Parama Karuna – A play by ISKCON Theatre

Five hundred years ago, in the village of
Navadvipa, on the auspicious full moon day, Phalguni PurÎima, another moon rose in the
court-yard of Sri Jagannatha Mishra and Sachidevi, to provide cool shelter to the burning hearts
of the sinful people of this age of Kali. He was the golden avatar, Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, He was the Supreme Personality
of Godhead, Sri Krishna, who appeared as predicted in the Srimad-Bhagavatam,
to propagate the yuga dharma harinama sankirtana, the chanting of the holy names of God: and with His incomparable compassion, Lord Chaitanya
distributed Krishna prema, love of God, to all, without reserve. In fact, all the demigods eagerly waited for
this auspicious moment: the inauguration of sankirtana movement. All glories to Yamaraja… All glories to
Yamaraja. All glories to you, My Lord.
O the chastiser of the sinful living entities. I offer my obeisance to you.
Please allow me to present before you, the sinful deeds of the living entities now
awaiting your judgment… Chitragupta! I am exasperated, hearing the
sinful accounts and judging the multitudes of sinful creatures, day in and day out. I
see that people are becoming more and more sinful these days.
Yes, Maharaj, Kali-yuga has enveloped the earth in itís grips.
People are losing interest in the real purpose of human life. They are becoming more and
more attached to gratifying their senses. Yes, Maharaj, it is true.
My assistant writers are exhausted, as they are busy, day and night, writing the accounts
of the sinful actions of the human beings. Chitragupta, Mandavya Muni’s curse was really
a great blessing upon me. He cursed me tobecome a shudra and at that time it seemed
unjust. I had to spend 100 years on the earthly planet as Vidura.
But later I realized that it was actually the Supreme Lord’s mercy upon me. I was blessed
with the personal association of the Lord who descended as the son of Devaki and Vasudeva.
I eagerly await the day when I will get such an opportunity again.
namo maha-vadanyaya Krishna-prema-pradayate Krishnaya Krishna-Chaitanya namne gaura-tvishe namah hare Krishna hare Krishna Krishna Krishna hare hare
hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare Jaya Gaurachandra, Jaya Nityananda
Maharshi, please be seated. Welcome, O great sage! I am greatly honored
by your visit to Yamapuri. Maharshi! I am surprised – you always sing the glories of
Narayana, but today… Dharmaraja, you are busy with your duties
on this plutonic planet. I thought that I should let you know of the descent of Lord
Chaitanya, the most magnanimous incarnation of the Supreme Lord to inaugurate the sankirtana
movement. He is distributing the holy names hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare
to anyone and everyone, without any partiality. The Supreme Lord is so merciful.
In the village of Navadvipa hundreds and thousands of people of all classes, without any discrimination,
are worshiping Krishna, performing sankirtana intoxicated by the nectar of the holy names.
And that is why we are in great trouble now. Whenever we need to go to Navadvipa and the
surrounding villages we are in great anxiety. Don’t go to Navadvipa and the surrounding
villages. Now they are not in our jurisdiction. kali-kale nama-rupe krishna-avatara
Not only Navadvipa. Soon the entire world will be inundated with the chanting of the
holy names. Probably we can go on a vacation for a few
years. Looks like we will not have any work. Maharshi! I am eager to witness the pastimes
of Lord Chaitanya. In your association, I wish to relish the happenings in Navadvipa.
Will you please take me there? Narayana, Narayana, with great
pleasure. It is a wonderful sight to see Lord Chaitanya
performing sankirtana with his associates in the court yard of Srivasa.
I am blessed. Chitragupta, I will leave with Narada Muni to Navadvipa.
I will be back very soon. Maharaj Ö please be merciful to me. What
sin have I committed to be deprived of visiting the holy dham of Navadvipa? I am ready to
suffer in all the different hells once we come back … but please do not deprive me
of coming with you. Maharaj, what shall we do here?
Please take us also with you. Hmmm… Yes… you can also come with me.
Let us all go together. All glories to Yamaraja!
All glories to Yamaraja! hare murare madhu kaitabhare
gopala govinda mukunda shaure hare Krishna hare Krishna Krishna Krishna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare All glories to Sri Krishna Sankirtana…
All glories to Sri Krishna Sankirtana… All glories to Sri Krishna Sankirtana… My dear Advaita, the glories of Krishna Sankirtana
should spread everywhere. In every town and village, the holy names should be heard. No
one should escape. That is my mission. Gauranga, there are many great scholars and
stalwarts in Navadvip. They speak endlessly on various subjects but when it comes to explaining
the glories of the holy names they remain silent. Instead of praising the Lordís pastimes,
they criticize. Some of them even accuse us of being dacoits
disguised as sadhus to collect information. It is our duty to deliver these people. Some
people may receive us well and some may not. Some may criticize us and some others may
even try to attack us. But we cannot retract from our mission.
Be humbler than grass and more tolerant than a tree. Never expect people to respect you,
but be ready to give respect to others. In this state of mind, chant the holy names of
the Lord. People will receive you well. Yes Gauranga, We should sow the seed of devotion
in everyone’s heart. We should help them in protecting the tender creeper of devotional
service and request them to water the creeper by hearing and chanting the holy names of
the Lord. Yes, Gadadhara! If they constantly chant the
holy names of the Lord, the mature fruit of devotional service, love of Godhead, will
soon be theirs. My dear friends! Travel everywhere. Go to
every house and request them to chant the holy names of the Lord. This is the only way
of deliverance in this age. harer nama harer nama harer namaiva kevalam
kalau nasty eva nasty eva nasty eva gatir anyatha
With the sharp sword of sankirtana destroy the demoniac mentality of the people.
Gauranga… If You have decided to save the world by spreading sankirtana, who can stop
You? Even the great demigods cannot act against Your will.
Srivasa, the flood of the holy name will inundate the entire world very soon.
Sri Krishna sankirtan ki jay… Nityananda Ö Haridasa Ö I entrust you with
the responsibility of preaching this message door to door. At the end of the day, come
and give Me your reports. Gauranga, please accept this prasadam. Sri Krishna saÏkirtan kiÖ Jai
I am dumbfounded. Words fail to express my joy as I look upon the Supreme Lord.
yada yada hi dharmasya glanir bhavati bharata abhyutthanam adharmasya tadatmana‡ sÂjamy
aham The Lord Himself descends to establish the
religious principles in every yuga. Chanting the holy names of the Lord is the yuga dharma.
The Supreme Lord Krishna has descended as Lord Chaitanya with His confidential associates
to establish the yuga dharma. But this particular incarnation of the Lord is very confidential.
Maharshi… Why is this incarnation of Lord Chaitanya considered most confidential?
Because it is not directly predicted in any Vedic scriptures. But Srimad Bhagavatam reveals
this secret. Krishna-varnam tvishakrishnam sangopangastra
parshadam yajnaih sankirtana-prayair yajanti hi su-medhasah
Lord Chaitanya is Krishna Himself; but His complexion is not black. His bodily hue is
that of molten gold. Hence, he is also called Gauranga. He is always accompanied by His
most confidential servants. Intelligent people will worship Lord Chaitanya
and His associates Lord Nityananda, Advaita Acharya, Gadadhara Pandita and Srivasa Pandita.
Sri-Krishna-Chaitanya prabhu-nityananda Sri-advaita gadadhara Srivasadi-gaura-bhakta-vÂnda
The Pancha-tattva are manifestations of five different features of Lord Krishna. They are
the worshipable deities of this age. Any one who worships Them will cross over the ocean
of Kali. Maharshi… Can you please explain more about
Panca-tattva? panca-tattvatmakam Krishnam bhakta-rupa-svarupakam
bhaktavataram bhaktakhyam namami bhakta-shaktikam The Lord’s bhakta-rupa is Lord Chaitanya.
His amsha, personal expansion, is Lord Nityananda who is none other than Lord Balarama Himself.
Advaita Acharya is also the direct incarnation of Maha-Vishnu.
I am sure intelligent people will never refrain from worshiping Them.
Gadadhara PaÎÚita is a manifestation of the internal potency of the Lord. Srivasa
Pandita is my personal manifestation. Many other devotees of Lord Chaitanya are also
His personal associates in the spiritual world. Even demigods have descended and have taken
birth in this planet to personally participate in the pastimes of Lord Chaitanya.
It is our great fortune to witness the pastimes of Lord Chaitanya.
Let us glorify Lord Chaitanya and
His devotees. jaya jaya sri-chaitanya jaya nityananda
jayadvaita-candra jaya gaura-bhakta-vÂnda hare Krishna hare Krishna Krishna Krishna hare hare
hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare ContinueÖ SingÖ
ki holo? Stop it… Stop it…
Eh.. Jagai and Madhai are not here to listen to your bhajans lady…
Life is for enjoying Ö donít waste our time! Eh.. dont waste
Prostitute No… itís not possible. What can I do?
hare Krishna hare Krishna Krishna Krishna hare hare
hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare Don’t you hear it? Oh, how sweet, how beautiful!
Madhai, What is that noise outside? Let us go and see… What are you all doing here?
Jagai, they are coming to the prostitute’s house to do bhajans!
What work do you have on this street where only prostitutes live?
(The names of Lord Hari can save all the sinful beings in this world. There is no distinction.
Beggars, prostitutes, diseased ones and even those who have committed the worst of the
abominable sins can absolve themselves from the resultant reactions just by chanting the
holy names of the Lord. I request you to chant the names of Hari along with us.
Don’t try to teach us. You have no business here. Get away from here soon!
Yes Ö get out Ö or you will suffer the consequences! Prabhu… they are intoxicated. They are trying
to pick up a quarrel. Let us go. Mukunda… most of the population in this
world are sinful. It is not their mistake. It is the evil influence of Kali. Are we not
supposed to preach to them? Is it not the mission of our Lord? Let us
not retract from it. Yes… I agree. We cannot step back.
If we can deliver these two fallen souls, the name of Lord Chaitanya will be glorified.
But, my Lord, you do not know them… Mukunda… Let us simply repeat the message
of the Lord to these drunks. That is our only business. Brothers Ö please come out. We have something
to deliver to you. You… again? Why are you
still hanging around here?
To teach morality to prostitutes? If you convert them all into saintly women, we will start
hunting the women from your houses. Beware! No… My dear brothers! We have something
very important to deliver to you. Ö Going to deliver us? (laughs) We are already
enjoying the pleasures of heaven! Heavenly pleasures are at our doorstep…
What I can give you is a priceless commodity that has descended from the spiritual world.
Please chant with me: hare Krishna hare Krishna Krishna Krishna
hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare
Jagai… enough of talk. Drive them away! No… Catch them and beat Ö they should never
return to this place. We should punish them. Let me see who will save them from my hands.
Prabhu… let us go They do not even hesitate to kill people.
Come on, we should go away from here! Krishna… please save us!
You cheaters… You cannot escape us! Haridasa… Let us run! Theyíre after us! Where do you think you are going? We will
not spare you. I am an old man… I cannot run like this.
Haridasa, we are lucky to come out of this alive! The Lord saved us.
What do we do now? I cannot run any more… There they are Ö Jagai, this side!
O Krishna… they are here! Run… they are behind us! Who are these drunkards?
Maharaj Ö They are the perfect representation of degraded brahmanas. The elder one is Jagadananda
and the younger one is Madhavananda. They are known as Jagai and Madhai. They are the
most fallen. Drunkards, meat-eaters, woman-hunters, debauchees…. there are no words to describe
these lowly creatures. Ignorant and foolish creatures!. How dare
they behave like this to Lord Nityananda? Their sins are innumerable. If my assistants
were to sit down and calculate the sins of these two, they will never conclude even after
a month. The records of their sinful activities are kept in bottomless pits.
Maharaj… Order us… We will immediately do the needful. At long last we have found
some persons in this village of Navadvipa, on whom we can lay our hands!
Stop O servants of Yamaraja, do not hurry! They are still not under your jurisdiction.
But they should be punished for their misdeeds. Of course… they should be. If they come
into your jurisdiction after their death. Why not? They are definitely under our jurisdiction.
We are spending hours noting down each and every sinful act of theirs.
But… Lord Nityananda has already cast his glance upon them.
I did not understand. Wait and see what happens next… The great devotee of the Lord, Maharaja AmbarÈÒa,
was waiting for Durvasa Muni’s return, to break the Ekadashi fast. Durvasa Muni did
not come back. On the advice of learned brahmanas, Maharaja Ambarisha took little water to formally
break the fast. Durvasa Muni understood this by his mystic power. He was very angry. He
chastised the king. He created a demon by his mystic power to kill the King.
Any one who hurts my devotee should be punished. Durvasa… Your mystic powers cannot hurt
my devotee. Mahaprabhu! Mahaprabhu!
Gauranga! Gauranga! Oh.. you are back!
Yes Ö and by mercy of Krishna, we are alive! What happened?
My Lord, a strange incident occurred today. As ordered by you, we were going door to door,
preaching to people, asking them to chant the holy names of Krishna.
Today, we came across two drunkards – Jagai and Madhai.
Jagai and Madhai? Those culprits? Why did you go to them?
Nityananda Prabhuís mercy is so deep for the fallen souls of this world that he is
prepared to do anything to spiritually uplift them. He approached Jagai and Madhai and requested
them to chant the holy names. And we almost lost our lives in their hands.
I will destroy them at once. My Lord, why do you want to destroy them?
If you start taking up your weapon to vanquish the demons, you have to wipe out this entire
world; because in this fallen age of Kali, most of the people are demoniac.
You are the most compassionate friend of the fallen. Please give me a chance. Allow me
to take up this challenge. I will make them chant the holy names of Krishna. These two
are the foremost of the debauchees… If they are delivered then Your name will be glorified.
Your fame will reach unlimited bounds. (They are already delivered, Nityananda.
What do you mean? I said that they are already delivered.
But… how? Haridasa, as soon as Nityananda has cast His
glance upon them, they are delivered. Krishna will take full care of them now.
Hari bol! Srivasa… please call Murari and Vakreshvara.
Let us all go to the banks of Ganga, singing the holy names of the Lord.
Mukunda, Vasudeva please lead the kirtan. hari hari hari bol hari hari hari bol
mukunda madhava govinda bol govinda bol jaya govinda bol
mukunda madhava govinda bol hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna
hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare
. What a cool breeze blows from the Ganges!
Madhai Ö Are we flying in the sky? I am seeing so many stars around.
Jagai Ö I think so… look there Ö (pointing at the reflection of moon in the river) the
moon ñ are you seeing that? Yeh Ö I will catch the moon… You are completely drenched!
Give me that pot. Iíve reached the moon! Oh…citizens of the moon planet! Salute me
Ö the great Jagai, who has just arrived on the moon.
You are indeed very great my dear Jagai! We, the citizens of the moon, offer our humble
obeisance to you. Summon the society girls of this planet! I
am eager to watch them dance for my pleasure. Sure, my Lord. Heavenly pleasures… at your
door step. Madhai… who are they? Some celestial singers
of moon planet? They sing so nicely. hare Krishna hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna hare hare (imitates) hare rama hare rama rama rama hare
hare koche lao ache dÈdÈ! lagbe naki?
koto dam? du ana
ish…i baru lao janne du ana; eik anai debo eik anai… ordheko pabe na..
dile bhalo na hole ami jachi ta hole… eik anai debo Go away Ö Hey Ö give it to us!
No! It is my hard-earned money. I cannot give it to you.
If you do not want to lose your life, you better give us your money…
Help! Please save me! Don’t worry… I will save you. (laughs) Just
give me that cash box. We will peacefully go away from here. Stop… Stop! Don’t hurt him.
Oh… your savior is here. Madhai… he wants to save the shop keeper
from us. We should teach him a good lesson for poking
his nose in our affairs. Listen to me. Please Ö
Yes my Master… we listen to you. Please be kind upon us and teach us the right way
to act. We surrender ourselves to you. Madhai Ö fall at his feet. Surrender to him. Dear brothers… please change your ways.
We are simple devotees. We come to you as loving friends with the message of the Supreme
Lord. Lord Krishna is our loving master and our first duty is to worship His lotus feet.
Chant the holy names of Krishna. All your sins will surely vanish. Madhai… you hit me with an earthen pot,
but I will give you love… the love of Godhead. Please chant.
You fool… what are you doing? I am not going to leave him. He should be
killed. Brother… Please chant Krishna’s names. Please
chant… Fool! Donít do that. He is not an ordinary
person! He does not mind that you have struck him and does not even protest!
Leave me… Leave me… Give me that knife. Nityananda Ö You shameless ruffians, you
attack poor devotees and hurt them when they try to help you! You should be punished for
this…. Sudarshana … Chakra! Chakra! Sudarshana Ö these two brothers have hurt
Me by hitting Nityananda. Kill them. No my Lord…. You cannot do this! Please
call the weapon back! They should be killed!
I beg you. You are the deliverer of the fallen souls. Your mission is not to kill the demons
but rather to kill their demoniac tendencies. Yes. I am deliverer of fallen souls. I vanquish
their sins. But not those who hurt the Vaishnavas. I will vanquish them if they dare to touch
My devotees. No… Please rememberÖ You promised not to
take up any weapons in this incarnation. Why did You summon Sudarshana to burn them?
Mercy my Lord! Please have mercy! Please spare us… my Lord… Be kind to us!
No… You have to be punished. You offended Nityananda.
Lord… please. I did not take any offense at their mindless act. In fact, Jagai tried
to save me from getting hurt. Please do not punish them.
Jagai saved you? All right… I will spare Jagai!
Mercy my Lord Ö Please have mercy on me too! Madhai, your case is not as simple as that.
By wounding Nityananda, you have inflicted a wound on Me. Nityananda’s body is more dear
to me than My own. Lord… I committed the most grievous sin.
I am worthy of Your punishment… But my Lord, please tell me how can I be saved? You are
the Supreme Lord. Many demons were delivered by You. Please deliver me. Please! (with tears
in his eyes, he collapses) Lord, Please show Your mercy to him!
Madhai, go and fall at the feet of Nityananda. Only by his mercy can you be saved today. Both of you listen carefully, I have delivered
you from all your sinful reactions accumulated over many, many births. Now, if you do not
engage further in any sinful activities, I take full responsibility for your sinful lives.
My Lord, You are the ocean of mercy. Although born as brahmanas we have both fallen into
the deepest well of sinful lives. Only by your causless compassion have you lifted us
out and given us a new life. My Lord, I have inflicted pain on many souls.
I dared to attack you with these blood tainted hands. How will I atone for the sins I have
committed? Madhai Ö you heard what Lord Chaitanya said.
He is taking the responsibilities of all your sins. All that He wanted from you is a promise
that you will not act sinfully anymore. Lord… We will never commit any more sins.
We promise you! parama karuÎa, pahuÏ dui jana, nitai-gauracandra
saba avatara-, sara-ÁiromaÎi, kevala ananda-kaÎÚa Yamaraja Ö I told you they will never come
under your jurisdiction… Have you understood why? This is the power of the merciful glance
of Nityananda. Wonderful…. unbelievable! All the records
we have maintained so far about the sinful activities of these two brothers can be burnt
to ashes! I have never witnessed such an act of compassion
before. Maharaja Ö Maharaja Ö get some water! Quick!
Summon the heavenly doctors immediately! Chitragupta… Yamaraja is a pure devotee
of the Lord and he is one of the great authorities of devotional service. His fainting is due
to the ecstasy he felt on seeing the compassion of Lord Nityananda. This cannot be cured by
any medicine. I know what needs to be done.
Yama-kiÏkaras Maharaja is moving…


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