PAPERS, PLEASE – The Short Film (2018) 4K SUBS

Glory to Arstotzka, inspector. Glory to Arstotzka, officer. Elisa will come. What time? I can’t say exactly. Whatever happens,
it must be today. Do you understand? Anyway, I’m in your debt. Well, good luck! Work hard for the benefit
of our country, inspector! You too, officer… Next. Your papers, please. What’s the purpose
of your visit? A job. How long? For three months. Do you have a
work permit? Oh…I’m sorry. The work permit is expired. I…I’ll get a new one
as soon as I enter! I was trying to get the
job for four months, and I’ve got a family.
They’re alone. And you’ll stamp the passport
anyway, won’t you? Nobody will ever know… I’m sorry. Next. You do not have
an entry permit. I’m here for Sergiu. He said you can help me. You do not have
an entry permit… I beg you. All my family are dead. I have no one but Sergiu. It’s about me, isn’t it? I’m sorry. I understand. Give this to Sergiu.
Good bye. Next! What’s the purpose
of your visit? My sister lives here. We haven’t met
for three years! How long are you
going to stay? Just for a few days, and then we’ll have to go back home. Arstotzka welcomes you. Thank you, inspector! My wife will be the next. Don’t be hard on her, okey?
She’s easily impressed. She won’t let me sleep all
night long afterwards! Oh, the man who was before
me is my husband. I hope he didn’t annoy
you too much! What is the purpose
of your visit? His sister, damn her. As if we need to go there
in our age! Probably… How long are you going
to stay there? No more than for three days. Isn’t it just stupid to leave
the household and loaf around? In the passport your surname
is spelt like Robynsky but it is Robinsky in
your entry permit. I’ve been suffering
it all my life. They’re always misspelling it!
When I got the certificate, it was spelt with the “Y”.
But in the passport they they spelt it with the “I”.
Who can figure them out? You know, once it was
spelt like Robinski. Please, don’t get tough
with me. Let me enter. He won’t leave me alone,
if you don’t let me. I beg you, sir. I won’t even
get home safe… My husband has all our
money with him… Correct it for the next time. Thank you, my dear! I won’t
ever forget it! Next. Your papers For Kolechia! For Kolechia.


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