Patiala Babes – Ep 326 – Full Episode – 25th February, 2020

Babita has never hide
anything from us. And it was about
Lovely’s in-laws’ family. How could she tell us? Did you know about it? Yes, I knew it. I knew it. I was also avoiding the truth like you. So, I used to comfort myself. I.. I couldn’t save
my granddaughter. I couldn’t understand her
how she was going through. I couldn’t hear
her untold words. I am ashamed of myself, Shami. You have no idea how helpless I am
feeling right now. The girls whom I raised
with so much care and protected them
from every trouble are facing this today.. I am broken, Shami. I am broken. This is not the time
to lose hope, Khurana. Mini needs our support. Even Arya needs us. The girls want to share
something with us. This time we can’t ignored them. I am coming.. Wait for
some time. Who is there? Greetings.. – Greetings!
– Greetings! Oh, wow!
You are here in the morning. Where did you go? I went to the temple to bring favourite offering
for my granddaughter. Oh, you brought for Arya. Let me wake her up. No.. Not for Arya. It’s for Mini. Let me wake her up now. Ms. Mini! ‘Nothing serious happened.’ ‘You are lying.’ ‘You are making up stories’ ‘to fulfill your demands.’ Mini your grandfather went to
the temple in the morning. To bring
your favourite offerings. Come on, take it. Why is she making such faces
while accepting the offerings? Why is Mini so upset? Hey! You said such harsh things
to her yesterday. You scolded her so badly. And you think she won’t be
angry with you? I just told the truth. Look how arrogant she is. She can’t even forgive me
for a small mistake. Hey! She can only forgive you when you apologise to her. All right then I am so sorry. Now shall I bow down to her? Yes, you can do that
as well. Don’t be so dramatic. I understand everything. You do, right? But still you shouldn’t have
said all that yesterday. I was helpless, child. Your words were like a slap
on my face. And this happened to you
even though I was there. It’s okay, Grandpa. Nothing is all right. Mini, you have no clue how much your
grandpa loves you. I know. Isn’t it obvious? I know you must have felt bad
after finding out all of this. But it’s okay. I am fine. I really am. Anyway, enough of this. At least now you can
feed the sweets to me, Grandpa. Don’t you know
that it’s my favourite? Did you see that?
We both love it. Your mother used to get it. Do you remember? My brave child. It’s good that I didn’t
come across your grandpa today or else he would’ve
asked me so many questions. I know, he is just a bit
protective about me. Protective? About you? From whom? Me?
I am non violent person. What does he think
of me? I mean what do I look like
to him? You look very pretty, Niel. Arya, guys look handsome
not pretty. Handsome. Isn’t he very handsome? Yes, he is. That’s why my Grandpa
is scared of me falling for him. Mini, what are you saying
in front of a kid? She is not a kid. She is very naughty. She knows everything because
of watching TV series. I know everything but I don’t
know if you’ll fall for him. Arya..
– No. Never. It’s not very easy
to impress me. Don’t challenge me.
Understood? I will challenge you. Now what? I reject this challenge. Because I am not interested
in you. Really? What are you both
talking about? Nothing, Arya. Come on, sit now. I am getting
late because of you. Give me the helmet. – Are you
going with Niel today? I have to. My scooter
isn’t working. But where are you going?
Restaurant? Shall I come with you? – No, I
am not going to the restaurant. I am going to the school
regarding some work. School? Yes, Arya.
The principal called and said she wants to talk
about something important. Don’t worry. I will certainly send
Keval to jail this time. Don’t be scared. Come on, Driver.
Let’s go. Get off my bike. Get off my bike immediately. Hey, don’t be dramatic. No, I won’t go.
What will you do? I won’t get off your bike. Bye. I can’t even tell you how disappointed I am
with you two. It was a small thing. You could’ve come to me
as well. I would’ve fired Keval myself. After all who is he?
Just a normal employee. But you created a scene
by calling the media here. No, sir.
I didn’t call the media. Whoever called them. It doesn’t matter. And our school can face serious
repercussions because of this. No matter how serious
the repercussions maybe it can’t be more serious
than the safety of school kids. You don’t understand, Mini. This has brought such a bad name
to our school. The reputation of our school
is at stake. There could be an enquiry
we can get sanctioned as well. The government aid
can be stopped too. Maybe, you have no clue
what it takes to run a school and educate
the kids. But, sir, when we haven’t done
anything wrong then why should we be scared? It’s a small thing.
– What do you mean? If the people find out that
this incident has happened here then won’t they stop
trusting this school? Sir, that’s what I am saying. The school should take a
strict action against this to gain people’s trust. Now, you explain her,
Ms. Lajoo. Yes, Mini sir has a point. Thank you, Ms. Lajoo. But you’ll have to answer
a few questions too now. Why did you suspend a good
employee without asking me? That too because of some
rumors you heard. Good employee? Rumors? Sir, do you even know
what you are saying? Don’t teach me, Ms. Mini. I know what I am saying. Now you’ll say the same too. What does that mean?
– Damage control. We can’t change
whatever happened. But we can prevent worse
from happening in the future. I have called few
media and TV reporters. Both of you have to tell them is that whatever happened here
was a misconception. I’m sorry, I won’t do this! There is no use
by getting infuriated, Mini. It’s not just about you. Think about your sister
and her career. I hope, out of stubbornness
and anger you don’t destroy
your sister’s career. Are you threatening me? You are warning me. Mini, I’m a trustee
of an educational institute. This trust manages
many institutes in India. We make the kid’s future.
We brighten their future. Why did you think
that I’m threatening you? If not for threat,
then what is it? Aren’t you pressurising me to lie for Arya’s future and her wellbeing?
– Really, Mini? You are not understanding me. Let me explain to you. Sit. Please, take a seat. Mini, I’m worried
about Arya and Neha. Think about the consequences
of the mental pressure they would have to bear from the media’s scrutiny
and questions. They would have to bear
severe psychological trauma. Think about it. I think, it’s not good for them. Sir, whether good or bad.. Their parents will decide what’s good for them, not you. Correct. But you aren’t Arya’s parent.
You are her sister. Yeah, definitely a caring
and responsible sister. I appreciate you for the same but there’s a sense of maturity
required to become a parent which comes with age. For example, Neha’s father. He understands. Am I right, Mr. Malhotra? Yeah,
I will get Neha’s admission in a different school. I will take her away
from Patiala. then they will also
learn to lie, Ms. Naeem. Mini never lies. Do you know why? Mini is very brave. She isn’t afraid
of the outcome of the truth. In this matter, she’s
similar to her grandfather. I’m also similar to him. Have a look..
You also touched the line. You lost. No worries. Do you know, I didn’t lose.
Instead, I won. How is that? I’m not afraid
of the outcome of the truth just like Mini. Don’t worry, Mr. Malhotra. We will help you with the same. We will get Neha admitted
in our best boarding school. Arya as well.. If her sister agrees
on the same. What about Keval? What will you do with him? He has apologised. He has promised to ameliorate. We can demote him as well. We can assign him
in a different job from where he is not linked
with the kids. That means, he will never
be punished for his sins! It means, Arya, Neha,
and the other kids who were preyed by him with whom such instances
must have occurred and those who wouldn’t dare
to reveal.. Won’t they get justice? I have said
what I wanted to say. I can’t explain you more. Principal,
let’s call the press here. Yes. Mini, you have a minute. Control your anger and trust me,
it’s not a bad solution. You didn’t leave us
with any option.

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