Partnerships in profile: Malthouse Theatre

[Music] It’s my role at Malthouse Theatre to work with all of our partners and sponsors, including VU who’s been a sponsor of Malthouse Theatre for over 15 years, actually our longest running partner. Well we’re really proud of our partnership with VU, we run a series of engagement opportunities for VU students to participate in the work that we do at Malthouse Theatre. So VU have come on board this year as our prompt education partner. Malthouse Theatre has a really broad, diverse education program that runs from opportunities for year 9 and 10 students, VCE workshops, right through to internships and placements for tertiary students at VU. Our staff members come out the VU campus and do things like talks, we do backstage tours for students and we run a whole lot of programs to involve discount tickets or accessibility to the theatre, so it’s making sure that all VU students have a chance to come to Malthouse Theatre and really feel at home and welcome in the space. I think what VU and Malthouse bring together is is an opportunity to get into the nitty-gritty of what theatre work is and we’re a small team at Malthouse Theatre and so when you come and do a placement you really get to participate across all the spectrums from looking at the way producings work to and witnessing auditions to looking into the spaces and looking what the backstage crew does. The diversity of careers that you can have at Malthouse Theatre and the way that they can connect with VU and educational experiences are quite varied. [Music]

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