Pass the Light Official Trailer 1 (2015) – Drama Movie HD

We have special treat, a new voice in our community. The nomine for the congressionally seed of our district Franklin Baumann Looking around in this room its easy to see what’s important This is why! I started a war against the forces who’d undermine and deteriorate this community Do you wanna join me? Do you people wanna people fight aginst the liars or the sexually immoral The Corrupt , The sought amites, The lustfull, the greed the gluttonous. Do you ever shut your mouth? You embarrassed me and your mother. Things are bad, Franklin has a plan to make things better. And what’s his plan dad? Hate everyone who sins and we’ll get the jobs back? Make no mistake people, this is a war. Who will fight with me? Who will fight? Are you buying that? I gotta do something bold. Like what? I’m gonna run for congress. I want people to hear a voice with no hate in it. We’ll campaign We need to make people think that you actually love, going to church an, and praying I do love going to church. Alright, use that catch the holy ghost when you get up there, you know what I mean. Hallelujah Did you guys hear about my campaign? No sense going after something that can’t work. Franklin Baumen talks about casting out, he talks about exclusion. Nobody cares. Your just another guy yelling. Don’t be the guy who just talks. You have to be a voice for people who can’t speak up for themselves. If people feel bullied we have to let them know that they can ride with us. I can’t walk us into any church if people know about me. These are gods words, he speaks out against the sexually immoral. I saw the faith Ioved being used to hurt the people I cared about. I couldn’t just stand by and do nothing We have to be better. This is a war, cast those people out. We cannot chose hate. We have to chose each other. We are always stronger together.


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