PATHETIC Wilbur Ross Caught Up In Hurricane Dorian Drama

>>Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross had allegedly
threatened individuals working for the NOAA with firing them if they continue to contradict
Donald Trump and his allegations that Hurricane Dorian was going to negatively impact Alabama. Now this story was originally reported by
the New York Times, and now a couple of Democratic lawmakers are calling for Wilbur Ross to get
fired, which means that Donald Trump will likely protect him. Lets just keep it real, why would Trump listen
to Democratic lawmakers? But nonetheless I give them credit for speaking
out, Representative Paul Tonko was one of those representatives. And he says, quote, reporting now suggests
that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross put the safety of countless Americans at risk by compromising
America’s hurricane warning system just to protect the President’s ego. If these reports are true, Secretary Ross
needs to take responsibility and resign. Good luck with that. Now, Representative Don Beyer says, quote,
Wilbur Ross does not deserve the trust of the American people or a place in the cabinet,
and he should be dismissed immediately. Now just to give you some more details on
what Ross did. According to the Times, Ross threatened to
fire top employees at the federal scientific agency responsible for weather forecasts last
Friday after the agency’s Birmingham office contradicted President Trump’s claim that
Hurricane Dorian might hit Alabama. And this is according to three people familiar
with the discussion. And the tweet that upset both Trump and Ross
was this one, it said that Alabama will not see any impacts from Dorian. We repeat, no impacts from Hurricane Dorian
will be felt across Alabama. The system will remain too far east. So the National Weather Service, the Birmingham
division of it tweeting the truth about how Alabamans don’t have to worry about Hurricane
Dorian upset Donald Trump and Ross.>>Yeah.>>And people were threatened with firings
if they didn’t change course.>>Yeah, I think Bernie Sanders I think has
been very rightly pointing out over the last few days that this is just another instance
of his authoritarian approach to government. That whether Donald Trump told Wilbur Ross
to say this or not, Wilbur Ross knows who he’s working for and he knows that reality
has to just be shaped to fit whatever Trump says. And to give you an idea of how dangerous this
is, it’s easy for us to look at the situation where Trump mistakenly thought that a state
was gonna get hit that wasn’t, and when it wasn’t, he kept doubling down and saying that
it would have. There was not much risk there. People weren’t going to be hit. But what if he said that a state was going
to be hit, and they’re now thinking, well, do we warn people that they should perhaps
leave and then lose our jobs? People’s lives could be on the line hypothetically
if people who are supposed to be warning us about hurricanes or God knows what other natural
disasters suddenly have to pretend that it’s not coming because they’re worried that their
careers will be ended if they say something.>>Well, that is authoritarianism at its very
core, right, which is this infection of government institutions because of the personality of
the leader. This is nothing except just catering to his
ego. It serves no other governmental purpose and
this is what democracy is supposed to be, literally government for the people, by the
people. But right now it’s government for the one
by the one. And it’s becoming a huge problem with our
institutions that they’re supposed to be separate from all of this. I mean, you’re a huge believer in science,
we all are but you talk about climate change so much. From your perspective, how disturbing is this? I would ask you.>>In the particular area of climate science,
I’m not super surprised that once again they’re telling us that the science shouldn’t matter
because we know they purge the online databases, the EPA is just a cruel joke about what it
used to be. Obviously, but Republicans just do have an
authoritarian approach to government. The idea that all the federal bureaucracy
is there to help out Trump, that is simply not the case. There are political appointees, he gets to
choose a certain number of people. But there are career civil servants who last
from president to president, and they’re there to make sure that the government works, regardless
of who the president is. Political loyalty should not even enter into
the equation. And especially when it comes to anything having
to do with natural disasters. The actual real threats to our lives, not
the fake made-up ones that we focus on a lot of the time because of the pronouncements
of presidents like Trump and others. The idea that this would be perverted to the
will of one petulant man, that is sad. That should be sad for everyone.>>It’s ungoverning. So it’s making all of the institutions that
are neutral an arm of the president and the rest of it is just dismantling it so government
doesn’t work. So if it’s not something that’s a direct trickle
down from what the president wants. Then it’s basically dismantled and done away
with because they don’t want government to work. They want industry to run rampant and the
parts that actually are supposed to be siloed as government institutions, they have to be
become direct arms of whatever Donald Trump wants.>>You know, one of the things, just to buttress
the point that you’re making, one of the moves that Steve Mnuchin is making right now along
with Donald Trump is pushing for further deregulation of the housing market. In order to make it even easier than it was
before for the type of predatory lending and the type of predatory activity we saw when
it came to real estate. And so this is something that’s getting very
little coverage. I really want to talk about it on the show. I’ll prepare the story for tomorrow, because
it’s something that is just gonna happen if people in the media aren’t hyper focused on
the type of corrupt self-enrichment that happens in this administration. And we’ve talked about some of that self-enrichment
too when it comes to Trump properties. We’re gonna talk about that later in the show
today as well. But I do wanna bring up one other common criticism
that I’m seeing toward the media for covering the Sharpiegate story. So look, I know it seems petty. I know it seems like in the grand scheme of
things, is this really a big deal, Trump lying about Hurricane Dorian potentially impacting
Alabama. Look, in and of itself, when you consider
all the other things going on, maybe it’s not the most important story, I get it. But it’s what this story communicates to the
rest of the country and to the rest of the world. Trump is willing to throw anyone and everyone
under a bus just so he doesn’t have to admit that he was wrong. Now think about that for a second. The very people who go after, let’s say the
New York Times or Washington Post for getting a fact wrong, and they claim, they didn’t
retract it, they didn’t apologize enough. These are the same people who’ll turn around
to Trump and just say, yeah yeah, he lied. What’s the big deal? What’s the big deal about it? No, it’s a big deal because the President
of the United States needs to be honest to the American people. And when he’s caught in a lie, and it’s a
blatant, brazen, obvious lie, he needs to take ownership of that and just say, hey,
sorry about that, I was wrong. Let’s move on. And by the way, that’s what a strong, confident
person does.

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