Paranormal Investigation at Creepy Palace Theatre 2! (DE #62)

Tonight on Dead Explorer. A real life paranormal
investigation at the haunted palace theater. I’m Alejandro. I search the world for paranormal
activity. I am the Dead Explorer. Can you touch one of us? Are you scared of us? You
don’t have to be scared. I heard a whimper. I’m still getting dog barking over here. There’s
a mirror over here. It’s kind of freaky. I went to a place where somebody swore up and
down that their mirror was a portal to hell or something. This hall is pretty cool. Was
that your stomach again? I don’t know. I heard that too. Wow, you hear that right? Wow, you
hear that right? Yeah. You did right? Yeah. Are you in front of us? I’m about to try to
cross this walkway. Dead Explorer literally becomes the Dead Explorer. I’m going to use
this to go down the steps. Is there anybody in the back of this theater? Who keeps running
across this theater back here? There are sounds coming from inside this room. There’s sounds
coming from inside this room right here. This project, this room right here, this closed
off room. There’s something in, there’s something making sounds in there. Are you watching us
from that room back there? This is where you saw that white mist earlier Mai? It was actually
in the doorway. I keep hearing something. What is behind this door right here? Is there
somebody behind this door? If you are behind this door can you please knock? Is somebody
talking? Is somebody talking back there? That was loud. Where did you hear the talking at?
Where you are. No, Harvey is not talking. Yea, it didn’t sound like a guy. It was high
pitched. Here, I’m going to knock on this door. I’m going to knock on this door. Can
you please knock back? Who is back here? Do you run this place? Oh, it opens! I’m in here.
Are you in here right now? I’m inside the room where I heard sounds from. Right now
I can basically see the stage from here and from the stage we thought we saw something
in here. What? Is there somebody trying to talk back there? Yea, I’m trying to communicate.
Do you still hear voices that aren’t mine? Yea, they sound mumbled. Is there somebody
in here with me right now? Thank you for watching Dead Explorer Real Paranormal Videos. Please
make sure you favorite and like this video and subscribe for more Dead Explorer.

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