Participation and Engagement| Brighton Rock

[FIRST PARTICIPANT] So this week we have been working and workshopping
on an adaptation of Brighton Rock And we have nicknamed it Hull Rock [KATIE POSNER] – We looked at the script of
Brighton Rock that Bryony has written and we really felt that it was important to
honour some of the story beats and really create this underground, dark world so we started the week really exploring how we could work together building a brilliant ensemble company,
working on lots of movement and we then played around with open scenes, where we kind of located them roughly in the world of this underground thriller but left enough openness to be able to explore our own version of Brighton Rock – I’m going to die, i’m scared
– Are you ok hun? You don’t look too good. – Wait here, i’ll be back in two ticks
– No, no, no, please don’t go! – I promise, I won’t be long. [KATIE] – We started on Monday. By Friday,
we’ve got our own script that we’ve created we’ve got three set movement pieces, we’ve got an amazing theatre that we’ve been able to work in we’ve got an underscore that
goes through the whole play and we’ve got some pretty cool lighting. [SECOND PARTICIPANT] – My favourite part of the process is that the final performance isnt just, like, naturalism or entirely Brecht,
its got elements of everything. It’s got movement, its got vocal stuff in it,
it’s got naturalistic acting [THIRD PARTICIPANT] I think my favourite moment
of this performance would be probably the scenes that are like, quite high up that make the audience attention go from being somewhere level on the ground to being somewhere thats quite high I said i’d never leave him. Never. And what am I now? Alone. [FIRST PARTICIPANT] – It’s just so different,
and its brought us all together we don’t usually work as a
massive ensemble this much [FOURTH PARTICIPANT] – It’s helped me improve with
my general performance skills and helping me with directing. [FIFTH PARTICIPANT] – It’s been quite rewarding to have worked with the professional company and also the fact that they didn’t
just come in with a script on the first day and say “Ok, here you go”. It was more kind of we were involved, we got
to contribute and help make it individual to us It’s interesting to have the
audience stood and walking around It’s definitely exciting and it’s been a challenge I’m just excited to get up and
start doing it really. [ALL] – Brighton Rocks. Hull Rocks. Wooooo

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