Patiala Babes – Ep 292 – Full Episode – 8th January, 2020

Make way for my vehicle, man!
– Go, sir. – Move. “Do..” Oh, no! Sir is not at home
today. What a loss! ‘It’s the limits of oppression!
Until yesterday, my landlord’ ‘would only cut off my
power supply, but today’ ‘they have ousted me
from the house.’ Oh, no, that’s my loss!
I lost another customer. They shouldn’t rent out
houses to these lads. And I shouldn’t
serve them either. They don’t stay here and are
ousted from the house abruptly. Well, I’d better drink
one litre milk all by myself. Oh, Lord! Hey, it’s my customer! Good morning, sir! Get up! Who is it? Don’t disturb me
early in the morning. Get up, sir!
– Gosh! – Get up! Or do you want me to
bring a rooster to crow for you. What? – What happened, sir?
You are lying on the road along with your belongings.
But still you are sleeping peacefully.
– Laugh.. Mock me. – No, sir, who am I
to mock such a big man? I’m an ordinary milkman.
Please collect the milk and I’ll be on my way.
– Have you lost it? Can’t you see I’m on the streets
with all my belongings? What will I do with the milk?
– That’s your problem. It’s the year end,
I won’t bear any losses. Pal, I said,
I can’t take the milk. I can’t even boil it here.
I don’t have a stove. I have nothing.
How will I boil it? I won’t suffer any losses today.
– I said, I can’t boil it. You can see that all my things
are here. – Don’t worry. I’ll make arrangements
to boil it. Gosh! You are impossible! There you go! I’ve arranged it.
The milk is pure. Have some warm milk.
If you have something you’ll get some energy.
After all, it’s not easy to look for a house. No one can go
against God’s will. One doesn’t get
anything before time and no one can take away
what’s in your destiny. Listen, will you have tea?
– I will but what’s the plan now?
– What do you mean? I have to look for another room. If I stay here with my things,
the police will arrest me. We will find it, sir.
Let’s see what the New Year has in store for you. I want to know the same. ‘Greetings..
Good morning, Patiala!’ The weather of Patiala
is cold today. ‘And, sir, if we get
some piping hot ‘Chole Bhature” ‘it’d be awesome.’ ‘The weather is freezing.’ ‘So, please wear warm clothes
when you go out.’ ‘Or else, you may fall ill.’ ‘By the way, the New Year
is approaching and you all’ ‘must be curious to know
what it has in store for you.’ ‘Will you be successful?
How will your love life be?’ ‘So, today we have with us
Pandit Ramashankar’ ‘the noted astrologer, who will
read your sun sign’s forecast.’ No!
– ‘What your future holds..’ You won’t dry my hair.
She will do it! ‘It means, for Virgo, this
year has mixed predictions.’ ‘It means, if Virgo..’
– Do I have to request you to dry my hair as well? My little sister
and her tantrums! Ms. Rani bring the stool.
– Sure. – ‘Right, sir?’ ‘No,
I mean, drive slowly ‘and follow the traffic rules.’ Look in the front.
‘Along with this’ ‘eat something sweet.’ ‘The danger will be averted and
your life will become sweet.’ What are they saying?
– Them? They are predicting the future.
– What does that mean? They are telling us
what will happen in our lives in the future. How do they know? No one knows, dear. But you know, they study
the sun, moon and stars. We call them astrologers.
And they can tell people what will happen in
their lives ahead. But I.. – Shush! My sun sign
is Libra. Let me hear it. ‘For Libra,
this year brings love.’ ‘It will be their goal
to look for love.’ ‘And they are destined to wander
the jumbled path of love.’ ‘Hold on, sir. It’s a bit
difficult to understand.’ ‘Please explain in layman terms.
– I mean, this year, Libras’ ‘can meet their life partner.’ ‘You mean, their love life
will be happening.’ Life partner! It means, love! That means, boyfriend! ‘You mean, this year,
Libras will..’ Shut up and look in the front. You always blabber! ‘There will be many entries
but not everyone’s love’ ‘will be true. – So, will they
find love or not?’ ‘There’s no guarantee. But..’ Heard that? It’s over! You are hapless, Sister! Oh, shut up! Let me hear it. ‘Well, sir, how is this year
for their career and business?’ ‘They will face many challenges.
They might face losses’ ‘in the beginning.
They will face troubles too.’ Heard that? Did you?
I knew it.. Chef Neil Oberoi is not
going to accomplish anything! His presence doesn’t
make any difference here. He is just a waste of money!
– Shush! ‘To reduce troubles.’
– What! ‘And your business
can flourish.’ ‘But you should
control your tongue.’ ‘Act wisely.’ Did you hear that? Now you should
control your temper. You should become wise.
– I see! Am I not wise? Not at all! Poor guy!
He works very hard but you yell at him. I see!
You are always nagging me but you defend him all the time. Why won’t I?
He is my favourite. ‘Sagitarius sun sign.’ By the way, what’s my sun sign? Sun sign? When’s your birthday? 25th July.
– 25th July. So.. It’s Leo. Leo means lion.
Fierce. ‘This year is good for love
relations..’ Your hair is dry now. Okay? Ms. Rani,
please serve the breakfast. It’s done. Thank you.
I’m going inside to change. Help Arya change as well.
– Sure. Come on now.. What have you done! I want to hear my forecast
as well. – Gosh! Fine, hear it! But do change your clothes.
Okay? Okay, I’ll come in a while. ‘Wow!
This is so interesting, sir.’ ”But I’m curious to
know about my sun sign.’ ‘What’s your sun sign?
– Leo.’ ‘For Leo, the Lion,
it will be an exciting year.’ ‘You will easily defeat
your old enemies.’ ‘But be careful,
don’t act vain.’ ‘Or else,
you may end up bullying people.’ ‘Happy New Year, Montu.
You are done for!’ ‘What about their love life?
– I have some good news’ ‘for Leo.
This year, they will meet’ ‘a special girl or boy.
– What do you mean?’ ‘I mean, if you’re a Leo,
you can expect’ ‘to meet your dream girl or
your knight in shining armour.’ Aww!
Knight! How will he be?
Will he come riding a horse or a carpet? God! My dear Kammo! It’s the last day of the year.
We can’t close the shop today. Even today people will come
to beautify themselves. It’s the New Year’s Eve!
– What, Khatri? Let me close the shop
tomorrow, then. The girls have been asking for
a day off. – No, not at all! Only if we earn money on the
first day, the rest of the year will follow suit, my darling! So many years have passed,
but you haven’t changed a bit. You always yearn for money. Make your wife toil! Great! Party? I’ll also come. No way.
It’s not meant for kids. So what? I’ll still go there. Arya.. I said no.
Don’t nag me, okay? Mom and dad would take me
to New Year parties. Really? When?
– Always! Lies! I don’t believe you. Mom never threw a party for me nor did she let me stay up
till late at night. She wouldn’t let me stay up
for the countdown either. – Why? Well, don’t you know?
She would always tell me to sleep early and wake up early
on New Year’s Day! That’s how I used to
spend the day. I’m sure she used to
do the same to you too. Tell me, Ms. Rani.
Isn’t this true? It’s true. You know, on New Year’s Day,
Ms. Babita would take her and her father to the temple,
early in the morning. These two would
whine all the way. But they had no say in it. Lies!
– I see! So, the whole world is a liar
and only Arya speaks the truth! Averting your gaze
won’t solve anything. Just agree that your lies
have been caught. You are a tattler, Ms. Rani.
You are very bad! Okay, that’s enough.
You can’t blackmail me. Got it? Okay, I’ve to go to
the restaurant now. Ms. Rani, I have asked ma’am
to babysit Arya. Okay.
– What is this? The whole world parties,
except me! I’ll stay locked at home!
Not good! Hey! Who said that
the whole world parties? They do. I’ve seen on TV. Aren’t you partying as well?
Yet you are forbidding me! Arya,
I’m not going to any party. This is my job
and I’m going to work. And it’s very important for me. Wait a minute.
Why should I justify myself? It’s my life. I can do anything. I’m elder to you.
– I’m also a grown-up. Hello, kiddo, you aren’t 18 yet.
Grow up first then we’ll talk. 18.. You keep singing the same tune. I wonder when I would turn 18! Being a kid is like
incurring a great loss. Hey, drama queen!
Enough of your drama. Well, I was just thinking..
I’ve a plan for you. I will put on comic and horror
movies then you can watch it. And I’ll send you all the nice
dishes prepared at our restaurant.
You can party here. Okay?
Behave like a good girl. All right? Please
take care of her. – Fine. Bye.. Neil, sit.
Today is the New Year. Get a shave done. Ma’am, I mean, Ms. Kammo,
I don’t need it. I don’t want to get it done. Boy, I am not charging you
for this. This is a complimentary service
from me on the occasion of New Year.
– Why? Kammo, why complimentary? Mr. Khatri, get me a room.
Please understand. I’ve a lot of problems. – Yes,
Neil. He’ll get you a room. Don’t worry.
You’ll get him a room, right? You are such a handsome guy! By the way,
this is a ladies’ parlour. But no problem, Neil.
You are a dear one. How I wish you considered
even me like one! Let it be, Khatri.
You have grown old. – What! I mean, we’ve grown old. I don’t remember you
ever romancing me. We were so boring! Now we’ve even grown old. Enough!
Enough, Ms. Kammo. You are slightly impatient. It’s almost done. I hope you don’t use
your impatience in looking for a room.
Take your time. And if you don’t get a good room
then come to our house. What! Don’t take me wrong.
Why to our house? Don’t be so cruel. There’s
something called humanity. Where will the poor guy go? She’s very worried
about a stranger. I don’t want
to get a shave done. Leave me. What do we do about my room? Come with me.
I’ll explain. Kammo, you tend to your chores. This is a matter between men.
Come. Okay, Neil.
Bye. – That’s enough. Bye, my foot! Mr. Khatri, tell me fast.
I don’t have all day. I need to even go to work.
– Fine, go. I haven’t stopped you. Don’t worry about the room.
Everything will be done. I’ll tell you what. Pay me an advance amount
of Rs. 15,000. – What! Yes, Rs. 7,500 is my fee
and Rs. 7,500 is the rent. You’ll get the room ready
by evening. I’d brought an advance amount
of Rs. 20,000. Still, Ms. Sandhu ousted me
from my room. Now where do I get
the money from? Don’t take me wrong.
There are some principles in business. You get the money
and why just a room? I’ll have a palace ready
by evening. I knew that you are
a big scoundrel.. – What! Scoundrel! Mr. Chef, so many people
have called me ‘scoundrel’ that I accept it as a compliment now. ‘Khatri, the scoundrel.’ “Khatri, the scoundrel will
make your life miserable.” Remember one more thing. I am not the only scoundrel. If managing money is unethical,
then entire world is unethical. Scoundrel, really! There may be some foolish women
who would melt seeing your innocent face. I need cash.
Yes, cash! Khatri, what happened?
Have you settled everything? Yes, Kammo.
Don’t get tense. I’ve settled even his account. Of course! These chairs and tables
will go to the corridor because I want this place empty. We are going to have
a dance floor here. And come on,
do everything quickly. Quick..
All right? And just check the fountain.
All right? You may leave. I’ll put up a signboard that the
restaurant will be closed today. All right?
– Fine, go ahead. Why didn’t the others
turn up yet? You know? I had informed
everyone to be here on time. And that the restaurant will
remain closed at daytime. But we’ve to make preparations
for the evening party. I had informed everyone but.. I wonder why they didn’t! Neil Oberoi! Are you mad?
What is this? What is this?
Take the pushcart out. Out, right now! No!
It’s not going anywhere. In fact, it’ll stay here
until I return. Hold on. What do you mean
by until you return? Where are you going?
As it is, you are already late. On top, we’ve so many
preparations left to be done. We are very short of time.
We’ve such an important party this evening and you are.. – In
that case, I need leave today! I need an off! Are you out of your mind,
Neil Oberoi! What do you mean by
you need an off? Have you lost it? Did you forget that we’re having
the minister’s son’s party tonight? I don’t care! – What do you mean
by I don’t care? I mean it’s not important
for me. I-It’s not.. Are you crazy? What else can be more important
for you? – Ms. Mini, there could be something more important
that you may not be able to understand. What is that important work?
Tell me, Mr. Neil Oberoi. Food, clothes, and a house. What! Could he have gone insane,
Ms. Geeta? Ask him what he’s
going on blabbering. No..
You don’t say anything. If not, I’ll get furious
and end up speaking rubbish. Let me say that. I am homeless.
My landlady has ousted me from the house. What about the advance amount
that I’d given you? – It’s gone! Everything’s gone! It went in paying
the old rent dues. She threw me out of the house as
if I was some unwanted creature. I can’t believe this!
I mean.. Why didn’t you protest? She ousted you and you came out? How can you be so dumb
– Dumb! – Yes, you are dumb. Yes. Yes, I am dumb
I am dumb because I’m honest. I am dumb because I am so tall and well-built,
still I can’t fight the goons Khatri
had brought with him. I am dumb
because I believe in law. I am dumb because
I’m a law abiding citizen. Still, I was ousted
from my room. I’m dumb because I spent
the whole night on a pushcart in freezing cold
with the mosquitoes. Yes, I am dumb! Whatever..
I can sympathise but I can’t give you an off. Sympathise! – Yes. – In that
case, Ms. Mini, I resign. Why are you so difficult,
Neil Oberoi? Listen..
– Listen.. Speak.
– No, you speak. Ladies first!
– Okay, fine. Listen, Neil, you very well know
that it’s impossible to have this party without you. Because the Continental dishes
that we’ve agreed upon with the client can be prepared
only by you. Yes, I know..
I know that. I know that you know.
That’s why you are blackmailing us.
– I am not blackmailing you. I am just asking you
for a day off. A day off is not possible.
You.. Listen, Neil, we’ve been arguing
since a very long time. We are not getting anywhere.
We are just going round in circles, right? So, please listen to me
carefully. Okay? Calm down, okay?
I’ve a solution. You go into the kitchen.
Make preparations for tonight’s party. I’ll find you a room on rent.
Is that fine? I don’t need your favour..
– I am not doing you any favour. Okay? – Mini, calm down.
So much anger isn’t good either. I need to calm down.. I need to calm down..
Calm down.. – Of course! Listen, Neil. I’m pleading you. Please..


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