Patti Vasquez of WGN visits NEXT TO NORMAL!

>>Hi this is Patti Vasquez from WGN Radio and I am so excited to see the new production of NEXT TO NORMAL at Writers Theater in Glencoe directed by the Tony award-winning director David Cromer. My mom has been taking me to the theater since I was in grade school. And when the lights go down, I think what we’re all hoping for is to feel something. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this emotional when the lights went down. NEXT TO NORMAL explorers love and family, survival and grief and it takes you through this journey of what it’s like to really experience life. Enjoyed every moment of it. The performances were incredible, the writing cuts to the core of who we are, and man, that music is incredible! It takes you through to the very last moment. You’ve got to see NEXT TO NORMAL!

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