Pattathu Yaanai Tamil Full Movie – Vishal | Santhanam | Thaman

Father Poongavanam Upto today myself
and catering business Without any trouble Because of yours
always keep blessing me. Further, your son prestige Next my footstep Your blessing is
always needed for me Everything is catering What is the matter? Today is it bandh All mechanics of
the city have come here. We have come to talk about marriage. Marriage matters? Whose marriage? You didn’t identify him? He is popular Kadaa Murugan Kadaa Murugam Hmm Come sit and talk about the marriage. Tell me,
we will do it specially My brother lived in do murder rape etc.. Some may jealous about him He is decided to do love marriage. Did they say murder and theft ? So that what can I do ? You’re the big caterer of this district
That’s why that is why I have to
give catering order for my marriage. There is no need to worry. Whosoever comes in the marriage
will get delicious food to eat. Approximately how many guests
would be there in the party? About 500 of my relatives and friends. And about 1500 of my enemies. So you have more
of enemies than friends. What if there is any
problem in the marriage? Problem is definitely going to happen. What can you do? I have a solid idea. What is that idea ? I have thought that we shall
serve food to my enemies at the last.. ..and you kill them by
adding poison to the food. That means food will
become their destiny. Would you do Rightly? When is the date of the wedding? On the 15th. That day you will not
be able to taste food.. Why ? ..because that day
I have prepare food in Muslim Marriage. As to why it has turned black?
-Take that suitcase? See Mr.Kadaa Murugan Even if you give me any amount of money. You never my good will Because I am the son of Poongavanam Hey, will you open it ? What is all this? Knife, rope for hanging
and poison bottle. Why all this ? Once if I get angry then
the person kill us our own desire. Once we like someone
we will kill him his own wish I like you so much
You’re all do frauds I like you so much
You’re all do frauds Apart from this
affection also Why this hand cutter After killing you cook that body ? Close that one
Why you close that? Anyways I have already
taken a decision. Decision of running away from here. I have decided to take your order.
– That is great. Now tell me quickly what
all material you need for food. Big vessel Note it down on the paper. 10 bags rice.. As soon as Brother shop will
close at 7 we will steal the things. 2 bags sugar.. Ration shop just opposite to marriage hall Steal that 200 coconuts also. On the way
we will steal from the nearby fields. Lifting, stealing ? The word you doesn’t know “buying” Why you are pronounce that word? Tell me girl ready for marriage.. ..or that also you are
going to get any others marriage?. Hey, is there any girl in your house? Hey Grandma.. What is it, son? Get inside. Listen to me. Go out from here and
start stealing and robbing. Then it will come full
on auspicious time Go
-We will come I pray god Muruga
But only come Goon Muruga Fatty, where have our men gone? They got frightened and ran away
seeing the knife, rope and poison. Then who will make
food for this Kadaa Murugan Boss I have know 5 Cook person available We shall call them
and get the food cooked. Call them that 5 cooks. Play the drum
Come earthquake Smash the sky
Cloud may break Put in your shirt pocket
your Pleasure Fly Just like Butteryfly We will enjoy this right age Pleasure and enjoy daily
come man quick. Play a drum
come earthquake Smash the sky
Cloud may break In the inside of eyes Many dreams comes easily Run behind everything
comes as you wish Top of the head is sky
Behind the foot earth This mere cause searching
land,gold, woman all are lie Yesterday lived person
today no more Yesterday lived person
today no more We didn’t able think beyond this limit Egg breaks it will become omelet Everyday pleasure and
enjoy come man quickly Boyhood we play kite with rope Now we signalling with eye
for love proposals to girls Girls just like glasses
It may keep our hands This proverb written in auto
by experienced guy Without rope help spinning top not around it Without rope help spinning top not around it Even diamond not glitters without barring Without naught play
Youth is not fullfill You’re not virgin boys I understand it
Hey Sexy lady Haa
-You’re not do right dancing and singing Now only knows
Minor keeping you why? Play the drum
Come earth quake Smash the sky
Cloud may break it Come saravana come
Greetings boss Fatty are you making plans to sell
vessels to them. What I am said earlier
cooks they are Man he is my master. – Bro Say “He is our master now.” He is Vada Murugesan)
– Greetings. Bro. I find his head to be like peeled coconut. In the supplying food time take care hair not fall in food He is Vada ganesan greetings
-He is Dosa Mani. greetings
-He is Dosa Mani. Seeing his squeezed face
I don’t feel like eating Dosa. Get him out from here. He may use to preparing the dosa batter Run away after prepared batter. Who is this Brother? he is staring just like frog. He is Pongal Kumar Brother Pongal Come this side
-Go man Small no ,Big suggestion to you.. Pongal cooking is not imortant Prepare it and make the guests eat. You not eat individually. And I am Sada Saravanan. And I am Sada Saravanan. Even put your name
AVM Saravanan He may question you ?.. When see all Strange brothers without any orders You’re coming for cooking? We know you suspect us
So what ? Before we come here
we do an idea to Impress you What is that idea ? Boss, We get an marriage order Welcome coconut man Strict police officer daughter marriage order Tell me the date.
15th of this month That very day sir has undertaken
order of the marriage of a rogue. Fatty, I have not taken the order. But he has forcefully
given me that order. But he has forcefully
given me that order. You all discuss as I have
to leave for my aunt’s baby shower. Did you hear? He is already so fat.. ..and by going to aunt’s baby
shower function he will get fatter. All are telling some lie just like him and
runaway from here That much big rowdy And you got the order of
the police without being asked for. Boss, Whi is big among police and rogue/ I am totally confused frog Tell me clearly
whatever it is ? We have been given catering
order by the police. We shall file a complaint
about that rogue. On the day of marriage.. the time we shall get him arrested. Then We shall put in jail
that Kadaa murugan At least file a complaint. Will you file a complaint
against Kadaa Murugan ? Boss I am getting late to pick bus
I am going Hey, stop, wait..
– Boss forget that ill loyal person Why you taking coin ? Whenever I get confused
I toss with this coin. Should I file a complaint
about Kadaa Murugan or not? If it is heads I
will file a complaint. And if it is tails then I will not do. Sir, it is heads.
Don’t worry. We are with you. Yes, yes tell me what is the matter? Sir, he is our master. Greetings. Greetings. He wants to file a complaint
against Kadaa Murugan. I mean we have come. Kadaa Murugan. What is the case? Tell him. Kadaa Murugan teased
Alamelu cleaning the rice. He teased it means ? Eve-teasing sir. Sir, if you file a case against him.. ..then we shall go with pleasure. But how can I file a case
without meeting that girl? Fine, then I shall call that girl. Fine, then I shall call that girl. Come Sundari. Okay, so he teased her daughter. He teased her and
not her daughter. She is that girl ? She is much aged
hand and feet are shivering Unnecessarily you shivering here ? Bro Pongal. – Yes sir. Why you do teasing this much Saravana.. – sir You have to file a case
against Kadaa Murugan. I shall not take up a false case. Sir, you want your daughter’s
wedding to go smoothly. What do you mean? You know that he is rogue.. …too save his marriage girl also? There is no time to think
Get the sign from her quickly sir.. ..otherwise she will die before this scene. Hmm OK
I will arrest him. Your daughter’s wedding
will do in grand manner. Sir.. ‘Religious chants.’ Welcome. Stir it well. Put the carrots in the
vessel and not in your stomach. Sir, police has come to arrest
Kadaa Murugan outside. Come quickly. Come on. Let’s go quickly. Hey man wait. Hey You show your smartness Just look at this man.
Just like burned stove Just look at this man.
Just like burned stove Marriage is waste of you He asked me to put poison
in food and kill people. Don’t send him to jail. He only man eat
50 to 60 men food Join the cycle company to work What are you staring ? What are you staring ? Boss
This is vengeance look Boss
This is vengeance look Vengeance means? That means from today
you are his foremost enemy. From today your enmity
has started with him. His wife will kill your would be wife. Sir, his children
will tracing and shear your children. And this war will never end. Your exaggerated explanation
more than his look Stop talking and.. Kick your feet in his chest
Also Kick him. Man go back In his act
My prestige is going down ? Hey My boss in mass You make a comedian You also teasing me Take our boss in inside Don’t get scared – That.. He is staring in eye so severe. ‘Religious chants.’
All are done well One minute, sir. How can you serve
Give me? He speaks less and shouts more. I will serve Papad. Give this to me. Sir eat well Bro Pongal these are not the
Papads to be broken in Karate class.. ..Don’t serve food
just you eat this much So serve one. They restrict me
don;t do any work Boss You serving ? He left the bucket
and took the handle. Give, I will serve it. Hey, Saravana if 5 men like you work with me then.. Of course we will.
Working time talking unnecessarily. I have never seen so hard working
boys like these before in my life.
He is working so sincerely
even my wish Who are they?
I do not know about their past. But yes, I can see where
they will take me in future. But yes, I can see where
they will take me in future. I one the way listen my word –
Sir Sir, why are you going
without eating anything? I am taking the parcel. Really. You own daughter marriage
Are you taking parcel? ..or for some other girl?
– asking too much. Against that rogue you.. I understood. That black complexioned man
who has a team of thieves with him. Within half an hour of
arresting him I got transferred. What did you say? You got transferred. Yes. Now I have been posted to my native Trichy. Sir, if on arresting
he can get you transferred.. ..then he will not spare the
one who filed a complaint against him. Yes, buddy.
– Sir, please tell something. Tell something otherwise
there suspense not afford them. Now only I think
you are all great If within no time he
can get me transferred.. ..then you had kicked him
He could spare you ? I am escaped..
Escape as soon as you can. Move move
-You leave us orphan please sir That caterer today may die Sir, you lie down. Boss Sir, you lie down. Boss What do you mean by lie down sir?
May uneasy for me? Then fall down boss It will more uneasy for me You go away That fellow tracing us Hey, you keep quiet. Sit here man
You speak man? Come on sir sit
fall down freely Cover him face with leaves. Hey, They pour the sambar
Eyes getting burning Boss warning many times “reduce the spicy in Sambar” Any one follow his word ?
Boss warning many times “reduce the spicy in Sambar” Any one follow his word ? Dilute the sambar with water Time of saving me
You instructing corrections Close me quick Hey Saravana
Why for this For saving us
Come and lift it. eat beeda Hey, Stop this marriaget
That caterer must be somewhere here only. Find him in every corner. Find him.
What are you waiting for? We cannot spare him We cannot spare him Who is this fellow
-Who are you man Maashikhana Sir Hurry up and go away from here. Sorry sir I will slap you. Hey, One minute What is it? Keep the box down. Brother, shall I eat this Vada? It seems to be absolutely fresh. Fifty fifty brother I am only say that.. ..That day I may give vada
silently went off Come on. Keep it down slowly. Nobody can touch my boss
even Dog What happen? Tension is there Hey, Oh Ayyo Boss, they are on this side. He should not be able to escape.
Close the gate quickly. Hey you stopped my marriage and stand me on road Have you forgotten that kick so fast? You..Hey, Shut up you tell me sir Super star his own Raghavendra
Marriage hall You rascal. I searched you in Ilaya thalapathy Shoba and
marriage hall You forgot about
that Laughing queen Sneha hall. you are not cook wherever here Wait
So that only you speak If you would have told me earlier I
would have picked two instead of one. Hmm All my jewels are sell it after I had to clear all my debts. Only two lakh are remaining Sir, what is future plan? Allready you planned yesterday night Say goodbye to this business and.. What will we do then?
– Open a hotel sir. Hotel.. It may come right ? If you have money then we have brains. Let’s wrap up things
and go to Madurai. Why is it ? Customers of that place
eat food but do not give money. So Trichy is the better No, but I am saying
that we will go to Madurai We are going to Tiruchy Why you so stubborn
on going to Trichy. Have you forgotten?
The officer whom transferred has gone to Trichy. Sir, we will open a hotel there.
Believe us boss Shall we open a hotel
for that customer? – Right. Sir, Saravanan means that
you will remain safe there. He speaks less and spits more.
Keep him aside.
All will come out well Boss? Why you all show near to me
Okay, We shall go there as you wish Open the hotel in grand
manner in Tiruchy Bro Pongal why did you do my father photo ? Sir, from today he is not
just your father but ours also. We will do anything
only in front of him It would have been so
nice if you had five fathers. Sir, I am talking about the photo. Each one of us would
then have a father. It is not nayanthara photo
that everyone should have it. It is my father’s photo. Sir, getting late. Hey, Saravana Kadaa before
he thrashes us again.. ..we will go and settle in Trichy. That is great sir. Silence, silence. hey bloody caterer Come on let’s run from here. Come on. No…. No. If my brother comes to
know then he will not spare you. How many times have I told You and your brother have
not get knowledge? Are you taking the contract ? Inform his brother. Sir, this fight was
because of a road contract. This is the sixth murder
between Kaashi and Manna gang. Without messing up with each
other there duty Last Year Kaashi had killed Manna’s man. And today Manna killed Kaashi’s man. Now Kaashi is not
going to remain quiet. Get a side. Everyone get a side. Mari Brother, my dear brother.. Manna did this? Move that side How you did like this brother in law? What is your problem ? Now his brother will come.
Let him come. After killing him
we will rule over Trichy. You are not listen my words Hello. Tell me bro There is a small problem. I could not call
up but how is boss now. Now he is better Okay. I want to talk
something important with you. Tell me. Boss is
making a complex in Trichy. While getting it made he
did not pay attention to parking. And people have filed
a stay order against him. There is problem
opening the complex any cost complex
should definitely open quickly That’s why I am calling you ? That’s not problem You just sent me a copy
of that stay order Trichy to mess up with me.
Let me see who is bold enough.. Tell the boss that I
will look into the matter. Hey, drive the car fast. Come on Singara thoppu as come. Get down. Are you get down Mom ? I am getting down, wait. Let me take my belongings. Why you making urgent Get down, Boss. Before stepping out I
will have to kiss the ground .. ..All in catering Who did toileting in bus Get up sir, get up.. Why are you touching my feet? My blessings are always with you. Our master.
Unfortunately will he touch your feet? You bless him? We blessed our boss then
who will bless him Now you are free
bless our boss don’t touch feet boss hand is enough? Already aversion Inspite of that your action is also with mistake I fell down
No one lift me Did you see who that
rascal was who kicked me .. Who did who? My boss is good boss
transparent heart Boss It’s enough Hello. Yes we have reached Trichy. We are coming on the way Sir, while travelling
by bus we made a plan. Tell me your plan. We have reached Trichy
and now we will open a hotel. Then we will get you married .. ..and within 10 months
you will have a baby. We will prattle the child So now tell me what
will we name the hotel? Hotel Amma. What else? It’s good name
But already government put that name Tell me another name.
– THAAI Two letter not convinced How many letters you convince
5 letters Join AMMA and THAAI 5 letters comes Pronounce it.
super name Mother… Thaaye Who is that?
Beg in next shop you are begging. Aren’t you ashamed? Hey bloody coconut I have come here to
open a hotel and not to beg. We shall name the hotel
in your name. Hotel Gaurvam A/C The prestige word fits for us
and cutomers Saravana, Who said “you come out well” ? Why? Already you come out well. Sir, on this note let’s drink tea. Come boys. Take this.
5 cups tea and one cup milk. Brother, I don’t have change 500. Change..okay I will
go and get it. – Okay. Sir, he does not have change.
I will go and get it. You have a seat. – Okay. boss.. What happened? Sit a little away sir. But why? You are the owner
and we are your servants. The owner will get respect
only if he sits away. You have a seat, sir. You get a side. You keep sitting. Saravana is always right. I will sit here.
– Okay. I will just be back. Brother, do you have 500’s change? I don’t have change. Please check.
Knife is here you want it ?. Sister, I have to give
money to the tea seller. Will you give me change of 500? Buy flowers and I
will give you change. What will I do of flowers, sister? If I will give you the
change then what will I do? Okay give me flowers for Rs. 20
give it change Whether god or any beautiful girl
comes to buy flowers from you.. ..Bro while you gave me money. I gave the flowers
you bought to that girl. I had asked you to give
them to a beautiful girl. But she is far more beautiful
than I had expected. Take this. For what? – Drink tea from this money. Hey Saravana, come on
we are getting late. Sir, I had said you
to stay away from us. That is you respect Saravana, I can stay away from
you but not from bathroom. Listen Go in that bathroom. Okay, okay I will go. What are you seeing? Boss not only now at any time
I say to keep away from us? I understand
Go away from here man Will the bus come from this side? Boss What are you doing? You all had asked me
to stay away from you all .. Man Join with us
You may die What you say unrestricted word ? Sir, if something happens to you ..
We can’t tolerated that Hey, auto, stop..stop.. – Hey stop! You go. Aren’t you coming? You go and we will follow you. We will go together. I promise I will sit away from you. Not in side boss
Ibe sit with comfortably. We will go by bus. Why you travel in bus
We all are go in auto No sir. I have told you clearly .. ..that you are owner
and we are servants. No Saravana. Don’t argue. Please sit in the auto. No Saravana
we should together go in auto with pleasure Hey, we have told you once
You have a common sense? I don’t want to seen you
under boss position You
Hey he is taking stone throw to me What is murmering talk
Get inside the auto Drop him at Srirangam . Okay I will drop him. Boss, go straight to
the hotel and eat idlies. Till then we will come and
finalize the deal of the hotel. Okay. But give me that bag of money. Boss, we are five people so
the bag will remain safe with us. Hey, I don’t have money at all. Give me the bag.
There is money in that. Sir, you had said that
rickshaw drivers are worst fellows. When did I say so? you may say like that
not in previous away and go from here. Sir, wear these goggles
It will look prestigious Wear this Brother, go. Get my money carefully.. Yes, yes we will bring. Okay bye. Come. – Hey, come on. Tell me, brother. Your money is pending for last six months. What happen there ? Brother, you know well
that Hotel business going loss. I going to surrender lease basis i don’t want your explanation.
Just give me money. Just wait for two days, brother.
I will give you the money. Be quick brother. Even I won’t want you
to have trouble, brother. I will arrange for money, brother. I counting 1000 you count 500
Boss marriage is confirm Child born in just now Now sir will have a
son and I will love him. Who is this fellow ?
Just like black tandoori What do you mean? Humor, humor.. Okay,
– Okay fine. be seated sir Hey, boy, take order of that person. What will you eat? 4 Idly Idlis should be softer
than flowers also. I should feel like eating it.. ..or decorating them on
hair of this beautiful lady. You should get confused. Will I get it? Yes, you will get it. And listen.
-What? Coffee
-Which coffee do you want? Soft coffee and in very less quantity. It should look as if someone
has given me after drinking. Drink that.
It is left over in the glass. Hey idiot, don’t speak much. What do you give free with Idli? Sambhar.. Alternate, alternate.. There is no chutney. The grinder is out of order. So grind it yourself 4 idlis and 4 different
types of chutney. Go. Hey, what signals are you giving tthere? Wearing a vest in pig
like that your boy Apart from that
you speak comedy Stop, stop.. Boss gone in long time before Come inside Hey every body sit there seats Bloody Where you sit ? Sorry I don’t know to sit Why did you like this ?
Brother Give us 5 tickets of Srirangam. Are you new to this place? Yes. This bus takes the longer route. What should we do? Conductor, please stop the bus. Come on let’s get down.
Sir will be waiting for us. Come on, come on. I was telling you the
bus was wrong. – Right. We may believe him fully Climb in. you never know
when the next bus will arrive. What happen to him ? Can’t leave me
even change the seat We have come here
to settle our business. Which business? Hotel business. We surround the city and see. ..and its people how
will the business become hit? These are business secrets Promise. It promise
-Hello brother Listen brother,
will you hold this bag for some time? Sorry sir.
I don’t have time to hold anything. While getting down you will check .. ..and say that something is missing. I am not saying you city
people like that Sorry. Give that bag here? Why you go bus?
without knowing that. Next ? Can you please hold this bag? I will take while getting down. Now listened that song from Kakki Sattai 4 idlis.. ..and 4 types of chutneys. What is the matter? Why is Saaravanan
not picking up the phone? Kuil Kuil Charming kuil Peacock come here One flower garden dancing for you
You come Who is it? Leave my saree Who is that fellow ? Listen, have they sat in
the bus just now or from long. Why? A girl was sitting here
and I gave her the bag. Now she become old age grandma She is not grandma
-What ? Oh Yes buddy Where has that girl gone? And our bag. Boss.. Stop crying and let’s
think what is to be done. Hello Boss
Saravana We will find a way out.
I told you know
He is alive Tell me, Boss Where are you all at present? The bus is taking a longer route. Till that time you eat dosa. We are about to reach. Before sir’s dosa is over
we will have to find the bag. What if we do not get? Then till that time
sir should continue eating. Sir, bill. Take the bill back.. ..and get me one dosa. Go now. Oh God, Boss phone Give it to me. – i am speaking Boss Be shut your mouth
Hey Muruga why did the Fatty shout? Sir, why did you call up again? There is no dosa here. Only Poori and Pongal are available. I am getting confused
as to what to order. You get confused on small matters
so it would be better if you do toss. How do you know that
I do toss on getting confused? I know you completely. So tell me what I should do. Do toss, Boss. Hey, hello.. From where do I get money to do toss? Poori or Pongal? I thought in toss head would come. But did not think that
his head would burn all the more. What are you finding? A girl in rose color dress
was sitting there. I gave her a bag but she is.. That girl got down two stops back. Go, go quickly and stop her. She must not have gone very far. Hotel bill, electricity bill
and hospital bill totals up to 4000/- One minute, I will just be back. Where? – Here.. Cell phone signal not available When will it’s available
Now itself get it Hello Muruga, where are you all? I just ate 4 idlis and
the bill has come to 4000/- 4 idlis for 4000/-? So Each idly thousand rupees? If we sell10 idlis then
we all are millionaire. This kind of explanation is not good
First tell me where you all are. We are about to reach.
running to come there? I saw you. Come slowly.
Take a breath. You are panting. A child like person
is showing attitude to me. Ask him hotel price
I shall pay the money. Hey, stop. Wait..Saravana Some one calling just like our boss voice Hey bloodies
This is my voice Same boss voice calling I may catch you
But you act to catch someone Who is child ?
I am 40 years old. Idiot rascal,
you ate and could not pay the bill .. ..and now you want to run from here. listen my words something dashing
This is Boss father Fatty, keep that on side.
He told it know Everyone see him for the last time. Keep it aside. Why you hesitating to put in garbage? Father may your put in here only nobody take out. Wherever put him
Nobody take him photo Hey, you said that
your men are going to come. Call them and tell them to come here. ‘The number you have
dialed is out of reach.’ They just passed by me just now.. ..and now they are out of reach.
– where are you going? Just stop. – We are not going
to get trapped in your talks. Get in. Which girl are you finding? Tell us something
about her appearance. That girl is very beautiful.
And her eyes.. Hey, are you interested
in finding the bag or girl. Hey, don’t interrupt in between.
You continue.. When she was running then the sound of
her conch bells knocked at my heart. You must have surely heard
the sweet sound of her conch bells. Brother maybe I am blind from birth.. ..but the way you have
explained her shows.. ..I will sing a song wait She is how beautiful ? She may not leave my eyes She is how beautiful ? She may not leave my eyes She is lightning to attack my heart In rain shown
window is she She is Lotus bloom in my dreams She is angel in the story I a not asked name and
place she belongs I am not seen Where she gone She is going front
I am following her behind Why she was not turn and look at me ? I am request her to
join my broken heart She is how beautiful ? She may not leave my eyes In(Raagu) bad time
good time come? She is laughting at the
time 9 to 10:30 I wants break the coconut for
vinayaka temple My heart praying newly Inch by inch slowly get down our gap heart flying in sky lighter way I make you gold
just like England queen I will make you royal life No one forget her easily Tell me auspicious time for
Nadhaswaram playing otherwise Blood pressure going high
Tell me quickly She is how beautiful ? She may not leave my eyes My sould come
My beauty you come You house is in Thillai Nagar or Theradi street ? I buy marriage saree from Saratha’s You searching me with shy Lonely living is sin Wear me garland marriage me Why line between us
We are just like railway track I am building bungalow
in my heart for you I am building bungalow
in my heart for you Draw a pattern infront of house Tell me auspicious time for Nadhaswaram(Music Instrument)
playing Otherwise BP going high
Tell me quickly She is not leave in my eyes We are not practice each other Now we have two children Come my soul, Come my beauty Pick me in tight position Oh.. Who are you ? How you come here?
Do know me ? Yesterday I had given
you a bag in the bus. That..- That was me. But why have you come here. Come on speak quickly. Are you eat breakfast ? Hey we are not yet eat anything You will not die if
you stand for some time. You look just like
a fairy in this dress. Hey that is a uniform. Every one wearing same dress Ask quickly.
I know that Ask him about that bag
Wait man I am asking now. Just now we are came here I had to ask you something. Then ask. Don’t get angry. I had given you a bag
in the morning in the bus. Yes you had given. You held it with your delicate hands. Ask her you pick it that bag? quickly That bag has got lost. What? It has got lost. Yes it has got lost. I am leaving you all.. go to hell. It had 2 lakh rupees in it. 2 lakh rupees. Why didn’t you complain
about this to the police? How could I complaint against you? Why a complaint against me? Generally you complaint in police In our tension
We are not get that idea Let’s go to the police
station and complain. look and drive properly. If dash the car
car only damaged Why did you return the plate?
– You go home. We have come from so far and now.. Listen to me. We will pray the god
some other time. But now you go home. Okay. Tell me. Uncle and nephew are
come in temple. If you come quickly We shall lift both of them together. Hello. I am Raja Ram.
Caretaker of the temple. – Hello. ..and I have heard that you
have got a stay order from the court. I was not alone but all the people
together have got the stay order. There is a problem of parking lot. Yes.. Have you come to talk about that? Yes. If you sell the 5 ground land
behind your house and the temple.. ..then the problem
of parking will be solved. And we shall make
you do the inauguration. If you would tell me the
rate then we could talk further. No, no I don’t want to sell that land. That is ancestral property
and our memories are attached to that. I just have one daughter and whosoever
she marries will get the land. Is this so? – Yes. How does your daughter look like? Hey, what is this nonsense? The veneration has been made inside. Go and get the offering and get lost. Hey, you do not know us. What is there to know
each other in this matter? You just have to eat the offering.
Wash hands and eat it. Do you take so much
time in washing hands? Hey EO I will pray to God
not for myself but for you. ‘Religion enchanting’ No problem Kaashi. If not today then tomorrow
we will kill them. What are you saying Saravana ?
-Yes sir Five of us have lost that bag. All are may searching
the bag is OK The bag was one and you were
five and you still lost the bag. This is injustice. Who is this girl? She is the one whom
I gave the bag in the bus. How did the bag get lost girl? That man said the bag was his. I thought he was with
them so I gave the bag. Sir, one of them must
have stolen the bag. Look, I think he is the thief. Sir I am a gentleman. Gentleman also thief Man When you leave the cinema news
That day only you got promotion Come on now go and
write their complaint. Come with me. Brother! Brother …! You came here,
ate food And now you are sleeping. Who are you?
Why are you coming here My name is Gauravam and
the name of my father is Poongavanam Hey, I do not know you
then how will I know your father. Why you come here ?
Tell me. Came from Karaikudi
with lump sum money I come here to make a
Tiruchy in grand Already tiruchy had grand function
political meeting going on You do not make new function If you pay our bill amount or not ? Look, look the phone has come. Listen, I will talk on the speaker. Hello.. Hey Muruga, I was about to call you. Okay then call me.
Boss Hello, hello.. Why didn’t you talk to him?
-unnecessarily You keep quiet. Let him talk. Hello.. – Tell me Boss From the time we have come to Trichy.. ..Saravana is not talking to me.
What is the matter? Sir, he is busy with someone. Leaving me alone here how
can you be busy with someone. A dwarf like person is smash me in neck They have dragged me in road indecently. Is it ? Why you ask like that I came here at the breakfast time to
do breakfast and now it is lunch time. If it is lunch time then
order something for yourself to eat. What do you say Bro? First care your health Boss Why you disconnect the phone while on talking. What? Will you have lunch? My thinking was right. Just like high tech thief.. ..that he will do theft and eat lots. Forget that one? This silk dresses
where you theft it ? Enough. Stop you’re over acting. What Boss he fell down
-Hey This is hotel or Bar? 2 lakh rupees. How did the bag get lost? We gave the bag to
some girl in the bus. And she lost it. Should you give the bag
to any stranger like this, If it was with my daughter
then she would not have lost it. Father, they have filed
a complaint with the police. They are strangers and
if tonight they stay here then.. No sir.
We do not want to trouble you. No problem. Our daughter
cannot see anyone in trouble. Last week she had helped 4 person Had they also come
to do hotel business? No Bro. I will not lie to you. Their
condition was also just like beggars. I mentioned them Poor fellows. They must
be happy wherever they might be. You must also be hungry. Will you have breakfast
or have proper lunch? No sir..- We shall have
t breakfast first.. ..and then have proper lunch. Hungry Put, put some more. Did you all like the food? that we get to eat
food cooked by your hands. I think God purposely lost that bag.. Isn’t it? Tear it you take rest in upstairs.
I will get water. Okay. – Okay. Sir.. – Tell me. I find it strange calling
you sir every time. What shall I call you sir? Why you call me ? You will
sleep now and leave in the morning. Morning we leave this house? Are you eat before morning Hey, bring some Sambar Laxmi, keep the vessel near him. Hello, Muruga quickly write
the address of this place. You do not have a single penny
and is always busy on the phone. Look at that. Phone, phone.. Stand straight.
I have to tie you. One minute. You just like small dosa You smashing me my head Idiot, you put my
phone in the grinder. Go away what wolf ? No owner ?
You are calling all the dogs. Hey, what happened? Sir he hit me. Call all your people?
I will kill all of you you hit our labour ?
Yes I am hitting I never spare you
Come we will do fight Take that knife My Saree.
– What has happened? What has happened? Who did this? Are you a Boss ? How dare anyone tease my wife? You have any sense? How dare anyone tease my wife? You have any sense? Idiot,
you are hitting your master. You touch my wife is right ? Ask him rightly
-My wife wife See my wife see
I already seen your wife When it is ?
See my wife see
I already seen your wife When it is ? Cooking time he saw her
Are you aged person? One third guy giving us problem
We shall question him ? Where is he ?
-He is here Let us see him come Boss see that fellow Problems going seriously
He is simply eating Vada Hey, spit out
whatever you have eaten. Hey, he is elder than me.
Why don’t you spit? Spit. Will you spit after dancing? I think he wants to fall
at our feet and apologize. I think he wants to fall
at our feet and apologize. Sister-in-law,
he is asking you to show something. Can’t you understand?
He is asking you to get a side. Look he is signaling. Why is he pointing towards me? He hit you first so he
wants to apologize to you first. Hey, Come quick Why is he coming with the candle? He must not be able
to see clearly at night. No. he must keep his
hand on it and apologize. Keep that aside and fall
at my feet and apologize. Look, even the cock
has started singing. I want to buy milk and open the shop
fall quick at my feet and apologize. I have got so many work
fall in quick Who I am ?
I am Poongavanam son Mother, this is superb.
Did you make it? No. one of the boys Saravanan who came
with you made this out of old things. Really. – Yes
Go inside and see. The award goes to Aishwarya.
for speaking competiton The award for writing
competition goes to Aishwarya. Hey, my son Gaurava, Dear. See that your father position. Father, father.. Father, what has happened? Someone throw there child in dust bin
These fellows thrown my father in dust bin Father, father.. My brain says father that those who
have thrown you here must be close by. Come quickly.
We have to go to the police station. He is frequently goes natural call Stop, stop.. Why did you leave us and go,
Boss? Did I leave you and go?
– Of course. What nonsense are you talking? We five were together
but you left us and went. Stop making senseless
excuses, First, Where is my father’s photo. Where is my father’s photo? I shall beat you with half stone.
Tell me You’re keenly watching my father
You pray the my father photo Where is my God of my father photo? You know that Trichy
is a very big city. So where has he kept it he
does not remember. – Isn’t it ? Friends can’t leave one and another Excellent Look, what is this? Look at this with eyes wide open. Do you now remember
where had you left it? My father was in dustbin. I am in platform. You made such a condition My son is your little owner You prattle my child You mesmerizing me with
your sweet talks No problem.
Where is my Cash bag Hey Hey. Where you go alone?
You’re also among this crowd come Hey, Don’t hide
stand in that mark here. Where is my cash bag?
Tell me Tell me Bloody fellows
Where is cash bag? Boss, I think we should go Karaikudi to Tiruchy Ye we go and come to Tiruchy Lot of troublesome
Now I stand in platform I remember more than you Tell me
Where is my cash bag? After coming to Trichy.. I do not want flashback but cash back. For this kind of strict
We cannot able to work in hotel This much strictness we can’t tolerate
What you say Hold this. You scoundrel Till now not started hotel
before that you started labour union Not yet stove burning
within that beginning strike All are come here
where is my cash ? Rascals
Where is my money? Hey, you will go to the washroom,
get water..- Wait man. I am asking about money.
instead of that why bring water He is asking know
go get a water Wait man He is asking you know
don’t listen his words Wait
what happen ? you said “happened it” What is need of bucket water ? Boss you will unconscious after you
hear what we are going to tell you. So that is why I am
making arrangement of water. I am getting unconscious right away. What did you do?
in my money? Sir, your bag full
of money has got lost. Forgive us… Money has got lost. My stomach is paining. Great, the pain started
at the right place. The toilet is there. Boss go inside
We will come soon For him take the token. Give me token
Take that whole Take this boss. I had asked for money
and you gave me token. Will you take the
photo careful boss Nothing short of that hey How many times told you
you don’t have common sense ? Mom still you’re not
vacate the toilet? We will have to find the bag
before owner comes out of the toilet. What if we are not able to find it? Till we do not find he will
not come out of the bathroom. This is wrong. – Keep quiet. You know ?..
He has eaten much food he will take
time to become clear. Of course. What else? – He is right. Whose call is it? Hello. Why are you laughing? You have put life
into all my old medals. I really liked it. Do you know I had won all these
medals in my school and college? And you changed like garland That’s it remember
in my olden school life Thanks
-Mention not. Did you go to the police station? We are going there.
Some time back they had called. Okay. Then tell me what they said. If the bag is not found then
I will take a leave from college.. ..and together we will find the bag. Okay, okay.. Come on. Come Saraana Sir. – Here is your bag. Check it. This is the same one. This fellow stole your bag. Hey, jackpot. Yes, proceed. I slap you with slipper
– I meet you. I recognize them very well. Do you remember
you met me in the bus.. Yea.. Yeah… .. and tried to give me the bag?
But you refused Then why did you steal it. Sorry boss. If you give it, that’s not mine
If I take my own it’s mine. See that
Man We are very near of you When did you steal? At the time when a part
of the song was being sung. You bloody
-Don’t touch.  
00:56:33,791 –>00:56:35,791
Raja sir ?
Yes Ilayaraja sir? What did you say ?
-Yes When your friend was playing
on the play back. His fuse went off. His mesmerizing song you fuse went off. Also you forget your bag
I will beat you Brother Just check
if all the money is there. Bro, it must be less 70,000 What did you do that money? Piles operation You know very well
a lot travelling by bus. Heat operation In which hospital did
you get the operation done? Apollo hospital. Whose father’s money
that you got the operation done? You’are five
How can I know whose father Sir, if we do not get the entire
money then how will we go to boss. Excuse me sir,
give me time of two days. I shall make efforts
and return their money. But police interference avoid me
Keep quiet, rascal. I am going
for you no problem. Bag keep it Catch him.
Hey stand We do not have faith on
you so we will not spare you. Where you run ?
Stay with me, till I give you money Where we stay with you? In our house Where is your house
My house… My bus has come, Take my
address from police station. Hey stop that bus Hey do you think
he will return our money. I don’t know
-He will return. Just like boss has faith on
us we should also have faith on him. Bell also ringing
Wait Hello. Did you get the bag? No, I did not get the bag. You wait there. I am coming. Hey, why did you lie to that
girl that you did not get the bag? What else could I do? Because of that girl
we had to suffer so much. Leave me but you all suffered so much. That one reason ..till I do not make that
girl roam in temple, bar, theatre.. ..hotel and entire Trichy city. Till make her eat ice-cream. and take revenge Come on, we have to take revenge. I don’t think this is revenge. I think this is having
fun with Boss money. Is this so? Okay, I will ask you a question. Answer me truly. – Yes. In the world without seed
which flower grows? What else but Boss slipper. What nonsense is he talking? Leave him but tell us
that why have you changed. Friends, I really like Aishwarya. I had that doubt. There sir is getting
restless in the bathroom.. ..and here you are
dreaming about the girl. Hey, for case mater
and I am just coming Tiruchy What? He burnt Brother shop. Man now only you came out
Again you come How many people were they? From this side.
Is it ? What? Just a single
person burnt your hotel. Who is he?.tell me his appearance. Shall I met him ?. He is wearing white dhoti, kurta, curly
hair and red dot on his forehead. As far as your identification
I met him some wherelese Don’t worry. I shall see to it. Sir, close your zip Thank you, thank you..
– Mention not sir. Hey, he is the one.. We have found him.
– Catch hold of him. We have found him. – Open the door. Hey, you will not
escape every time. Open. Catch him.
We will not spare him this time. Keep inside die
Saravana where are you? Girl I came lonely I think I may go lonely I am locked from you supporting of life in my heart I catch you suddenly I locked you in my eyes I am a king You’re queen Earth is not in universe You lift me just kite six litre blood in mine You make a doll Magic of love Join me with you Today in my heart Make the picture in my heart 20/20 cricket match like that Heart becomes for your love Like a toss coin
I am surrounding in earth Girl I came lonely I think I may go lonely i am locked from you Oh la Oh la Are you eat
Already stole you You came in early morning I am in on the path I am mixed you as a tree You come in far your anklet sound
listening I extend the branches
and shades for you Both travelling times are becomes diamond It is not Comrade friend More than that
we come closer Magic of love
we join together Today in my heart Make the picture in my heart 20/20 cricket match like that Heart becomes for your love Like a toss coin
I am surrounding in earth At any cost Bag may come to us
At any cost Aishwarya come to me Give me cool drink Hmm first day of month may be money in full Give me Daily paper Hey Catch him some one stealing something Thief stealing my bag
catch him catch him Boss. Boss and madam together. Sorry, madam I stole your bag.
Don’t make mistake For urgent this I get it
Wait two more days I will pay Go from here. Did you get that bag? Boss, you did not tell madam about it. Did you get the bag or not? I got it back Aishwarya. Aishwarya.. Stop, stop..what if
our friend lied to you. You also told your family
that you are going to school. No I told at home and came to find the bag? Listen, everyone is
not a liar like your friend. I thought that you would
be bracketing after listening to us. What you mean bracketing? Tell me truly what the matter is. Actually Saravanan likes you. Yes He likes you You had told him that you
will help him to find the bag. He lied because of you. When we came to Trichy.. ..then he had asked for
change of 500/- from a flower seller. She did not have change so. But asked her to give the
flowers to a beautiful girl. And she gave that to you. What we told about him ? That flower seller must
have surely told you about him Just think about the past. I do not know who that boy was. He asked me to give
flowers to a beautiful girl. Who was he? How do I know? He was a just like lamp post I think
I don’t reveal flashback her God. It has become difficult
to run and escape in traffic. Where is the food? – Open it. Is it Idli Dosa with steal goods goods? What should I do
at stealing place no time? Where is chutney and sambhar? It is in the side pocket. Oh God. It’s Sambar If it is police
Say I am not here Brother.. – It is Aishwarya’s call. Oh God, boss. Tell me? What is the matter? Where are you all? At Jackpot’s house. The one who stole the bag. So all cheaters are together. Do not loose talk I am calling kumar What is the matter? Why? Can’t I call? I felt like talking so I called up. Battery is low.
Talk to Saravanan. No, no don’t. Talk to him a lot. Tell him that I will
meet him tomorrow. Saravana Hmm…
Hey man Greetings, brother. Have you done the work
I had asked you to do? We are going for that
Complex matter. What he said that owner? He had said that he would
give his son-in-law. So that Nephew and me have made a superb plan. Whatever is the matter finish it soon. If anything happens
I will let you know. Hey, EO Where are you ? Hey How many times should I tell? You come to house again
and call continuously. I don’t have an idea
sell the land? Oh so i am not able to
convince Madurai brother Neither you want to
take this stay order back.. ..nor do you want
to sell this property. That is why we have
thought of an idea. Get your daughter married to this boy. Then as you had said
the property will be his. Will you marry her? Yes, of course. – So it is done. After marriage
this property get from him. Whose property whom wll sell it ? You only had said so. That the man who marries
your daughter will get the property. If we said
You find son-in-law as you wish We will find a boy for our daughter. First shut your mouth
. Get out. Get lost Your father-in-law unnecessarily
is creating problems. Whose son-in-law?
whom is uncle ? send him out
-Get out from here Will you get your
daughter married or not? Impossible
-Get out Tell him out
What he say ? Kidnap the daughter of
and finish their life and then to sell this property
to Madurai Brother Hey, I want her daughter here now. Go get her. – Yes brother. What is this? Where are you going? Where are you taking us? Aishwarya.. are you fine my child.
-Mother What is all this? – Come child. Brother, I like this girl a lot. Brother, I like this girl a lot. Why did you hit him, nephew? Since long I was
eyeing this girl, uncle. And today she is
standing in front of me. She is only mine. Mother… What are you saying? Then what about that
proposal from Tanjore Uncle daughter? I don’t know that uncle I will surely marry her. What do you think of yourself? She is still studying. And you are talking
of marriage to her. Get out of my house. Quiet. Why should we keep quiet? Oh God.. You dare to argue with uncle. You tell me uncle. I am decided My nephew get married her
and this property goes to Madurai Brother Oh God After two days we will be
engaged and marriage after next good day Father… Oh God, we are now only
dependent on you. What has happened? Hello. I am Karaikudi Saravanan speaking. Sir I am Karaikudi Saravanan speaking. Sir What is it Saravanan?
You have still not gone to village. No sir, actually there
is a problem. What kind of problem,? When I had come to complain
about the bag the girl.. ..who was with me is in trouble. Which rascal is troubling her? Tell me.
I will beat them Manna, sir. What did you say? One minute wait on line
I will come Are you talking about that
famous rogue, Manna? – Yes sir. The matter is that he is forcing
that girl to marry him. You will have to do something sir. But why did
you mess up with him. If we do something against him.. ..then he will blow
up the entire police station. Then what should we do now, sir. The family of that girl is in tension. They are frightened. You need to do something. Look, I don’t like saying this..
As a police man ..but still I am telling you a secret. Only one man can take care of Manna. And that is Kaashi. Manna had killed Kaashi’s brother. And since then Kaashi is
planning to take revenge from him. You go and ask for help from him. You have no other option. ..Manna knows you’re going to Kashi ..Manna get silent
That is why I am telling Where will I find Kaashi? You wait here. Who? I want to meet brother Kaashi. What is the matter? It is Manna’s problem. He is not here.
You will find him in the leather factory. Go and meet him there. Understood. Let’s go. Brother Kaashi.. You will meet brother Kaashi upstairs. Come. Greetings, brother. My name is Saravanan Boys said. Manna is troubling him. He needs your help. What is the matter? Manna and his uncle came to
their house to talk about property. Manna has threatened to marry her. She is studying girl We talked to the police
but they refused to help. They said nothing can happen. family is frightened. What do you want from me? I just want from you that nothing
should happen to her and her family. Please help me, brother. You both wait downstairs
and I will call. Wait there and he will call. Come. shall we go Kaashi, you should do something. Hello, brother has called you. Your work will be done. Where do you stay? Thillai Nagar. Which date did he tell of engagement? Brother, tomorrow. Bring the girl to our
area when he comes tomorrow. I did not understand anything. When you make the girl run with you
then they will follow you till here. Then I will take care of it. Now you go. Okay, brother,
I will come. Listen, the house is locked. Boss, look she is running. Hurry up and catch her. Go. Hurry up. Run. Be careful Saravana Hurry up and come. Get the car. He has taken the girl. Uncle, find about the
boy and I will get the girl. Come on, run. I am saying… Again again
What’s again Money I am not involved I know you have killed him. Look, whose call it is. I may do anything
but will not say lies. As you had said I have got the girl. Manna’s men are following us. Look, brother is in the police
station. It is some old matter. Do anything and cheat Manna’s men. We will reach therein one hour. Tell me, uncle. That girl has run away with a cook. Cook. Yes nephew. When we will follow them to
their area then they will kill us. Collect all your men, uncle. I will kill that boy
and marry that girl today. Yes we lift that girl, nephew. What happened, brother? The policemen will not
let brother go so easily. Brother said your problem
settled another day You and Kaashi had
made plan to kill us. Call him and ask him
to be here immediately. Come on call him. I shall kill you with him here. Call him. Do you call him immediately ? Hello ! Hey, I had asked you not to call. Again again call me? Brother listen, tell brother
Kaashi that we don’t need him now. It is my problem and I will handle it. Come on, kill him. Saravana, he is the
one who slapped father. Where are you all? Come quickly. You low standard cook,
you raised a hand on me. Yes I raised my hand on you. And yes I am a cook. But I have not learnt cooking from
Thanjavur Karaikudi,Kumbakonam Tirunelveli I learnt cooking when
I was in Madurai jail. Saravana beat Manna and his men. Isn’t it ? Still your enquiry not yet finished Write whatever you want to. Whatever you said is right. Give me a strong tea. Don’t argue in court but
you want strong tea. He beat them hard.
Everyone is admitted in the hospital. Let’s plan further. Manna must be angry with us. Is there any weapon in the car? Today I had to go to
commissioner’s office.. that is why I
did not get any weapon. No problem brother,
we will pick up weapons on the way. Greetings, brother. – Greetings. My name is Gauravam and
my father’s name is Poongavanam So. Here Nondisciplinary crowd One of them is tall,
the other one is short. Have you seen a boys? They stay in 3rd tamarind tree near
in upstairs Do one thing.
You go there and meet them. I will not meet them but hit them. What drama are you watching? Come on do your work. Hey, there are many thieves
in this city who steal wood. You took the logs
so who will pay for them. I did not take the girl but wood.
– First give me money and then go. Whole village seen that
But I am not seen But very sad as I could not see. The matter will not end here. He will find out everything about you. Be careful. All of you stay together. But not stay in one place He must come again Saravana
But this time I will be with you Urgent requirement
car or money ask me I will give you If I want
Definitely ask you The boss has become
friends with the boy. It is not needed now. Throw it. Throw it.
Do I need to tell you especially? Okay, brother I shall throw. It may be Saravanan Conspiracy? I have got my logs of wood back.. .. so you can go. Greetings, sir. How is he feeling here? He is a pregnant lady ?
You inquiring like mother and child Are you enquired that problem
Leave it this problem Police department will
take care of everything. He beat me on the road
Shall I spare him? We are lived in prestigious
No one touch our life You’re lucky
only beat and leave you ..but he has killed three people
in Madurai and come to Tiruchy People whom he had killed
were not ordinary people. Hey, why have you worn these clothes? We belong to one country? What do you mean? It is fancy dress, uncle. I know that but why
are you standing here? School van has broke down
Go We are complete tension. Okay, come I will
drop you on the bike. What are you looking at, Gandhiji. You had said bike Where it is ? Don’t make fun of me. Hey, Chandu don’t do so much drama. Come, I will drop you to school. We voluntarily sit in bike is lift If you forcibly take us
that is kidnab Brother, they don’t want
to go so please let’s go. You said it right. – Bye. Let them stand. – Bye. We will reach first. Dear, today in fancy dress
you have to become a doctor. I had asked you to get fairy’s dress. Whatever you wear
you look like a fairy. Do you know why has brother
got a doctor’s dress for you? Why? You will not laugh if I tell you. Tell me. From childhood I
wanted to be a doctor. From childhood I
wanted to be a doctor. Look, you have started laughing. Really. Yes, of course.
I could not become a doctor.. that is why
I have got this coat.. And I will get job of
a driver of the ambulance. If you become doctor then
we will work in the same hospital. Fine. Okay brother,
I will surely become a doctor. Okay. Take this and go. You get work soon. You become
a driver and I will become a doctor. You study well? – Okay. Go Go quick
– Bye.. bye. Bye. – Bye. Either you change your brother
or ask him to change his bike. Sorry teacher. As soon as brother
gets a job he will buy a new bike. No problem dear. I was just joking. brother Come Saravana What brother joking ? Simple ambulance driver job
You teasing me Do you think it is so easy?
– It’s difficult. Do one thing.
Get someone’s recommendation. Shall I get recommendation? Whose recommendation shall I get, sir? For that also recommendation How are you sister, Geeta? I am fine now, Bro Saravana, do you know her? When I had come for
the first time for job.. ..then she had come for the check up. She has delivered a child.
Do something sir. For how long shall I wait sir?
Do something.
Don’t do haste, Saravana Don’t waste my time.
You do something for getting job As soon as you job is fixed
I shall tell you by email. Brother? Do you have computer at home? No. only pinch is there. Okay wait. I will go and talk
inside and then come. Wait here. Who is he? He is Maurai Muthu .
JK showroom owner. Brother… Sister-in-law, how did this happen? He has never done
anything wrong to anyone. I will look into the matter.
– someone harm him Calm down. – Will he be fine? brother has come
He will look after everything Hey We have a Textile shop? Not wearing saree Just remember that my son
will stand coming election. Standing against him is responsible
for this condition of yours. Somehow you die now There is a fashion in political Because after your death
your wife will sit on that position. That is why I had told to
injure you and not to kill you. If you talk about politics again then Maruthamuthu son not
getting seat regarding Whole family fired themselves
will come in the news. National news. Don’t worry.
I have made them understand. Bye. We will leave. Selvam, call up Kartik. If I will call then
he will not pick up. Hello. Who is speaking? Uncle, I am Kartik’s classmate Come on give the phone to Kartik. She said she is classmate
but is actually a roommate. Which school you’re studying together Your MLA’s seat is confirmed. Thanks father. Don’t do anything because
of which I will be insulted. Understood. Okay father. My seat has been confirmed. So you come in power She is women wing president Hey, I also know about politics. How you know politics?
but you know bed tricks very well. What are you still standing here? School van has still not got repaired. Will you please give us lift? Really Gandhiji.
Did you get prize or not? The country has forgotten Gandhi. The reason behind that. instead of my prize
Today a thief has won a prize. He became a thief so that he could
teach students not to do stealing. Thief own the prize But you are real thief. You may come Gandhi
form but will not win. Didn’t I say right? You said it right. Don’t worry God may give trouble to bad people What is next dialogue ? You don’t know dialogue
even you speak rajini dialogue Give us lift. I want to go to toilet. Please give us lift, uncle. Ganadhiji, get down.
We have reached your house. Country or House/ Goat milk drink is enough Now drink in home. Bye. – Bye. Baasha, we have reached
your Mumbai, so please get down. Thank you. Bye. – Bye. Bye, brother. Come on hurry up. Greetings, sir. How are you, Saravana? Have you got some job or not? The discussion is going on sir. No discussion.
Get the job quick I am trying my best. Talks are going on
with a staff member. He has said that surely
something would happen. I think this time
I will surely get a job. What if you do not get? I have an option if I do not get it. Which option? I will write an application
and come and stay in the orphanage. Six feet heigh one orphan
Nobody believe it I have an idea. Tie up your hands
and feet and sit there. I may instruct someone “lift him here” i don’t know who lift you Don’t play sir No Saravana I do not what children are
asking from God while praying. But I know Meera. She asks job for you
in every prayer made to God. If God wills then soon
I will get a job, sir. I will leave. – Good. Okay. I will give you more dolls.
Will you come home with me? I will not come. These are yours No, don’t want You are cute girl know
Don’t want I would request you to
adopt any child other than Meera. What is the matter? There is no one here
who calls children their own. But there is someone
who considers Meera his own. His name is Saravana. You must also be aware of him. Last year a bank robbery
took place in the nearby bank. He knows well
No one for his child The security guard with his bravery
could not let that robbery be successful. Meera is his daughter. Those who had lakhs of rupees
in bank thanked him and went away. But Saravana who had just
10,000/- deposited in bank.. ..used to go and meet the
security guard in the hospital. After the final rites slowly,
slowly all relatives started going. None of the relatives wanted
to take responsibility of Meera. But Saravana saw that orphan child meera As per formalities relatives took the child here But saravanan He don’t want leave her He will take of her Eat Eat dear Only if you eat you will get strength. And if you have strength only then
you will be able to offer prayers. Then prayers will get your father. Now eat. Come on, eat. Brother.. look.. Where is this car going? This car is going to get your father. Come on. We are getting late. With Saravana in Meera’s life
he forgot her father in six months. Saravana is just waiting
for his job to get fixed. After that he will
take Meera away from here. We have been married for 8 years. Doctor has told us that we
will not be able to have children. Since then we are going to orphanages. Saravana is really great. Saravana is really great. As soon as he came to know that
Meera is an orphanage he adopted her. Where is he trying to find a job? I nearby Meenakshi hospital.
He has applied for driver’s job. Hello, brother. Your brother has got a job. Hai Jolly Now we will find a
good house for ourselves. That is great. This one. Meera, I have to reach
at 8o’clock to hospital for duty. Will you go on your
own in the morning? Evening I will come to pick you up. No problem.
I will go on bike with the teacher. Okay, I will leave. – Okay. Bye. She is a pretty girl. What do you say? Shall we kidnap her? We will get petrol filled later. First we will follow this girl. I get the job what I think
Every one live in good Your blessing always be with us Good morning teacher. Good morning. She is picking up a child. So what? You just follow her. Sit carefully. Bye. – Bye teacher. Move aside ? Call up Ambulance I am only take her hospital Ok start the vehicle Nothing serious
We will take care Come,
-meera Nothing happen
sit inside the car Quick start the vehicle Buddy start the vehicle Meera Instead of going hospital
where you go ? What’s the sound
Throw her out of the car. Brother.. We are doing accident in madurai out of two Don’t shout We did the accident for
only kidnapping you Hey Chandru.. what happened?
Why are you crying? What happened? Meera, Meera.. What has happened? Open your eyes, Meera. My dear child Child What has happened to Meera? How? What happened? Look at her.
She is so pretty and beautiful. She is sexy Who is she? Is she your sister? Is she your friend? Tell us. Tell us. Why don’t you speak? She is my student. Call her here. When she comes then you can go.
– No. Come on call her. Will you call her or not? brother where is the
second class street? Go ahead and turn right. Thank you. Come inside. Who are you? I am asking you know Tell me man What he ? Why did you do this? Tell me. – Boss,
come here as soon as possible. What is the matter? No, no.. No, no.. No, no don’t kill me. No, no..! My god Sir, let him do his duty. Get back. He openly killed my son. Kartik.. I did that job of driver so
that Meera could become a doctor.. But I had not thought that I would go
to jail on the first day of the job. It was their fault but there
was no witness against them. That is why I was
jailed for some years. An old man taught me
to cook food in the jail. I met Murugan and everyone else
after getting released from the jail. With them I started catering business. I came here to find a new life. In future you will
not have any trouble. And if you are troubled
then I will face it. Yes Saravana. Yes brother.
– Madurai’s Brother killed Kaashi. What are you saying? Yes Saravana. Kaashi had told that
he would help you. That is why he killed him. Where, when? At the same bridge
where you beat Manna. At the same place he killed Kaashi. Where is he? – Who? You very well know whom I am finding. You even know as
to why I am finding him. Tell me where is he? Tell me. – I will not tell. From the day he beat
Manna he has become my man. Just tree come from seed
How will you grow Give it Not only mine He never spare anyone surrounding mine That is why
-No Saravana We are forced to leave our house. Next week is Aishwarya’s exams. For this crucial time
We had face the problem I’ve been worried No sir. I don’t want
you to be in trouble. Just be your relatives house
for few days. Son, you have also get problem.
Please come with us. No aunt, Where ever I am
They search me. That’s why
You all go. Please leave
– Okay son. You must be sad that you
are not able to give your exams. Definitely you write the exam
next year Don’t lose hope Aishwarya.
Bad times will also pass away. When everything is settled
here I will call you back. Since long I am only speaking.
Will you not say anything? Why you staring me
Hey fatty You ate stomach full in my house. Now I have come to your house
and you did not offer food to me. Will you eat food?
– Yes, go and cook food. Why are you all standing here? Go and get my books.
I want to study. – What..? Why are you see him
Make it place for studying exams He called from the
station to pick her up. So I brought her. Pumpkin may hide in Rice Talk with her open hearted Flower plant may grow
in locked house You spin the eye
and threw her Aishwarya
Are you eat ? Loves comes
Not able to find words Even in front of sea
we are able to dip our foot Loves comes
Not able to find the words Even in front of sea
we are able to dip our foot I am deep sleep in central jail She comes my dreams I saw her so many times
But still not speak with her There is a tragedy
without speak our love I would have killed him in
Madurai jail but he somehow escaped. Before he escapes from here I need that rascal Saravanan i have same angry what you had I will kill him infront you Don’t just talk but do it and show me. Don’t worry brother When we went with marriage
proposal to that girl’s house.. ..then her parents
told that she is studying. I have asked from people around them. They said that she is good
in studies and wants to top the state. She wants to be a doctor
so that she can treat poor people. Is being a doctor a work? But one thing is sure brother that we
have to let her complete her studies. Yes. – What are you saying, uncle? She topped the district. Whatever may happen
she would surely come to give exams? If she comes then he will also come. If he comes then he is dead. So brother, get both of them married
and after blessing them go from here. Yes we finished it. I was thinking of giving you
the contract of complex’s parking. But if everything goes
on as you are saying.. ..then I shall give
you the entire complex. Hey, put her photo in your mobiles. Go to school Brother, will the elder brother
really give you the complex. Quiet. If we do not get that girl
then we will even lose the Complex What can we do ? That is why we will get the girl. Did you all hear what did
brother say? – Yes, of course. You have to kidnap the girl. Go. For this fellows speed
This complex is surely confirmed. First change the name
and then paint the buildin Hey, I want a girl like this. Whenever she says
parents not in house Her address get from somewhere Keep quiet, rascal.
instead of searching that girl. Buddy Girls started
coming to school Be careful
Not miss the girl Buddy How he find her ? True love
No here uncle What purpose we come here
You simply singing I am singing so that
no one has a doubt Man woman urgently needed. See your ugly face Hello brother, mostly the girls have
gone inside the school for the exams. But that boy and girl
have still not come. Okay, brother we
will find her somehow. We came here from
so far for that girl. Now we will not go
without kidnapping her. That is our strength We have do any idea
I have an idea As a student I will enter the school.. ..and get all her
details from her friends. What do you say? Does he look alike a student? Has his even spoken English?
We shall send him Super buddy Give your hand
You give me Tie Immediately he give it I don’t know how to tie the necktie.
– I don’t know. Leave me
Miss how to wear it ? Okay, we will do that. Good morning, sir. Very good morning. What is the matter? Say something. I have come to know that Aishwarya.. ..has come to give exams
so I came to meet her. But Aish no come sir… He speak in english well. Any problem. After all who were
those boys who had come.. unnecessarily trouble Aishwarya If someone troubles her anymore
then I shall kill each one of them. What they think about us? He is scolding my mother. He is telling something wrong
But I am not able to understand. Parents’ send children to school
and people like you tease them. Sorry, for the tension I have got emotions. Is this small?
– What is the relation between you and Aishwarya? Both we are classmates? In 5th class we were together
and we will continue to be together. Where? – In Ooty. In Ooty. Oh ho Good morning, sir.
– Good morning, sir. All of them are our old students. Yes sir. Seeing your face it looks as if
you are not study in government school. Are you listen my word ? Let’s go
-.Catch them. I running
Why you beat broom stick? i am not your husband
for you beating Why you send him to school? He speak english better than us Is it he speaks english? Start the bike
switch on your phone Grandpa “Death” He spoke poor english
I can speak this english Now also he speaks poor
-stop stop Yes buddy
Don’t stop the vehicle go Brother, about that complex… Brother, that girl did
not come to give the exams. That cook feared
and elope with that girl I saw properly.
She did not come, brother. How did your shirt get torn? We had a fight in the area.
That is why it got torn. What did you say? Let’s not discuss that. The matter is that
the girl did not come. You are of no use. She went
to give exam but in some other school. How did this happen? Just see the paper, uncle. Read this. What is written? Quiet. Stupid people. Brother, I can read English well. Shall I give you one? Tell me, brother. What is going on, Manna? We have come to know about her school. Tomorrow they both
will be in our custody. What if the work is not done tomorrow? It will be done tomorrow. it’s not only your problem.
also ours Just remember that before I leave
for Madurai I want him. I will not spare him Brother Uncle, I will take nuptial
rounds with that girl around.. Don’t worry, nephew. Hey.. Yes brother. Now you know in which school
that girl is going to go. St. John’s school, brother. Go there tomorrow and kidnap the girl. Okay, brother. Brother I will teach a lesson to her You bless me brother You will surely get the complex,
brother. Confirm. Boss, take a photo from
your cell to be put in the complex. Go, get the girl. Brother, we will get the
girl and you will have the complex. Come on guys. – Hurry up. Don’t worry nephew These guys will go in
speed and kidnap the girl. Then you will get married
and that complex will be mine. marriage in complex,
Ok uncle? Sir, we are standing outside
St.john’s school.. ..but that girl has not come. Look properly. All the girls went to exams
more than half and hour We have seen on all
sides but she is not there. What are you talking? – Yes, brother. Now I am having a doubt
whether she is in the city or not. What else, brother? Okay, keep the phone.
Elumalai is calling on the other line. I will talk to you later. – Okay fine. Elumalai, what was Ganesan saying? He said that the boy and
girl did not come to school. Where she gone that girl and boy ? She can’t go Tiruchy district Why are you feel this much
Your brother is here Don’t worry. Till you do not get the complex
we will not drink a sip of water. You will not drink a sip of
water but will surely eat chicken. Brother, I had told
her to find the girl first.. ..and eat later but he did not listen. Boss, he said that let’s eat
first and then will do any work later. your hotel bill is 1000 i want to know what you ate Vomit what you ate ? What I instruct to you and send ? What I said What I instruct you ? may I get Complex
It’s doubt brother Tell me what happened? That girl is going
to school to give exam.. ..but we are not able to
know in which school she is going. I have found out that because of
our fear she has not gone to police. The principal of her school
has called a special officer.. ..that the girl can appear
for exams in different schools. ..and taken permission.. I cannot understand that how… This is more important? If you do not come
to know from one school.. ..then make your men
stand in front of all schools. Give me the weapon. Pick up that. What is he doing? He is mixing nails in soda? It is amazing. People usually
come to hospital to get injected. But they have already been nailed and
then they have come to the hospital. You cracked a good joke but now I am not in a mood to laugh. Then cry. But the person who injected
you is not an ordinary man. He is intelligent Nerve vein flush blood
knows very well Hey, are you a doctor
or dialogue writer. put cotton in mouth. Don’t put your dialogues May I meet him
who beat you ? Why?
you also wants to admit…? Come Boys
our guests Today you can get Musical treat Take that Even for us
Give it that We buy the pin from shop
What you bought shop earlier We are also know how to mix pins What Buddy?
He is taking beer bottle He drink and fell in ground unconsciously. Don’t remove the nail
come on How he learns this kind of technique ? Hey Stop that vehicle
I want come to that vehicle Give it money man Stop man Saravana.
. – Yes give me. Aishwarya, today is your last exam. I had offered prayers for you.
Take this. I want to say something to you. Tell me. Not now but will
tell you in the evening. Fine. I am not able to understand
her action My foot step not walking
on road I don’t know the day and night Tell me the medicine
for my Dizziness I give you the soft drink. We will drink together Rowdy Billa Fiend Ranga Come hug us together Your sari Apron shake in wind
May close my eyes Mango grown in salem I want to eat
so you buy that January wants musical play
for our marriage come to house ask me to
marriage in my parents You stand sexy infront of me When I asking to you come with me
You refuse my proposal Now I am Tanjore doll I will accept you
whatever you say In your leg beauty
My head is breaking Don’t say lie now you go
Once marriage me you play the whistle mango grown salem
I want to eat buy that January wants musical play
for our marriage Come to house ask me to
marriage in my parents You fear me with a devil makeup My heart becomes ball in ground I close the door and even locked it My beauty is dancing for you You wear Kandangi sari Why you break me
and go somewhere Don’t get angry
You ask me I will give you I come with you and
we will live together Mango grow in Salem
I want to eat you buy that January wants musical play
for our marriage Come to house ask me to
marriage in my parents I came before your exam As it is you are going
to be our daughter-in-law. If you will study then
we will also be proud. Leave me, leave me… Slap her. Tell me Manna. The girl has been kidnapped. First you make preparations
for your wedding. He will surely come. So I will kill him
at the wedding venue only. Yes brother we will kill him Drive fast. Whatever may happen we
will have to find Aishwarya. Kaashi’s men can give
us the address of Manna’s men. We could not open a
hotel for sir in Trichy.. ..and we could not save
Aishwarya when she is in trouble. What will we do now? Don’t worry.
We will find out some way. Greetings. I am Gauravam and my
father’s name isPoongavanam I have come to get catering
order for your nephew’s wedding. Once I took order
of policeman’s daughter. Since then I have nothing to eat. Staying in or outside the jail. From now I will make
food only for rogues marriage I just want my future
life is peaceful. Tel me. Will you cook delicious food? Now it is your turn to speak. After eating food cooked
by him no one washes hands. Do they hit with dirty hands? once again they eat boss Okay, okay. Tell him your cooking materials. 10 bags of rice. After the shops close
steal them from grocery shop. 2 bags of sugar. Steal two bags from ration shop. And 100 coconuts. Pluck them from nearby fields. And you must have surely
kidnapped the girl. Of course. That is expected ..bride may come in voluntarily Forcibly kid nabbing is your job respect Let me tell you one
more important thing. Can I sit and talk? How many enemies will
come in the marriage? average people……… How many person is doesn’t matter I shall mix poison in the lentil
in such a way that everyone will die. Now I will take your leave. Fatty come Who is this mad ? What is the matter?
Today you seem to be very happy. Saravana and his friends
got me to Trichy and cheated Now I will invite them for cooking I will instruct to sit dining hall last line
after close their chapter What do you want to say? Clean your ears and listen to me. I will add poison to the
food and put the blame on them. ..Wear the silk towel in shoulder and go
Go with prestige walk Call them quickly, Fatty How are you pongal? Sir forgive me.
– It’s okay. you get fatty You have wasted all my money
and now whom are you cheating. That is not the case, sir. Where are the rest of the boys? They are not trustee boss
They have not come. But our poison mixing plan?
It’s not problem call them and tell them At any cost get them dining hall of the marriage. Boss They come here is
some problem I shall give 5000/- to each. It is not the matter of money, sir. They may come? Before the last batch Stop crying we telling you know
wear the clothes Sir, you do not worry.
I will somehow get them. Give me your phone. Sir, why are you giving
them 5000/- per person. Fatty, after eating poisonous
food they will die.. ..and I will take the money and go. Boss Why you’re become made? Just wait and watch that how
I will become goons head Just wait and watch that how
I will become goons head Come here quickly.
Aishwarya is here only. Let the truck go ahead. Move ahead. Fatty, have you taken that? you mean dhall Poison. Who is going hiding like thieves? Sir, I am your servant Saravana. So Thieves are you Why you have started
playing the game of hide and seek. Sir, we have really troubled
you so we cannot show our face to you. But I want to see your inauspicious
faces for the last time. Will you show me or die in this way. Fatty, they seem to be
living dead bodies at present. What will be their
condition after death? We will come to know tomorrow. Go and quickly start your work. If you cook delicious food then
you will eat it sitting in first line. Understand. Boss understood Now go. Aishwarya. Saravana… Don’t cry Aishwarya.
Everything will be fine. Is the food ready? You’re all eat in last line Mix it well Boss sweet flours ready Ask the groom’s family
to taste and tell how it is made. Rest of the food will
be ready in some time. It’s OK Let me add pistachios
and almonds on top. – mix it. Fatty, just before dying
they are doing so much hard work. Where has that girl gone?
– I don’t know. Did you see her? – No I did not. Greetings? I am fine Do not leave without
eating food. – Sir.. is my first order
after coming to Trichy. So I want you to taste it. I shall send it for guests later. Listen, that girl is not to be seen. She must be playing out
search her cool Bride is missing What? – Before marriage
the girl has vanished. Saravana, do not serve food. Saravana
do not give food to anyone. Who is this Saravana? He is my boy. Who brought him here? I brought him. Who else will get him? All is
There is a special reason. What is the reason?
– It is top secret, dude. What is the secret? What is it? The bride has vanished in the house.. ..and you are enquiring about
Saravana as a CID officer. He took the girl away. Boss, our plan has failed. Those rascals ran away with the girl. Run from here. Come on catch him. Get this hot sambar and die Who I am ?
Poongavanam son I am If we catch that caterer
then we will find Saravana. If we get Saravana then
we will find that girl. Complex will be mine
only if we find the girl. 50 crores man
Drive fast, drive fast.. After we get Saravana ..and I will get
the keys of the complex. Great, complex is confirmed now. Hello… Hello sir, I am Kumar speaking. You had asked about Call taxi. I am not asking call taxi?
Wrong number. Take the car to the left.
Why are you going that side? Hello. Sir, I am Kumar speaking. You had asked about Call taxi? Car is ready
where I come? I told you that I did not ask
call taxi. It is wrong number. Sorry sir, sorry.. Don’t look here. Look straight. After Chatram bus stand go to Palakarai Caterer is there If I catch him only I am getting complex
Go fast man Hello sir, I am Kumar speaking. Instead of you I called
up some Whom are you calling stupid? You have still called
up that stupid that is me. I will slap you I am big rogue He cut the phone line Your rowdy matter
doesn’t convey him Right. You are absolutely right. Again you are looking here and there. Look straight. Drive properly. Drive over the bridge Yes will kidnap the girl
Drive over that bridge go man I think it is again his call. Hello. Sir, I am Kumar speaking. Sir, some idiot is picking
up your phone again and again. Hey bloody…. I am not hearing properly Brother Again you call me Where are you? Keep standing there. I will come. So you’re also call taxi driver ? Tell me bloody I will come Where are you? I will come their Why do like this ? Sir, we were going to catch that girl. But you just now made
another plan on the phone. You said double times
So I got confused. Tell me whether we have
to go this side or that side. Brother has to go to hospital. Okay, I will take you. – Quiet. Stop talking and drive the car. Oh Give lift Lift, lift… Stop, thank you. Don’t feel bad but he has
the first right to give me lift. I will have to sit in the car
and give him a chance to serve me. If you want to give lift then I
shall meet you some more time. Idiot, that day you
locked me in the bathroom. Wait, today you are trapped.
Come inside. Now just wait and watch
what condition I do of yours. Do you recognize me? I was listen this voice somewhere I was in handsome Look, what condition
have you made of mine? Make him sit in between
the gear handle. I will teach you a lesson now. I think an accident
has taken place here. Come shut up your mouth I had asked you for lift
but you have shifted me. Sir, he has come. I ran from here and
you got me back here. Boss has come Come here. No, I will not come.
go man How you call indecent manner? Who call me indecently
I call him indecently Hey, You made him go to jail, burnt
his hotel and complex seems far now. Who are you? Where have you come from? how many times I told you? He is my father Poongavanam Intelligent cook. If he stand in one minute
Only take this photo time My grandfather and
his father Brindhavanam His photo is not available. His photo is not available. There is no time because he is working hard So that like this family
I came from that family But some boys brought
me here to open a hotel. They torture me
One day I am sleep infront of toilet Why are you listening
to his emotional drama? Ask him Why he kidnap that girl? you beat this fellow
they must know pain Hey If I beat me I am only get pain How they get pain Why you talking without logic? I may burn including you Hey you sarcastic ? Beat him so much that
he himself gets the girl here. What? If i beat you so much that
He himself gets the girl here. Everything gon waste You may beat me as much as you want.
They may not come here ? You will take me to
hospital and treat me. Even then none of
them are going to come. You simply standing
Ask me how ? Why man If their mother gets a heart attack.. ..they will give miss
call to doctor to call him. They will not come Fatty.. – Yes sir. Go get that. What has he called for? I don’t know brother. Take this sir. I had put poison for
Saravana and his friends. Only reason
I came cook this marriage If you are courageous
then eat and show me. Eat. You also eat. If you are not eating then go to hell. New come uncle
You may taste it Why did you hit me? Do you know who he is? Who is he? He looks to be a colored
copy of Godzilla. Why he ups another hand? Ho Who is he ? He was working as
caterer in the marriage.. ..and we were enquiring from him. What is this entire
time pass you are doing? I lost only one son
I becoming mad What you blabber girl girl? Aren’t you a man? Just kill that man
and the girl will be yours. If he will die only then
You become broom The soul of my Kartik is
stand in my eyes I am suffering I want to see his dead body. I want to see his dead body. accident that car Saravana. Till when we will keep running. You go and I will handle them.
– Saravana, Don’t worry. I will come. You go. Hey Start the vehicle Kill him. Kill him. This was my duty. Thank you very much, Saravana. – Okay. I will leave now. Wait, son. We will also come along. No, I have a meeting with important person We shall leave
Ok Bye. – I call you, Saravana. Let’s go, mother. Buy a plate for 15/-
with fish curry meals Full plate. Eat Mango and rice.
Come fast Come, sit and eat.
Buy a plate for 15/-. Buy a plate for 15/-.
Come, sit and eat. If you call nobody comes lunch Only customer come dinner I understood. for that bad smell
customer may go out Buy a plate for 15/-. – Sir.. Saravana – After
long I have got a job, So don’t trouble me. Why you stand idle? Shout the slogan
Ok boss Come 15 rupees fish curry rice I did not think that without
us your condition will be such. If you were there
then I would be begging. Yesterday also you came in my dream I may slap you You call up tiruchy
now say I am come to your dream Keep your anger aside and this
time we will surely open a hotel. Hey, everyone promise. Promise. We swear. Father… It’s just like father of him Yes sir surely we will open a hotel. Cut the ribbon, sir. Saravana where is the scissors? Boss, don’t look at me.
I have changed. Sir, here is the scissors. Have you got it from him? I am finding a groom for my daughter. As soon as I find him I
shall get catering done from you. Of course. Your daughter will
cook food for our sir every day. What does this mean? Instead of getting your
daughter married to anyone else. Get her married to him Saravana.
No I mean get her married to our boss. Sir, get marriage done quickly. We are all suffer What did you say? Only then we will be able
to play with the young bosses. That is why I said so.
We suffer. Don’t say suffer
That is why I said so.
We suffer. Don’t say suffer Say I am waiting boss marriage Today the hotel has also opened
and your marriage has also been fixed. Hotel has opened.
Many, many congratulations sir. Play the drum
Earth may get earthquate Smash the sky
cloud may break it You keep your pleasure in your pocket Dance just like buttery flying Hot age is here
Enjoy it Enjoy, pleasure come and play


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