Paul Chain Violet Theatre – Eco

Original flyer. Photo by collector Marco Gulino (this bootleg exists thanks to him). Digital art published on Deviantart by Endemoniado. From a photo of Paul Chain, “Alkahest”-era Claud Galley in the courtryard of Rocca Priora, Falconara (a PCVT live show hosted on TV in 1984) Sanctis Ghoram
Picture from “Life and Death” (1989) booklet Portrait of Paul Chain as the Death
A painting by Italian artist Danilo Capua Paul Chain Violet Theatre
Picure from “In the Darkness” (1986) booklet “Highway to Hell” front cover (“Picture Disc” reissue) Back cover of a “In the Darkness” LP vinyl Front cover of the original Picture Disc (1986) “Vivid Eyes in the Dark” front cover The lyrics sung by Sanctis Ghoram are made-up phonetics which do not belong to any actual language. Violet Art of Improvisation (1989) “Detaching from Satan” EP (1984) “Paul Chain Violet Theatre” logo from “Detaching from Satan” Update: After many years, this bootleged concert was officially released in 2016 by the glorious Minotauro Records. The cassette tape was printed in a very limited edition. The recording is still incomplete and Minotauro is trying to track down the missing parts. Thanks for watching and listening


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