nothing. Yes, nothing. Yes. Yes. What is this? What is this? It’s, it’s very light inside of me. What do you say? – Suddenly it’s very light inside of me.
– Light. OK. Yes. That’s right. Silence, no? – Yes.
– Peace also. Silence also. That’s all. – Yes it is. Yes it is.
– Hmm? There is nothing. – Nothing?
– There’s nothing in the light. Nothing, yes. That’s all. Stay here. This means here. This means here. This means here. – Yes.
– Hmm. Stay here. Stay here. That’s all. And this is silence. And this is peace. This is all I am speaking about. And your longing is finished here. Longing must finish here itself, yes. You said, “Nothing,” no? There is no longing anymore. No, tell me if there is any. Tell me here. This is the place. What do you long from nothingness? Look around nothingness. You came from nothingness, you have to return to nothingness. What do you want from nothingness? Everything will be given to you. Want from nothingness, she is Supreme Mother. You can get everything from nothingness, and from something you can never get anything to satisfy you. – Yes.
– Heh? I understand, yes. – Heh? Yes, Oh yes.
– I understand what you mean. Good. I’m feeling very lucky inside. – Hmm?
– I’m feeling lucky inside. Yes, very good. You are lucky. There is peace and silence and light and just to be. Ah, yes. Speak this language, new language. Speak to your Self. Hmm. Hmm. I can’t say anything. – Heh?
– I can’t say anything more. Can’t… Can’t say anything more. Try to say anything, I will see what can you say. It will be excellent to hear. From here say anything. But from here you say. You have arrived here. – Yes.
– And then you said, “It is peace, it is silence, it is nothingness. Then speak from here. Yes. I wrote in my letter that I, I want to ask you if you can give me a new name. Yes, I’ll give you, I must. I have not yet read. Where is your letter? It’s not worth reading now. You will also not like to read it, will you? I know what’s written down. – Heh?
– I know what is written down. But name, I will see. I’ve not gone through, I called you because this thing, you have come, you have a longing. I like that person who, who long for peace, who long for silence, because our community wants peace and silence; it’s very limited, very few people, do you know? You are coming from Hamburg, they’re all humbugs there, you see. Is it? Isn’t it? – Well, we are only two of them here in Lucknow.
– Two? Yes. Yes. Yes. Inner peace. Good. Please show me a way to my Self. Have I not shown? – Hmm?
– Yes. Yes? I don’t know the way but Ah, no way. No way. Now you don’t need the way. You stay here. That’s all. Yeah. My desire is to be free. You are free. Desire is… don’t speak of desire now, you see. After eating do you say, do you say, “I have a desire to eat”? – No, there is no desire.
– No. If you have any desire more, tell me please, now. This is the time. You have come from Hamburg, very happy that you are in this young age, I am very happy. Excellent age. You are very lucky. You must have done something in previous life, therefore this is the result. Yes. Yes. Maybe. Yes, excellent. Therefore I respect you, I respect you, therefore end your trip here itself. I like to speak, therefore you It’s very easy, no? Yes, my trip is finished. – Hmm?
– My trip is finished. – I’m… arrived.
– Yes. Just now. Yes. So, this is the time. If you have any problem bring it, show it to me, let us resolve everything. Yes, you must beat when the iron is red, ah, it will be very easy to mold it any way you like. Yes. You are in an excellent, excellent state, therefore I say you. Once you miss it, I don’t think there’s any other chance. It is said, by the ancients, “When the time comes, “immediately step down the throne even. “Go, search it, get it,” and if you don’t perhaps you will spend another million years, may not come. Whenever this thought comes, “I want to be free,” reject your throne, go out. That’s what it is said. That time, that thought, that desire, that longing, that fire may not burn again in your heart. Therefore you are here. We are so many people here, good family, you have got very nice boys and girls here to help you. Yes. Yes. Now? I’m asking you, if you would give me a new name. Thank you very much. So, since you have come here for peace I’ll give you the same name, peace, but in in, what we speak in the morning, peace we say, no? OM peace, means OM Shanti. She’s OM, you are Shanti, OK? You know how to write? – I know the writing.
– Heh? Spelling? – I know the spelling, yes.
– Atchaa, OK. Thank you very much. Hmm? Good, no? What was it? What’s the meaning of your name? – Hamburg?
– Heidi means lucky. – Heh?
– Means lucky, happy. – Happy? Oh, you are happy,
– Yes. and now you are peace. – Yes.
– Happiness, peace, silence, all together. That’s all what I need. – Heh? Yes.
– That’s all what I need. Good. Now, your desire is also gone now.
Peace, you arrived at peace now. Yes there is. – There is silence and peace and
– Peace, yes. – freedom.
– Freedom. Beautiful. Now you have to celebrate this with a song. Challo. In German? In English, in English or in Germany. Oh Yeah. There are many Germans here, they will enjoy, many. Heh? Well… In Germany would be good if you know any German song on this freedom. Stand up. Stand up and you’ll remember now, yes, you are happy you must, yes, you must show your… Challo. Challo. (Speak.) Well, why… I know something… In German? Heh? In German? In German sing? In German? It’s a very funny German song. She has, she has made now or she’s old song? No, no, it’s an old one. – Heh? Old?
– It’s an old one, yes. No, new one. Not old one, old is not… – Well a new one…
– Yes, new one. Just now. on this peace and this silence. It will come. You stand up first. It will come, whatever. You go on and start, you simply start. You simply start. It will come, you see. I’m in my heart. I am free. I feel my silence and my peace. I am free. I am free. I feel my heart and my silence and my peace. I am free. Alexander to Papaji. The last 4 years I was educated by a German naturopath, her name is Devo, and in this period of time I got more and more into contact with my heart and with my Self. Several months ago I just started to work as a naturopath as well and there is much feeling that beyond all these methods I learned, there is the real truth, there is the real truth. …I learned, there is the real truth or better source. Dear Papaji, please help me more to come to this source. Thank you so much for sitting close to you, close to you, this, this moment. You… your beloved Alexander. Alexander. Where is he? You’re Alexander, heh? – May I come?
– Very good. Sit down. What do you want to ask? Source? What do you want to ask? Source and? To help more to come back to my source. Hmm? I ask for your help to come to my source more and more. Yes, hmm. OK. That’s everyday we are doing it, no? Not help you to return to source but to appraise you of, of the fact that you are always in the source. So, we are working, if you have any doubt that you are not in the source, that impediments, obstructions, you have to reject, maybe some obstruction, and that should be in the past, should be any notion, isn’t it? any attachment, all these belong to past; if you remove it, you will know you are always the source itself. All the impediments belong to the past, and past has got nothing to do with now, it’s gone. Past is past. Yes. So, this is the only impediment, that we are living in the past. All our connections, all our relations, belong to past. No relation we are having with the presence. With the presence, no relation. All relationship is past. Past means: that, which changes. That, which changes is past because it has to go to graveyard. That, which is not changing is present. That, which is not changing is very suitable relationship to be kept on to, isn’t it? – Yes.
– So, find out, which is changeless. And if you want to try anything that is changing, try it. – Yes.
– Try it. There’s no problem. Everybody has tried for millions of years. Try it, you are a young man, you can spend, well spend, you spend about another 80 years and then come to me. Try it. Anything you speak about, relationship has, has a nature of changing nature, you see. Even you are changing, what you were 10 years before, you are changed now. Childhood is gone. Well. Once upon a time you were child, no more a child. You were just suckling, no more a child. Childhood goes. Youth comes, youth goes. Old age comes, old age goes. This is called changing. So, if you cling even to your own body, which changes, one day you will have to leave. Find out now: within your own body there is something, which never change. – True.
– Look towards that light, which is feeling all the changing habits. You are a child, you are young, you are young and that light is not changing, it’s the same thing, isn’t it? Now you get yourself acquainted to that light, now itself, perhaps then you will not have to change, you become that changeless here and now, without any effort. And this is called perfection, and this is called wisdom, and this is called beauty, peace, silence, love, whatever, you see. Hmm. You are from where? Yes, from Munich, Germany. – From?
– Munich. – Munich.
– In Germany. Very good, very nice. Very good, you have got to do it. You look to be very bright boy. You look to be very bright boy. – Yes, I am.
– Yes. You have to understand. You have to understand. Only once listen, just listen once and you understand that you’ve done it, you see. It’s not, not again listening again and again and again. – No, no.
– I understand. Yes, if you are alert and really if you want, you will. Once is enough. Yes. – May I allow to come to you one afternoon?
– Hmm? – Yes.
– I’m just leaving on Sunday. – Yes. Sunday.
– I have only a few questions. OK. Come Sunday, Sunday, Sunday 5 o’clock, you will come. Next Sunday, yes. Yes, it’s too late. Maybe Wednesday. Maybe Wednesday. Sunday is too late. I’m, – I’m..
– Late, OK then. Tonight we are Monday? – Yes. Yes.
– Tonight we are Monday. – Monday is suitable to you?
– Yes, of course. OK. Welcome. Thank you. OK. What’s your name? Alexander. Alexander. Oh, very good, oh, dashing. – Alexander I like very much.
– Yes. “I will conquer the whole world,” that’s what Alexader… You must have Alexanderian guts in you. Yes, “I will conquer the whole world.” Yes. Is the name right for me or is there another name? Very good, absolulely very nice. I take it. – Very good name.
– OK. Yes. My parents gave me two names. The first name was Peter, Peter Alexander, and I changed to Alexander. Alexander is good because Peter still followed someone. Peter still followed someone, and when the, when the police came to ask him, ask him, Peter said, “I know not who the Jesus is.” So, he lied. Again, when Jesus was on the cross, he disappeared, didn’t come near. So, Peter I don’t… He belonged to some sect, isn’t it? Alexander even disobeyed his teacher, isn’t it? I like it. He even disobeyed his teacher, no? He said, “No, no, no, “don’t conquer the world.” “You cannot conquer the world.” – Yes.
– Hmm. And he imprisoned his teacher, you see. “No, here I go.” “Here I go.” And he has gone. Yes. – Thank you.
– Thank… Papaji, excuse me. Suddenly so many thoughts come up in my mind. Ah, it’s the old… – I’m sitting here thinking and thinking.
– Yes, they want to attack you. Yes. – Yes they do. They do.
– Hmm? They want to attack you now because now they cannot enter your house. And you have one revolver, I gave you one revolver, one revolver. – What is a revolver?
– Revolver! Gun. Pistol. Yes, .45 pistol, point… Yes, yes. It’s automatic. Automatically I will tell all… all around attacks will become old, because they are your old friends. Old friends will come to visit, make a visit, isn’t it? – Yes.
– Old friends. And now I’ve given you a revolver, .45 automatic. Now they will see this thing. And what is that revolver? Shanti, shanti, shanti. – That’s all.
– Yes. Enough for everybody, you see. For anyone this is enough. One shot is quite enough. Other things are not enough, you see. Other things are not, only few… atom bomb also could not kill the whole, this whole Japan, only, only some thousands were killed. But this will kill the whole mischievous people and will make, give them peace in their mind, you see. This, this weapon of peace is very effective, and we need now in this time. – Yes.
– Yes. So, only peace. That’s what we are going to manufacture this weapon in Lucknow. And don’t tell, heh? Don’t tell any… – That was just my…
– Hmm? Yes. No, no, keep it, this, you put it there. What? I don’t need anymore. No. Hah. Beautiful. Ah, this is… no? What she doesn’t need. You know what she doesn’t need even now? Even she doesn’t… excellent, she doesn’t want even, “I am here,” you see? Beautiful. Very wise. How? If you can’t see a new moon and somebody tells you, “You come here and I show you,” you can’t see new moon, you can’t see, no? first moon, second moon, third moon you can’t see, and someone who has seen, and he wants someones help who has got very good eyesight, “You come, align your eyes here, my finger, “and on the top of that tree there is one crow, “look on the head of that crow “and then go beyond, align to finger head of the crow, “you will see the moon.” Isn’t it? So, you have to reject the finger and you have to reject the crow also, then the moon is seen. So, if you see the finger also and the crow also, you can’t see the moon. Now she says, “I don’t want the finger and don’t want the crow also. “Now moon is there, I see the moon.” Very good, because she must have seen, I have no doubt, isn’t it? Very good. OK. Letter. Into peace and silence. OK. After Satsang it seems that mind takes revenge, mind takes revenge – you see? — pulling me into constant thoughts at full volume. That’s what you speak. – Yes.
– Yes, this is a good experience, no? This experience I’m happy you are looking what’s going to happen, Is there anything Master I can do to quieten my mind? OK. Who’s Ma Shobana Barti? Ah, please come here, come. Come and sit. Yes. Mind has to take revenge from those people who are quiet, who are silent and who are enlightened. Mind has to take revenge from them. Why? I tell you. For others the… mind doesn’t take revenge all at once because he knows, “I, “I will take slowly next time, next time, later on. “This man is available to me always, he’s not running away.” But if you are silent, mind cannot catch him, mind cannot have him, isn’t it? So, all of a sudden full attack from all sides, you see, to take revenge from you. All of a sudden, you break away your friendship, what happened to the friends, old friends? So, mind comes now to take revenge. She also asks, in many cases they ask the same trouble, you see. So, what you, what should you do? Before you were sleeping, and they were breaking in, your friends breaking in, sitting, entertaining, but now you know something else, for the first time to keep quiet, silent, therefore they can play the mischief and do whatever they want, but seeing you are in a different mood they want to attack you all together, you see. And now what you have got to do… Before you did not know, you liked them, isn’t it? and now you don’t like them, therefore you call them, “They attack me.” And before they were your friends. Now simply you look at them, you, when you say, “They are attacking me in full volume,” and you are simply aware and look at them, and they disappear, you see. Do you follow? For you also is very good. – Do you follow what I speak? What?
– I am. You try it, here. You are here, you try it. Here, when you go out, here you say they don’t trouble you, but whenever they come, simply look at them, you see, simply look at them, yes, and what will happen? I can explain to you. Now, for example you give rise to any thought so that I can tell you how to do it or if you have understood it fully or not. You give rise to any thought and I will tell you how to do it, how to expel it, how not to allow to enter in your mind, in your heart. Invite yourself, invite a thought and tell me. Currently, current thought, you see, invite yourself. Yes, any thought and tell me what it is, currently at this moment, any thought. – I am free.
– Heh? – I am free.
– Heh? – I am free.
– I am free. OK. So, OK. Let, let these kind of thoughts attack you from all… yes, yes, let these kind of thoughts from all quarters attack you. Welcome. Welcome. Where else they can go? Thoughts, these thoughts are friendly thoughts, you see, accumulated by your merits earned millions of years and they will come to invite you and stay with you for the first time. Otherwise you were engaged in the bad society and good friends don’t come, you see. When you start drinking and smoking the good friends don’t come. – Yes.
– Isn’t it? Only this kind of friends will come to you. But when you, when you stop and this kind of friends will come, well done, they will encourage you, they will sit and you will have their association, and this is called Satsang. People from heavens, gods of different abodes also will come to have your Satsang. Simply, you see. Thank you. Simply look at what’s happening, yes. Right. Challo. Where you arranged for the interview, there? In the room Papa. – Hmm?
– In the room. Challo. We will go there. Challo.


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